I have eaten snails in my adventures; snails served in a restaurant, I mean. I’m pretty sure they had salt on them, along with a lot of butter and garlic. I remember the meat being, as you might imagine, a bit chewy and rather neutral on the flavor scale. It was a lot like eating garlic candy. I would eat them again, but I would not go out of my way to eat them again. And, surprise! Not all snails are considered edible. The escargot snail, the snail most likely to be eaten in a snooty setting, is the helix pomatia, or Roman snail. I suppose beer would not pair well with escargot. That’s how we trap the garden slugs. Put out a saucer of beer, and they will literally throw themselves in and die. I suppose if I were doomed to live life as a garden slug, I might do the same thing.