Unworkable solution



OK, many of you noticed that I snuck in a link yesterday to sorta pre-order. (Top of the page) That was my cutesy idea, to call it that. What you’d simply be doing is putting your name on a list to reserve one or more copies of the book when it comes out, hopefully in October. I’m not trying to stampede anyone—really, I’m not—but you might want to consider reserving a copy, because if the first run does sell out quickly, there is no assurance more books will be available before Christmas. There will be more books if the first run sells out quickly, make no mistake, but they might not be available until the first of the year.

Of course, the first run may not sell out quickly at all! Then, there’s no problem (for you!), and, as stated, there should be a book for everyone who wants one sooner or later. Feel no obligation to sorta pre-order, but if you wish to do so, operators are standing by.

I’m in something of a hurry this morning, but I can’t leave without wishing everyone on the east coast Good Luck! That’s a lot of people. We’ll all be following Hurricane Irene and your situation.