This rarely happened with paper sacks


There is so much tribulation, so much that it cannot regularly be addressed, especially on a puny little Web site such as this, which is dedicated to forgetting tribulation for a few moments. However, my thoughts this morning are with the people of west Tennessee and surrounding states, so damaged by tornadoes overnight. It’s personal, because that’s my old stomping ground. I lived on the Tennessee River in Hardin County, TN, for a number of years. I know Jackson, TN, and Memphis well. I have a lot of friends and readers in that area.

It was a great area to live in, if you’re a cartoonist, because of proximity to the FedEx hub in Memphis. Before the digital revolution, syndicated cartoonists would ship their original artwork to the syndicate offices, in my case United Media in New York City. If I were running late (which was always), I could jump in my car and take a batch of cartoons to Jackson before 10 p.m. and have them in NYC the next morning. If I were really strapped, I could take them to Memphis as late as midnight. Today, every time I hit the “send” button on my ftp program, I think about the thousands of miles I logged over hilly, winding, two-lane roads at night, and I marvel I’m alive.