Today Is the Day

Today Is the Day

July 21, 2013

OK, eet ees no longer zat day; eet ees another day! A couple of old friends happened to be in town and actually came to the house for a Bastille Day dinner Tuesday evening. In honor of the occasion, we had steamed mussels and French fries. One of the guests doesn’t care for mussels, so she had a steak and fries, as did Arlo in the current strip Tuesday. They actually had been in France in early March and were trapped there for two months by the Covid crisis, so they had lots of adventures to share. Actually, they did not, when I think about it. They sat around the house mostly. That had to be tough.

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  1. Friend of mine flew to London on March 13th for vacation. Had to turn around and come straight home the next day. 20 hours in the air for 10 hours in London

    • Our youngest son lives in Brussels – he flew back to the US March 22 at the sudden announcement that those abroad should either return immediately or be prepared to stay out indefinitely. He hopes to return in August but the EU ban on travel from countries with a severe infection problem doesn’t look likely to permit this. (Most of his work can be done remotely but finishing his own documentary film depends on getting into the same room with his co-producer and that can’t happen this side of the Atlantic.)

  2. I realize it’s pretty irrelevant to most, but I had a top exactly like the one Janis has on in the first panel, back in those days they’re remembering. It brought a smile to think back on those times. Thanks!

    • Indeed, Dawn! Heaven forbid that your baby bump should actually SHOW!! That’s certainly one of the things that’s different, isn’t it?!

  3. Mr. J. J.;
    I greatly appreciate A & J and the wonderful humor therein. Timeless and current at the same time.
    Thank you for the break your strip offers and I will continue to seek it out first when my paper arrives!

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