Too Much of a Good Thing

January 2, 1999 — After Arlo’s haircut but before Janis’

The most difficult thing about maintaining this site is coming up with something worthwhile to say on days when I really don’t have anything worthwhile to say. Like today. I suppose it’s a good time to cut to a commercial. I’ll remind you, if you’re not a “premium” member of, you might consider it. A premium membership costs $19.99 annually. You get a bullet-list of perks, but the main perk is an ad-free comics environment. Let’s face it: some of those ads are pretty intrusive. I paid the money to be a premium member myself, and I thought it was well worth it. Then I found out that as a “creator” I didn’t have to pay anything for the equivalent of a premium membership! But they never gave me my $20 back.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

14 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing”

  1. Regarding today’s newspaper strip, haven’t we seen something like this before but with a thought balloon of a sailboat over Arlo’s head?

  2. Jimmy:

    There are a WHOLE lot of people who come up with something to say on days when they don’t really don’t have anything worthwhile to say and they keep talking and talking and talking…. Silence is often golden and sometimes says more that many words. When you love someone, just “being there” can be everything.

    One exception that I shared here a few years ago. A couple days after my sister-in-law died, my daughter lost a friend to a drug overdose. The visitation was on the west side of Chicago and my daughter lived by Wrigley. It was raining very hard and traffic was busy.She called us on the drive home, very upset talking about her friend. After a bit she was growing even more upset, so I intentionally changed the subject to her job and a co-worker that went to the same college as me. She described how he had held an umbrella for her and walked her to her car. We just kept talking about stuff for 20 minutes or so.
    Finally I asked her if she was near her apartment yet and she said she was just parking her car. I then told her that I hoped that she did not mind me talking about nothing, but I was worried that if she kept crying she might not have been able to see the road very well. She had been a psychology major (she was going back to school to get her Engineering degree) and she told me: “yeah I kind of figured that out a couple minutes ago. Thanks, what you did was exactly what we were taught to do when dealing with a distraught patient”.

  3. Dating myself no doubt, but I first became acquainted with “Greeked” text using PageMaker for desktop publishing. Remarkable that it has actually been used for around 500 years (I’m told– I wasn’t there). I wonder what Cicero would think about the broad survival of bits from his “Extremes of Good and Evil” as nothing more than a place holder?

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