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Depending upon the denomination of the Church of Nutrition to which you subscribe, the above strip might prove to be prophetic. Note the television cabinet. It occurred to me while looking through some old material that A&J strips from the early 90s have been under-represented on The vast majority of strips you see here come from digital files, which begin in late 1995. Or ’94. Who can keep up? The pre-digital material I have used here, which has to be retrieved from large plastic boxes and scanned by me, has tended to be older cartoons, from the 80s mostly. In the coming weeks, I’m going to mine the years immediately prior to 1995, hoping to find a trove of comic strips we haven’t seen in a long time. Those were good years. The strip was hitting its stride. The drawing was pretty good, and the gags were getting more crisp. I’m kind of excited about this.

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  1. “The Church of Nutrition”! Boy does that ring some bells! I like it.

    How do you tell if there’s a vegan in the room? Don’t need to…they’ll tell you.

  2. Great idea! Should be a fun project for you and even more fun for us. I can’t remember when I discovered A&J, but it was definitely after 1995. Cheers!

  3. Fortunately, in today’s retro cartoon, Arlo and Janis *do* have their clothes on in panel #3.

    Oooo, pre-gocomics archive A&J cartoons…what a good idea. More work for you, I’m sure, but I’m also sure we, your loyal fans, will appreciate it. 🙂

    And also…Oooo, Janis has a “past”.

    My Mom is obviously feeling even better today and is down the hall doing PT. Still hoping today will be “Home Going Day”.

  4. Just yesterday I was thinking about some old cartoons, so this will be good.
    Any one remember Janis’s father taking risqué pics or actually getting blamed
    for a new phone malfunction.

  5. Thanks, sand.

    Debbe 😉 I too used to do the “wake up waaay too early and can’t get back to sleep” thing. In my case it was work-related stress. The stress (but not the work) went away, and so did the sleeplessness.

    “Joe and the Volcano” was kind of a sleeper movie I really enjoyed. Meg Ryan, who at the time was my movie sweetheart, played three different roles in it. And Tom Hanks seldom if ever makes a bad movie. I loved the scene where he was at the luggage shop buying the trunks to take on his trip, the ones that ultimately saved his life.

  6. Steve From ROM: I just got around to reading about your lawn mower adventure from the other day. Wow, the dreaded Snapper-related fire!

    “Granny” Carole: Well said. As always. I’m glad you come to visit with us.

    You, too, Denise Marie.

    And you, too, emb.

    Jackie: Ummm. Fresh green beans.

    Lady Mindy, if you ever have to start wearing a flack jacket to work, it might be time to consider a career change.

  7. Quite a bit of excitement over “old” strips here, too. The online digital archive only goes back so far, and today’s “old timer” strip (pun sort of intended) is great.

    Of course, there will be some unintended irony when you roll the oldies out. I recall Arlo dancing to a tune on the radio, and then he CRINGES when the announcer says, “And that was ‘Eight Days A Week,’ Number One on the charts… TWENTY YEARS AGO!” I am afraid poor Arlo would be out on a ledge if that scenario played out again today…

    The “old stuff” has its own flavor and bouquet. I enjoyed it then and personally, I think it holds up very well. As for TV cabinets, rotary phones and dialup modem internet connections… it is what it is. Props to Mr. Johnson for noting this week that Facebook has been abandoned by young people… but bear in mind, that strip will need some ‘splaining 10 years from now; who will “get it” then? Time marches on, but our Bard marches with it, and when necessary, he provides a contextual comment so we can still “get it” later on when it graces this page. *applause*

  8. Debbe 😉 Here’s your song, hon, sung to the tune of “Rolling, rolling, rolling, Rawhide”.

    Laying, laying, laying
    Laying, laying, laying
    Them hens keep on a’laying
    Laying, laying, laying

    Laying, laying, laying
    Them hens keep on a’laying
    Pick ‘em up, pack ‘em up,
    Stack ‘em up, move ‘em out

    Laying, laying, laying
    Laying, laying, laying
    Them hens keep on a’laying
    Laying, laying, laying

    Laying, laying, laying
    Laying, laying, laying
    Though the belts are a’flaying
    Keep them hens a’laying

    Laying, laying, laying
    Them hens keep on a’laying
    Pick ‘em up, pack ‘em up,
    Stack ‘em up, move ‘em out

    And yes, sitting in a hospital room waiting for the doctor to round does give you too much time to think of silly stuff. 🙂

  9. Lady Mindy, should miscreants continue to robbery-ish things at work, you might consider acquiring The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Here are the instructions, from The Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20:

    Then did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, saying, “Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree-sloths and fruit-bats and orangutans and breakfast cereals … Now did the Lord say, “First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.”

  10. I didn’t become a regular reader of comics until 1995, my first year of college and the first year I discovered the wonderful interwebs. Aaaaah fond memories. I remember that it didn’t take as long to read “all the comics” back then as it does now. But then there were far fewer choices and no comment sections for me to aimlessly reminisce.

  11. GR6, thou forgot the part about flipping the holy spoon. The pin is merely the safety, tis the flying of the spoon which starts the holy ignition cycle. As a side note the fuse length is such that there is 3 to 5 seconds from spoon ejection to when holy hell reins forth on you and enemy. Yes, kill zone is a 40 yard radius, not likely you can pitch it 80 yards.

  12. Since Jimmy is cranking up the old wayback machine, maybe folks will enjoy this article from the Madison, WI, CAPITAL TIMES in July of 1985, when they picked up the strip.

    Baby boomers Arlo ‘n’ Janis cope with ’80s

    Who are Arlo and Janis? A loving couple and the main characters of a new comic strip that begins this week.

    They’ve traded their bell-bottoms for Brooks Brothers, the Peace Corps for Citicorp and their picket signs for the power lunch.

    And they’re not really sure it’s been all for the best.

    But Arlo and Janis still cope — with lots of love and a little help from creative visualization. And their responses to the whirlwind of the ’80s are exceptionally human and just as hilarious.

    “Arlo ‘n’ Janis,” by Jimmy Johnson, began Monday and will run daily in The Capital Times. It stars Arlo and Janis Day, along with their son, Eugene McCarthy Day. The strip eloquently depicts the irony of wiggling yesterday’s ideals into today’s world.

    Arlo may work behind a mahogany desk and buy batteries for his VCR remote control, but he still laments the demise of the revolution and mistily remembers his plans to move to the country and grow everything he needed.

    Cartoonist Johnson says Arlo’s persona is a combination of Johnson’s traits and those of his wife, Rheta Grimsley Johnson, staff writer for the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Scripps-Howard News Service. Janis looks somewhat like Rheta, Johnson says.

    But there Johnson stops. Because although the 33-year-old certainly meets the age requirement for a baby boomer, he says he’s not at all typical of his generation.

    “I went to a conservative school in Alabama,” he says. “At Auburn, we didn’t really have too many radicals.”

    He did admit, however, to writing editorial columns for the school newspaper, denouncing the war in Vietnam. Wasn’t that a bit radical?

    “I didn’t really consider myself a radical,” he says, “although my father did.”

    Hmm. OK, so you weren’t a radical. Are you a yuppie?

    “No,” he says, “We yuppies hate that word.”

  13. GR6, in “The Book of Soviet” there is discussion of the F-1 grenade; referred to as the widow maker. Seems some factories short changed the fuse length. Nothing boosts spirt in the troops like poor quality control.

  14. Into Hour Four of my Mom’s continuing saga of “You’ll Be Going Home Soon…No, Really…We Promise”. Apparently, getting everyone up to speed and on the same page for discharging a patient from a hospital falls somewhere on the scale of difficulty between “planning Operation Overlord” and “herding cats”.

  15. GR6-
    When I was trying to get discharged after a surgery a few years ago I ran into the same Keystone Cops. They would not discharge me until I watched a video of care and usage temporary appliances attached to my body. The VCR in my room did not work. All of the other rooms in my ward were full so they couldn’t let me watch it in another room. The maintenance man for the floor was unavailable for some reason and nobody else knew how to disconnect a VCR and move it across the hall. the wouldn’t let me watch the video in the staff lounge because I was a patient. I offered to go across the hall and get one myself but that would be allowing patient X (me) into patient Z’s room. Meanwhile the surgeon kept calling down and asking why in the he!! had I not been discharged. Finally, some 4 hours after my designated discharge time, and after a visit from one angry surgeon, they found someone capable of unscrewing a co-ax cable, unplugging a power cord, carrying a VCR across the hall and reversing the process.
    So, my sympathies to you and your mother. May you both be freed of the hospital soon so that she can recover in peace at home.

  16. “Nor anxiety like hospital wait anxiety.” Reminds me of my volunteer job outside the OR suite, sometimes, depending on the family. I staff the family waiting desk weekly, typically for 6+ hrs.

    Mostly it’s enjoyable routine. Patients have a 9[?]-digit # on their wristbands. I show the family an illuminated wall chart which lists those ## by the day’s surgeons names. No patient names are there. The background colors of each row show at what stage the patient is: light blue-registered; yellow-in pre-op cubicle; light purple-in OR; med. purple-actual surgery; deep purple-‘sewing up’; bright green-recovery; etc. If > 1 fam. member is there, they often talk to one another, go to the cafeteria. Some read, knit, meddle w/ mobile devices, etc.

    But some ask me questions, or engage me in conversation, often at length, and often far afield. We may just be compatible, but often, they just have to talk. I listened to WWII stories for > an hour once. It’s never been the same, week to week, into my 10th yr. now. And, of course, living in the town where I taught for 36 yr., it’s often a former student. Since this happens or not unpredictably, I always bring a book or x-word puzzle.

    There is a unisex head right behind me, a free coffee machine steps away, and a microwave around the corner to reheat the coffee. [It’s to reheat sandwiches or pop popcorn from the vending machines down the hall.] When the head behind me is occupied, “There are two more down the hall just past the vending machines.” It’s a busy day when I have to reheat a cup of coffee 3x.

    Of course, everything about particular people that happens in the hospital stays in the hospital. That becomes 2nd nature.

    OF due 1725-1745 CDT, 10-30 min. from now.

  17. I learned some horrible news yesterday evening…my nephew’s wife’s sister was found murdered in West Virgina….you always think it’ll never happen to us….Breaks my heart as Barbi (my nephew’s wife) is so down to earth, a good mother, a wonderful wife….and she had to loose her sister this way…they have arrested the ex-husband.

    I ask all to keep my niece and family in your prayers as they unfold this horrible tragedy…she left behind a 13 year old son….she disappeared on Wednesday, and hunters found her body on Friday….she was shot in the back of the head….execution style.

    Thanks friends……………..

  18. GR6: I thoroughly enjoy KJ usage of the language, even when applied elsewhere than in the Bible. Thank you. Prayers that your mother gets home in reasonable time and even better shape.
    Debbe: Yes, prayers also for your relatives.
    Jackie, ditto.

    Age, however, does not guarantee wisdom and I’m probably a prime example thereof. Wisdom is not the same as knowledge, of course.

    Let’s hope the pro baseball season closes tonight – can you tell I’m a Giants fan [from ‘way back when they and I were in New York City]?

    I, too, claim to be exactly as presented here. Acting was never my forte.

  19. So sorry to hear that sad news, Debbe. Your niece and family will be in my prayers. So many hard things in this old world. Emb, I know you must be a great comfort to the families who have loved ones in the hospital.

  20. Although Mike’s kidney stone fracturing was not totally successful and we must go back again for second one, I had a remarkable experience at the surgical hospital we were in for the first time.
    As a often ill person, often family ill, a retired florist and a hospital volunteer, I have been in a lot of hospitals. Today’s was the most above and beyond, kind to patients, kind to family, considerate, polite, most extraordinary hospital I have encountered.

    Apparently when Mike had other kidney surgery done they used the primary hospital he was in for all the other problems, like the failed chemo therapy. Same doctor but different hospital. We thought it was one of the usual same day surgery centers but it was a full blown surgical hospital. Totally amazing!

    Ghost, I don’t know how long it would take to get out but I doubt as long as you are experiencing with your mom. We went in at 9:30 a.m. and were eating lunch in a restaurant by 2:15 p.m.

    Getting discharged always seemed the worst part of the entire experience to me.

    Love, Jackie

  21. Debbe: Prayers for the victim, prayers for her family, and prayers that justice will be done.

    Some may blame the gun, but it had no choice except to fire when the trigger was pulled. If she was in an abusive relationship, some may blame her for not getting out of it, but for any number of reasons she may not have had that choice. I place the blame where it belongs, squarely on the POS who did have a choice and chose to murder another human being in cold blood.

  22. Debbe, I don’t know what to say to comfort you. I never serve on juries, victims of violent crimes don’t get a pass but the attorneys always dismiss you, they don’t want you and I often volunteer to push the button, should the verdict be guilty.

    It seems I have known far too many women killed by spouses or in this case, ex-spouses. My poor gardener believes her ex is stalking her and trying to kill her. I am going to be guilt ridden should it be true and not a fantasy.

    Why can’t humans/mankind just let it end? Why must they believe they are God and can act as an executioner? Me having said I am in favor of the death penalty for certain crimes, does that make me guilty of what I decry?

    Love, Jackie

  23. Thank you, Bryan. Thank you, cxp.

    I got my Mom sprung from durance semi-vile about 4:30; stopped by her pharmacy to drop off two new ‘scripts; got her home and took delivery of an oxygen machine from the medical supply store; showed her how to maneuver around her apartment with a nasal cannula; and got her tucked into bed about 20 minutes ago. She is tired but doing pretty well and is of course happy to be home. I’ll be going back over early tomorrow morning to set up her new meds schedule and make some follow-up physician appointments for her. Hopefully, tomorrow will be Do Nothing Much Day.

  24. Murders and suicides nearby jolt us. So do some of the others [e.g., deliberate beheadings by religious fanatics], but to know a survivor personally brings it home. Thoughts and prayers.

    A man in our UMC lost a brother decades back. Shot by the other driver after a fender-bender. Left a wife and family. Man continued to contribute, but never returned to our church, or any other, to my knowledge.

    Peace, emb

  25. Debbie – My condolences. Unfortunately, my day did not bring much better news: my friend’s husband passed away today from pneumonia. I was literally on my way to visit him in the hospital when I found out. Seriously, this year sucks.

  26. So sorry, Debbe and Mindy. My prayers are with you and the families. Why do these things happen? I haven’t a clue. I just know that love is being sent out to those who are hurting.

  27. Debbe, that’s an awful thing to happen to anyone. Prayers for the support of the family and for true and swift justice for the murderer. And Jackie, you are right. Why do some people feel they have the sole claim on someone else for life? So strongly that they would sooner murder them than let go?

  28. Here we are in the Village of Perpetual Suffering and Sorrow.

    I am not making fun of us but we need a patron saint to pray to I think. I have been reading about alternative cancer treatment centers to call for a second and third opinion, other than the one we began with this Spring that cut Mike loose back on July 1, more or less.

    Right now I am calling the Cancer Centers of America who seem to have changed their name and location. The hospital I was in today for Mike’s surgery took over their old location. And Houston’s M.D. Anderson has teamed with St. John’s which is where Mike has had most of his surgery and hospitalizations. Of course, my kids are for going to M.D. Anderson in Houston, since that is where we are from. Or Mayo Clinic or others outside Tulsa.

    Dealing with illness, disability, death…….pestilence, war and plague. Who wants to read a newspaper or watch television? Except to occasionally listen to NPR, I will ignore radio anyway but my “roommate” keeps the telly on and I subscribe to newspapers (three) for mom.

    If it bleeds, it leads. God protect us, each and every one!

    Love, Jackie

  29. Debbe, condolences and prayers for you and your family, especially the son of the victim.

    Indy Mindy, condolences on the loss of your friend.

    Jackie, I hope tomorrow is better for you and Mike.

  30. I apologize but I can see that there are serious happenings in the above and I will read it in a moment. Once again I flubbed up and posted a comment at the end of the previous thread. I respectfully ask that you indulge me and go back and read it. If it is obviously not something you want to read I will completely understand.

  31. Debbe, I am really sorry to hear of your loss. It will never be ok but it will get easier. I just found out that a cousin of mine probably has a couple of days. I hope that we get a chance to see him. It’s about 100 miles and my son is leaving this weekend and so are we on a bus tour. It doesn’t come in spurts. It comes in huge avalances of boulders, but we do our best to keep moving.

  32. The horrors I think of. eggs bad. no eggs good. salt bad. no salt good. fat bad. no fat good. butter bad, oleo good. no oleo really bad.

    My poor father.

  33. A sleepless night… thinking, of all things, WHY? The Village’s experience with the elusive Lillyblack raises the question, WHY? Why the stories… the deceit… why some of us (at least, yours truly) were taken in? I would become so irritated by the apparent self-centeredness and insensitivity, and I would despair of her ever “growing up”. I did think that some things were embroidered, but I never for a moment thought that the entire persona was manufactured. Why didn’t I suspect? Ah me… live and learn, I guess…

  34. Good morning Villagers…

    Thank all of you for your prayers for my nephew’s family. It was on my mind all day yesterday. Packing eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, so my mind tends to ‘drift’. As Villagers, we have been close and share ideas, happy times and even sad events and such…so I wanted and asked for your prayers…thanks guys.

    Granny Carol….we have several roosters out in the hen house and I love to hear them crow. I just hope when we get our monthly inspection Thursday or Friday, they don’t start crowing. It’s odd, but if you stand in the back deck, and holler “chow”, for some reason the hens all go silent and then start cooing….it’s pretty cool…..shuts their clattering up too. The Corp will want us to put down the roosters if they find them as they eat and don’t produce. I say that the crowing helps stimulate egg production 🙂

    Ian came packing in a distressed hen yesterday…she was thin, and he put her in the ICU cage. That’s my boy! He would never hurt anything, he has such a big heart for animals.

    Jerry, I pray you get to see your cousin…be careful out there…and I did go back and read your post….well said.

    Mark, you are such a good link finder…..hope it benefits Jackie.

    GR 😉 that ‘tune’ will be with me today….too cute, and I am glad your Mom is home and pray it is a uneventful day for the both of you. My early to rise is partly to blame on my being so tired, and my hip and back hurt, that once I hit the recliner….I’m out for a couple of hours, get up and go to bed by 9 ish…like last night. Woke up around 8:30, fell back to sleep in the recliner and woke up at midnight…went to bed and actually slept till 3:30. So I am getting my sleep, it’s my sleep cycle that sucks.

    Indy Mindy….sorry for your loss, and yes you’ve been through a lot this year. But you seem to be a strong woman, never afraid to tackle anything and very independent…stay strong my friend. And prayers for you and yours…..Amen.

    love ya’ll, and have a blessed day

  35. I wanted this to be separate…remember my “Important list”? Every day I will post each ‘encouragement’ yesterday’s was the most destructive habit….worry.

    Today: The greatest Joy, Giving.

  36. Jerry, read your post – so true and thank you for the insight.
    Debbe, thank you for your words of encouragement, and you are so right about the greatest joy!
    Still praying for all of you who are going through difficult times right now.

  37. “Joe Versus The Volcano”…so sue me. Hospitals may help heal the body of the patient, but they do very little to improve the mind of the family member sitting there with the patient. 🙂

    Gal, Debbe, others…over the past several months, I have kept notes on all the things that didn’t add up about the situation you mentioned. Perhaps this weekend, if time allows, I will edit them into a somewhat lengthy post and put it up here for anyone who is interested.

    As I have had to remind some of my friends in the past, one of the most frustrating things in the world is trying to come up with a logical explanation for the illogical behavior of others.

  38. Short note, Jerry mentioned trolls return as a new persona. This is true. Which is why many forums maintain moderators who monitor new members or put new members on “probation” sort of. In my case, I still read every post of two forums daily, as hopefully do my fellow moderators! I monitor to approve new members, approve restricted postings, etc. I have considered it a miracle that this forum runs as it does, freely and openly.

    Sort of like our country, America. I think that is the belief JJ subscribes to, God bless his faith in us all.

    May we continue to deserve his faith.

    Love, Jackie

  39. Debbe: “I say that the crowing helps stimulate egg production.”

    That’s what the song says: “They’re layin’ eggs now / Just like they useter / Ever since that rooster / Got in our yard.” The tune, actually, comes from the last movement of a LVB clarinet trio [often arr. for other instruments]. He, of course, may have picked it up from country folk or a beer hall in Bonn, or if later, in the Wien woods.

  40. I graduated high school in a large class and this summer I attended the first reunion that I had been to in almost 20 years. Someone that I was talking to began listing some of the people who had died and I was shocked until I remembered that I am 65. I recall years ago reading the obituaries and thinking that someone who died in their 60’s had at least lived a long life. Today I have a much different attitude. On another subject I wonder sometimes if JJ has time to read all of the comments and what his thoughts are at this point. I tend to think that as long as we continue to self-monitor as well as we have that he will not comment although a few words from the balcony always excites the crowd.

  41. Ghost, I would be very interested in your post if/when you have time. I am in general very “gullabull” (great word, Debbe, thanks), and didn’t think too much about discrepancies and oddities, although I did notice some of them.

    Haha, Jerry, about age perception changing all the time. I am now 72. “The 70’s are the new 50’s,” right??!!

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