I noticed yesterday that I haven’t missed a daily post this year, except for the scheduled maintenance down time last Friday and Saturday. Here’s a Monday post to keep the string alive.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Just FYI, the page proportions are looking great today. It’s also good to see lots of posts. If they come every day (or so) I have no need for a separate program to monitor the page and flash my lights when it’s updated. That’s good.

    Since you’re getting to be a WordPress guru, maybe it’s time to consider giving Ludwig his own page. I’m sure he’d help.

  2. The orphans thank you most kindly, Mr. Johnson, for the wonderful improvements you are making to the Village. They are quite excited about this venture, even to the point of not being disconcerted by being locked out of the Orphanage without any prior warning. Auspiciously, the Board had anticipated such an eventuality and had arranged for alternative accommodations adjacent to the main building.

    Yours faithfully,

    Victoria Smythe-Frawley
    Asst Secretary to the Board of Directors

  3. Have to stand to get rid of cramps – sometimes hard when
    four cats are laying in me.

    I find 2 – 3 fingers of Pickle Juice gets rid of persistent cramp
    quickly (about 3 oz.)

  4. I like the notes regarding posts on the right side of the page, which are visible before clicking on the conversations.
    You go, Jimmy!

    • Although it is now a few hours after your post and may have been corrected after your observation, I found the calendar correct. It does start the week with Monday which could lead to some confusion.

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