Things That Go Berserk in the Night

Things That Go Berserk in the Night

Mentally, I have taken a few weeks off from many of the things that concern us here. You may substitute “been distracted” for “taken a few weeks off,” if you’re feeling charitable. I’m going to ease back into things this week and focus more on the things that do concern us here. There won’t be much outdoors to distract me. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees or more every day this week.

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  1. The retro here is a great example of how you can pick up the truths of everyday life and turn them into an entertaining and funny comic strip. Good going. As for distracted, I thought maybe you had gone to the NCS get together in California.

  2. I am repeating this from the previous post.

    Well last Thursday was my last day at my employer after 16+ years. Yesterday was my first day at my new job. And I’m still employed!!! Actually I feel like I can step right into this role as it is similar to what I have done and I do not have to put up with Japanese talking in their native tongue, keeping me in the dark. Reducing my commute from 33 miles each way to 3 miles is a Godsend. I really had a lot of responsibility with my prior job and this one seems less. Plus it gets me out at 5:00 PM!

  3. My sympathies. We might make 60 here in western Montana and we think that’s terrific after a long winter. And summer solstice is only a month away.

  4. Just for contrast, JJ, it’s 33 here in Trinidad. A little earlier it was snowing, but the ground’s warm enough to melt it as soon as it landed.

    Woke up this morning to my phone ringing. It was a clerk at the VA down in Albuquerque calling to set up a consult with a surgeon about a biopsy of some lymph nodes in my neck. (She was talking about my “groinal area,” but the only lymph nodes they’ve been looking at are in my neck.) If/when I do have the biopsy, it will be under a General, so I’ll need to have my sister drive me down and back. Not exactly the nicest way to start the day, I have to say.

  5. Re 5-21-19 real-time cartoon (Saw that coming, didn’t you?): Old t-shirts are the best sleeping t-shirts. (Didn’t see that innocuous comment coming, did you?),

    Janis has exhibited an interesting array of sleep-wear over the years. Peak interesting was probably reached with the lederhosen, however. 😉

  6. The squall line blasted through Eufaula about 8:00 am. Lots of warnings but it seemed to me to be mostly a rain event, and even that didn’t last long. It did fill The Jackie Canal (the drainage ditch constructed to keep heavy runoff to the lake from going through her house) to the top of its banks.

  7. I have a touch light on my night stand next to my CPAP machine. If the cat’s mad at me for any reason, she will either touch her nose to the light to turn it on, or walk across my CPAP till she steps on the button that turns it off…

    • We sleep with the bedroom door closed as the cats love olive wood and will destroy some of the religious figurines if we let them in. One time years ago our cat caught a mouse and woke up my wife at 5:00 AM with the tail of the mouse wiggling in his mouth!

      My son works at Ford at the Product Development Center and unfortunately quite a few Engineers are being let go today. This has been anticipated for several months and the mood has been dark. He is about to go into a meeting to hear how his department will be restructured. He is not worried about himself, but is very worried about some of his friends. I told him if they are good engineers, they should still be able to find work in this market.

  8. Bill, if you are a CPAP user you know nothing wakes you up faster than having the machine stop. It’s like somebody slapped a hand over your nose and mouth. Awful.

    Tulsa had tornado watch and warnings till around 1030 last night, and they were going again when I got up this morning. There was one tornado sighted near the Tulsa airport that pulled a tree down on a house and trapped the owner inside. Surrounding areas have floods and emergency agencies are doing water rescues in several places.

  9. Mark, I agree that nothing wakes you up faster than having the CPAP stop. My expectation that it’ll happen eventually (it has twice over the past 9 years) caused me to start out with and stay with the nasal pillows. My wife started using CPAP while I was on the road and was given a full-face mask to start and soon went to the nasal mask. Today she’s also using the nasal pillows.

  10. Steady diet of unsalted saltines and lime water to have something in my stomach to greet the every six hours pain medications.
    And nightly oral chemotherapy needs buffering.

    Time for both. Vertigo so bad this morning room spun like a tornado touch down.

    People do this recreationally?

    In comics there is only one person who competes with JJ and that is Monty. Both for good artistry and funny dialogue.

    Erased last post accidentally. I have not much feeling or circulation in my fingers so phone is hard to use and despite owning three or four computers we have never set any up! Miserable internet out in this unwashed arm pit of America, ask Mark! I use my phone offline instead.

  11. Steve – good for you! All day today, the George Strait song – “This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away” has been on my mind. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

  12. Oh, Jackie. I have been thinking of you. Just wish you had a happier status to report. You and Ghost stay safe. My Kansas cousins are posting pictures of the floodwater and lists of road and bridge closings.

    I made my mammogram appointment today. Don’t think I’ve ever missed one.

  13. Glad to hear from you, Jackie. It’s been a while since I saw you post here. But I guess that is mostly due to your physical limitations these days. Good to know you didn’t get washed away. That ditching you had installed has really paid off for you. Take care and know that I am praying for you and Lora both.

  14. Steve, I am awfully happy for you. You deserve a better work situation, and now you are getting it!
    Jackie, good to hear your news — wish it were more cheerful, but you sure don’t let much get you down. Sorry you and Ghost don’t have the delights of the computer. I couldn’t get along without it. And that doesn’t mean that I buy stuff, or play computer games. No, I spend a lot of time on Facebook (apologies to Ghost) following my large family around with their lives and travels. I’m not getting around much myself, but they all send photos, which I love to get.

  15. We have internet and Ghost uses his computers and tablets. I just never reset mine. Really poor service for anything out here. A black hole.

  16. Jackie, DSL would be better than the satellite internet you have, if you can find a decent provider. It would be faster and more stable.

  17. Nancy – keep on top of it, sometimes 6 months is too long.
    Momma Bear doing OK – finally got MRI on back, we go for consultation this afternoon.

    Prayers Jackie

  18. Not sure I’m ready for 90F but I’d sure like to see the weather get back to the 70s or even the mid 60s. Snowed here yesterday (northern NM) and has been cold/cool (low 30s to low 50s), wet and windy for the past week.

  19. Jackie, here’s hoping you have bottomed out and will start feeling better.

    Your post got me wondering, shouldn’t unsalted saltines be called “tines”?

  20. More tornado watches/warnings yesterday afternoon. Huge amounts of rain leading to flooding. One whole community has had to be evacuated. Huge casino facility about a mile from me on bank of Arkansas River has started to flood and closed yesterday at 230pm. I’m doing ok myself. No damage or flooding in this apartment complex. I hope LLee is ok today, since they had tornadoes in Missouri last night.

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