Unfortunate Cookie

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When I sat down today to update this page, I thought it would be interesting to look back and see what A&J comic strip ran on this date in 2001. It was interesting. Actually, this cartoon appeared in newspapers Monday, Sept. 10, 2001. It was the beginning of a week-long story line about mortality and uncertainty. While not exactly predicting the horror of the next day, it’s creepy enough, don’t you think?

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  1. Yes, I remember reading this comic on that day. We had an afternoon delivery of the daily paper so I did not see the 9/11 comic until the late afternoon. I remember it all very well.

  2. I did not personally know anyone in the 9/11 attacks. I have never been to NYC. And every year, I watch the footage, and watch heroes weep for the lost, watch strangers become family, and I weep for the living and the lost. Many hugs to everyone today.

  3. Side: They wouldn’t have done anything different, and bin Laden did achieve many of his goals. [We don’t know what all of them were.] For instance, he hated democracy, and we are now a much less democratic nation.

    Mindy, I am from NYC, and wife and I were back once since 9/11/01, probably Jan. ’03. Visited G0, then a big hole with workers drilling and such. No known folks in the atrocity. Several Stuyvesantians who worked there died, all one or more generations younger than the class of ’47. The new Stuyvesant HS is only 2000′ from G0; students got to watch the whole thing, then walked home, some many miles / all ground transport was down. Some presumably ferried to Staten Island, eventually.

    SHS was a base of operations for a day or more, and students went to Brooklyn Tech for a few weeks until SHS was habitable again. I suspect some susceptible students still have mental health issues; after all, some TV watchers do. I do.

    A national tragedy made worse by many American responses.

  4. This has been a dark day for me.

    It was that way at work, too.

    Little laughter and banter today.

    Some talk about that day, all in somber and low voices.

    Tomorrow, the vast majority of the United States will have no thought at all about Sept. 11.

  5. I’m also from NYCity but have not been there since my mom’s funeral in ’81.

    As far as I know, I didn’t know any victims of 9/11, but a school friend has a son who lost three dozen of his closest buddies. Cannot say if the son was there and survived or was not present at all; I do know he was absolutely devastated to become so completely isolated so suddenly. Hope he has found a decent number of new friends – not that the old ones can ever be replaced fully.

  6. I’ve mentioned this before. I only mention it to say that there were lucky people that day. A friend of mine was the usual pilot on flight 93, but he was bumped by a more senior pilot to accommodate his vacation schedule.

  7. In today’s realtime cartoon, either Gene and ML have drowned and become fellow ghosts, or the gocomics.com colorist just didn’t get it.

    Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ My erratic (that’s erratic, not erotic) InterWebNet conection of the other day is now “hard bent” (AF slang for “broken) until Monday afternoon (estimated, by the same folks who broke it). I’m using my tablet “hot-spotted” to the InterWebNet via my smartphone for this, and due to the difficulty of posting links and a lack of time to do it this way, I’ll have to owe you some music links next week. ๐Ÿ™

    Did I recall correctly that you actually had a day off? Did you go crazy, a little? I hope. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Good morning Villagers….

    You’re up early GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ can you link up to my posting links? I too had difficulty finding Gene and ML in the water….that’s why I keep a magnifying glass next to my computer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yup, I took today off….just spent the last hour going through all of 2001’s A&J strips…some were so funny, like the one where Arlo is drinking his coffee and he brings up Gene’s coffee mug with the bug painted on the bottom and the fact he hadn’t seen it in years until now…..and good ole Janis said that the ceramic cup had been broken for years…..the look on Arlo’s face….I almost spit my coffee out ๐Ÿ™‚

    And how the Christmas tree confused Ludwig…he didn’t know whether he was outdoors or indoors. Mr. Johnson, your humor throughout all these years has never failed us here. Thank you.

    Don’t know quite what to do with myself today….really don’t feel like doing much. I think there may be some recliner time involved surfing for a good movie.

    Old Bear, thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the PBS special on the Civil War…my husband and BIL watched Thursday’s and last night’s shows.

    Since it’s going to be 45 degrees tonight, think I will be dragging out the sweatshirts…..

    …and I do recall where I was that fateful day….and there are other days something triggers that memory….my heart still aches for those who lost loved ones and the survivors, and the loved ones left behind.


  9. This actually happens at my hen house, especially since they are 1 1/2 years old….my Miss Prissies will ‘attack’ an egg when I hold it up to the cage. I will crumble it into the feeding trough, and they will eat shell and all……the shell is full of calcium. They have added shell to their feed, but evidently it’s not enough.


  10. Debbe: Enjoy your day – however! I awoke at just one/half hour later than my “work” time of awakening. I have been lounging in bed ever since… reading news, comics, A & J (!), and did some personal financial stuff. This afternoon will be laundry! Like other housework, that never stops!

    I am now trying to figure out how to tell my grandson that he has sponged long enough! Ah me…

  11. It’s called “tough love”, Gal. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Today was my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, and I was asked to say a few words to the group about my sister’s time as a class leader and my experiences with WW. I have heard that one of the secrets of public speaking is to imagine that everyone in your audience is stark naked. But, at a WW meeting…well, perhaps not the best plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can go to any links on my tablet you or others post here. Just so it’s not a link to a photo of a WW meeting at a nudist colony. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I see that Giada’s food show is coming on TV. Haven’t seen her in some time, so perhaps I should check out what’s new with her cleavage…uh, I mean, cuisine.

  13. Back when Janis wore the “Saucepan” hairstyle as depicted in the 9/10/01 cartoon here, it struck me as making her look unattractive, and I wondered why that was, given that when I compared how “long” her hair was with later variations of her short hairstyle, it was still about the same length in back (which was where I figured the difference was.) Finally, I was able to put my finger on it. The length of the top of her head was much shorter with the “Saucepan.” Compare how her head is drawn in a cartoon from earlier this year:


    Janis is much more attractive in the 2015 version, even though she is more than 13 years older. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. We once lived behind the Florida office of the American Sunbathing Association, now the American Association for Nude Recreation. Some of their discarded publications fell out of their trash and ended up in our yard. For the most part they were typical newsletters. I have often regretted not keeping the one picturing the finalists in the Miss Nude Chubby contest as a motivator to stay in shape.

    While I understand the philosophy behind nudism (and there’s definitely a difference between real nudists and people who like to strut around naked), it would not be the thing for me. With my fair skin the cost of sun screen would be prohibitive!

  15. Ah, the magazine of the ASA; that brings back memories, Ruth Anne. I’m so old, that was the most sought-after of the “dirty magazines” that someone was always smuggling into school back in junior high days. Heck, I’m so old, that served as our “sex education” class back then. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree that there’s a difference between those who practice nudism and those who are straight-out (no pun intended) exhibitionists, but those organized nudist groups did seem to have an awful lot of “beauty contests”. But perhaps they had just discovered what sells magazines. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I don’t understand why so many people choose to hold onto their anger, and not at least do their best to enjoy all the beauty they have in their lives; as this comic shows, you may never know when it will all be over.

  17. HELP! I found a black and white kitty in the woods. She came right to me and won’t leave me. I didn’t plan on keeping her, but I’ve been overruled. She will have a difficult time being accepted by Elvis, Cilla and Spunky, but she she is so friendly that I don’t think that they will have a choice. I am usually very good with names, but I need some suggestions. No cutie, sweetie, fluffy, but something that ends with an “e” sound. She is mostly white with black on her back and tail. She has black on her ears and top of her head. She has black around her left eye and down her nose.

  18. Jerry

    Flower names?
    Lily ?
    our Petunia is Tunie


    if you can get by with out the E
    Skeezix is a lost calf (cat) or long ago a baby on Walt Wallet’s door step.

  19. I was reading an e-book the other day and a character had a cat with a very odd, but appropriate name. The cat is a 19 pound pure-bread Main Coon, female and neutered. Her name is Attila the Nun.

    I am also happy to report that my sister’s cat, Riv, is doing much better. She’d lost over 40% of her weight, and needed a transfusion (30 ml, or 1 fluid oz) on Thursday. Friday morning she had a blockage removed and a resection to delete a constriction where her small intestine entered her colon. She’s now home, willing to eat, although she doesn’t like the special diet that most cats love, and able to get up and move around to a very small extent. She’s not out of the woods as yet, but we think that she has a map and is able to follow it.

  20. As a Riviera fan (the car) I like that name, but not for her. I’m glad to hear that Riv is doing well. Although it is not my choice, Sweetie seems to be in the lead at the moment. If I went with a character trait right now it would be Velcro. Any other suggestions?

  21. Jerry, if you use Alli people will think you’re saying Alley, not a pleasant association. Why not look up one of the name sites on the ‘Net for inspiration? When you have some ideas run them by the Village.

    Good luck. Funny, isn’t it? People adopt dogs, cats adopt people.

  22. Then again, I named my tortoise-shell cat after a purple light bulb, so I might not be your best choice for names. ?

    So yesterday, my very popular (with the human half of her clients, at least) veterinarian cousin got fired from her job after 30 years. (I do not know the story why, but I know there had been personality conflicts brewing for a while.) Earlier this evening, she boarded a plane for a 15 hour direct flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. She is going to spend a month as a vet in Kruger National Park. Her home already almost qualifies as a zoo, and she specializes in large animals and exotics, so she should feel right at home. However that has to be the most whirlwind turn of events I have ever personally heard of.

  23. Good morning Villagers…

    Jerry, when you described the kitten and the color of her ears tipped in black, the name Tippi came to my mind….as in Tippi Hedren…she is also an animal rights activist:


    I at one time had a ginger and white colored male cat with the tips of his ears colored in ginger, I named him Tipper. He was a big scardy cat,,,somehow he got outside and hasn’t been since. That was a few years ago though…he was a rescue cat. I hope he found a good home out here in the country.

    Did absolutely nothing yesterday, watched movies….one was with George Clooney in it called “The Descendants”. It was a very emotional movie, with some comedy in it. I cried.

    So it’s back to work…..and I’m working with ‘Skittles’.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Jerry, real quick before I have to leave (car is warming up)…be sure and have the kitten tested for feline leukemia and feline HIV….in all the years I’ve taken in rescue cats dumped out here and in the city, I had two that had the leukemia and HIV…..sadly, I had to put them to sleep.

  25. Debbe:

    “Skittles would be a good name for a calico cat.” I don’t understand why.

    Read the Wiki site / Tippi_Hedren. Lovely girl, good person, sad life. The last seems so common among actors, both genders, various orientations. Not that I’ve never seen sad lives in other occupations, but it seems more likely among the idolized. Although I’m moderately unipolar [medically controlled], when I reflect on my much blessed life, I don’t envy the rich and famous. If I won the lottery [not likely; I don’t gamble], I’d put some aside for the kids and start a foundation with the rest, with a secretary to keep off the parasites.

    Peace, emb

  26. Yesterday was a great day. My son Dan ran a marathon in Grand Rapids billed as a Last Chance to qualify for the 2016 Boston marathon. He needed to ran a 3:05, so he ran a very even 3:00 pace until mile 21 when he poured it on to the finish to run a 2:57:18! There have been several members of our family, including myself, that have run marathons and believe me to have enough gas in the tank to get FASTER that late in the race and at the pace is phenomenal. I told Dan that it might take several days to wipe the smile off his face…or mine!

    We then went over the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum as he was the only President that I ever shook hands with. The last time that I was there was when he died and I paid my respects to him. It was inexpensive and brought back a lot of memories.

  27. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    TV commericals are amazing. According to them, my physical fitness is assured if I wear a particular brand of socks; the world will be a wonderful place for today’s crop of toddlers, because Windows 10; and every car insurance is less expensive than every other car insurance. Amazing.

    I need to determine why my tablet can use my smartphone’s hot spot feature to connect to the InterWebNet, but my two laptops cannot. Perhaps because I still haven’t gotten around to updating them to that wonderful new OS?

  28. Just heard that a relative succumbed to glioblastoma only 10 weeks (or less) after it was found. That is one evil cancer. Now his widow must fight her own cancers – I think she has two different kinds simultaneously – without his support. Fortunately, their offspring do help out.

  29. c x-p: Thoughts and prayers. Reminds us that Joys and Concerns at BUMC this morning occur elsewhere. My kids and spice were all a great help LD weekend.

    Right now MPR is playing an instrumental version of “Watkins’ Ale.” Delightful, but misses the point. I’ll search.

    Peace, emb

  30. Watkins Ale

    That was a maid this other day
    And she must needs go forth to play.
    And as she walked, she sighed and said
    ”I am afraid to die a maid.”
    When that be heard a lad, what talk this maiden had,
    Where of he was full glad and did not spare
    To say ”Fair maid, I pray, wither go to today?”
    ”Good sir,” then did she say, ”What do you care?”
    ”For I will, without fail,
    Maiden give to you Watkins ale.”
    ”Watkins ale, sir,” quoth she,
    What is that, I pray you tell me?”

    ‘Tis sweeter far than sugar fine
    And pleasanter than Muscadine.
    And if you please fair maid to stay
    A little while to sport and play
    I will give you the same, Watkins ale called by name,
    Or else I were to blame, in truth fair maid.
    ”Good sir,” quoth she again, ”If you will take the pain,
    I shall it not refrain, nor be dismayed.”
    He took this maiden then aside
    And led her where she was not spied
    And told her many a pretty tale,
    And gave her well of Watkins ale.

    When he had done to her his will,
    They talked but what I shall not skill
    At last she said, ”Spare your tale,
    Give me some more of Watkins ale
    Or else I will not stay, for I must needs away,
    My mother bade me play, the time is past.
    Therefore, good sir,”, quoth she, ”if you have done with me.”
    ”Nay soft, fair maid,” quoth he again at last.
    Let us talk a little while.”
    With that the maiden began to smile.
    And said, ”Good sir, full well I know,
    Your ale I see runs very low.”

    This young man then, begin so blamed,
    Did blush as one being ashamed.
    He took her by the middle small,
    And gave her more of Watkins ale
    And said, ”Fair maid I pray, when you go forth to play,
    Remember what I say, walk not alone.”
    ”Nay soft,” said she again. ”I thank you for your pain,
    For fear of further stain, I must be gone.”
    ”Farewell maiden,” then quoth he;
    ”Adieu good sir,” again quoth she
    Thus they parted then at last,
    Till thrice three months were gone and passed.

    This maiden then fell very sick.
    Her maidenhead began to kick.
    Her color waxed wan and pale,
    With taking much of Watkins ale.
    I wish all maidens coy, that hear this pretty toy,
    Wherein most women’s joy, how they do sport.
    For surely Watkins ale, and if it be not stale,
    Will bring them to some bale, as hath report.
    New ale will make their bellies bowne,
    As trial by this same has shown.
    This proverb hath been taught in schools,
    It is no jesting with edged tools.

    Good maids and wives, I pardon crave,
    And lack not that which you would have.
    To blush it is a woman’s grace,
    And well becometh a maiden’s face.
    For women will refuse the thing that they would choose,
    So men should them excuse of thinking ill.
    Cat will after kind, all winkers are not blind,
    You maidens know my mind, say what you will.
    When you drink ale, beware the toast,
    For therein lies the danger most.
    If any here offended be,
    Then blame the author, blame not me.

  31. Well! That’s quite a poem (or song), emb, and I never saw or heard it before. Pretty funny. The ideas are familiar, needless to say. What IS Watkins Ale, a brand name? Though the style of the ballad long predates the use of brand names.

  32. Charlotte: It’s presumably se men, and I don’t know why the Watsons, but maybe it was once Watson’s, perhaps named for a legendary Lothario of Merry England. The ballad is presumably moral, because the sinful maid gets pregnant. [On top of Old Smoky, “It’s always the woman who pays.”] Watsons Ale much resembles “A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square” or the “Appalachian” folksong about “the brave volunteer”, the innocent girl, and the “nightingale singing.” [We’re not told if she gets pregnant, at least in any version I’ve heard.]

    As noted here before, nightingales are Old World thrushes that sing both day and night [not constantly]. The folksong came over by sail. Fortunately, nightingales did not; we’ve enough exotic introductions already.

    Peace, emb

  33. Good morning Villagers…..

    Emb…have you ever ate, tasted the candy ‘Skittles’? They come multicolored and flavored, as calicoes are mutl-colored…just a thought. Had a calico and her name was “Patches’. When I read Wiki on Tippi Hedren, I had forgot she was the mother of Melanie Griffith, who also leads a sad life, but she has one thing in her favor, that is if she is still married to him, Antonio Bandero!

    Sideburns, you are most welcome. When I sign off wishing all a blessed day, it’s not a habit, but a well intended wish.

    Jerry, the name Precious reminds me of Golem from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy….always saying “my Precious” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just as I expected….the teens didn’t clean up after themselves at work Saturday, so Dakota and I made up for it yesterday. He is a good kid when it’s just him and me. Ian say I am his muse.

    Monday morning…….

    …and ya’ll have a blessed one

  34. Mark, I watched the video on the two young girls putting a balloon near space…think of what they will be capable of doing in years to come. Very encouraging parenting there too.

  35. She woke us up this morning nibbling on our toes and, yes, she is sleeping with us. We still have not decided on a name, but we have checked with all of the neighbors and nobody claims her. She is not a ferrell cat. She is now ours and we can watch her all day. I have to go for now.

  36. Checking in from Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show and having a complete blast. Looking from bed at bay and the waves lapping below, hundreds of boats swinging at anchor anchor from my bed. I am in heaven.

    I think our noble leader of the village would understand. Wish you were here Jimmy.

    Love, Jackie

  37. Hey Jimmy, just stood up and looked out side window. There’s a red hulled schooner just like Arlo s about 100 feet from my balcony and three other classic schooners still there, a few yawls, a half dozen single masters. For last few nights I had hundreds anchored just hundreds of feet off my balcony.

    Go schooner men! Love Jackie

  38. Debbe: Thanks. I’ve not eaten Skittles, and don’t think I’ll put them on my bucket list. Precious didn’t ring that bell, but “My precious” would have brought Gollum to mind instantly. That Wiki photo of the young Tippi Hedren is one of the most attractive women I’ve seen posted here. De gustibus . . ..

    Thought today’s TIP would name the scientist, but the painting is simply titled, “Science is measurement.” Same painter did many nice birds; “Study of a penguin” is both accurate and cute as a mule.


    Peace, emb

  39. Jerry
    Well not reading other suggestions right now-

    A few from Harry Potter & Doctor Who or family

    Ginny – HP
    Amy – DW
    Rosie – DW HP & F
    Katy – GMIL
    Abby – MIL
    Annie BH & Orphan
    Emmy ?
    Minnie -Walt D
    Mickie _WD
    Elly Mae – Beverly Hillbillies (liked animals)
    Poppy – HP – flower
    Lovey – Just because
    Lizzy – ?
    Sally – ? Peanuts
    Tippy if she has different color on end of tail or ears.
    Menolly – Pern Series – Misunderstood teen – lived on her own
    though it may be too many syllables.

    Those are a few of the “E” names I thought of.

    Hugs to the little one.

  40. As I mentioned yesterday, my son Dan qualified for the Boston marathon with a time of 2:57:17. 20 years ago, I ran my fastest marathon with a time of 3:52:19 so he basically ran 2 minutes per mile faster than me.

    I am not sure if this picture will work, but here is Dan at the finish line. The woman making the international sign for a touchdown and leaping for joy is my wife and Dan’s mother.


  41. Old Bear, Thanks for the list. I like Tippy, but we haven’t agreed on a name yet although my wife says she will just call her Little Girl. I told her that’s fine for now, but it isn’t a name. The others (Elvis, Cilla and Spunky) are rapidly coming around to my surprise.

  42. Jerry: More possible names, extracted from a list I made. Published some in a column for the paper, others thought of since. Peace, emb

    The nine Muses are: Calliope (epic poetry and eloquence), Euterpe (music and lyric poetry), Erato (love poetry), Polyhymnia (oratory or sacred poetry), Clio (history), Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy), Terpsichore (choral song and dance), and Urania (astronomy). Each final “-e”, as in their mother Mnemosyne (and many other Greek words) sounds like the final “-y” in “comedy.”

    Got the idea of related “bemuses” from the pronunciation of apostrophe, a Greek word for a mark used to indicate possession. Got a laugh from the crowd at a dinner where several of us introduced honored guests at a retirement dinner. Here are some that might do for a female cat.

    Bemuses, selected, short, mostly ending in ee sound. CAPS = accented syllable, each final e = ee.

    APOStrophe, Bemuse of possession
    CaCOPHone, Bemuse of heavy metal music
    EPIPHane, Bemuse of sudden insight
    FacSIMile, Bemuse of plagiarism
    HERnia, Bemuse of overexertion
    MiSOGyne, Bemuse of male chauvinism
    MoNOTone, Bemuse of no-hitters (and of some notions of paradise)
    PaLINDrome, Bemuse of reflection
    PheROMone, Bemuse of attraction at a distance
    TheODice, Bemuse of rabbinic hair-splitting
    TheRAPe, Bemuse of psychoanalysis

  43. emb, did you forget CaTAStrophe? Bemuse of disasters.

    And while on the be’s, don’t forget the three bats in Pogo: Bewitched, Bothered and Bemildred.

  44. emb, you are so clever and funny! Mark, Catastrophe would be a good name for a cat, ‘cept it’s too long. The bats in Pogo are so funny, too. They are dressed as hobos (tramps) in the strip; gee, I haven’t thought of them in a long time.

  45. Charlotte: Neither had I.

    Mark: The 3 bats are great, but don’t sound Greek. I have CaTAStrophe, Bemuse of disasters someplace, perhaps in the longer list which I extracted above. But thanks.

    Peace, emb

  46. You could use Catastrophe, just call it Cat for short. Then, when others ask ‘Why, just Cat?’, tell them it’s short for Catastrophe. Then you’re one up!

    Peace, emb

  47. Apparently, they only came up with two opinions concerning men with beards over on TDS…love ’em or hate ’em. Actually kinda surprised they came up with that many.

  48. Good morning Villagers…

    Boy, do I have egg on my face!! My humble apologies Rick and Steve. Coffee, need more coffee.

    Long day yesterday…almost 10 hours. Teens showed up to do some work, they did very little. They did more clowning around than anythng. So, I sent them home.

    Jerry, my husband just suggested “Jinxie”….

    “Katmandu”….good one, now I’ll have that song in my head all day!!

    Emb, do remember the movie “Marnie”?….. with a young Sean Connery…she was beautiful and he so handsome.

    Gal…her loss….my gain ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, she does have some serious problems.

    Mark, thanks…not much on spelling or memory this early in the am….coffee, need more coffee.

    Gotta go….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day!

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