Travel Alert

I am traveling this morning, on cartoon business. I’ll bet you didn’t think such a thing was possible. There won’t be a regular post today, but when I return I will begin showing you some of the old work I have chosen to submit to the Billy Ireland archive of comic art at THE Ohio State University. The old work goes all the way back to 1985 and includes something from every year since. Many we’ve seen here and some not. You probably can deduce, we’ll be talking a lot more about this. I hope your new year is going well so far. By the way, I am in Asheville, NC, today. Tonight, I will be attending a meeting of the southeastern chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. No, that is not the reason for my travels, just serendipity, but I’ll tell them all you said, Hello!

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  1. Debbe, I wish that I could show you how I can stand on my hands. I’m going again this morning even though it’s 29. 20 tomorrow. Probably sounds like a heat wave to you.

  2. Mindy from Indy, that incident is definitely going in the book you’re writing, isn’t it? 😉

    I’m having a lot of fun imagining cartoon business…

  3. Q. What does one say to one’s fellow cartoonists when leaving a meeting of the southeastern chapter of the National Cartoonists Society?

    A. “See you in the funny papers.”

    Yes, actually. We get that a lot. — JJ

  4. Sand, depends on the particular artist. Some are un-punny and might be stuck. I don’t know how the authors of “Rex Morgan M.D.” or “Mary Worth” would do against JJ or Stephan Patis.

  5. Jean dear, good thing that guy’s GF didn’t tell him Granny was coming for him with one of those Play-Doh injectors that were in the news last week, or he would have really freaked.

    Yes, I suspect a meeting of cartoonists may be quite different from a convention of, say, insurance company actuaries.

  6. OF due 3-3:25 pm CST. I forgot to copy the URL but expect many of those interested have it handy. Overcast there, but no fog.

    Peace, emb

  7. Jimmy,

    While visiting my son at college, who is up the highway at Ohio Wesleyan University, I was fortunate to visit the Billy Ireland archive of comic art when they had the exhibit of Bill Watterson’s and Richard Thompson’s work, which was just great to see. Will the Arlo & Janis strips you are donating be on display at the archive?

  8. I haven’t thought of Asheville in many a long year. I lived near there, East Flat Rock to be precise, back in ’73-’74. Was not my favorite winter, I really missed my desert vistas. Do you realize that seeing even 5 miles is nearly impossible in the Appalachian winter? And ice storms? Shudder!

    Have fun on your travels, JJ.

  9. Back in the day when I rode touring bikes (several of them Honda Goldwings), I invested in a set of Damart thermal underwear.

    Loved them; very warm, very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Probably wouldn’t have done for riding winters in Michigan, but they worked fine in the Deep South under a wool commando sweater, leather jeans and leather jacket. Yep, full leathers, with boots and gloves, all in black. One thing I learned was that when you walk into a bar dressed like that, most guys will stay out of your way, but some of them will try to buy you a drink. 😉

  10. Hope you make it all the way to the campus and then to the Thurber House. The House is about four miles or so from OSU, maybe a bit more.

    Are you driving in the car made famous in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?

  11. @GR6 re:8:09 PM yesterday, yes, I had seen that, where do these people come from? where do they learn this behavior, family, professors? they wouldn’t even understand the Golden Rule and be angry if the tables were turned, Will any of them ever be a least bit embarrassed or ashamed years from now?

  12. Negative twenty windchills?! That does it, Blacklight is going to work for me tomorrow.

    On a serious note, aunt is in the hospital for heart issues. Cath in the am. Should go well, spoke to her a bit ago, but any well wishes would be a bonus.

  13. !!!
    Before I was so rudely cut off:

    Thank you in advance and stay warm and safe if you aren’t one the lucky ones in a warm locale. Well, the warm weather people stay safe and warm too, but you get the idea. Bedtime.

  14. Thanks, Lady Mindy. The local mid-teens low temp forecast we were threatened with two days ago has somehow morphed into a forecasted barely-below-freezing low for tonight. As pilots have been known to opine, “Weather forecasts are 90% correct…10% of the time.”

    Or, as I found from experience, about 90% of the time aviation weather was better than predicted…but about 10% of the time it was worse. I supposed being able to know which was which was why they paid us the big bucks. (Ha!)

  15. Dearest Ghost, I wish I could have seen you in that outfit you described (except that I have never gone into bars).

    Where can Jackie be? She may have “crashed” after the effort and the excitement of the funeral service; we all hope that she is okay and taking a very much needed rest.

  16. I’d forgotten about calling the Sunday comics the “funny papers.” Wow! Ours used to be (when I was a wee lad) 36 pages long (in color). Now they are 4 pages long. I guess I should appreciate that they are still in color.

  17. Just walked into home a short while ago and unfortunately going through some legal document searches with younger daughter. She has to leave in morning for appointment with her obstetrician’s consultant from St. Louis, so important one. Internet service was iffy at motel in small town, well motel was kind of iffy too, but was a national chain. Daughter from Houston kept expecting them to sound flood sirens from rising river it sat on, I don’t think they have flood sirens but I wouldn’t feed her phobias any more than she already had.

    Seriously, last major flooding from that town had put the motel flooded to roof line, so it had been rehabbed considerably fairly recently!

    Several years ago we were checking in to a nice motel up south of Memphis in Mississippi and my aunt looked at name, Patel, and wondered if it was same nice young man who had managed this same motel I just stayed in. I said, no, Patel was a very common name among hotel management and owners. So, at some point he does come out to greet us and my sweet and also now gone Aunt introduced herself and asked if he were not the Patel who had managed the Winnsboro location. He was. Go figure!

    We went through the route home totally out of the way in order to make it to the boutique sawmill in De Kalb, Texas where Mike always bought his specialty boat lumber, including the old growth cypress. We made it there with 5 minutes to spare but they went and pulled two choice boards with a fork lift and cut them to fit in the SUV for her. That is the lumber my SIL will use to build a custom box for Mike’s ashes we will keep. We borrowed the one he had made for my other daughter’s MIL’s ashes and we put a beautiful small silver anchor I had bought alongside.

    Anyway, coming home was hard but I am going back to sleep with the four cats and small dog, who will no doubt lick me all night.

    By the way, Asheville, NC is now quite the center of good food and locavoire eating, so JJ should have fun and get some tasty vittles.

    Love, Jackie

  18. Even if they are someday holographically projected into thin air, they will still be the “funny papers” to me.

    What happened to the quick and easy link to gocomics at the top of today’s post. And when did I get too lazy to type a URL?

    Anyway, Lady Mindy’s comment about 9CL reminded me I had not caught up on goings on there for about a week, or whenever it was I decided that Bert and Martine were both certifiably psychotic. Now I see that Bill has either joined the crowd, psychologically, or he’s just whipped.

    Speaking of weird stuff, who saw that “Screech” from “Saved By The Bell” shanked a guy in a bar? Screech?? I always thought it would be “Jessie” who would go bat-guano crazy and do something like that. Or appear totally nekkid in a movie. Or something.

    Debbe 😉

  19. Ghost Sweetie, I’m with Charlotte-I wish I could have seen you in your biker leathers, and I do (or did) go in bars!

    And yes, they will always be “the funny papers”. Read them, and then use them to wrap presents in!

  20. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 Ooohhh…black leather, you’d definitely would catch my attention in a bar….back then, hey!!! even today…. 🙂

    Emb…here’s the link for your word a day, and yes it is probably somewhere in lolcat land: beautiful cat too.

    Jackie, glad you are home…safely. I pray your daughter’s traveling is safe….it’s going to be brutal out there for the next 24 hours or so.

    Wind chills to go as low as 25 below zero. Felt lumpy on the sole of my work boots….the bottoms were thick with packed mud and hen dust… I scrapped it off…only to discover it helped insulate my feet, and the right shoe is cracked on the bottom from bending down. Was too tired from hurrying up supply shopping, picking up husband’s meds, dropping off supplies at both hen houses that I didn’t go boot shopping.

    Still haven’t measured those cages, Old Bear.

    Too busy at work, people are sick (even The Boss is MIA), and SIL still hasn’t shown up for work. Worked mostly by myself yesterday……as Ian went to check on the other lady at the other hen house….he says this is BS. But Jason is going in with us today…too cold to be building houses.

    Jerry….you go, sometimes I have a hard time just standing on my two feet….allergies make me light headed.

    Ya’ll stay warm……………..

  21. Debbe, that is why it’s good practice to cut those handles if you aren’t going to reuse the bags. Ex and I came home one afternoon to find Bama running around the apartment trying to lose the bag he had got caught in.

  22. I think that we all must be disturbed by the events in Paris. But crazy people killing others because they took a satirical view of Mohammad? Satire is something that is well done at A&J and while JJ usually steers away from political satire, it is a little scary to think of the consequences in some cultures.

    Love my first Amendment!

  23. Debbe 😉 Get some new boots, hon.

    I had recently mentioned concerns that this was going to be a bad year for influenza, something that was reinforced yesterday when I took my Mom to see her primary care physician. The first thing he did was to verify that my Mom had been vaccinated (which she had). Then he told us that this year’s vaccine had missed the mark and that about 70% of confirmed flu cases this season were among people who had been vaccinated. He himself had been out sick between Christmas and New Year after being vaccinated in October, as required by his employer.

    Please use precautions, especially when out in public. I’m being doubly cautious, as my Mom’s primary source of infection would be me. After busting my butt to try to keep her as healthy as possible for the past several months, I certainly don’t want to kill her by giving her the flu.

  24. Steve, crazy in their beliefs, perhaps, but not in their actions. From what I could see of the videos, that was a very professionally executed hit-and-run attack in Paris.

    This was what we have to look forward to in this country, probably for generations. Meanwhile, we have a government that gives lip service to anti-terrorism and spends, ineffectively, billions of dollars in the name of “security”, while releasing known terrorists back into the wild in the name of preserving their civil rights. So who is crazier?

    Good work, Gubmint.

  25. One of the hottest models we ever had at any wedding floral show I ever worked on or attended was one of my friends’ boyfriend in his black leathers and not much else. He was actually kind of shy about his looks and I don’t know how he got convinced to do it. That was a bizarre and trendy show for florists, not real brides. I mean, we had a Polynesian dancer who danced, geishas, Native Americans in full regalia, no end of “shock” design work.

    I gave it a standing ovation and yelled a lot of “Bravos” for their courage. I mean, this is still Oklahoma and the Heartland.

    We have lots of bars out on Highway 9 here who advertise to bikers, as Oklahoma is a no helmet state and I am in the eastern mountains, so lots of riders around. When we had the big rally in downtown we had thousands who came through for it.

    I still miss going up to the Dakotas around Sturgis week to see all the bikes coming and going. Never went during actual week, but close around. Have probably said that small boating seems to attract people who still ride or did, as well as pilots. I have discussed that quite a bit with my boating friends and they say the answer is the wind.

    Love you all, Jackie

  26. My goodness, but we now have a really hot congresswoman for the Republican party who is only 30 years old! That might liven up Congressional meetings.

    Way to go, girl! Show them women belong everywhere! That and a record 107 women in office in house and Congress is really good political news for me, no matter which party.

    Love, Jackie

  27. Mindy from Indy, I hope your aunt’s surgery went well and her recovery is smooth and speedy.

    Jackie, that is a truly beautiful and fitting idea for Mike’s ashes. Kudos to whoever thought of it.

  28. The funeral for my MIL went very well yesterday, even though I ended up being chosen by my wife and her sister to conduct it… one of the hazards of becoming a chaplain. How I made it through without breaking down emotionally I still don’t know; just further proof that prayer helps, I guess.

  29. Trucker, I had asked two of Mike’s good friends to read Crossing the Bar and John Donne, No Man is An Island. Our good friend reading Donne just broke down in tears and I ended up having to go to altar and console him, other friend did second reading. It seemed so odd, me being the strong one for all the sobbing people. Both my mother and my husband were greatly loved and I am having trouble in the role of being strong for others.

    Trucker, I do believe God or some infinite cosmic power gives us all strength to endure what we probably would never have believed we could.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Good to see that, following the slaughter in Paris, a crack team of US State Department functionaries sprang into action to decide whether the President should condemn the terrorist attack “strongly”, “in strong terms”, “in the strongest terms”, or “in the strongest possible terms”.

    The President went with “strongly”. That’ll learn ’em.

  31. Mark, we have one cat who loves to eject discs from the DVD player just to watch them reload. No need for a fancy tablet when he and Loon can be amused with an old DVD player and remote. 😉

  32. sand, just another example of the “I personally don’t like it so there should be a law/law suit against it” mentality that is becoming all too common in our society.

  33. Ghost/sandcastler, from reading the article looks like the “lawmaker” is in a p****ng contest with the paper because they don’t go out of their way to make him look good. Guess who will win that one?

  34. Trucker, your strength, faith, and love must have got you through. You folks are in my prayers.

    It’s been pretty darn cold up here in Michigan, though I live in the warmest part of the state. I find cold easier to deal with than heat, blaming my discomfort in hot climes on my eastern European ancestry. I can always snuggle into another layer of clothes to warm up. It looks like emb, as usual, has the coldest spot in the Village right now, though Debbe and Mindy from Indy are not far behind.

  35. Wind chill tomorrow morning to be below 10 degrees. I remember reading in books about it being so cold that the people could hear nails popping out of the rafters. I have an older wood privacy fence around the backyard of this house and yesterday morning I saw two boards that had curled way up away from the fence. Yesterday afternoon I went out to nail them down and couldn’t find them. They had straightened themselves out. It is a good idea to cut the handles off of those bags unless you want to see the cats tearing around the house.

  36. And yet, many reporters, editors and newspapers will stand behind the protection of their First Amendment rights and support the government’s efforts to abrogate the Second Amendment, without batting an eye. Has it not occurred to them that’s like telling a hungry wolf, “Yes, eat my neighbor. Then you won’t eat me, right? Right?”

    Governments are always hungry for more power.

  37. Somehow I thought that when you choose to become a public figure you are inviting whatever comments may come your way, so long as they are not lies, malicious slandering, or whatever.
    A politician to me should be prepared to get hit with mud more often than not. The cover ups that took place back in the days of 1950-1980’s are gone in my opinion and can stay gone.

    Elected officials are like athletes who believe they are privileged and deserve special “treatment” not afforded to others who are “beneath” them.

    One of my favorite soap boxes.

    Love, Jackie

  38. Denise/MI: Here in N. IL, we expect lows between -10 and -15F tonight, with considerable winds added. No doubt eMb has that beaten, but I expect to be colder than one IN friends.

  39. Ah, so that’s what happened to the previously forecast mid-teens temps…they will arrive early tomorrow morning rather than this morning. Wind chill forecast to be about 5 degrees. It will be, as my Granny used to say, “air-ish”.

  40. Here’s a controversial topic I can report on without stating my position [though I’m not ashamed of it]. IMO, one side is stronger than the other.

    As to the Second amendment, its interpretation is a matter of legitimate controversy. So with the First. It’s a different country, but I don’t think the killers in France were simply practicing their freedom of religion.

    One of these days, the high is supposed to be a + temp. It’s not too bad when the wind dies down, but it hasn’t, lately.

    Peace, emb

  41. cep, sounds like a good night to cuddle up in socks and between flannel sheets in northern Illinois. We’ll be +2 and windy in southeast Michigan, so a windchill about -18.

  42. I went and bought yet ANOTHER pair of fleecy blanket like material pj’s and plan to run water through all faucets tonight. I am hoping to the heavens that the pipes outside are all wrapped and boxed for the season or the water turned off or the pipes already frozen/burst and need repairing anyway. It is disheartening to realize you have no idea how to do any of the above for yourself, only know that it SHOULD be done.

    Will add a comforter to the bed and cuddle with the cats and dog back there. I am worried about the feral kitties, as I did not get any kitty beds or heat set up this year.

    Dickens is lying in arm chair in his red quilted vest with a fake fur hood over his ears, which is pretty cute actually. Went and had my hair done while I was out stocking up cat and dog food for the arctic express heading our way. If we get ice we become trapped in place, can’t even get out of subdivisions and I live only two blocks from highway!

    And no, I am not a blue haired little old lady who has a set “do” every week on the same day. I am always a shock to my hairdresser, who bless her heart does almost nothing but walkins. I am still doing the long windblown locks look a la natural. Which means I have the frosted look I once paid dearly to achieve, only it is free.

    Love, Jackie

  43. Sand, are you old enough to remember when Houston, Dallas area restaurants with an upscale clientele used to turn the A/C way down so ladies could wear their furs now and then?

    I remember those days and when Neiman’s and Sakowitz had fur departments with fur storage where you could check your furs in for the summer season? Not that I had any. Closest thing I ever had was a raccoon collared trench coat. Now that I know a few raccoon’s and possums I am ashamed of that and my kids rabbit coats.

    My oldest daughter used to go dive head first into the fur coat racks and hide from us, have fits when we tried to get her out without buying a coat. I once went off and left her in the fur rack of short length minks and just took younger daughter and walked out. She came out yelling “Child abuse and abandonment” at the top of her lungs.

    Wonder if anyone else ever got so fed up they left their kid in the mink stroller rack?

    This is on subject of tropical weather in Houston, TX specifically. It is cold enough for a bear skin rug in OK right now.

    Love, Jackie

  44. Good thinking, Jackie, you are so right with your comparison to Mad Magazine. I’m going to pass it on to my family and friends on Facebook, if I may. I’ll credit you with the thought.

  45. Jackie, actually one could wear furs in most any fast food restaurant around here in the summertime. i think that comes from letting the guy or gal in the back working over the grill control the thermostat.

    “Mink stroller.” That’s a phrase I haven’t heard in many years. And yes, I once had a boss lady with a collection of minks that had to be cold-stored in a department store vault over the summer.

    My sister had a full-length rabbit (faux) fur coat that she loved.

  46. For those who enjoy watching eagles hatch and grow up – and cannot wait for the Decorah pair to act – Google up “Berry” and “Eagles” and take your choice of hits including streaming video. The pair at Berry College in GA has just produced an egg (yesterday), so can serve the purpose. I must confess that eagle-watching is habit-forming.

  47. I like osprey as well, but we have lots of eagles to watch on cliffs of Lake Eufaula.

    Ghost, I keep telling you I harken WAY back to gloves, hats, matching purses and shoes and theater suits! And theater hats, too.

    Just found a photo of me which must be from college? I had blonde hair and look so angelic, sort of my Sandra Dee period I think? My dog sitter was looking at photos of Mike and me today from the late 70’s I would guess and the 60’s, early 70’s during our living rich and fashionably period as wine aficionados. First she looked at Mike and said, “My gosh, he looks like a movie star!”

    Then she looked at some of me with him and she said, “You both looked like movie stars!”

    I told her when you were hawking the most expensive wines and liquors in the world, that was the image the company wanted to project. Kind of like the guy who does the commercials as “the most interesting man in the world.” You’re supposed to just ooze charm and good looks.
    Funny, that concept seems to have escaped the current generation I think?

    Along with good manners.

    Anyway, I am supposed to be searching for the lost wills, but found a couple of earlier documents that will probably be relevant. If you had any idea how many boxes I need to open and search! I did find a copy of my fathers and stepfathers wills but of course that’s no where as important as the current ones I need.

  48. Good morning Villagers…

    Mark, we reuse our plastic bags, so they get put up immediately. I actually had that happen with one of my cats, getting caught in a plastic bag handle and thought…..the consequences would devastate me if they would get caught on something and hang themselves. If I bring home something in a paper sack, I tuck the edges and throw it on the floor for them to play in….they like paper sacks.

    GR 😉 It’s a bitter zero out there and even colder in Kokomo for Indy Mindy. And, yes, new boots when I make it to town either today or definite tomorrow. Wearing wool socks today.

    Kept the temp in the hen house at best around 68 degrees….the other hen house at around 63 degrees. They are eating more feed to stay warm. Which leads to drinking more water. Still curious about the size of the cages….today, I’m going out there with a measuring tape.

    I can’t believe it’s going to get that cold in Florida…..stay warm Jerry.

    Ya’ll have a thermally warm day.

  49. The mouse strip:

    Our cat used to share his mice with us, too – it was his way of showing that he was doing his part to support the family.

    Usually, though, he kept the good stuff for himself and gave us the mouse’s head.

    That was always interesting to see on the back porch early in the morning.

  50. My great aunt did not need a heart catheterization, no blockage. The doctors then looked into the possibility of a clot in the lungs. Nothing there either. Not sure what is wrong, so they sent her home with strict orders to reduce stress and rest. Possibly gallbladder related. Had no idea the gallbladder could present with issues mimicking heart attacks.

    Her son has a talented hunter of an outside kitty. She is always leaving gifts of food on the step. I once pointed out cats bring food back to family who they think can’t provide for themselves. I told him at least he is loved by his cat, but she thinks he’s a bit of a dork. He didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

  51. Oh my goodness, Jerry, down there do folks even have clothes to deal with those temps? Or do you layer, layer, layer? Smart Cilla. It’s 7 here, -7 with windchill. Still wouldn’t trade it for hot weather, but I could mostly do without the snow.

    Debbe, I hope you have staff today.

    Mindy from Indy, I find that a very funny story. A friend’s cat recently left a mouse in his slipper—guess she thinks he’s a dork AND that he couldn’t find it unless she spoon-fed (or slipper-fed) him.

  52. Debbe 😉 Been a while since I’ve seen 0 degrees, but I remember that means “Cold” wherever you are. 14 degrees at sunrise at the EMA office downtown at sunrise and probably a degree or two lower out here in the ‘burbs.

    And, Jackie, as I recall, you also harken back to the days of garter belts, stocking and high heels. 😉 Good luck with your document search; I’ve had to do a bit of that, also.

  53. A lifetime ago I spent a couple of winters in Sioux Falls, SD, and its 0 degree winters. I said never again, but this morning on The Mountain it was 8 degrees. That’s not quite 0, but it’s getting awfully close.

    Indy Mindy, glad your aunt is doing well! Yes, gall bladder trouble can present as heart trouble because of the way the nerves connect. I found that out the hard way when my gall bladder acted up.

    Not only are we careful with plastic grocery bags, but we cut the loops on those plastic six-pack holders, too. Animals can get caught in those with fatal results.

  54. Of mice and men!

    Loved the mouse presents. Not only did my big orange tom cats bring me mice and small rodents like moles and voles and baby rabbits but they loved bringing snakes up to the house from out in yard. Me screaming, “Spit it out, spit it out!” because they were usually still alive and trying to bite the cat and I wanted to chop them up with a shovel or hoe.

    That is a funny story about the dork!

    Once Mike looked out in yard and Marigold the cat and Shorty the blue heeler were together just playing like mad men, leaping in air, pouncing down, turning flips of joy. It turned out that they had a poor mouse out there and were playing “Catch and release” with it.

    Love, Jackie

  55. Trapper Jean, I used to live and work in extreme SE North Dakota, a town called Wahpeton. It was known as the “Banana Belt” Sioux Falls is way south of there and is way warmer;-)

  56. Oh, that poor little porker!

    I was remembering one rare cold day in Houston, TX when it got so cold that Clear Lake froze, a rare event as it is brackish salt water that mixes into Galveston Bay. They had just built the first of our town home/condos by a large investment firm out of Florida, who of course had not insulated any pipes and run them through all the ceilings of all three floors.

    When it thawed we had spectacular waterfalls cascading from all the three levels of all the condos, as many were not owned by full time residents. Or were but they still froze. It was a tourist attraction for a couple of days as people cruised through the development looking at the water squirting and pouring from walls, ceilings and out of ground.

    This was first development of its’ kind in Texas anyway, so we were already a sightseeing point of interest and this just added to the excitement.

    When we moved in we did not know the third floor master bath was not plumbed correctly and I had set a gorgeous table for a dinner party, went upstairs to dress and bath and we had a fantastic waterfall come through my silver chandelier, right into the floral center piece. I was hysterical, Mike said, “Well, it freshened the water in the flowers” and turned off the water.

    He was like that!

    Love, Jackie

  57. A guy I know (not known for being restrained when he expresses himself) had some choice words this morning to describe the Paris shooters. The only one I can repeat here is “goat”.

  58. He implied that goats can provide something else to those who are so inclined. (I like goats, too, but not that way.) But yes, in my estimation, goats are a much higher form of life than terrorists.

  59. Ghost, that is both amazing and unfair! I cannot lose weight that fast! Mike used to skip his afternoon milk shake and lose 2 # a week. I swear I gain weight on air I breath.

    I do not believe terrorists deserve a trial but there are others I include in that group.Like child molesters and other violent crimes. I know that allows for people to be unfairly targeted and goes back to gangs hanging people. So, I am torn because meeting violence and death with more violence and death goes against my nature.

    Hopefully these terrorists will be caught and tried and fairly executed but that is not what most of us would probably want. I suspect we’d like to cut them into millions of pieces and do it while they are still alive.

    Whoa! Where did my pacific soul go?

    Love, Jackie

  60. Jackie, there are terrorists at Gitmo who won’t get trials, but it probably doesn’t matter since, as I mentioned yesterday, our government seems hell-bent on just releasing them (or swapping them 5-1 for an Army deserter) so the facility can be closed down.

  61. Denise, I appreciate your concern, but we are equipped for cold weather. Today I wore two pair of knee socks and I have a t-shirt with long sleeves. We have no firewood of course, but we buy cheap furniture so that we can burn it if necessary.

  62. Ghost: they seem to be working on a trial for at least one of the detainees – my nephew (Air Force JAG) is on the defense team.

  63. My mom grew up at a POW camp for German prisoners in either northern Arkansas or the Missouri boot heel; her dad was part of the civilian support staff. The POWs quickly adapted to their captivity, willingly worked in the fields and enjoyed being far, far away from the war. Regular meals, health care as needed, a temperate climate, and no one shooting at you… they were excited to go home at the end of the war, but many stopped to thank the staff on their way home and exchange little gifts.

  64. According to Human Rights Watch (which opposes the use of military commissions), “As of August 2014, (of the Gitmo detainees) only Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, Abd al Hadi al Iraqi, and the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks actually face formal charges.”

    I would assume that trial preparations for those detainees are all at some point, but apparently the wheels of justice are indeed grinding very slowly at Gitmo.

  65. Bad people deserve what they get, I’ll leave it at that.

    It’s cold, my boss let me get almost halfway to a reset before FINALLY calling to tell me it was cancelled, AND it’s snowing again. So, here’s a video of Jimmy Fallon finding out he had a shot to date Nicole Kidman, from Nicole herself, on national television. Don’t normally watch Fallon, but his reaction is just so perfect.

  66. My boss in college whom I dearly loved, spoke and read seven languages, was one of the premier botanists in world. He was found in a prisoner of war camp and apparently furloughed out to the university as a grounds keeper and never left.He grew up in a castle, held an inherited title and led a Calvary charge on horseback in WWII. He still mourned the loss of his horse in the 1960’s but not the rest of life he lost.I may have been the only person he ever discussed any of this with. He used to laugh at me and say I was the best herberamist he had ever trained and I was qualified to work in all six herberiums in America.

    Not sure I am spelling that right after fifty years? But I sure got to correspond with some amazing people and collectors for him. He went out into the mid-south and western states in full regalia, pith helmet, jodhpurs, puttee boots, starched khaki shirt and a tie. Always a tie.

    I used to tell him he needed a butterfly net to carry so the farmers wouldn’t shoot him since they’d recognize him as a mad scientist. He did carry a holstered revolver for shooting rattlesnakes which love wild flower fields. I can attest to that!

    Love, Jackie

  67. Anyone else here besides me love Peter Nero, the pianist? I was going to listen to some of his music on you tube and knocked a three foot high stack of paperwork off my desk onto the dog, the one who only weighs 10# and is now afraid to get back in his arm chair.

    Time to switch jobs after I pick up the stuff off the floor. Back to hanging up clothes and unpacking suitcases, which is upsetting the dog as well. OK, dog is lying on top of a legal note pad on floor!

    Back to Peter Nero and “Night and Day”.

    Love, Jackie

  68. It is truly time to do something else! I knocked that stack over again and it was on floor but still three feet high. Dog is dumpster diving through my office trash so I need to shut down, finish the clothes hanging and move on.

    The Weather Station has been totally depressing all day but I notice they have rehired Alexandria Steele and another of the Weather Babes who is especially fetching. Ghost, you might want to reconsider watching but maybe keep sound off?

    Dog sitter is putting television on for depressed dog in mom’s bedroom who is now deaf but can still see the screen apparently. I wonder what dog is watching?

    Love, Jackie

  69. Peter Nero is awesome.

    I just put a pound of soaked pinto beans; a pound of diced smoked ham; 3 cups of mirepoix; a can of stewed tomatoes; a can of condensed tomato soup and 2 bay leaves into one of my slow cookers, all covered with chicken stock. See you in 10 hours, Pinto Bean Soup.

  70. I’ve learned a new word. There was a 2.7 anthropogenic event in Oregon. No, it has nothing to do with the Ducks. It is a manmade event or something caused by man. What it was I have no idea.

  71. Jerry, I thought you were funny. Twice when Mike went down to Florida the first week in March for the Everglades Challenge it snowed. They looked more like the Alaska Challenge in their heavy coats etc. trying to keep warm. They accused Mike of bringing a boat load with him as it had been so cold and deep snow up here that the paint wouldn’t dry on boat and was still sticky.

    Mark, great suggestion! I will order some for Brownie and I had better make sure there is a DVD player back there. I may have to go find one from my deceased mother in law’s collection?
    Or just go buy a cheap one for Brownie.

    Peter Nero is my favorite piano player of all time. I need to watch his schedule, as he is still performing. You know, I have decided after I get all three estates settled (boy, am I optimistic)
    I am going to start doing some traveling on my own. I am threatening to come see Debbe, the chickens, Mindy and Blacklight, in Indiana as I have one remaining aunt and I feel I need to go see her as she is very fragile. She’s in Indiana so not so far to go anyway.

    Of course, I intend to wait for the snow and ice to melt!

    Love, Jackie

  72. Debbe, this suggestion is for you. Have you ever heard of Muck Boots? They are very popular with farmers and ranchers here in Oklahoma and are insulated rubber boots. Come in high top and lower top styles. Mike has pair in closet and he swore they were better than any boot he had ever found in sailing clothing. I bought them at feed store locally.

    Muck Boots is the brand but describe purpose as well.

    Love, Jackie

  73. Jimmy Buffet question: Is anyone a fan here that might like a concert tee shirt?

    I have a lot of them mostly in size Medium but there may be a Large or two. I will send one to anyone for free who’d like one. I did have all the tours just about from each year but I gave a few away at the last two Sail Oklahoma festivals.

    Anyway, I’d like them to go to a fan who’d wear them, so if you are interested in having one mailed to you I will. You can even request specific years, tour or songs being promoted, etc.

    Love, Jackie

  74. Ghost Sweetie, that’s ok, you can look at Nicole. 🙂 Oh, and the pinto bean soup sounds really good!

    Jackie, I haven’t listened to Peter Nero in years, and now that you’ve reminded me, I really liked him!

    Jerry, do palm trees make good firewood? 🙂

  75. Thanks for the t-shirt offer, Jackie, but even at my goal weight I don’t think a Medium would work for me. Except that if I increase my iron pumping, I might could do a Hulk impression. Except it’s not easy being green.

  76. Yep, pretty good slow-cooker soup, Jean dear. Very tasty and freezes beautifully. I’ve also made it with black beans, as well as with half pinto beans and half black beans. It’s good all three ways. (Cook 4-6 hours on High setting, or 8-14 hours on Low.)

  77. My gardener turns out to be a fantastic house cleaner and cooks as well. Amazing! I love people who can keep me organized and clean. I got appraisal on lot I am selling and it was a good deal better than I expected. I have to send off to several interested in it and see what happens.

    I hope I could put gardener on salary and move her in with me. Upbeat personality too, which makes me laugh and smile.

    May not have mentioned but she has been married seven times. I told her to stop marrying them and it would be cheaper and easier to get rid of them. Talk about a survivor!

    My blood sugars keep crashing low, low and I sat in emergency room with a family who had lost another family member to low sugar, she went to sleep and never woke up. So, I am sitting here testing until they go back up. Forget the insulin at midnight with a snack!

    Still dropping. Going to emergency plan and drink orange juice.

    Love, Jackie

  78. Well, I scared myself Ghost. I mean “Steel Magnolias” entire plot hinges on low blood sugar.

    I have my blood sugars back to normal but not much. I will stay awake and test again. I am not eating much but I am eating. But I am also moving and sorting and burning calories or something I guess. My arm looks like a pin cushion because when this happens I lose coordination and can[t do anything right.Took 1/2 bottle of OJ to raise to normal.

    Maybe my jack of all trades helpers seven marriages scared you?

    Love, Jackie (I’ll check in again)

  79. OK, got a second normal reading and it was a few points higher. I think I can go to bed but I sure feel awful. It is a little like being drunk.

    Obviously my insulin is calculated for my past life and food consumption. But I haven’t been starving myself?

    I used to have this dramatic glucose meter that sounded an alarm when it dropped that low and a message came on screen that said, “Go straight to emergency room! Do not pass Go!”

    Actually, the levels it had dropped to were that bad, the charts say to call doctor at one point but at the point I was at it says go to emergency room. Seriously.

    So, I am supposed to drive myself? That is why I am thinking of moving a “care taker” in with me. I AM NOT AN OLD FEEBLE WOMAN but I sure could use someone around!

    Love, Jackie

  80. OK – we have been hunkering – not as cold as emb but minus #s and sounds like 45-50mph
    winds – I do not miss the chickens.

    Jackie at al :
    Put Wills & important papers, resuscitation orders in the freezer. You know where they are and there is some protection from fire.

    Debbe :
    Our birds were under 2# when they went for pot pies. And air was always a problem in winter
    they don’t want to lay when it gets cool.
    How It’s Made did egg production yesterday. Probably more like your outfit than ours.
    LaLa Bean has nice “Packs”, rubber bottoms and leather tops – they say made in USofA

    Mindy from Indy:
    I second Trapper Jean – Gaul stones mimics H/A, been there have the T shirt. Also about pop rings.

    Jackie I saw Peter Nero live back in the college days – almost 1/2 cent. ago.

    As for good manners gone missing have you seen the pictures taken at Wally World?

    And my gang likes boxes – they have to see what is inside or better get inside.

    Stay warm – stay safe

    Old Bear

  81. Good morning Villagers….

    Old Bear…still haven’t measured those cages. Went down to 192 cases yesterday, temp inside the hen house was a very cool 58 degrees….did get it up to 68 before we left. Can’t close the windows much more or shut off any more fans….I would hate to walk into a hen house with some 75,000 plus dead from ammonia poison.

    GR 😉 I love your one track mind 🙂

    Jerry, you are funny….palm tree furniture….I’m sure there are some out there.

    Jackie….come on up and bring me a T-shirt…….and please take care of yourself.

    gotta go….need to brace for the drama that’s going to take place here this morning when my NIL Jason wakes up….he borrowed my husband’s car to go get blood work done, then picked up a few groceries, then stopped in to see his sister and her husband…..the passenger side tires were slashed while he was visiting… husband does not know this yet……..

    stay warm ya’ll

  82. Denise….I have staff….my son, who also lives with me. At the other hen house is a 78 year old lady who has been there for 20 years…..Andrew (another nephew-in-law) has been out sick for over a week. Jason has been helping us out because you can’t build houses in this weather.

  83. JACKIE! ok ok ok you’re better. that’s good. Have you got any of those ….shoot I don’t know the name. Look like emergency popsicle sticks except I don’t think they’re frozen. They’re for getting the insulin level back up quick when they drop so bad. A little faster/somehow better than orange juice. And you know, firefighters are really nice guys and usually have some in the paramedic bag. And they can deliver you to the emergency room. (they’re nice, remember) When you or the help go into town stop by the drugstore and get some, keep them handy.

  84. Debbe 😉 Please, hon! I don’t have a one track mind. It’s just that all tracks lead to…well, you know.

    If Arlo doesn’t know Janis, who does?

  85. On TV a short while ago, I saw what appears to be a significant portion of Parisian law enforcement milling around the locations of two standoffs. Can you imagine a worse time for another incident to occur? Or a second? Or a third?

  86. I am up and awake and the blood sugar while low was acceptable low. Interestingly, I have learned that not all people experience low blood sugar episodes equally. Last night when I started being shaky and dropping stuff, knocking over things I just blamed it on “nerves” or being “tired”.

    I am going to have to make an appointment with my Mayo Clinic endocrinologist and see about adjusting my insulin and I need to make a real food plan, not just remember to eat. My most interesting thought on all this is that I had low blood sugar all my life and low blood pressure, so I’d have to take those timed tests where you drink a gallon of nasty syrup for hours. It was when the lupus got bad that the diabetes appeared. Had no idea and since I saw doctors every week of my life, I assumed they were tracking blood work as well.

    Never assume stuff like that! They weren’t.

    I own “rescue” tablets and try and carry bars and stuff in my meds bag but I still haven’t gotten my life in order and couldn’t seem to find them last night. That is what is scary, you get confused and like being drunk or drugged.

    The stress of what I have had for last year seems to be the cause of the crashing sugars according to my doctors, that and increased activity and improper eating, like forgetting!

    Today I make appointments with all my assorted specialists, go see them, get blood work done and try to stay focused on health. When the Arctic blast ends I will go see wellness center and start back with organized exercising and water walking.

    I can’t have Ghost getting so fit and trim and not keep my word that I’d do the same.

    Love, Jackie

  87. Jackie,

    Hope your blood sugars are better this morning. Can you plan (then eat) several small meals during the day & evening? Mix in some complex carbohydrates and protein, try to substitute baked or grilled for items that we southerners typically fry. Something like the Glucerna Crispy Delights (at Walgreen’s or possibly Wal-Mart are about the same price as a candy bar, but have both protein and complex carbs to help keep your blood sugar stable.

    You’ve had a lot going on recently, but try to take of yourself, too! Rest more, worry less.

  88. Jackie, you’re right to suspect your emotional stressors for the blood sugar swings. I can vary my readings by 50 points during fasting tests by allowing myself to dwell on the %*!# in my life during one test and by meditating properly during the next.

  89. Once upon a time I learned to do self hypnosis which is a great method to lose weight by the way because you use meditation and stress relief techniques which keep you from eating mindlessly and helps with self image.

    I have been thinking of trying that again because yes, I know the “fight or flight” hormones all kick in big time, bad for both lupus, et al and diabetes.

    My exterior calmness has amazed people but I suspect there is a giant internal battle being fought!

    Love, Jackie

  90. Debbe:

    You have 10X the birds we did. And the birds don’t come back to full production after ammonia
    poisoning –


    Wait awhile before coming to the Mayo – I think they have more snow than we do.
    Honey works pretty good also – used to have to rub it on our cats gums if she got
    low sugar. (She was diabetic – so we did the whole insulin thing)

  91. Warning-the following is a rant from someone who hates rants. You will probably want to skip this. I am Charlie MF’s and I will crush you like the cockroaches you are. My apologies to the village if this makes it to the blog.

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