Trial and Error

Trial and Error

This is another A&J from 10 years ago. I try never to discourage discussion, here or on the GoComics website, but “No.” Arlo would not really do this. He’s a cartoon character! His job is to do dumb stuff that we can almost imagine ourselves doing. As for all those keys that accumulate—and that is no exaggeration—my best solution is to put them on a big ring and give them to small children. They love to play with key rings! Just make sure none of the keys actually fit any of your doors.

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    • Colorado got rid of low alcohol beer several years ago, but all of the markets still advertise full strength beer. And, to get any booze other than beer, you have to go to a liquor store that doesn’t sell anything except booze. Weird!

  1. I still have dreams that I can unlock the door of the home that we lived in for 19 years and walk in. We had a package that used our old address and so I went over to the house. They had installed security cameras and when I go there no one was home. I went back an hour or so later and still no one answered the door, but as I went back to the car, I saw the couple walking their dog. and I retrieved the package. I kind of wanted to see what changes they had made inside of the house, but they didn’t offer and I didn’t ask.

  2. Most of our small town was on lockdown today due to bomb threats to our post office and courthouse. Banks closed out of caution. Marijuana shops remained open to deal with stress and anxiety.

  3. I still have my handcuff key. It’s pouring rain here. The poor people in California could use some. Cilla update-surgery tomorrow. Poor baby is looking at me with such love. It’s for her own good. I wouldn’t want her to go blind.

  4. Re bomb threat above: Stopped at bank on way to Tulsa this morning. It is one block from courthouse and was locked down. Tomorrow I will mock my teller harem about hiding in the vault. And possibly tell them how we were taught in the Air Force to deal with an imminent explosion: Sit down. Place head between legs. Grasp back of head with both hands. And kiss your butt goodbye.

  5. Jerry in FL, hoping that Cilla will be all right. Vets are so good with our dear pets, I bet she will get well taken care of and come through fine.

  6. Golden Dragon Fortune Cookies Inc of Chicago has issued an allergy alert on undeclared milk in a batch of their Chinese Almond Cookies. Huh. Seems strange all those fortune tellers they employ didn’t know that was going to happen.

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