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I’m not quite as intransigent as I make Arlo appear in this not-so-old A&J strip, but it does reflect my ambivalence about the ever-shifting online experience. I think I can say, without contradiction, that Arlo & Janis was one of the first syndicated newspaper strips to embrace digital technology. A&J was one of the first comics—if not the first—to invite email back in the heady days of AOL hegemony, and I diligently have maintained a personal Web presence for well over 20 years. (OK, I sometimes have been more diligent than other times.) I am not a Luddite, but I am antediluvian. I find myself flummoxed these days by what seems to me the chaotic array of ‘social media.’ I have dabbled in Twitter, and I have waded up to my knees in Facebook, but I’ve not taken any plunge. Still, we all know this site is getting a bit threadbare. That’s not your fault! That’s mine. If you’re reading this, I thank you, and I take it as a sign you have at least a vague interest in where this all goes. I know, I know: I’ve talked about this before, a lot, and it hasn’t been just talk. I have sought professional counsel (Not that kind, although it might not hurt.) from various sources and never found a good fit. I continue to struggle with this, I think, important issue. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. Again, I don’t want to sound as if I’m in any way discounting those of you who continue to visit this site and find something to enjoy. You’re my rock! Whatever I do, it will be built on the foundation of what we’ve been doing here for years. But one of these days, I will do something!
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  1. I’m not sure where you’re wanting to go with this. You want more bells and whistles? You want to ramp it up some? There’s a lot going on in most folks lives and to me your A&J website is just the right size to be able to have a spot on the daily to-do list. But I’m part Luddite so it’s hard for me to see what else needs to be done with it. I like it just as it is.

  2. Like Morrison’s and Lubys Cafeterias, Lincoln and Mercury automobiles, Sears and Kmart the Village audience is aging out.

    Sadly that is I as well. Do not correct me, that’s deliberate!

  3. Well this blog is not your day job, but I think that it really helps with your day job in several ways. Interacting with the reader is always good and you are building great brand loyalty with it. (plus you are making quite a few good friends!)

    Every author struggles with continuing to create their craft and promoting it. So that makes are a very busy Jimmy.

    One thing that you may want to update us on is the status of the next book. I think some people mentioned it here and if you could just provide an update, then I think we all will have a better understanding.

  4. It is your place, Jimmy. Thanks for letting us visit.

    Steve, you may have missed it but there was an update on the fundraising site with apology and explanations. Looking at December for the book- Life cooperating, of course.

  5. Yep, Jimmy, lot of $50 words you have used in your intro 🙂 Do not change…we “elderly” do not quite take to change readily. Oh, I know, change is the only thing constant in life…but coming here for that last ? years I’ve been blessed to have met ‘virtual’ friends that I want to stay connected to.

    so, DON’T CHANGE A DANG THING!!!!!!! ok?

    Sandman, loved that tune, saved it too. You do know I’ve got a bigger, bigger and better sound system with my new desktop? My Utubee will never be the same. Heh, I just might have to reenlist in Spotify!!!!!!

  6. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is updated sites tend to add lots of dynamic (videos, music, ads, etc) content that actually slow down the loading process, make the site more likely to be “unavailable” (polite way of saying crashed), and really don’t add to the actual experience/content. I like the static content and find it soothing in a world where everything has to be non-stop and attention grabbing. This site is more like visiting with a friend than entertaining a toddler.

  7. Jimmy, there is nothing wrong with the site as it is. Except locking up the comments if you don’t tend it at least once a week. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! That is what went wrong at Sears and quite a few other places.

  8. Llee: Yes I have not been to that site. I just happened to see someone post here that was uh…concerned and I didn’t realize that he had addressed it elsewhere.

    As far as the site goes, I would like to be able to edit or delete my comments and maybe be able to search comments easier, but that is what Facebook does. This is much different. I would rather Jimmy keep creating and not worry about the other stuff.

  9. Jackie ought to be happy about today’s weather. She’s been wanting fall. High today predicted to not go over 55. I just had to switch on my heat for the first time since April.

  10. Tell me who on this blog site is under 65 years old and post your age please.

    I am 73 years old so I claim geezerette status but try to believe that I am ageless .

    People, there are only a handful of us still posting and we are all Old People, antedeluvian troglodytes. Of course we like it, that is why we are among the few coming here!

  11. Ghost said you didn’t qualify as Senior Citizen but I said you did Trucker. He said you had to be younger, you were still working.

    I said no, you were Mormon and they just keep on working!

  12. Saturday will be by 25k anniversary on planet Earth. I’ll let the brainy ones do the math to covert to Earth years.

  13. I’m not sure what JJ is fretting about. The only deficiency of the site is that he doesn’t get to write on it as often as we’d like. A lot of social media is utterly shallow, and optimized for expressing as many brainless opinions as possible in as few words as possible. I remember the day when a 30-second TV campaign ad was considered the most debased possible form of political discourse. With Twitter, a 30-second ad sounds like the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

    All we want is more words!

  14. Someone complimented me on the Luddie t-shirt, and I was able to say “Thanks! Do you read A&J? I sort of know the cartoonist, and he’s a really nice guy!” 🙂 So it all helps with your “presence” I think.

  15. Yep, I’m a Mormon convert who’s died once about 8 years ago, but the great Fisher tossed me back into the pool.

    I’m on SSDI, working part-time to supplement it since it’s not enough for a family of 5 to live on. My wife and two high-functioning ASC daughters also work part-time, the rest of their time is spent with the daughter who’s 23 and at the low-functioning end of that spectrum.

    So, retirement isn’t very likely. Ever. But what would I do with all that free time?

  16. Jimmy:

    I have been a techie since my mid-twenties, but, as I have aged, I have become a careful and selective techie. That means that I will adopt a new technology only if it actually serves a need that I have.

    Currently, I have no need for a smartphone, so I stay with my seven-year-old dumb phone.

    Because I don’t play online games, etc., I do not need a computer with a hyperactive chip and motherboard.

    I could go on, but I think my meaning is clear.

    And, because I have always been a logophile, I don’t need or frequent those sites with lots of pretty pictures and animation.

  17. How about who is the oldest? I’m guessing most of the women here are mature enough not to be silly about revealing their age [as long as it’s not a problem for business reasons].



  18. “I have sought professional counsel (Not that kind, although it might not hurt.)”

    That reminds me of my all-time favorite Arlo & Janis strip.

    Arlo tells Janis about how he’s feeling down lately.

    Janis: “Maybe you should see someone.”

    Arlo: “I thought about that, but I decided it wasn’t a good idea. But that’s very open-minded of you.”


    Arlo: “Oh, you mean like a therapist.”

  19. By the way at 73 I am getting some “Why are you doing reconstruction of your breasts?” Flack or quizzical looks.

    It did not occur to Ghost or me that we not reconstruct them. We both enjoyed them although Ghost did tell me this week he liked the right one best. That’s the one I have for now.

  20. Nancy, how long were you hospitalized for this knee replacement? I was in as long as a week, and a friend was in [a LOT more recently, but with same surgeon & hospital] for only one day.

  21. Nancy: My hospital gig is Family Waiting Volunteer, Tuesdays, about 6hr outside the surgery suite, tending to families, partners, etc. of surgical patients. Last wk orthopod w/ longest waiting list was off goose-hunting, but he was there today, w/ his usual 4 or 5 scheduled surgeries, mostly knee, hip, shoulder replacements. Elaine got a new knee in her mid-70s, courtesy of the now retired orthopod that the above one replaced. Walking behind her 2-3 months after the surgery, I could see no evidence of the new joint. Hope yours goes equally well. Current orthopod [one of 4 + 1 visitor] mentioned has the best ‘bedside’ manner of any surgeon I know, or is maybe tied / that w/ a beloved general surgeon. Peace,

  22. Ghost is 71 to my 73. Still going for younger men at my age.

    I had surgery on Monday and was discharged on Friday morning for left knee replacement. My right knee was scheduled for next Monday and I wish to God it was still scheduled.

  23. Jimmy

    Just watching the Villagers enjoying themselves is doing something.

    I echo the feeling we need an edit button – but realize making it so only the original
    poster can edit may make it harder than what it is worth – all around.

    “All progress is change, but not all change is progress”.

    Be kind to us and concentrate on your “day job”.

  24. Happily I’ve reached the age of 84 in good health and my only problem is that a lot of my strength and agility has ebbed away. I didn’t have the sense (and will power) to keep exercising and walking. Now I’m sorry, of course; trying to do better. emb sure has the right idea, and so have you other Villagers.

    Dennis Ewing, do you mean that some idiot hit you and wrecked you up? That’s awful and I feel bad for you.

    Sleep well everyone, and wake up hopeful and feeling good.

    Good night Old Bear, and Debbe, and Jackie and Ghost; and Galiglo, Nancy Kirk, and Llee.

  25. Good morning Villagers…..

    Jean…we be the same age…and if I had known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.

    Miss the chicken house….kept me fit…getting a little belly fat on me now. Dad refuses to exercise. Next doctors appointment I am going to have the doc re-enlist him in physical therapy. Something I should be doing my self

    Miss Charlotte, thank you for your kind wishes.

    Hugs to all today 🙂

    Good evening Old Bear

  26. Good morning. Are there lurking Villagers in the 20 to 60 year range who hang around and read this but don’t post?

    If so would you at least come out and be counted so Jimmy will know you are there? You can step back in background again.

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