Thought Provoking

Thought Provoking

Since we’ve been discussing melanoma and other summer subjects, I thought this week I would feature a classic beach series, this one from 2006. For a long time,  Arlo and Janis and their young son Gene would make an annual trek to the seashore for a few days of relaxation. These strips were something of a little vacation for me, as well. It was a break from the routine. The dialog and the humor generally were easy to write. I was able to hone my figure-drawing skills, depicting the characters in bathing attire for days at a time. Most importantly, the subject interested me, because, going back to boyhood, there was nothing I liked better than hanging out on the sand and lolling in the surf. I don’t do that so much anymore, and, alas, Arlo and Janis don’t get to the beach as much, either.

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  1. This cartoon reminds me of the fact that as we age, our hearing sometimes diminishes. That isn’t what happened here, but conversations like this happen more often.

    One of the funniest conversations that I heard was over 40 years ago and my Mom and I were in the backseat while my Grandpa (with an inefficient hearing aid) and my Dad (who would later need a hearing aid) were talking over each other and discussing two different subjects. My Mom and I grinned and gave each other a look. Then we started laughing. My Dad asked “What’s so funny?” and I responded ” Oh nothing. Mom is just pretty cool”. Then my Dad and Grandpa continued babbling incoherently to each other.

    • Three old dudes (like me):

      #1 “It’s windy today!”
      #2 “No, it’s Thursday!”
      #3 “So am I! Let’s have a beer!”

      • Man tells friend he just bought a hearing aid, the best made, and he paid $12,000 for it.

        Friend – “My goodness! What kind is it?”

        Man – ::looks at wrist:: “It’s three-thirty.”

      • That type of thing could easily have happened to me for the last two months, Tom, because one of my hearing aids went dead. I sent a message to the VA about it (My hearing loss is Service Connected, meaning that the VA takes care of this kind of thing at no cost to me.) and eventually got instructions on how to send it in for repair. Repair took about three weeks, and it came back yesterday, working Just Fine.

        • When I went through Army basic training in 1965, placing anything in your ears (cotton, foam plugs, etc) while on the firing range was strictly prohibited and would lead a disciplinary action. I understand from more recent recruits that quite the opposite is the true. Anyone caught without ear protection is disciplined.

          Although exposures to the blast from an M14 next to my right ear lasted only a few weeks, the damage done is permanent. The upside is that I don’t have to spend a fortune on high quality audio equipment.

          “No brass or ammo, sir”

    • Sitting like that, I would expect to see a much bigger “break”. Jimmy could have drawn in a six-pack, except that is out of character for Arlo. Also, for being shirtless, Arlo is missing a key bit of anatomy. Does the comic censor prohibit areolae on men, too?

  2. Ghost,

    I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for you to comment about Janis’ lack of a top connection on her halter-top swimsuit. I’m surprised Arlo didn’t yell “spider” to see what would happen!

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