“Trailer for sale or rent…”

I haven’t done this in a while, but today’s “comic strip” is a mash-up of panels from daily strips that will appear next week, a preview of cartoons beginning March 6. I know: it makes no sense really, but don’t you hate it when you sit through a three-minute movie preview and feel as if you know exactly what’s going to happen in the two-hour version? And when did “previews” become “trailers?” Have you ever sat in a theater and been invited to view “Trailers of Coming Attractions?” Somehow, I blame Turner Classic Movies for this. I believe TCM introduced me to the Hollywood term “trailer.” Now, the film and video landscape is littered with trailers.

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  1. The movie people always called them trailers, because they were at the end of the movie, like trailing behind the movie. Of course movie people don’t make sense to those who are not movie people. Just saying.

  2. Was Symply perplexed until I read it too. Will say hello to Charlotte and Jackie for the second time in two days. Have 4 sink holes in my yard was wondering if JJ is Symply looking my address up with that post from the other day!

    GR6 emb has it right you gots to chew the taste out of the oyster or you are just swallowing…..well, you know(mixed with salt water)….they taste quite good if you can deal with the texture, kind of like uni(sea urchin). I eat em both with relish(not the vegetable kind the gustatory type).

  3. I think back in the day people would hang out in the movie theater for multiple features, so they could put the previews at the end of the movie. I’m talking the pre-TV days when the theaters had newsreels and cartoon shorts from Warner and Disney. Way before my time.

    These days people walk out during the credits, so the previews have to come before the movie.

  4. Haven’t been to a theatre in ages, even though I see a trailer and make a mental note of watching a movie in the future, most likely it will just go on my Netflix wish list then be forgotten. Jackie yes the trailers are trailer trash, not to be confused with those who live in mobile homes.

  5. Nicely done Jimmy.

    It seems the lousy formulaic movies always have trailers that give you the feeling you just saw the movie (and the good jokes).

    But the trailers that leave you confused are for movies that are deeper and leave you talking over what you just saw with your friends. Kind of like telling a movie friend, “Just go see the movie. I liked it and you should see it. We’ll talk about it after.”

  6. And hello to you, Symply. I saw you on Facebook plenty today.

    What IS that song, ” trailer for sale or rent, can’t get no ……..?? It’s driving me crazy. Must go back many years. Speaking of years, sorry I did not get back right away to emb. I loved your comment on the 22nd, “happy birthday, kid.” I am still smiling!

    Jackie is sure having a wonderful time! I would envy her but I have never been to Louisiana, or eaten a crawfish, or been at a Mardi Gras parade. I can get along without them. But you guys are welcome to enjoy the whole experience; it must be a lot of fun.

    There seem to be several explanations for “trailers” but to me they should be “Previews of Coming Attractions” as they were in the 1940’s when I sat it the front rows with the other kids and happily watched the cartoons, newsreels, and the cowboy movies, and even the dramas in “Technicolor”.

  7. Just dropping in to say hi!

    So, Sunday is my last official day as a store manager. I took a factory job a bit north of here and will start next week. Not a moment too soon – the neighborhood “Peace Watch” has declared my store public enemy number one, and have actually become MORE menacing than the fool drug dealers they claim to be thwarting! I had planned to stay part time at the store to help, but I am honestly scared to be at work right now. I am required to say nothing on social media, but thought I would fill you all in on the drama behind the scenes, and for those of you who are my Facebook friends and might wonder about some of my posts and things I am tagged in.

    Sunday cannot come soon enough.

    Marie has reached her maximum rehabilitation level – for anyone who is not this mighty, tiny, super-human, her progress has been astonishing. However, being Marie, she is very upset to be semi-dependent on a wheelchair. She *is* capable of walking short distances, has fairly decent range of motion, and her speech is just about perfect.

    Blacklight is still hanging in there. I have been blessed with a nice run of mostly good days. Thunder is somehow still getting bigger and acts more like a dog all the time.

    Hopefully life will find a new normal soon and I can be more regular in my visits. I miss you all.

  8. Jackie – Bacon! For Smithfield to be precise. They do all promotion internally, so everyone starts at the beginning. Works for me right now. And I am not completely free until Sunday. If you can spare a positive thought for everyone I am leaving behind, that would be nice. Trying to convince the rest to leave before the idiot watch incites a riot and someone gets killed.

  9. Charlotte: Speaking of kids. A supervisor was going through old hospital photos /a coming MD retirement bash, and ran across two of Elaine at her retirement party in ’91 [she was either 60 or 61]. One is Elaine opening the retirement gift that I chose to be a surprise. The then VP / Nursing asked her because he’d grown up in the tradition that gifts are not really gifts if they’re ‘practical’. I have a daughter in law like that, but neither Elaine nor I saw it that way. Anyway, he cleared it with Elaine before buying the matched set of Calphalon cookware, and she was duly pleased. The other is Elaine and me at the same bash. Gad, that guy w/ Elaine looks young, and SKINNY. I’m not that fat, but maybe 10# heavier than then; some pants are real snug. Retiring MD is in neither photo, so they’re mine now.


  10. I looked it up and yes, the trailers were shown after the end of the movies. They soon realized that they had a captive audience, so they put them at the beginning. I might add, that if you watch older movies, the end credits were very short, so it was not as bad as you would think.

    Hooray Mindy. I feel very relieved for you. Years ago I worked retail and lost my job, so I took a job training to be a district manager of a convenience store chain in Flint. Thank God that did not last long. I got called out of bed to finish the shift of an overnight clerk who had been robbed at gunpoint. Shortly thereafter I was told that my “training” (at a much lower salary) was going to last 3 months longer than promised and I quit. I was scared as the clerk at the unemployment office was pretty stern looking, but I told him the truth, that I never would have accepted the job if I knew the pay would be that bad. I was able to keep my benefits.

    I visited the store that I lost my first job a few days after my first Japan trip and had picked up my pictures from my trip. I got to show them to some of the people that had worked for me and I could tell that they generally felt good for me. That I was doing what I was MEANT to do and not what I “had” to do. I hope that makes sense.

  11. No internet for 24 hours. Still can’t connect online with my work computer. Lost a 9 hour shift today which will have to be made up later. Will have to work either Saturday or Sunday. If I still can’t get online in the morning things will get even worse. Have replaced both wifi router and signal extender necessary to even have wifi in my apartment. As you can see, I can get online with my own pc, but every time I try to connect to my employer their computer loses internet access. I have two channels open on wifi and neither will connect to my employer on their own pc.

  12. Mark, it sounds like a problem at their end rather than yours. Good luck! Mindy- yayayayayay! Emb..nice to have “new” photos of loved ones. Enjoy…… GR, you okay? Jackie- ๐Ÿ™‚ And anyone I”ve missed…hugs to you!

  13. Mindy, we miss you, too. Such wonderful news about your job change and Marie that I’m grinning ear to ear. Sweet of you to be so concerned about the folks you’re leaving…praying for the best possible outcome to the dilemma.

    Mark, I hope your tech problems are well and truly resolved by now.

    Jimmy, just as humans can see faces in almost anything, we try to make sense of everything. I bet most of us tried to make sense of the preview frames above as one story.

  14. Anyone else having issues with Gocomics this morning? Every time I move to another comic I get one of those surveys that you have to do to see content – same survey each time for a product I know nothing about, doesn’t respond to “ask me another question”, does eventually respond to “skip”. Oh, and it didn’t help when I gave answers to the survey.

  15. TIP BlogSpot:


    Melcher’s line is funny, but that spiked helmet is German. I thought maybe he was from the draft board, telling the peasant [serf?] to sign up, but no, the painting is ‘Prussian expulsion of Poles.’ How like them! [Sorry, two or three political comments there.]

    If I remember, the former detached East Prussia is now part Polish, part Russia [non-contiguous].



  16. Jackie is just fine in South Louisiana. We got in on end of a girls’ weekend and ended up drinking several bottles of wine with some of the girls and had a late night.

    We have been officially invited back for entire weekend with the girls. And are coming. The girls have booked entire house for last five years to block other guests, so this is an honor and a privilege.

    Will bring a case of wine because I left case in Black Jack’s trunk in Oklahoma.

  17. Blessings on your new job Minday. It is always hard leaving coworkers behind when you know the situation is bad.
    March came in like a lion, woke up to lots of wind, rain, and thunder with small tree limbs bouncing off of our tin roof.

  18. I can’t wait to see the real deal for those trailers . . . unfortunately by the time March 6+ rolls around I will have forgotten…

    (Please, don’t take that as reason to leave the trailer/preview here for to insure my rememberance…) ;-P ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Finally got over problems today. Was able to work 6 hours. Still have the missing 9 to make up. At least I don’t have to deal with potential holdups, vigilantes and all the things that make a convenience store career overly exciting. Congratulations on your new job Mindy. Hope it’s good for you and that you can stay as long as you like!

  20. Elaine and I and former students had Maryland crab cakes in DC and also in VA just across the river. Scrumptious. Late ’80s, I think.

    Watched OF for the first time in ages after sunset. It was on schedule and probably a good eruption, but the W wind was so strong no jets got higher than a yard or two. [Would meter have been political?]


  21. Finally caught up again.
    From comments along the way

    Loved my Corvair (’64 Monza Spyder) key was to keep tires inflated properly
    and weight in the front.
    Greg in MS – it is 1300 miles to my Church.
    Steve from RO
    You answered your question – Canadian eggs generally have lighter
    yolks because they feed more wheat and we feed more corn (generally)
    the redder color probably came from supplements.

    Most if not all airlines will cater to your dietary restrictions if you tell them at booking.
    Of course that may mean an Oyster Cracker instead of a pretzel. And it doesn’t make it
    taste any better.

  22. emb

    Check your E-mail

    There will be a program on Humming Birds on Lakeland Public TV – maybe national
    on March 8. I think it is a repeat but it was good.

  23. Matthew’s comments about above photos:

    I attended both weekends, with my primary focus being both the men who operate the equipment and the collection of operating oil lanterns at the museum. I incorporated both into my photographic compositions, striving to have the human element at the forefront of my images.

    Worth noting is photo #33 โ€“ motorman Stewart Rhine with Railcar #4, a replica of SR&RL track crew car #2.
    This image was captured with my 1951 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye vintage film camera.

  24. Thanks for the pictures. He has an excellent eye for photography. I had not seen such a crew car previously. I have a couple of old cameras and I may try using them. I had not thought about it.

  25. There are now many videos online of murmurations of starlings. There are also videos of starlings that have been taught to talk like parrots. Murmurations are a beautiful example of collective intelligence. Also I notice that no matter how thickly they are flying they never seem to bump into each other. When starlings fly over us they are always headed south. Since we are just a few miles north of the gulf I wonder where they are going?

  26. Good morning. Hard to describe waking up in a four huge carved bed with plantation shutters around ten foot windows and 15 foot ceilings in a home built in 1832.

    Gone With the Wind and Rhett?

  27. Old Bear was that the turbo Monza? I would love to have one of those restored properly. Saw a convertible turbo Monza Spyder some years ago in Texas and plain didn’t have the money to pull off the buy. Yes just like the VW bugs, keep the tires inflated right to keep them right side up in hard turns.

  28. This historic plantation home didn’t come with its own ghosts, so no haunting here. Dickens is curled up against footboard on a feather pillow embroidered in fleur-de-lis de list.

    Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon, cottage potatoes, blueberry muffin, French bread toast, fig lemon jam, orange juice and fruit compote with yogurt.

    I had diet coke.

  29. Llee ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m fine, dear. Reading but haven’t had much time to post. Hope you are having a shiny day.

    Great news, Lady Mindy. Was long ago convinced your job would not have been worth it even if you were being given hazardous-duty pay, which I’m sure you were not. Keep calm and bacon on.

  30. It must be spring- dandelions are blooming! ๐Ÿ™‚ I made it out to the store today (finally). Birds are very happy with newly filled feeders. THey are fun….

  31. Beautiful sunny day in Franklin, Louisiana. Took a nap most of day. My favorite kind of vacation. No where to go and entire day to not do it.

    Could stay here forever.

  32. It is nice to Symply come back and know Fargone things are closer than one knows…..

    I thank those of you who have friended me on FB for bringing me back here more often. That would be you Jackie and Charlotte(this time)

    Had missed Midy of Indy’s intrigue but am glad things got sorted out.

    Seems the village still “abides” as our friend the son of Seahunt said.

  33. Oh yeah JJ if your strip tomorrow is about Fargone trees Symply being blown over on to a pool, I am going to be mighty curious where you got the story line!

  34. “AG Sessions did not lie, but it wasn’t intentional.” “I never met with any Russian officials and I don’t remember what we talked about.”

  35. Llee
    1″ snow for tomorrow night – other day Cities had enough to cover the ground
    (gone now) we only a dusting

    Yes it was – with a 4 speed. It was a car that had to be driven, no slacking
    or short cuts. You had to watch the Tach. & the Vacuum gauge.

  36. Stereotype time:

    Was curious about the history of ‘Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean,’ a patriotic song than I learned in 1940 or so, so went online. Found out stuff, including a Wiki note that mentioned ‘Columbia’ as a female personification of the USA, comparable to France’s ‘Marianne’ and Britain’s ‘Britannia.’ Went to those sites, both of which are illustrated with sculptures. The Marianne sculpture has pokies. This is about art, not politics.

    More hippos at: http://explore.org/live-cams/player/african-safari-camera


  37. Listening to Joe Crocker while lying in high ceiling bedroom on feather pillows. Pretty decadent.

    Having Eggs Benedict at 10.30 for brunch. Get to set times to eat. We are only guests. Really awesome. Better than Disney for sure.

  38. Hi, Jean dear!

    Li’l Smigz: Almost word-for-word my thoughts when I saw today’s cartoon. Great minds…

    Speaking of pokies (and aren’t we always), I recently was fortunate enough to to complete the “Pokie Hat Trick”. This was due to (1) a well-endowed lady wearing a fancy t-shirt, sans brassiere; (2) having the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with her, to obtain the full effect of the resulting pokies; and (3) her welcomed decision to “flash” me a bit later, thereby revealing the underlying cause of her pokie display. And yes, alcohol was involved.

  39. Considering what peregrines eat, having no taste may be a benefit! (Well, someone had to say it.)
    Yeah, I know the usage is not exactly the same.

  40. c x-p: Like most birds, but not New World vultures, they may have a poor sense of smell. They just happen to like their starlings and pigeons tartare. [New word to speelczech.]


  41. Speaking of good food. Bemidji has a new Thai restaurant, ‘Tara’: good food, good locally brewed beer, long wait to get served. [You order and pay at the counter, and get a sign that a server can see on your table.] Trouble is finding a table. Crowded place and I think too small a kitchen. Site is loc. of a former druggist downtown. Prob. worst on F and S evenings / the drinking crowd. Closed Sun. and M., I think. Beer pints are abv 5.6 or so up to 6.7 or so. Their stout and IPA are good [all I’ve tried so far]. They don’t have all of Bemidji Brewing’s beers every night. Last night they had four. Learned that they also do food takeout: phone, online, or in person [but probably w/ at least a half hour wait]. They are licensed to sell beer only by the glass. At BB itself, also downtown, you can get growlers, but not bottles. Good addition to a small city’s cuisine.


  42. I don’t suspect fresh peregrine prey would be overpoweringly olfactorily offensive, but think the orts outstandingly so.

  43. c x-p. ‘Definition of ort: a morsel left at a meal : scrap.’ What’s left after peregrines and even larger raptors are through is generally small enough to simply dry up. The area below a nest can have a lot of guano, but that also dries. One summer, ’57, I think, in S MI, often visited a vulture nest in a hollow tree. I could see down into to it by walking out on a broken limb that rested against a steep hillside. Two sizeable young down there, who regurgitated first time I visited. Bones and such, + guano down in the nest, but enough air circulation that odor was only moderate. I’ve run into lots worse, mostly cleaning up after mammals at the Bronx Zoo.


  44. emb
    Did my student teaching in La Crescent 47ya.

    Dad would have been 104 today.

    Birds are not affected by peppers – so that is why you can put red pepper
    in bird food to discourage squirrels.
    One theory I heard was peppers evolved the heat so birds could scatter seeds
    but mammals (who’s stomach acid would destroy seed) will leave them alone.
    (What about gizzard?)

    GM – Debbe, Mizz Charlotte, Jackie.

  45. OB: Good thinking re gizzard. Some seeds may be resistant, survive the trip, and get dispersed / bird guano. Lotsa seeds get dispersed / dried mud on birds’ feet.

    Think this will rid us of remaining snow patches and perhaps even most snowplow piles.


    Almost certainly will have more snow in March [had 23″ in mid- or late March about half century back, when younger son was dwarfed by drifts].


  46. OB and emb: Judging by the line of plants that have sprouted over the years directly under the power lines in front of our house, avian digestive systems do a good job of seed preparation. That includes the “cardboard plant” (zamia furfuracea) whose seeds we thought were too large to pass through the mockingbird without harm.

  47. Speaking of food (which seems to run a close second to pokies here) I had something for supper last night that I’ve never had-German Sauerkraut pie. We have a small but very good German restaurant here in Dahlonega, and the special was the pie. Think quiche with bacon and cheese and a layer of kraut, and just enough egg mixture to bind it all together. The kraut gave just enough of a tang to be good without overpowering the bacon, and the whole was very good! I hope they have it again soon!

  48. My favorite German food of all time is still jagerschnitzel (pounded pork/vension & mushroom gravy) with bratkartoffein (fried potatoes & onions with bacon/bacon fat) and rotkohl (red cabbage with apples).

    I first ate that particular meal at a small gasthaus somewhere in the Fulda Gap between Frankfurt and the GDR. I was there as the chemical officer for a mechanized infantry battalion in the 1st Infantry on a REFORGER exercise. We definitely weren’t in Kansas anymore. I carried a paperback of “Red Storm Rising” in my BDU cargo pocket and read the non-classified version of our field-exercise while we were there.

    I still look for that combination anytime I’m somewhere that has fairly authentic German food. I found a couple of pretty good places in Fredericksburg, TX. It was settled in the mid-1840s with both highly educated and working-class immigrants from Germany.

  49. Heading north out of Franklin to make a stop in Lafayette at Blue Dog Cafe which is my favorite restaurant cum art gallery cum museum for the artist George Rodrigue.

    Except it is a private collection of the restaurants owner and not for sale. Will report on food.

    Had grits and grillades for breakfast, biscuits, French toast and pound cake, fruit. Didn’t eat it all.

  50. Jean: Sounds yummy! Was that at Bratzeit? I’ll have to add that to our list of places to try next time we’re in your neck of the woods.

  51. German food aficionados: when in the Detroit area, stop at the Dakota Inn Rathskeller. They opened in 1933, and their food and atmosphere has guaranteed their longevity. Also, while plugging Detroit-area dining establishments, I’d like to recommend the Blue Nile in Ferndale. No better way to fall in love with Ethiopian food and hospitality.

  52. Mark, Thanks.

    Sad. True Thai was also an excellent Mpls. restaurant, but [I think] the landlord had more remunerative things to do w/ the lot. There are other good Thai places / the Cities.


  53. Trucker Ron:

    I also read your other posts.

    You’re a good writer, and that’s a compliment that I give rarely and never lightly.

  54. Ruth Anne, yes, it was! We are there just about every weekend because Doris makes specials that frequently are her mother’s recipes. Her Beer Gulasch with a soft pretzel is delicious!

    And David, their jagerschnitzel with either mushroom gravy or tomato, pepper, and onion gravy is also delicious. Yes, served with your choice of house fries or potato salad and red cabbage. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Trapper Jean, your mention of potato salad has given me a hankering for it, winter be darned. I just had to make some, although it is not German-style. Anyone have a recipe for the German-style they would care to share?

  56. This is the first Sunday in Lent and frankly the music picks up a bit. I sang some great songs last night. I am also a Lector/Commentator and was scheduled for the 11:00 Mass. The music director saw me in the Narthex and asked “Are you here?” I told him “No this is just a hologram.” Anyway, he did not have anyone to sing, so I got to sing twice this weekend.

    Yesterday I walked 50 laps around a local mall, which rounds up to 20 miles. I felt really good and decided to treat myself to one of the first Chick-fil-a in Michigan. There was a 15 minute wait before I got the Dr. Pepper for my orders. I probably drank too much too quickly and had to kneel down as I was getting a little loopy. Unfortunately they lost my order and I had to wait 15+ minutes for my food. I was still a little queasy when I went to church, but taking deep breaths while singing really helped out.

  57. The Villagers certainly are quiet today. Perhaps they’re having better weather than we are here with the wind gusting over 40 mph before the next rain/snow storm arrives tonight?

  58. Trucker, Jerry. What turkeys? As to dead cats, would not advise eating one unless you were sure it was really fresh and that it had not died of poisoning. Peace,

  59. And that snow started about 30 mins ago. The wind is still gusting above 40 mph. Must leave 15-20 mins earlier than usual in morning to remove ice & snow from car and to spread de-icer on walkways. Hope Monday’s high is as high as forecast so I won’t be shoveling snow when I return from getting kids to school.

    And tomorrow is older grandson’s 4th birthday. His was a premature birth (5 weeks) by emergency C-section in a small hospital, followed by a helicopter ride to nearest NICU about 25 miles away.

  60. Larry:

    No pop-ups on mine.

    I use Chrome with Ad-Blocker Plus and Ghostery.

    I also establish the Chrome settings to block pop-ups.

  61. Melcher hasn’t changed the BlogSpot to match the ‘comic’, so here’s the comic. Wonder who was on hand to describe the ‘trial’? There are different versions in the gospels, all written a generation or more after the execution. Interestingly, Pilate [a known brute from other sources] comes off more and more innocent in the newer versions. Pity.

    I make no comment on authenticity, just history, from videos I’ve seen and words read by a prof of NT history. Peace,


  62. I’m only a so-so cook, but I love to bake. I had a hankering for some homemade biscuits. I made up a batch,and they were pretty good. It had been at least a year since I’d made any. I love hot biscuits and honey.

  63. Cooking fried egg sandwiches on sourdough bread for breakfast. Black forest ham and grapes.

    Lost four pounds eating Cajun food on my vacation.

  64. Sent a blind-cc. group the msg. below re circling turkeys, and got a reply, which I’ve moved down, from my elder son, a BUMC pastor. I think it also does not constitute a religious post. Strong’s is a ‘Complete Concordance’ to the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, done ages ago w/o cptrs. It and its history are online.
    FYI: http://www.ripleys.com/weird-news/turkeys-circle-dead-cat/

    Beats me. I cannot get the video to move. Maybe some of you can. Lemme know.

    Is this of religious significance? End times? Neither โ€˜catโ€™ nor โ€˜catsโ€™ is in Strongโ€™s.* I knew that but checked. Did not check for turkey, since the New World didnโ€™t exist back then, and the present Turkey was then known as Asia, Anatolia, and such.

    *[Major oversight! Maybe they are in lost โ€˜original manuscriptsโ€™.] Peace,
    Only the cognoscenti are allowed to see the movement. The motion of the turkeys powers the spiritual vortex to take the cat’s spirit to the Heaviside Layer.
    Ok, kid, your spelling needed work, but you do know your Broadway musicals. Love, Dad

  65. Re today’s Real Time Cartoon: Perhaps I’ve figured out Jimmy’s technique…do a number of consecutive cartoons on innocuous subjects and then sneak in a “spicy” one.

  66. Smigz:
    I tried helping making bed – it does not work.

    You are thinking St Patrick’s Day Storm 1965 my 2nd day in MN.
    Bemidji swim team drove to La Cross meet in that storm. My brother was
    on the team.
    Humming Birds will be on 7pm CT on PBS
    Owls have 7 also?
    Buckwheat Honey

  67. OB: ’65 sounds right. Stuart was about 7, dwarfed by the snowbank.

    Owls may have 7, but it varies in birds [maybe related groups; families, orders, etc.]. Bird’s w/ long necks generally have more vertebrae. Most mammals have 7. Modern whales have no necks; the 7 vertebrae are fused into a solid mass, but the 7 can easily be distinguished. I suspected the few exceptions are online, but cannot go there while writing here.

    Don’t remember special circumstances, but if I was around, often helped Elaine make our bed. She was obviously in charge. It was no big deal.


  68. Ghost,

    I’m not sure today’s comic is so innocuous. I don’t have JJ’s skill with innuendo, though, so I will have to leave my thought unstated.

  69. Warning: You can waste more than a half hour browsing art others can afford to buy at Sotheby’s.


    Some really nice items here, maybe 80-100. Go R or L and eventually end where you started. Very few dated. One attractive but unconvincing American Indian. Been to a museum while at my laptop. Peace

  70. I too, get the popup telling me to disable my adblocker. Now if I installed it to avoid all the ##### intrusive ads, why would I want to disable so I can see their ads? If they want to make it subscription only, they should just do it. Anyway, when I click the x on the upper right of the popup it goes away.

  71. Mostly, this site


    is repeats. Once, she was in a different corner of the pen, which may have been live, and once the male[?] next door was not in usual position. You eventually learn they would like you to ‘join’? Don’t know enough / outfit to praise or not. Don’t oppose zoos in general, but do deplore miserable critters. Blake [+/-], ‘A bird in a cage puts all heaven in a rage.’ May depend.


  72. Went online. Seems like a legit outfit, licensed, inspected, etc. Sent ‘Contact Us’ the msg. below. Only kind of situation where I flaunt my credentials.

    Dear TheAnimalAdventurePark@gmail.com

    Your ‘live’ site / the expecting mother Reticulated Giraffe is obviously NOT live. Please fix.

    Evan Hazard, Ph.D., Prof. Emeritus of Biology, Bemidji State U.; ’49-’50 summer vacation keeper, mammal dept., NYZP [now officially Bronx Zoo].

    Peace, Evan Hazard

  73. Storms are brewing here in Missouri. Going to go see Llee in morning. Love her and love her hometown. Carthage, MO is a lovely historic small town full of charming houses, shops, art galleries, restaurants. Llee is as delightful and charming as her hometown. I love her to pieces.

  74. I did not mention the dead cat because I have four loved ones that I would not want to see dead in the street. The later reference to church was because a walk of 20 times around the church was mentioned so I saw humor in the coincidence. It was not a dig at going to church. I went this weekend myself and was disappointed to find that it was of the waving arms in the air variety. They also had a Christian rock band. A very loud one.

  75. Seems to be a noisy & stormy night all the way from Michigan’s u.p. SW into Oklahoma. Praying that those in the way suffer no harm or material damage.

  76. Have a lot to catch up on, reset bookmarks etc….will be back later. Still at Dad’s. If I had an audience the other night, Dad asked me where I learned how to be a nurse, I would have said I had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night…..lol

    Good for you Mindy

    B’ugs Old Bear

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ….and Jackie’s on the road again

    back later…..will explain the hiatus.

    missed all of you

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