Throwing in the Towel

A little bathroom humor from 2008, for a Friday morning. This is why I like 100% cotton tees.

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  1. The new-style blowers are much better, actually, though you do still have to do the clothing wipe to get off that last little bit of water.

  2. This is the only daily cartoon I ever recall that featured a urinal.

    And apparently one of those “will-it-or-won’t-it” auto-flush urinals, at that.

  3. Dislike hand blow-driers in general, and see little advantage in that one. Diagram on top may be helpful. Restrooms in the ‘new’ BHS auditorium have them [not that style], so there are no paper towels for enrollees to drop on the floor. I just wave my hands through the air en route down the hall back to the auditorium.

    Very good acoustics. BSO + choruses w/b doing ‘Messiah’ there Sun. 1500. Peace,

  4. Ghost: Sorry; you posted while I was writing. I think it’s a hand drier. That same BHS restroom has a “will-it-or-won’t-it” auto-flush stool. Peace,

  5. Steve, my prayers and thoughts are with you, your brother, and all your family. Had your brother and sister-in-law been in Norfolk long?

    Jimmy, there’s a hand dryer in a restaurant in West Branch, Michigan, that sounds like a jet engine and will blow you into the middle of next week. But yes, you have to flap for 30 seconds in front of it to turn it on.

    Jackie, I don’t mind laundry or ironing, but do hate folding. I just can’t imagine all the folding you’re doing! Eeeek!

    I just have to smile each time of think of Debbe having wheels again. Roll on, girl!

  6. I think it is a towel dispenser, those little lights seem designed to mess with you. You wave and wave and nothing but you turn to walk away and it spits out towels onto the floor.

  7. As far as towel dispensers go, I always felt they were mounted high to save paper towels. By the time you had reached up and pulled the handle several times to get enough to dry with, the water had run down your arms and into your sleeves (long sleeves of course) and then you didn’t need the towel anymore.

  8. Not sure if Jimmy has time to read these comments, but wanted to weigh in to say that I LOVE the current story line and really want Arlo and Janis to move! Shake things up a bit for all of us.

    Also,t he quality of drawing has been awesome lately. I noticed that in the car ride home, the back seats were down, just like IRL.

  9. Steve, my condolences to your family. Sometimes it is not necessary to understand someone, just to love them as they are. I know you will be the brother your brother needs.

  10. That is a “blade” air dryer, as opposed to the standard blower type we’re used to. I first used one on a trip to Germany, where they were old hat.

  11. Li’l Smigz, the opposite also holds true for some “hot air” hand dyers. I have encountered some, especially at convenience stores, that produce such an anemic stream of barely-warm air it takes longer to dry one’s hands than it does to fill one’s vehicle fuel tank.

  12. Definitely a urinal in far left panel of first panel. I agree with Ghost about Jimmy breaking ground and barriers. Always.

    Art is improving definitely. I noticed the perspective of the panel seen from back seat of car looking over back seats. Lots of good work being done and I wondered if new possibilities were stimulating Jimmy?

    I too favor the move because there opens up so many avenues for our author to meander down.

    Love you JJ. Keep on growing.

  13. From the comments we have all encountered unreliable public toilet facilities. Even these simple fixtures have met the digital world with mixed results.

  14. A Minnesota high school sports team almost had their team photo left out of the yearbook this year, for violation of a school policy against showing guns in yearbook photos.

    Wait, what? It was the school’s TRAP SHOOTING TEAM!

    No word yet on whether members of the school’s baseball team will be allowed to pose holding their “evil, dangerous, blunt-force-trauma weapon” baseball bats. Not to mention the track and field team with their long-range large-caliber pointy-staby javelins.

  15. I have three hours college credits in butchering which involved large sharp knives I was taught to sharpen, not to mention horticulture courses where we used saws and knives high in pecan trees. And other farmyard tools with sharp blades and dangerous teeth and moving parts.

  16. Throwing in the towel. Just thought about that. Still washing towels.

    You must remember we have been dealing with clogged bathrooms and flea infestations for months here.

    I may see the end or at least the floor. Now about my bed……………?

  17. Ghost: Not to worry, apparently. Online paper says principal has OK’d the photo. Likely an instance of someone doing the letter of the law rather than its spirit. Generally, that’s how we train our civil servants, business flunkies, and non-coms, + Lt. Fuzz, no?. Peace,

  18. All the dirty laundry has moved to laundry room and I can see end of washing and drying today.

    All the clean laundry has moved to my bedroom and bed. Not sure I see end of folding and putting away today but one can hope.

    Discovered big pile of once clean towels in laundry but they may have to be rewashed. I hope not. Washed? Not put away for sure.

  19. Except, emb, my experience was that it was the 2LT or the Ensign that was the “letter of the law” interpreter. The NCOs, at least those above E5, were pretty good about the spirit of the low unless it was basic/advanced training. Remember, it’s the sergeants that “work for a living.”

  20. Smigz: My brother got his bachelors at Indiana State in 1972. His lottery number was #6. I wasn’t even in HS and did some research and found out if he declared for the draft on December 31st (1971) and was not called that day, then he could say that he had declared that year and would be exempt. It worked. He graduated in ’72, worked on the RR that summer and instead of going to Grad School, joined the Navy (go figure). We got his Congressman to get him into OCS, but he washed out. I am not military, so I can’t tell you what level he rose to. He did get his Masters, however.
    He was based out of Nantucket for 3-4 years but then got based out of Norfolk in the mid-seventies. He ended serving 23 years and then retired around 1995 or 96. He decided to stay in the area because of the medical care nearby, so to answer your question: “A Long Time”

    I always carry a handkerchief and when I go to Japan I always have several as the bathrooms have no towels in the plants that I visit. The hanky works fine. I do notice that the others rub their hands rather vigorously after washing and continue to do so even when they are in the states and have access to paper towels.

  21. David: I did include Lt. Fuzz.

    But yes, always went to the 1st Sgt. to find out what to do or not, esp. when I was a postal officer in the ETO [Ger., Fr., UK]. Could not have been a picky letter-of-law sort, since I was not familiar enough w/ relevant USAF or Postal regs to be picky.


  22. Not too long ago – or, not too far in the future [not giving too much personal data on-line] – I (attained/will attain) an age in years given by the quotient of 7/9 divided by 3/297 . Yep, it could have been made easier, but I know some like more arcane routes….

    My diabetic HbA1c is the highest I’ve ever had, so am starting a new medication tomorrow. Possible side effects include death by any of multiple means! I suppose I ought to quit eating those bags of pretzels, eh? If I can survive the new medication, I’ll be OK – the HbA1c wasn’t THAT extreme, just high for me.

    Rubbing wet hands, especially with interlaced fingers, can dry your hands, but not very rapidly. The friction generates heat, which does the job. I like the blow dryers, but find them somewhat unreliable.

  23. Regarding paper towels v. hand dryers: I seem to remember reading that the environmental costs of blow dryers might be lower than that of paper towels, but there was a question as to whether blow dryers were actually spreading germs around. I only know that I prefer the towels to having my hearing assaulted.

  24. emb, using goats for weed control is a great idea. Birmingham did it in areas around city parks in the Red Mountain area to clear places humans couldn’t work safely. No poisonous runoff, no lingering chemicals in the soil, the goats get a free meal and the city employees stay out of danger. Winners all round.

  25. Met as I came out of a store this afternoon…

    Flowing white blouse-check
    Skinny jeans-check
    Stiletto heels-check
    Getting out of a black GLK350-check
    Expensive hairdo-check
    Even more expense pair of 40Ds-check

    Many years ago, women like that intimidated me. Now I just nod and give them a faint but knowing and slightly mysterious smile, leaving them wondering if they shouldn’t know me from somewhere.

  26. I know some of you out there remember when there was a “dispenser” on the restroom wall that had a very long cloth towel in it. It was the pull-and-wipe system, then just hung there. I was always a bit afraid I would not be able to pull a clean section down and have to go back in the stall for a length of paper to dry my hands on.

  27. Okay, now I am off to Gainesville for the annual Chicken Festival. Yes, Chicken Festival! Gainesville is still one of the big chicken producers, and the festival is part arts fair and a large part chicken cook-off. Buy a ticket for $10 and sample various recipes of wings and sauce until you are stuffed, then vote for your favorite!

  28. In this area of the country, everyone used “filling station” or “service station” for many years. The other morning as I passed a converted filling station on my way to the office, I realized that I first thought of it as a gas station. I then realized that I have not heard “filling station” or “service station” in quite a while and that I cannot recall when the change occurred.

    What about where you live? What do people call them there?

  29. Ghost:

    I don’t mean to be improper in this family-friendly forum, but I have my suspicions about the woman you saw.

    Would you say that she was a lady or that she was a lady for hire?

  30. I feel like Arlo in the Saturday offering grateful to be home. We just returned last evening and the greeting committee was immediately at our ankles. While they are happy now, come Wednesday we disappear for another eight days.

  31. Rick: I heard both terms when I was growing up in Florida. Of course, that was when you pulled into the station and a nice neighborhood teenager ran out to pump the gas, check the oil and maybe tire pressure, and clean the windshield. The kid did that while the older guys were in the garage repairing someone else’s car. Now you can fill your car with gas and yourself with all manner of food and junk but “service” is long gone!

  32. There is a full service service station with all of the above Ruth Ann in Tulsa. It is spotless, they are in uniform, they do repairs, etc. Their gas is same price as everyone else’s.

    My question is why aren’t they swamped? They aren’t.

  33. Rick I am assuming Ghost was admiring someone’s trophy wife. They still exist.

    Knowing the south Mississippi area he lives in I sincerely doubt the for hire type would have many takers in town. They wait to do that when they go to the Big City if they do at some other .

    It is like drinking and dancing was when I was young, the Baptists all became some other faith when they got far enough from home.

  34. “Jews don’t recognize Jesus. Protestants don’t recognize the Pope. And Baptists don’t recognize each other in the liquor store.”

    A Baptist friend told me that, so I guess it’s OK.

  35. Oops. That was me, not Debbe. I had done those two test posts for her. She was convinced she had been banned. I told her there was no moderator to ban her. It is her computer not the blog.

  36. Yes, the Mercedes SUV made me think more “Trophy Wife” than “Compensated Companion.”

    Hi, Jean dear. Have fun at the “Wing Ding”. 🙂

  37. I hear all three terms, I think. Haven’t been East in ages. NJ used to require, I think, that all be real service stations, as described above, or maybe that was just for the franchised stations on the turnpikes. Don’t know what it’s like now.

    About Ghost’s blonde and his response. I find stiletto heels a turnoff, and am more attracted to smaller cup sizes than he. Height doesn’t matter, nor hair color, nor car, nor age per se. Obesity a turnoff, sad if it cannot be helped.

    Is she for hire? One night stand: another turnoff, and I’ve been approached by many. ‘Like some company?’ Polite ‘No, thank you,’ often w/ internal feelings of sadness/pity.

    Long term? ‘Ma’am, I’m 87, but thanks.’

    General response [M or F], especially when I’m in uniform at SHB, ‘Morning’, ‘Hello’, nod / smile, wave, occasional predictable hugs. I do ok.

  38. I grew up hearing hearing petroleum distillate emporiums called “filling stations”, but I haven’t heard that term in years.

    Mostly, they now seem to be called “convenience stores”. Or, depending on your location, “Stop-and-Rob” stores.

  39. I received a notice in the mail that I am apparently included as a class member in a class action suit that alleges the following: “The Named Plaintiff in this case alleges that model year 2011-2015 Ford Explorers are defectively designed and manufactured so that Exhaust Odor may enter the passenger compartment of these vehicles when they are driven at wide open throttle and with the internal ventilation on recirculate.”

    Wait, what? Really? “… when they are driven at wide open throttle…”? Perhaps one should not routinely drive them at wide open throttle.

    Reminds me of a Henny Youngman joke…

    Patient: “Doc, it hurts when I move my arm like this.”
    Doctor: “Don’t move your arm like that.”

  40. For Debbe or others concerned about missing Villagers. Miss Charlotte is fine, posting on Facebook, as is Mindy from Indy. Just checked both for you five minutes ago.

    Lull in laundry but going back to check dryer status. Down to some rugs, a blanket, a comforter and a bed spread. Lots and lots of pillows and .
    Mattress covers. Ugh!

    Debbe is fine, talked to her yesterday. More computer problems.

  41. Watching Giada and two of her moderately hot girlfriends feasting on fresh asparagus spears she prepared. Finding that strangely exciting.

    In a related matter, my next rock band will be “Giada and the Ta-Tas”.

  42. “Gas station” from childhood to the present, and in 9 different locations across eastern half of the US [& all of Canada, during visits].

    The MBH just received a recall notice from Mazda; something about possible salt water corrosion in a part of the support device for the hatchback. Not much salt water has been noted hereabouts, but we’ll get the replacement anyway.

    “Hi!” to Charlotte/NH and Mindy/Indy….

  43. Gas station person here. I recall the time my car was good for 7MPG and gasoline sold for 18¢ per gallon. Rent was $80 per month. Hamburger sold 3 pounds for $1 and beer was the same $1 a pitcher.

  44. The reason you found Giada exciting was she was probably sucking down those long asparagus Spears one by one using her fingers to put in that overly large mouth.

  45. Jean’s comment about a “dispenser” on restroom walls made me think of the ones (often found in “filling stations”, come to think of it) with a sticker on their fronts that stated “Sold for the Prevention of Disease Only”. One of my uncles once returned to our table in a cafe after visiting their restroom with a grin on his face and told me one such dispenser there had been graffiti’ed with “Don’t buy this chewing gum. It tastes like rubber.”

  46. Will catch up more tomorrow

    Mythbusters proved that atr dryers spread more germs.

    Rick If you think you have free will – then you do.
    At least to believe you do.

    Love is a burden but what delicious torture.

    Mark f TT
    A while back you found the words to this rendition of the Hymn.
    Don’t know if you ever heard it.

    Steve your brother a Navy man might find it comforting.

  47. Old Bear:

    I agree.

    If it turns out that my free will is actually an illusion, what does difference does it make? This illusion is what seems real to me right now.

    It’s a great deal like the possibility that we might be a holographic image of the real Earth millions of light years away or that we are a synthetic life form without a real past.

    Who cares? We can’t do anything about it.

    So, I will just live my life. Or at least I think I am living it. Ergo cogito sum, I guess.

  48. This evening, I enjoyed a Coca-Cola from Mexico, and it was made with real cane sugar not corn syrup substitute. The difference in taste is astounding.

    I have no idea when I last drank a real Coke.

    Interestingly, the real sugar didn’t have the same diabetic effect on me that fake sugar does.

  49. I have a real Mexican Coke in my fridge that I bought for someone who didn’t drink it. I am going to go open it and drink it and see what it tastes like. It is in a 12 ounce glass bottle like they used to be bottled.

    I gave up Diet Coke over two weeks ago and have had none since then but weak tea isn’t a Coca Cola.

  50. TruckerRon:

    Good article, and I have read similar items before. They weren’t quite as good as that one, though.

    Perhaps it’s only a coincidence, but I find it interesting that the rate of diabetes has skyrocketed since fake sugar became prevalent.

  51. Rick and Jackie, Sam’s Club around here carries the Mexican Cokes by the case. They also have a mixed case of Coke, Sprite and orange Fanta, also from Mexico with real sugar.

  52. Hello to Debbe, I miss your stories from the chicken house. c ex-p, thanks for your thoughts. Jackie, thanks for checking on me! When you’re on Facebook, see what my daughter Amy Christian posted today, the 29th, from Normandy. She and her husband visited Omaha Beach today and posted a few photos. Very moving for our family. I will write more tomorrow.

  53. I did not like the Coke!!! It had been over 45 years since I drank a real Coke and not only did I not enjoy it but it left a horrible taste in my mouth!

    My friend’s Cokes In real glass bottles are safe. I will not sneak them and drink them as I no longer think they are good. That is pure heresy given where I am from and my background.

    Tomorrow I need to go buy a shop vacumn to vacumn up the fleas. I will stock up a few cartons of the six ounce glass bottles for my friend but no Diet Coke for me.

  54. I did not like the Coke!!! It had been over 45 years since I drank a real Coke and not only did I not enjoy it but it left a horrible taste in my mouth!

    My friend’s Cokes In real glass bottles are safe. I will not sneak them and drink them as I no longer think they are good. That is pure heresy given where I am from and my background.

    Tomorrow I need to go buy a shop vacumn to vacumn up the fleas. I will stock up a few cartons of the six ounce glass bottles for my friend but no Diet Coke for me.

  55. Miss Charlotte, in September I will be in Camden, Maine for the Tall Ship Rendezvous for a week. I plan to go see Symply who has invited me. I hope you would welcome a visit as well?

    Fall is a beautiful time in New Hampshire.

  56. Jackie:

    That is not the reaction I was expecting. Fascinating, especially because I have had the same reaction with other drinks and foods that I tasted again after years of abstinence.

    I have heard anecdotal stories that our sense of taste changes as we age, and I think the concept is most likely correct.

  57. Remember the other day…”good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”?
    It rose.
    So FAST! Crazy how fast it goes.
    But happily it also did not stay long. So, the drying out begins.
    JAckie, Mark, the storm was over by you first…you okay? NAncy? And anyone else in the path- be safe!

  58. Jimmy, your depiction of lightning was so realistic. We’ve been having thunderstorms for the last hour. The storms and your comic have reminded me of a thunderstorm we encountered during our travels. We had left Yosesmite National Park and stopped for the night at Walker Lake in Nevada. We were looking at the lake when we saw a thunderstorm building over the lake. We hurried insidebefore the rain hit us. There we watched a bolt of lightning headed right at us. It traveled right next to the van and struck something behind us. When it was calm again, we checked to see what had been hit. The lightning struck a metal outhouse. I’m sure glad no one was in it at the time.

  59. LLee, safe here in Tulsa. Storms were so bad that I stayed home indoors all day yesterday. I’m about 2 blocks from a fire station and I heard sirens all day long as they answered calls.

  60. Rain and flooding from run off water during storms but ditches handled amazingly, given volume. Late last night water began coming under walls in breezeway and back laundry because it was unable to drain patio due to water rushing by Northside of house.

    My friend Glen, the deputy sheriff who lived here two years had come back to work on porch repair and got rained out but I just switched him to inside work. Lucky because he and I ended up doing mopping and sopping.

    I always feel safe when Glen is here even when tornadoes are here or temporary rivers going by. I tried to convince him to move back and get his old job back. He is near his family in OKC now so unlikely he will.

    Do miss him. Like a 6 foot eight middle aged son I never had.

  61. Technicolor™ radar looking “impressive” this morning. Leading edge of squall line should be here in a couple of hours. Reminds me of getting weather briefings for return-to-base flights. FAA briefers would sometimes make it sound as though I should sell the airplane, buy a farm, and start a family where I was. However, FAA Wx forecasts were, as we said about USAF Wx forecasts, 90% correct…10% of the time.

  62. On a few occasions while outside, I have been so close to where lightning struck that the interval between “flash” and “bang” was almost imperceptible. Two of those were immediately preceded by a distinct “clicking” sound, which my brain interpreted as God flipping the “lightning switch”.

  63. From the Tulsa World:24-hour rainfall totals in inches

    Bixby: 2.81

    Eufaula: 3.78

    Inola: 2.83

    Miami: 2.73

    Nowata: 3.64

    Pryor: 3.2

    Skiatook: 2.68

    Tahlequah: 6.79

    Talala: 3.64

    Tulsa: 2.81

    Jackie is in Eufaula, I’m in Tulsa.

  64. Only good thing I’ve seen about the weather this morning is Jacqui Jeras, the tall, shapely blonde on TWC who makes the black sheath dress she’s wearing look good. One finds one’s silver linings where one can.

  65. Rick, on the subject of Ghost’s “lady” my Daddy would ask is she waiting for somebody or anybody?

    We still call them gas stations around here. I haven’t seen an actual service station in ages, as they’re all do it yourself places.

    Ever since Coca Cola did the whole “new Coke” thing and changed the formulas I haven’t liked Coke. Heresy from an Atlanta girl, I know, but there it is.

    And the Chicken Festival was great fun! Many groups out with their smokers and so many rubs and sauces! I think I’m still in a chicken coma. Also an arts fair and live bands to see and listen to, so a good day was had by all!

  66. Yes, I know! This house has been flooding for its entire existence. Last time I looked I had three smaller ones for house, a large one or two limited to house use and three or four for shop use. (Mike was a professional boat builder and wood worker)when Glen and I were searching last night we found none.

    We think they ran away to join the orphans in the circus. Frankly I am surprised I have a stove, washer, dryer and fridge since pieces of those have gone missing. Thrown away I will say charitably.

  67. Debbe, have been trying to phone you back since you called this morning. Your line is busy. Are you off the hook? I assume you can read this if not post.

    Contact me if things are not ok. I need to ask you about motel near you so can stop and see you.

  68. Hello Village, hope to shut down laundry in time to go to small family semi-reunion in Indiana near where Debbe lives with her dad. Plan is to go see her after my bunch heads home.

    Yea!!! Think I may get her a tablet so she can post here and not have anyone else use it but her. We all miss her so much.

  69. Apparently Debbe’s problem is specific to her computer and not to her Name or Mail address. Anyone know if she might have a virus on board her computer that makes her comments appear as spam on Jimmy’s end?

    She says her comments do not appear after she clicks “Submit Comment”, but if she clicks it a second time, she gets the “Looks like you’ve already said that” message. So it seems the comment is received but being blocked on the other end.

  70. That seems rather strange. Don’t know much about spam viruses, but I too wonder if that might not be the problem. Any of our resident experts have any ideas?

  71. Interesting thought. Could Debbe have a majorly infected computer that the blog computer is blocking?

    When I sent messages signed in as Debbe from my phone I am on it posted in about 10 seconds so it isn’t her name or computer I’D setting it off.

    When I had Yahoo blogs I ran it could be activated by posts from email ID or even user names but not computers as far as I know. And we humans set blocks, not machines. Machines then intercepted them.

  72. I would tell Janis what I tell all my friends who are afraid of thunderstorms:

    “Hearing thunder is a good thing. When you do, it means the lightning has already missed you.”

    And that would probably do as much good to allay her fears as it does those of all those friends.

    I don’t belittle people who are afraid of thunder. My mom had a life-long fear of it. She came by it “honestly”…when she was small, her mother would gather her up during bad weather, along with her three older siblings; get into bed with them and pull the covers over their heads; and cry hysterically until the storm was over. My mom had no idea why her mother did that.

  73. Jackie/Debbe, I recognize I’m not the voice wanted, but trying to help. Also know others may be closer to expert.

    a) I noticed one of your messages Jackie, had a duplicate earlier.
    b) Recently, when I thought my post to Mark was simply too long, there was a return message with a long number attached, like a tracking ticket. I’m reading you to mean the second attempt was like that, but not the first? I think it mentioned WordPress, but I did not take note and memory could be wrong.
    c) I remember Domaucan1 having problems that read like Debbe. He did report that my general advice to clear things and restart did not help. But I do not recall if he identified what did help him reconnect.
    d) If other devices have the same problem at the same location, consider the modem/router as well.

    No solution in there, but four additional pieces of information to consider in troubleshoot. Hope you are able to return soon, Debbe.

  74. I, and apparently others here, have occasionally had comments that would not post, for no obvious reason. But in all those cases, I’ve gotten a (meaningless to me) error message. And nothing in the message mentions it being placed in “moderation”. That’s why I wonder if they may be being swallowed by whatever spam filter is on the other end.

  75. Crossed in posting. I cannot say that Debbe’s computer is clean, use your favorite checker for that. But I really doubt an infection there would stop WordPress(?) from accepting a straight forward text string. It could not contain anything considered dangerous.

  76. Morphy/Trucker: It’s a mystery to me. As a software expert, I’m a pretty decent aircraft pilot. But somehow, the A&J blog posting problem seems to be specific to Debbe’s machine.

  77. Ghost, I agree. But the twinge that hurts is the empathy that that does not help Debbe from where she sits. And the feeling of being unhelpful, from a distance, on a blog she cannot respond to.

    On your skill set, had a laugh on Frazz’s page at GoComics. The comic itself is par for Mallett. but a contributor below offered one I had not heard, paraphrased:

    On smaller aircraft, that big spinney thing up front is just a cooling fan; if it stops, that’s when the real sweating begins.

  78. When I got the message about being already posted I added an ellipses …
    Or changed a word and it worked.

    I think Ian has been messing with the computer.

    GA Debbe

  79. Bingo, Sweet Charlotte. You’re amazing. In 1918, he would have been either 18 or 19, and the photo must have been made not long before he was wounded and evacuated back home.

  80. If you are using Google as your browser, you can left-click on a photo, and it will give you an option to “Search Google for image”. Right-click on that, and Google will find “similar” (and often the same) images in other sites.

  81. The combined weight of all the ants in the world is about
    the same weight as all the humans.

    Could we have a group photo of the weigh in? ROTFL

  82. Hemingway was actually a hunk! By the 1950s he was ubiquitous with photos everywhere like Look or Life, the magazines, newspapers, newsreel.

    But he was a craggy old man and looked the worse for wear. Yet he was far, far younger then than I am now. He was a celebrity but no hunk.

  83. Old Bear I agree Ian has messed with Debbe omputer. I can post as Debbe on my computer and did, two trial posts. So did her sister. It is specific to that computer.

    If she will keep Ian’s hands off it, a tablet is answer.

  84. You can post as Anonymous, but you have to have a valid email address in the box below your name or it won’t take. Maybe WP doesn’t like her address?

  85. Rick: Had to search, but assume this: ‘Ever since Coca Cola did the whole “new Coke” thing and changed the formulas I haven’t liked Coke. Heresy from an Atlanta girl, I know, but there it is.’ was the basis for your concern above.

    Mom, as mentioned before, was a Coca Cola fan, 6 oz. bottles. Never could fathom cola drinks myself, which my qualify for an FBI file if I don’t already have one. Also do not favor corn as a veggie [makes fine flakes, grits, corn bread, and horses], nor hot dogs [= baloney].

    The ‘stake’ reminds me of a ’50s/’60s or so play on Broadway, ‘The lady’s not for burning.’ Had a short run despite, I think, for good reviews. Once read that there was some other reason for closing it, but don’t remember details. Must do a search.


  86. Rick, my heresy in saying that the glass bottled Coke tasted awful is that I used to date the young man whose family invented bottling Coke and has continued to do so all these years.

    The way we met was sort of magical. I was at Lake swimming and he saw me in that white suit that looked like the one Marilyn wore, the one that looked like see through.

    My friend said he had the perfect boy for me since I had a 12 pack habit already per day.

    It lasted until he remarried his first wife seven years later. LOL1

  87. Mindy From Indy has lost her cat Black Light who has died. She posted it on Facebook. I am going back to her Facebook page to tell her how sorry I am. I hope others will as well.

    M8ndy, I am so sorry for your pain. I know how much you loved her.

  88. The Celtics won their game. Symply will be so happy. He must have worn the silly green leprechaun derby hat to pull off the win.

    (But Symply you looked so good in the cowboy hat)

  89. emb:

    Your comment about the 6 oz. bottles brought back a memory. I read years ago that some inveterate Coke drinkers said that the taste was never the same after the company started using larger bottles and most especially the two-liter plastic containers. Their theory was that the small bottles allowed for less air at the top. I’m not sure about their theory, but they might be right about a taste difference.

  90. TIP BlogSpot: Wonder where Greeks got the notion that a shorter big toe was better? At least it didn’t result in deformity; e.g., foot-binding. Knew a student, BSC ’61, smart girl & of tall, elegant build, who had longer second than first toes. Good friend of Elaine’s and mine, now retired nr DC.

    Why is Minerva the whitest? Why, if we have a duo, is the male often darker?


  91. Just saw a fine demo of why it is unwise to stand anywhere close to right below an eagle nest. Kind of like projectile vomiting, w/ which many parents are familiar, only other end. And in birds, of course, it’s a combination, since they have only one exit.

    Nests down in tree holes can get pretty foul. Some birds, and maybe mammals, carry poop away. Guano hardens quickly. Flying squirrels don’t. They often nest in stubs that likely won’t be there next yr.

    These two large eaglets are still trying to avoid the rain by huddling under a parent. Keeps their heads dry, I guess.


  92. Ghost Sweetie, my mom hated storms, and I never knew why. I love them, however, because she would get me and my nursery rhyme book and we would get in her bed and she would read to me during the storm. Later it was childhood poetry, and I would read to her.

    Rick, I never voiced the opinion out loud, and drank a lot of sweet tea.

  93. Just read an interesting scientific (?) Article on the value of eating chocolate cake for breakfast before 9 a.m.

    Seems Israel university and some other one did study proving it improved memory, function, you worked better and lost more weight than those on a 300 calorie diet eaten after 9

    It was on the Internet so it must be true. Eaten daily.

    Pass me a fork, please.

  94. We didn’ t know that we were just minutes behind a small tornado in Alabama last week until we suddenly came upon damage. Thanks to authorities from small town who were fast on their response to large trees across the road. Mindy, I’m really sorry to read about your cat. I’m sure that you are like me and don’t even refer to a pet as a cat (who are you calling a cat?) and they are one of your children. Last night I went to bed after being up for 2 days and I was concerned about approaching weather. I had placed furniture cushions in the bathroom and a flashlight on the bedside table just in case. I woke up about 8:30 to find that I slept through some windy but not severe weather.

  95. Dickens and I have to get up in 9 minutes or we turn into pumpkins and a mouse at noon.

    I just wore myself out working yesterday. It wasn’t a day of rest for me.

    Time to go turn the washer and dryer back on but I am down to mattress pads and pillows I hope. Still folding but just three small baskets to go.

  96. Lady Mindy, I am very sorry for you loss.

    Grief is grief, no matter what the source. And I personally hope there is a special corner of a very hot, dry place reserved for those who would think or say, “It was just an animal.”

  97. Ghost, you are right. They are not just “animals”. They are our friends, companions, therapists, bed warmers (or are we theirs?), entertainers. The list can go on and on. And they certainly leave a gap when they are gone!

  98. Llee is such a valiant and positive soul whom I dearly love. She sent me photos of the flooding in her home and she had a real flood. She is cleaning up but it was real water in her house, not just a little.

    I have many friends in Missouri and Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma and I have hoped to hear from them. There is serious flooding along with the storms and many have lost their lives and all their homes and businesses.

  99. Jimmy today’s strip is still hitting close to home for me. Looking in my windows?

    Get ready for some frisky strips then folks! I really am a lot like Janis.

  100. Oh my cat…..I don’t know what happened, but here I am. Different router was put in, Ian downloaded Word Press, but it did not get installed???? I’m just glad to be here.

    Oh, Mindy, my heart goes out to you…hugs, and more hugs. I always enjoyed reading about Black Light, and his antics. It’s hard to loose a four legged friend…they love so unconditionally, and make great lap cats and great lap dogs.

    love to all and missed you all….

    Prayers to all who lost loved ones in the storms and suffered such losses…


  101. Agreed, loss of a pet can leave a considerable void. Most of us have also been there, Mindy/Indy, though that knowledge doesn’t exactly soothe our feelings.

    eMb, can you tell what kind of bird was dissembled in the Decorah “regular” nest? I didn’t think large raptors were mobile enough to catch a smaller bird, but I guess the smaller bird could have been road kill or a victim of old age.

  102. Yay! Debbe is back. Sorry for bad news of different kinds from Lady Mindy and Llee. Glad to not have had other weather related bad news. We are on the road back from a very nice weekend with son, DIL, and some time with her parents and grandparents, all of whom we like very much. We know we are lucky. Also took the dog—a new adventure.

  103. Yeah! Glad you are back. Tell Ian to leave your laptop alone sweetie or you’ll wring his neck like a chicken for Sunday lunch.

  104. c x-p: Raining now, so parent is busy sheltering yg. Is that the remains at edge of nest, about 2/5 in from R frame of view? It’s not a grackle or cardinal or anything else conspicuous, maybe something about size of F robin. Or maybe it’s elsewhere in nest. B. eagles are not particular; scavenged rd. or window kill are always possible. Our noble national bird! Ben Franklin was right. He often was, about things transcendent as well as physical. Best stop.


  105. Trapper Jean:

    Swee’ tea – that brings back many great memories of summers on my relatives’ Kentucky farms.

    Never voicing: That reminds me of one of my lines: You never have to worry about taking back something you never said.

  106. Main laundry jobs remaining is hanging and folding, fluffing some stuff too wrinkled for not doing on time. Last pillow or mattress pad in dryer. I will not invite more in by opening anything sacked up that may be pillows or pads or comforters.

    Do that later. Dickens is so confused!

  107. Debbe 😉 Welcome back to The Village, hon. Computers…can’t live with ’em, can’t (or shouldn’t) smash ’em to smithereens with a sledge hammer.

    I read that something like 5.2 trillion gallons of rain fell on the state of Missouri over the weekend. Llee probably thinks most of it flowed by her house.

  108. I took in a white cat here in Eufaula and ended up keeping her. White Trash Cat.

    So what’s new about that? Someone had shaved her on large parts of her body! The vet had not, I got her from a rescue group who had her in a temporary hospice situation.

    Her hair grew back out but it was perplexing why anyone would do that?

  109. I just up-dated my owl photo collection – – with four pictures taken Friday evening when the whole family was in the big oak next door. Just after Bob took the one of the fledgling and a squirrel, the squirrel attacked the bird! The owlet, which took off of course, didn’t appear to be injured.

  110. 1 will garden in my walled patio garden off kitchen then Sir. Ghost to celebrate.

    Herbs and annuals. No neighbors will be offended.

    Wait, is Glen coming back to work on porch this weekend? He is bringing his fiance.along to stay here.

  111. 1 will garden in my walled patio garden off kitchen then Sir. Ghost to celebrate.

    Herbs and annuals. No neighbors will be offended.

    Wait, is Glen coming back to work on porch this weekend? He is bringing his fiance.along to stay here.

  112. I built a walled stone patio off my kitchen and laundry with 9 foot tall walls so I could go sunbathing anytime I wanted to. So far I haven’t and it needs cleaning too from storms and blown in dust but I think I will to officially open the season.

    And refurbish the herbs and annuals out there. It looks sad without flowers.

  113. GM Debbe
    Welcome back

    “A quiet man is a thinking man. A quiet woman is probably mad.”

    The planet Neptune has barely completed one orbit since it was discovered in 1846.
    Pluto hasn’t completed a full orbit since its discovery, and will not till March 23 2178

    I have not tried it but:

    “A can of diet Coke floats in water, but a can of regular Coke sinks”


    Feels good to be back and to wish all a good morning. First of all, thanks to all who had tried to help me get back on line. I think the trouble was with the router they replaced…they forgot to reformat it as it was a used one….I hate cable!!!!

    I have officially named my vehicle, got my plates yesterday…..are you all ready?? The ‘lil gal’s name is ‘Jeep’…..original, ain’t it 🙂 With the way my memory is going, I needed something to remember, and it does have her name in print on the vehicle, so how could I forget??!!

    Ruth Ann, I love your pics…my Mom collected figurines of owls…she thought they were a beautiful creature.

    Looked out the back door (there’ a song there 🙂 ) this early morn, sun wasn’t even up. Had porch light on, saw a black, four legged cat, which I do feed on the porch every morning. Looked closer, and it had a white stripe down its back!!!! Ian shined a flash light on it, it scurried off the porch and I’m praying it didn’t dart under the house…need to look in the yellow pages for “Skunkbusters”.


  115. Good morning Llee…thank you, it’s good to be back, missed all. How’s your painting going….have you cleaned up after your flood?


    those were pretty funny, I hope I don’t bore anyone with them, I just like to put a grin on your faces…but then there’s always the scroll button.

    like this one….too funny, think I’ll use it as my desktop it’s that good 🙂 🙂

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