This and That Old House

The Return of an Undead Building

Cross my heart and hope to die! I pulled up a batch of about two dozen old cartoons from 2004, looking for something interesting to share with you today, and this was among them. I couldn’t pass it up. Nonetheless, I wanted to post something today that would give us a semblance of normalcy around here. I’m sure everyone is as tired of the teeter-totter art as I am. It is Tuesday, however, and I almost never miss a Tuesday. If you only check in periodically, click the new link above or go back a couple of days to see what we’ve been up to. As for the rest of you, there is news about multiple rewards and other things. We’re going to get back to the barking, but we have time. I’m going to leave this with you for now. Semblance of normalcy is what we’re all about here.

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78 responses to “This and That Old House”

  1. It can’t be THAT early? God bless us every one.

    I would like to ask everyone in the Village to say a prayer for healing for my home town of Baton Rouge, LA. This is NOT the way we live down here. Thanks.

  2. Debbe, I will pray too. A will between two married folk needs to entered in jointly. Maybe not in the legal sense, but in the moral sense and for the health of the marriage. You have had a lot of drama over the past couple of years, so I would suggest that someone wise counsel you in determining what to do. It should never be done in haste and without thought.

  3. Sweet Charlotte, I’m so sorry to hear you are under the weather (deck). Do what they tell you in rehab; they know their business. And as I tell my mom about forty times a day, “Be careful!”

  4. Here’s a song for all of us in the Village

    For Debbe, Mark, Ghost, doumacain, Miss Charlotte, Gallego, Jerry, me and anyone else who needs to hear it out there. Came on my radio a few minutes ago and I sure need it.

    Miss Charlotte I have been worried for good reason apparently. Mark, good advice and I hope you took it too.
    Ghost, I agree but 2014, 2015 weren’t all that good years either.

    Had a fun night with my girl friend, more laughs than I have had since I got married and gave up female friends along with male ones. Rediscovered wine and dishing on men. Good times. Thinking of taking country dance lessons too. Maybe there are still good looking dance partners. Gave that up too. Never too late to discover things you once loved or find new ones.

    Advice for us all.

  5. Titillating. Don’t get that depressed, Ghost.

    My hometown of Winnsboro, LA is reeling from the 22 year old wife of one of the local ministers being kidnapped and shot, left for dead in cemetery. I have known her family all my life. Her family is connected to most churches in the area by ministries. She was taken from a convenience store I have stopped in dozens of times across from her job at her family’s business.

    You don’t have to go far to experience horror and hatred but we can’t go looking for it. Yes, I have flashbacks but I refuse to hate even when history keeps repeating.

  6. Love the new Kickstarter art, Jimmy, and feel like part of a privileged gang (village?) to see it. My wife and I are still discussing which bonus to bid on! Er, I mean donate for! Nice work!

  7. Just read what my hometown deep in the Delta is doing and was brought to tears. In the past we lynched and hated, now we pray and offer love. Maybe there is hope for us. I can only hope.

    Read the article, it may give you hope too.

  8. Finishing my thought: I had been wondering why no one [apparently] had written anything for a few hours; then I made the discovery.

  9. Thanks to everyone in The Village for the music and kind words. We WILL survive and I hope we can improve our good will after all we’ve been through for the past couple of weeks here and in Dallas and other places. God bless us every one.

  10. I like pretty much all music, including Motown (which was my sister’s favorite), except for a few genres that claim to be music but really aren’t.

  11. CLEVELAND, OH – July 19, 2016 (WOIO)

    “Activists from Black Lives Matter, Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK were in the square and, at one time, were said to be throwing urine at each other.”

    Someone wake me up when 2016 is over.

  12. One of my friends wrote a hilarious parody of the next first lady’s speech being written for her but I can’t post it here. He is ex lawyer and a great satirical writer. I laughed a lot.
    Was Mark who posted the nude women with mirrors protesting or Ghost? There will be four years of someone.

  13. Not me. I won’t go there, here. If that makes sense to anyone, let me know. My work day was nothing to write home about. I wouldn’t use that kind of language in front of my mother. I will say I would take nude women protesting over the other kinds we’ve seen lately. At least they aren’t hiding any weapons, theirs are all out in the open.

  14. I am building and financing two Saturday Night Special sailboats down in Port Aransas, TX that got their name from this song. One is mine named Boat Widow and the other is Fig Newton.

    If you’d like to help build them we still need volunteers. They will be used in a cancer fundraiser next summer.

  15. Jackie: the credit for the nude protest link may be mine since I liked someone’s post of Dave Barry’s commentary. He will, as usual, be covering the conventions for the Miami Herald – and, this year especially, may be the best part of them. Here’s the link:

    I wonder if cable companies, electronics stores, etc., are stocking up on replacement TV remotes? I expect the mute button on ours to be worn out by November!

  16. Love Dave Barry and his humor. Have been reading him forever and laughing.

    Just did something unlike me. I friend ed an old high school classmate which led me to some other old classmates and ex boyfriends from high school. They are OLD and BALD and GRAY!!!Why are people my age so much older than me?

  17. Hi, everyone. Just checking in after being in Canadian Rockies and then Calgary for two weeks. Those of you on book of faces have been seeing pictures. Great trip, even though it did rain every day. Fun to catch up on fabulous Kickstarter results.

  18. Jackie, as your classmates have slowed down, I think you have been speeding up. So you are much more flexible, mentally and physically, and much younger than your calendar age.

  19. I was just going to say-is there a reason they were playing Queen as she came out and left? AND-the final sign, as I recall, of the end times, is the sound of something, uh, let’s see what is it?

  20. GM Debbe

    I lost earlier post
    About the will – “They” keep changing the rule so consult an attorney
    you may be able to find one that will do pro bono work. (Google for one near you)

    I feel for you because the heat indices for the next few days HERE are to be
    140* to 120*

  21. About Xrays

    William McKinley was at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.
    When shot.
    “McKinley was taken to the Exposition aid station, where the doctor was unable to locate the second bullet. Although a primitive X-ray machine was being exhibited on the Exposition grounds, it was not used.”
    It may or may not have saved him because the lack of antibiotics.

  22. The wonder of music allows us to communicate messages and opinions through the choices without saying a word ourselves.

    Loved everyone’s contributions, especially Queen. I swear when I saw the headlines about RPNC I thought it was The Queen, as in her Royal Majesty, complaining and PO ‘d and I think to myself “what HAVE they done?”

  23. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks all for the advice. There is no will, he just said that to get his brother to do something about his estate. This has taught me a lesson, he can be so….cruel sometimes. We do own 50 acres free and clear that was purchased a few years into our marriage…and I do know for a fact that half of it is mine, mine, mine.

    So many music links…..thanks Gal.

    OB…GM, and yes the humidity here is horrible.

    Went to court yesterday….Ian lost his driving privileges for 90 days and we go back on the 16th of August to speak with the prosecutor regarding probation period.

    Like GR, will be glad to see 2016 end.

    Miss Charlotte, sending positive thoughts your way, you are a determined woman and you will be out of rehab in no time.

    ….and that my friends was just one day in my life….

  24. From today’s cartoon, it’s apparent that Janis wears some really small undergarments. Of course, we regulars here already knew that. 😉

  25. I was there but only some are familiar. Did I miss some of the years? Answer why will I remember them all? Was one of the political figures there and isosteoporosis in the 50s? That was Eisenhower years.

  26. GM Debbe

    An oldie

    17.  Duct tape is like ‘The Force’. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

    Lots of B’ugs

  27. Yes indeed, we are racing into the days of Nixon, Wallace and Huey P. Long. I hope that we aren’t approaching the good old days of WWII.

  28. Good morning Villagers….

    Jimmy, congratulations on reaching your goal, you are a good and faithful servant. AND a big thank you to the Villagers who made it possible.

    Agreed, yes a will needs to be established. GR, I bookmarked your link and will look into it.

    Good grief, the teenager who I left to finish packing when I left early to go to court, well, he left a mess. Had to semi clean before I even packed…but I anticipated this so Ian and I went in early.

    Going in to check on Dad this afternoon. Did I tell you guys he is a cat lover too.

    Ya’ll do have a blessed day

    GM..OD and B’hugs back at you/

  29. Good morning all. Doing those leg lifts and exercises. Have to get knees and hips working before I get out of bed.

    Confused Debbe. Is it your husband or son in court who lost drivers license? For DWI? Road rage? Don’t you have lawyer for this? Most small town lawyers do it all. A simple will is inexpensive and can even be done yourself and be valid if done correctly, even handwritten.

    Good luck in any event. I still think you need to see counsel and many areas have pro bona lawyers who help women. We seem to need it.

  30. Unframed artwork reminds me of my MIL, she was an accomplished watercolorist. Subjects were floral and landscapes. When she passed, she had a large portfolio of unframed art, both hers and works she had collected of others. My wife took it under her arm as none of her siblings really wanted it; several favorites were framed and hung at our home. As family visited, after seeing MIL’s art on our walls, selected pieces for their homes. Today, her works are displayed in a great number of family galleries.

  31. My sister, Mary visited my home about 20 years ago. I had inherited 2 ink and water color paintings that she had done in High School and a couple of charcoal renderings that she did when my wife and I married. As she looked around, she said that “You have more of my artwork on the walls than I do.

    Shortly after that she did a rendering of Mother Teresa and her family Priest told her that he was going to Mother Teresa’s orphanage and that Mary was going with him to present it to her successors. Mary was able to speak at groups, doing 20 minute chalk drawings and telling her story. She bought a commercial scanner and printer and started selling her artwork. Before she knew it, she had enough money to go and take 2 of her daughters.

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