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We were speaking recently of technology and the cartoonist. Digital manipulation has made life much easier for folks like me. For example, the last two panels in the above classic A&J are identical, except for some wording. Did I draw the two panels twice? Of course not. In the old days, I’d have done that, or used some antediluvian device such as a copying machine to make a copy to cut and paste, with real scissors and real paste, mind you. Now, it’s a snap to duplicate work with virtual cut and paste. One must fight the temptation to overuse this power, out of laziness, but in the above example I can plead that the repetitive nature of the two panels is the joke. I try not to cut and paste for the sake of convenience, but I cannot say I’m totally innocent. When you do catch me, it almost always is a case of deadline pressure; I’m pulling out every trick in the book to get Arlo & Janis out the door for you.

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  1. I loved the HONEYPOT; much shallower than a WELL . . .

    And the joke is *better* when both of the last two panels are exactly the same.

    But, not even Janis should be freezing when the thermostat is set for 80 degrees Fahrenheit . . .

  2. Good morning, Villagers. Lovely morning, al little cooler, thank the Lord, and we are done with rounds. Back at the office and you can feel the sigh of relief among the front office “minions” as they like to call themselves when we walk in the door. When I walk in alone, it’s all, “Is she with you?” and “There’s no meeting or anything, is there?” “No, she is just out in the truck talking to the hospital on her cell”.

  3. Back in the ’80’s when I started my accounting career, we First Year Accountants spent so much time in the copy and report assembly room we decided that the C.P.A. we worked so hard to obtain stood for Cut, Paste and Assemble.

    In a take off on the old “blonde” joke, when the office finally got Wang word processors, the software would blink for misspelled or misunderstood words. One of the typists (who didn’t last long) proudly showed the feature to a partner. Her screen looked like a Christmas tree.

  4. Boy, FB is all Robin Williams, all the time today. Favorite quote, which I am definitely gonna use in Sunday School. “I’m Episcopal. It’s kind of like being a Catholic. Same religion, half the guilt. The Puritans tried to restore the guilt, and they had to leave. Can you imagine the Puritans? People so uptight the English kicked them out?”

  5. When I was in college we were able to check out record albums and listen to them in the library if we wished. We could even record them onto 8 track or reel to reel if we wanted to. I’ve been looking for years for the 21 min 40 sec live version of The Pusher by Steppenwolf. The hype at the time was that it was the first time they ever played it and they just made it up as they played. This was recorded in 1966. I finally found it on the net. No, it wasn’t as great as I remembered, but it brought back some memories.


    For those of you who, like me, have become exhausted trying to follow the current 9 Chickweed Lane story arc…the Germans lose.

  7. Dear Ghost, your “spoiler” comment is awfully clever. How do you keep coming up with these zingers? After faithfully following 9 Chickweed Lane for years, I gave it up … just too, what, artificial … unreal, slow … couldn’t stand it any more. Comments here tell me all I need to know.

  8. Which is why my primary attraction to 9CL is the art and shading of each panel. Jimmy is a master of minimalism. Brooke is a master of hyperdetail. I fully believe either artist could be successful at either end of the spectrum. This is why they are artists and I am grateful to enjoy their work.

  9. Okay, I know, late to the ballpark, as usual, but I still loved the “Honeypot” gag.

    re 9CL, I’ll be glad when/if McEldowney ever get’s back to his regular cast. This WWII arc has been going on since, I believe, last December.

  10. Yes I do love the “Honeypot” instead of Honeywell. And the art in Arlo and Janis and 9CWL are both superior in their own right and style, will never argue against that.

  11. I enjoy 9CL’s artwork and also, from time to time, the word usage employed. Don’t like Pibgorn. Yes, both move along in infinitesimals.

    Meantime, I just wrote a somewhat lengthy comment and accidentally loaded it onto yesterday’s looong comment space. Beans! If you are curious, go back and look…not worth typing again (as typing is one of many skills I do not possess).

  12. Got my days mixed up, I didn’t even realize it was Tuesday Afternoon (we all know there’s a song there)…..tonight’s the night I lose one third of of my ‘flock” Said goodbye to Rooster.

    Back in the 73’s, I was employed by Honeywell out of Evansville, IN…to this day I still remember their poster “The Pride of Honeywell”

    Yup, CxP….copy and paste….that’s how I get my Lolcats

  13. Ok…who has watched Williams’ movie “Field of Dreams’?

    Unfortunately, Netflex doesn’t have the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”…shame

  14. Oh my gosh, Jerry…do I remember the drum solo from Iron Butterfly….I remember playing it on a simple turntable….now, ya got to remember we’re going back to the late 60’s. We. teenage girls ( 16 and up) played it on a simple Hi-Fidelty turntable….gosh…Jerry…thanks for the memories….needed those tonight

  15. I thought “Field of Dreams” was Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan? But, then, I didn’t know that RW was in the “Night At the Museum” movies. I liked him in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Good Will Hunting,” though

  16. Jim,

    You got me thinking about technology in the comic strip. Let’s say you wanted to make a unique strip that would require us to fold the cartoon to see something that can’t be seen in it’s natural flat form. In the old days of newspaper, we could simply fold at the dotted line you laid out for us. Today we would have to print the comic into a paper form……then fold.

    Have I given you any ideas?

    Jay & Jeannie from Maryland

  17. Debbe 😉 Yes, my Mom is doing well. She saw her pulmonologist and had a chest x-ray late yesterday afternoon. The pneumothorax has resolved itself, so no further problems expected from that. Now just waiting for the pathology report….

    Busy day today, catching up on, well, pretty much everything.

    Goodbye, Rooster.

  18. Ghost: Glad that your mom is doing well. Hope the path report is favorable.

    I am making something new this evening for dinner. They were selling fresh-baked baguettes at the store, so I bought a bunch and dug out all these Delallo Bruschetta jars that The Man In My Life bought on sale (olive, artichoke, and sun-dried tomato), split the baguettes and cut them into 5 ” lengths, rubbed them with garlic, buttered them, and spread them with the bruschetta. They turned out great, so I am now making a bunch and am going to serve them with rigatoni with clam sauce. Wine is going to be a Chianti Classico we brought back from Italy.

  19. Factoid: “What Dreams May Come” (a movie I will never watch again) was written by the same guy that wrote the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner seeing a monster on the wing of the airliner. Mickey Rooney, Lauren Bacall, not many stars of the silver screen left.

  20. There is, somewhere, a film similar in vein of “Big Fish” and “Secondhand Lions.” I have no idea what it is called and have hunted for it for years. A man and adult son are estranged due to father’s telling of tales. Dad sneaks of with his grandson to prove to the grandson the stories were real as his son tries, in vain, to catch the adventurers. One such tale is of a circus elephant who died carrying him to an island during a storm. It is this island the grandpa is trying to reach. He does, and his son sees the elephant and proof of the stories for himself. Every time I try to find this film, “What Dreams May Come” shows up instead.

  21. c x-p. don’t have to retype, just copy and paste. emb. Here:

    curmudgeonly ex-professor on 12 Aug 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    For anyone travelling in the area, be aware that I-70 between Cambridge, OH, and Indianapolis has a host of construction areas, some of them only, say, 200 yds. apart. Drove it last Friday eastward and back yesterday. Yesterday was worse, as we had beaucoup rain – all too often enough that I couldn’t see the road and hoped to be following a vehicle with large taillights. When I lived in the Blue Ridge of VA, the locals referred to such as a “frog strangler”! I’ve since acquired more colorful descriptions, but youngsters may read this blog. The dense rain kept with us also on the interstate NW of Indianapolis for a while. Blinding rain plus construction changes-of-traffic-patterns can get absolutely hairy….

    Event was the 200th anniversary of the founding of wife’s hometown, one which is now combined with its younger (but slightly larger) neighbor. I managed to buy a full wheel of Danish Blue Cheese at a very favorable price while there and, not incidentally, we both (plus our son) had a great time with my sister-in-law. There was a suitable ceremony and unveiling of a brick wall (carved with pictures indicative of the town history), memorials to past veterans of all wars (vets included no fewer than 9 close relatives just of my mother-in-law), and a non-denominational church service. During the ceremonies, 2 or 3 huge trucks came by bearing full loads of chickens [I thought of our people here]; so did many other trucks and bikers. The town’s sole intersection of note has become very popular, it would seem. OH 39 & OH 93, if you are curious.

  22. best Robin Williams movie was The Final Cut, then Popeye. always loved Lauren Bacall, great voice, a strong commanding woman like Anne Bancroft, Lizabeth Scott or Blythe Danner

  23. Buenas noches, Munchkin. I hope your Mediterranean-themed meal came out well.

    I’m feeding my crew lunch tomorrow…slow-cooker beef brisket with onions, carrots and brown gravy; rice pilaf; green salad; and lemon ice box pie for dessert. Is it any wonder they love me? 🙂

  24. Arrgh! (Not “Arrr!”) I was so busy today I forgot to read the real-time cartoon.

    Janis obviously doesn’t understand that a man does nothing in his man-cave with a big-screen HDTV, a stereo, a bookshelf and a refrigerator for adult beverages; while he does nothing in his workshop with power tools. It’s a man-thing.

  25. I’ll miss Lauren Bacall; always loved the way she got into her roles opposite Bogart.

    “Cut and paste”, eh? Sounds like something I once knew how to do. Never having been proficient at anything electronic, I suppose I lost that soon after learning it. Not often having any need would have been a contributing factor.

  26. Uh-oh! Arlo, RUN! “The rest of the house?!” Run fast and long, and stop at the garden center to pick up supplies for a new garden (and your doghouse) before you come back.

    Revised theory on 9CL: Bill is going to get Martine pregnant. (And it will end up being that nun who ran off and got married and had a baby – forget the name.) And when we DO get back to the present, Martine is going to show up again. This is going to play out for years!

    About the film, sadly nothing on actors or possible title. It’s been over twenty years now
    {sob!}, and it’s all gone. It’s basically “Big Fish,” but instead of a blend of fact and fiction – everything grandpa says was really true.

  27. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks for the videos Mark and Nodak….. 🙂

    ,,,and Llee, that is the name of the movie, and as Jerry was right in his critique….weird movie, too hard to follow for me.

    Was reading about Lauren Bacall and they quoted her infamous quote to Bogie “you know how to whistle…don’t you? You just put your lips together and … blow” what a classic line.

    Loved her in “The Shootist”, John Wayne’s final film.

    Not looking forward to going into work today. I was getting out the new paper work, and looking over it (79,200+ new hens coming in on the 25th). any way, I came across the instructions for operating the CO2 ‘kill’ boxes….I wept for the second time yesterday.

    Got like 8 to 10 hour days coming plus dealing with the heat….woke up and started thinking about all that has to be done, I can’t recall the number of cages we have, but they all have to be scraped clean, curtain backs scraped, yada, yada, and I’ve got to have more help….so I had this panic attack this morning at 3:30.

    GR 😉 glad your Mom’s doing fine…wish my Boss would feed us like that. I know he’ll feed us some pizza and lots of water and sodas….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


  28. Best I can narrow it down is it came out some time between late 1990s and Nov. 2001. I watched it at my grandparent’s house on HBO(?), and it was sold by November 2001.

  29. c-xp: Sugarcreek! A great area. I am spending most of my time in Cambridge now, but I travel I-77. There is only one area (as of now!) of construction that I have to deal with, but it is mostly complete now. Have been traveling that road twice a week – almost a year now. Just thankful that “my guy” is still around and I have a reason to travel that road!

  30. Lady Mindy, go to At the top of the home screen, you will see “Movies, TV Shows”, etc. To the right of that, click the down arrow next to All. In the drop-down box, click “Advanced Search”. Under “Title Text Search”, select “Plot” and in the search box to its right type the word elephant and click Submit.

    You should get the titles of something like 910 movies with an elephant as a character. (I think,) If you want to find your movie badly enough, you may scroll down through the summaries. Good luck.

  31. Oh, and if you find that movie, be sure and let us know. I’m sure some here, including me, would be interested. (I’m gonna get around to watching “Big Fish” one day.”)

  32. c x-p: Went back to your msg. above, put cursor at the left edge of the first word in your second paragraph, and held the cursor key down with left finger while dragging the cursor to the end of the paragraph with right finger. That ‘shaded’ what I wanted to copy. Released the cursor key, did ‘ctrl c’, came here, typed this paragraph, hit ‘enter’ to get it on a new line, then did ‘ctrl v’. Thus:

    “Cut and paste”, eh? Sounds like something I once knew how to do. Never having been proficient at anything electronic, I suppose I lost that soon after learning it. Not often having any need would have been a contributing factor.

    This is probably the only thing I knew about word processing that you didn’t. Now you are caught up.

  33. Ha! Ghost – I had a similar incident happen for REAL concerning pets in a car. As Blacklight doesn’t travel well, and stress can be worse on a cat than some illnesses, my “local” vet is only three short blocks from my apartment (cousin the vet is two hours away and only for extreme situations; I do NOT like the local vet.) Anyhow, local vet unexpectedly stopped taking the only credit card I carry. My bank is literally a street over. Had Blacklight and another kitty in car. Ran to ATM and back again. 100+ degree day. Car on, windows up, A/C on high, doors locked. (Always have a spare.) Mind you, my car is a 1992 Dodge – it has a very distinctive idle. Impossible NOT to know its running without hearing issues. Come out of vet’s office to an irate lady about to call police. She started yelling at me; I yelled back. When I open the door, both cats were howling. She wanted to know why, if car was on, cats were so upset. To paraphrase my own response “They are CATS in a CAR at the VET. They just got their yearly shots, do you think they are *£#¥!* HAPPY right now!? Idiot lady: “oh.”

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