“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Today’s retro strip is from 2012 and incorporates a recurring New Year’s Day theme in Arlo & Janis: there is something about the arrival of a new year that causes us to pause and reflect, and when we do we conclude it’s just another day, no more no less. This strip would have driven me crazy if I’d seen it when I was a little kid. I’d have been thinking, “The strip on the refrigerator would show a strip on the refrigerator which would show a strip on the refrigerator… Where does it all end!!?” My teachers all told my parents I was absent minded. They meant my mind was never where they wanted it to be.

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24 responses to ““To Infinity and Beyond!””

  1. “Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book – write a good one. Happy New Year to all!”

    Stolen from the Winter Park (FL) Public Library FB page because I couldn’t think of anything special to say 🙂

  2. Good morning all.

    Your mind’s wandering has taken you farther than the path your teachers tried to keep you on.

    Did you color outside the lines? You stay inside neatly now.

  3. Llee, about the trucker building the really big telescope: I’m fairly positive that he had the idea before he discovered that such a large mirror was available. It’s certainly not one that you’d find every day on eBay!

  4. More Internet Wisdom – some we have seen before, but it is mostly true.

    Getting Old

    Old age is coming at a really bad time. When I was a child I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation.

    B,ugs Debbe.

  5. Apologies to JJ and other War Eagles, but what a great win for our “home” team, UCF! Especially happy for the players who were there for the 0-12 season two years ago and now have experienced a perfect season.

    Congratulations on a good win and a great season! Perhaps this year will be the impetus for a serious discussion about having a true college football tournament. As in all other NCAA sports. — JJ

  6. Back when I was much younger and enthusiastic about college teams (at various times I cheered for Lynxes, Tigers, the Tide, and Cougars) I was all in for a football playoff system. Now I can see that we put ‘way to much emphasis on football… but Ara Parseghian was right! If there is to be a meaningful national championship, it must be via a true college football tournament, and why not use some of the existing bowls to set it up for a tournament of the top 8, 16, or 32 teams?

    On a completely different note, I finally got around to watching a DVD I’d bought a few months ago: One Foot in Heaven (1941) staring Frederic March and Martha Scott. It was a great, moving flick.

  7. BTW, tonight’s full moon is yet another “super moon.” It hits its peak (99.91% illumination) at about 8:24 pm CST.

    For anyone wondering why it doesn’t reach 100%, talk to a real expert about the shapes of orbits, the relative angles of the earth, moon, and sun, and the fact that if the three orbs were in perfect alignment, we’d have a total lunar eclipse when that position was achieved, so it’s never 100% illuminated.

    But if you miss this one, the Super Blue Moon eclipse on January 31 might make up for it!

  8. We enjoyed a nice view of the moon last night, which was fortunate since we probably won’t see a clear sky again until Thursday. Our weather is balmy compared to what some of you are experiencing, but for us this is raw and nasty – high in the low 50s (with a few mornings in the 30s later this week), rain, and wind.

  9. I don’t remember the last time I sat down to say something here, or some days to even read posts. Between the Holidaze and helping take care of the grand baby-who is six months old now and wonderful!-and resting up to do it all again time has flown by. Our otherwise happy time has been saddened by the loss of my son-in-love’s stepdad two weeks before Christmas. The fact that it was quite sudden and unexpected has made it all the harder to deal with, but we do what we must.

    I have missed the Village and everyone here, and I hope that even though there are things to do the pressure to get lights up, gifts wrapped (not to mention bought) and feasts prepared will ease up and I can spend more time here. Heaven knows I could use it.

  10. Glad you dropped in, TJ, albeit with mixed news. I liked your term “son-in-love” and hope you will permit its usage from time to time. Our SIL is a similar gem.

    Keep a chin up and enjoy as much as possible.

  11. Jimmy, while your teachers complained that your mind was absent, mine were complaining in most cases that my mind was wandering, seemingly somewhere outside of the window(s) where my eyes seem to be directed instead of inside of the classroom at at the teacher(s).

  12. Can I admit to the world that today is one of my “down” days? First day back from almost 2 weeks off. I had to kind of take care of my MIL, so I didn’t get a lot done. Driving in the dark in a bitterly cold morning. I felt very warm on NYE, but that might have been because I was handling the Christmas tree. I might even have a slight ear infection, so I went to bed early. My head feels OK but I woke up extra early due to a fitful night.

    The only upside was that there was not a lot of traffic on the roads, but certainly a lot of “traffic” at work. Not talking much with my coworkers. Maybe they sense that I need some time to warm up.

    But I realize that some people have much greater concerns than I do, so try not to complain. My daughter starts a new job today and I know that she is plenty excited.

  13. Happy New Year, slightly late.

    Hopefully this is the month we finally start the rebuild of our house. I am now smarter about flood repairs than I was in August. Lessons learned: everything takes your times longer than you planned, and costs more than you thought.

  14. We started off 2017 with heavy snows that led to our 30+ years old metal patio roof collapsing when it rained in mid January. We allowed the insurance company to haul it away and opted to replace it ourselves with my son-in-law’s step-father doing the work. It’s now a much better-constructed patio cover, and its roof is a continuation of the house’s metal roof.

    We also found a less-expensive insurer and managed to pay much less each month despite reducing the deductible to $500.

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