Two Rights Make a Wrong

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Here’s a workaday A&J from early 1994. I’ve always looked back upon my earlier drawing as unformed, developmental and sometimes just plain bad. This particular strip has nothing out of the ordinary to commend it: six talking heads, the middle panels just a close up of Arlo. However, I can’t help noticing it does have a certain cartoonish quality which is a good thing that is sometimes missing in the modern A&J. Arlo looks like a cartoon character. As for the argument he is making, it is one I have used myself—sometimes on myself—with results often the same.

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  1. I forgot to set my alarm yesterday, but woke up early anyway. As I was in the bathroom I heard my wife’s alarm go off, which she quickly hit snooze. However my alarm usually goes off 15 seconds later but it did not. When I explained this to my wife, she just shook her head and called me Sheldon Cooper.

    She had to get up early this morning, but my alarm went off at the scheduled time, We are creatures of habit.

  2. A rare continuity error in today’s strip. One frame one, Arlo is in stocking feet; in three, a moment later, he is wearing shoes! Reminds me of the Bill Mauldin comic of the carousing soldiers Willie and Joe. They have their arms on one another’s shoulders and are carrying bottles, and there are five hands for the two.

  3. Or is there a continuity error? There is actually a simple and logical explanation to explain the difference between what Arlo is wearing on his feet in panels one and panel three. Can you guess what it is?

  4. Happy Birthday, eMb!

    Arlo and Janis’ conversation about the shampoo is eerily reminiscent of several Husband and I have had. 🙂

    Debbe, on the surface Animaniacs is a kids’ cartoon, but some of the jokes are definitely for the adults watching.

  5. Ghost, there are a lot of Jack Daniels cake recipes on the net. The commercial ones we sold were baked in Bundt pan shapes, there was a large and a small size, like fruitcakes. We also had a rum cake and a Kahlua I think but for life of me I can’t remember because the Jack Daniels was the one I remember as it sold best.

    They baked the entire cake and then poured the bottle of whiskey into the baked cake, which absorbed it, plus it still oozed alcohol when you chewed it! Or swallowed?

    I looked on net and found similar but not exact same cake?

    Thinking about Bro Dave Gardner, who was young then too, and his routine about carrying a rose to Jack Daniels’ grave. Saw him, thought this was unique, had no idea about Jack Daniels. Never liked drinking much. But I remembered it.

    So saw an ad in New Yorker magazine for Lynchburg and the distillery, thought about Bro Dave and the grave story. So I drive from New Orleans to Lynchburg, TN with my mama and infant daughter in tow. This was before tourism hit them, long before.

    They were gracious, toured us around distillery, couldn’t believe I saw a print ad and drove there. Got home and they mailed me a signed copper plate etching of “Mrs. Bobo’s Boarding House”. And I think that is where the cake recipe originated?

    We used to serve Lynchburg Lemonade to customers for free, it got to where adults wouldn’t let a child taste anything we sold without asking if it had alcohol in it!

    Love, Jackie

  6. Not so sure about it being the colorist’s fault, Jackie. If you’ll look closely at his left foot in panel 3, you’ll see it has a ribbed sole and the outlines of his toes are not visible as they are in panel 1. I think it’s a shoe. My theory still accounts for that.

    I’ve been through Lynchburg several times, although not recently. I love ambling around the courthouse square and exploring the little stores for JD and other memorabilia. The local folks are always nice.

    An old Cold War-era joke of Bro. Dave’s was his answer to the question, where is the best place to be if a nuclear bomb goes off. “Any place,” he said, “where you can ask, ‘What was that?’”

  7. You are right, as always, Ghost. I had to blow up the cartoon to a larger size to even see the ribbing on bottom of the brown shoes. Geez, this is getting bad! First I couldn’t see the Mac Davis credit on bottom of yesterday, then couldn’t see the feet in today’s strip until you pointed it out!

    But, good thing is I learned you can use the magnifying glass to make the GoComics strips bigger and I have been having fits trying to read the dialog over on yahoo’s comic page. And forget the real newspapers. Yes, the strips are smaller or harder to read print or something!

    Not that I am getting bad vision or anything?

    Love, Jackie

  8. One last comment on Charles Manson’s alleged upcoming nuptials: His 26-year-old blushing (?) bride-to-be says she moved from Illinois to California seven years ago to be near him because she was initially attracted to him by his stand on environmental issues. Words fail me.

    For the prurient-minded out there (you know who you are), Manson is not entitled to “conjugal visits” and will not be eligible for parole again until 2027.

  9. Thank you, Ghost, for that tidbit which is why I was hoping he had been neutered. Now if they will just make sure they keep a Plexiglas barrier between her and him and make sure she isn’t carrying a specimen jar out in her purse.

    Talk about spawn of Satan!

    What happened to prisoners, especially mass murderers, giving up all rights?

    Love, Jackie

  10. I had somewhat that same thought, Jackie, although it revolved more around some prison social worker or bureaucrat deciding he or she or both were “entitled” to procreate and requiring the State of California to pay for an artificial insemination procedure.

    Cue the music from “The Boys from Brazil”.

  11. I seem to recall a cartoon in which Janis was the ember-victim, and she reacted by jumping up and yanking half her clothes off. I’m fairly sure I will remember that on longer than I will today’s. 😉

  12. Since I keep telling you all I have dated three mass murders from “good families” I thought I would link to the ancestral family home of one of them.

    He lived with his grandparents, as did I- my grandparents owned a plantation nearby his. After we were adults he fell in love with a married woman, apparently killed her husband first, then her and her roommate before committing suicide.

    He was good looking, charming, intelligent but totally messed up by the time I knew him even as college/high school students. The archetypical alcoholic Southern boy. Why the heck did I know so many of them? Patterned on William Faulkner characters!!!!

    Had he lived I would still favor the death penalty.

    Love, Jackie

  13. Glad to see all moved on in the Village. I’ve spent my day playing system engineer on the home network, should have taken more EE classes. 😉

  14. Entertained myself for awhile reading the trial records and appeals decisions on my second murderer from good family “date”. Seems he was an alcoholic and mentally ill too. I was wrong though, he only killed his father in law and shot his ex-wife (who I also knew) and mother in law without killing them.

    This would not be interesting were it not that his father is among the most famous coaches ever and in all the halls of fame. He coached Olympic champions, world record holders and went on coaching even after this scandal and tragedy.

    I thought of Ghost when I read the testimony of police officer who asked him why he had a knife in the back of his pants when arrested at murder scene. “Sometimes a gun doesn’t work.”

    Love, Jackie

  15. Well. The Internet threw away my comments. How rude. Quick recap – It’s cold. Debbie is crazier and braver than I for her line of work. Everyone stay toasty and safe tonight.

  16. GR6-

    Perhaps you don’t remember as well as you think- I believe it wasn’t an ember but a lizard scurrying out of the wood pile that caused Janis to shed her pants.

  17. I did it again so I will repeat.
    Hello officer. I’ll take $2.00 of regular and clean the windshield please.
    He’s 80. She’s 26. Couldn’t that be dangerous? If she dies, she dies. A joke that came over with Eric the Red. Thanks for the eggs, Debbe. They’ll be great with the huge package of bacon that I found in the other freezer today. 20 degrees tonight. What do you guys do with six feet of snow?

  18. We are at balmy 45, only going into mid 30’s tonight. Houston kid is probably having a fire going and bundled in layers if it is colder there than here!

  19. Oh yes. Never met Ted Bundy, who was arrested behind Oscar’s Restaurant in Pensacola, but I knew his attorneys and my wife dated one of them briefly, before me of course.

  20. EMB, I only hope that I can reach your number of birthday????anniversaries! Today I hit another bday. Only 31 more to go before I reach your current milestone. I had a great day today, spending it with one of my daughters and her husband. Just got back from a trip spending time with the other daughter and her husband at their home in Colorado. Pretty good days.

  21. Blinky the Wonder Wombat, I found you over on another of the comics blogs I was wandering through, along with a few others I recognized from here. Probably ancient sitings?

    Didn’t like any of them as much as the Village but did enjoy CIDU.

    Hang around please, your comments are good/interesting.

    Sweet dog sitter baked us a delicious lemon cake, made similarly to the Jack Daniels cake I was talking about, has lemonade type glaze poured into holes. My blood sugars are probably 300 by now!

    Good night all. ” Carry on, you’re all doing very well.” Award to those who can say where that quote is from.

    Love, Jackie

  22. sandcastler™ – And Loon’s thoughts on your generous offer? I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. (I *had* to say it. 🙂 )

    Dave in Austin – Happy birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful day.

    …And my neighbor seems to be singing his winter blues away. Guitar and vocal skills not helping mine.

  23. Good morning Villagers…..

    It was 32 degrees in the packing room yesterday…someone left the cooler door open, and did not turn the thermostat to at least 45….took two hours to warm that damn room up. And they laughed at my Carharts.

    And yes, Indy Mindy, I am crazy

    Jerry, never encounter six feet of snow, but about 10 years ago at Christmas time, we had 18 inches of the nasty stuff. Ian was supposed to go into town the morning it started snowing to get his driver’s license…..I told him we were not going anywhere…look out there. Call them, Mom, and I did….and they were closing. He didn’t get his license until spring 🙂


    GR 😉 do you have a recipe for rum balls?????

  24. Don’t think we will have any fall foliage this year,all the leaves are on the ground already. Well, not really but a lot are and trees had not begun turning much before cold and snow hit.

    I see one little patch of snow on neighbor’s roof.

    Deepest snow I ever saw was in mountains of PA where I went to boarding school. It would form huge drifts that stayed all winter and the maintenance men would tunnel from building to building, real tunnels with snow roofs you could see light through. Made this Southern girl extremely nervous!

    I remember it beginning to snow at Halloween and not stopping until after Easter, during which we had snow on ground continuously without seeing ground. If my memory serves (?) this was near town where Pete the Groundhog resides!

    Who else loves “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray?

    Love, Jackie

  25. When Husband left for work this morning at 6am the temp was a balmy 13F. By the time I got up at 7am it was up to 20F. The outside cats’ water bowl was a solid block of ice. I try not to complain because I don’t like the high summer heat and humidity (too hard for me to breathe in some days) but DANG it’s cold!

    The two winters I spent in South Dakota back in the 70s were interesting, if nothing else. Not quite six feet of snow, but close. That’s when I decided that no human should live in a place where you had to have a rope from the back door to the barn and tie yourself to it or get lost in the snow.

    Jackie, yes, I do love “Groundhog Day”!

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