Vacation Week

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Vacation Week. That’s what we called the week of the Fourth where I grew up in Alabama. West Point Manufacturing Co., later WestPoint Pepperell, would close all the textile mills that week, and everyone took their paid vacation, including my father. If the family went out of town, we’d visit relatives. It was the only travel I knew at that time, and it was high adventure. I loved it. Some years, Daddy would elect to stay home and tackle some huge house-related maintenance project. Those were bad years. A lot of lucky kids got to go with their parents to Panama City, Florida, the “Redneck Riviera.” The local joke was, they’d have to clean the beaches of lint after “vacation week.”

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  1. There was a great strip about this being a “short week”. It is especially nice as many others are on vacation so the drive to work is easier and many of my customers are not calling or emailing me to interrupt me.

    Enjoy everyone.

  2. Debbe:

    ‘Emb….Sean Connery could read New York’s yellow pages to me and I would never get bored.’

    A bass? I’m guessing the answer is ‘Yes’, but am thinking the British accent probably helped. I am relatively notorious locally for a radio-announcer bass voice [some also detect what’s left of the NY accent]. Actually announced an evening classical record program on the college station on and off over several years; I’ve mentioned that here before.

    There’s a younger Ph.D. English prof, now retired perhaps, who makes me sound like a tenor, and who actually completed a BA in music a year or two ago. His senior recital was splendid; I wrote that up for the local daily.

  3. I was going to take an adventure vacation and go into a war zone where I could take pictures and maybe sell them to pay for the trip. But I decided that Chicago is just too hot and humid right now.

  4. Growing up in Houston, our big occasional “vacation” was going 50 miles away to Galveston sometimes. Vacation was just not a thing in my father’s life experiences he grew up with. I’ve made up for it and have arranged nice vacations for my wife and I. (Henry Ford/Greenfield Village, Key West/Bahamas, Nature Conservancy site in New Mexico, Route 66) But Galveston will still be forever my favorite place

  5. eMb, I would say Connery is more a baritone than a bass, but mostly it’s his lovely Scottish accent that catches my ear.

    When I was a child vacations were always spent visiting my mom’s parents. This was summers, Thanksgivings, Christmases, Columbus Day, any time I had more than two says out of school. And since that set of grandparents lived about an hour’s drive from Daddy’s parents, we spent a good bit of time there, too. I was an adult before I leaned that some people actually went places they didn’t have relatives for vacations.

  6. Since we lived in country with grandparents (which I continued to do most of my younger life) the relatives came to us. I got to really dislike visiting relatives who came and stayed and stayed and stayed, then packed cars full of “freebies” from country to take home with them.

    This has something to do with being stuck with the work, as female children were expected to wash dishes, cook, make beds, clean. Males were treated differently, which should have been a Life Lesson!

    Still annoys me when I hear the adult now visitors talk nostalgically about the vacations out on the farm.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Vacations in our house were to grandparents or a cabin near Florissant, Colorado. Trips to Colorado always meant bringing home bushels of peaches for canning. Those Colorado trips always lead to hard work when the trip was over.

  8. Wayne, sandcastler,

    I’ve been told that women don’t ALWAYS have sex on their minds (unlike the other half the population).

  9. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with visitors Jackie, but we used to go every summer to my great grandparents farm in Indiana and it wasn’t like that at all. Mom still worked hard taking care of us kids and helping Grandma and Grand daddy when she could. It was a farm with no running water so it was a challange for her. But there were still lots of good memories. Brushing my teeth by the fence next to the corn field was special, I can still smell the Morning Glories on the fence. Grand Daddy had a civil war cannonball with a handle welded to it that we used to play with on the porch rolling it along the warped small boards making a great BRRRRRP sound that irritated Grand Daddy no end so he would pitch the cannonball out into the yard. Only one memory that was bad that marked me for life, maybe some time I will tell it. Jackie you have probabley watched cats jump for fresh milk squirted through a side vent in a barn too.

  10. John in Richmond, love Galveston as well. We are keeping our sailboat there this summer as our “floating condo”…it’s nice to not have to drive back to Katy at night! 🙂

  11. Ghost – Actually I believe Angus is still at my old store, bothering my old crew. Someone got annoyed with his opening and closing of the walk-in freezer door and tried tightening the latch mechanism; that freezer died soon after. I do not think it a coincidence. He must like one of them better than me. If any of them start grousing about malfunctioning smoke alarms, I’ll know for sure. 🙂

  12. Trucker Ron: I loved the animation link. And I was surprised to learn that the artist is the son of Bil Keane. Art is art – no matter the form.

  13. Ahh summer! Thoughts of vacations at the beach, hamburgers sizzling on the grille, and the smell on another 10,000 acres of forest going up in flames.
    It looks like the southwest monsoons are going to arrive about a week to late to save one of the last pristine stretches of forest in the mountains I live in from burning. At least this one shouldn’t force evacuations in my town as it’s about 16 miles away with two recent burn scars between us and the flames.

    On to a better subject, my childhood vacations usually involved jeeping to 9000+ elevation and hiking or fishing crystal-clear mountain lakes.

  14. I first heard the term “Redneck Riviera” applied to the Lower Alabama area. That was back in the halcyon days of Kenny Stabler, the Pink Pony Pub and the Flora-Bama, etc. With the mega development of condos, the influx of snowbirds from the North, and other civilizing influences, perhaps that term doesn’t apply so much there anymore. Nor at Panama City, either, for that matter.

    The Pink Pony and the Flora-Bama are still there; haven’t seen Snake lately, though. The last time I did, he was about 60 and looked about 80. Too many nights spent closing down too many dive bars, I suppose.

  15. A couple of days ago, a phone book from Fair Point was left on my back steps; it’s much reduced from its glory days but does have the Yellow Pages. I was really touched that someone went to the trouble of going around the house; it’s ALWAYS been left out front before, often under the bushes or even right on the sidewalk. And we don’t see it’s out there, because we always come and go through the back door.

  16. Mindy/Indy, here’s hoping the current batch of storms doesn’t affect anyone adversely, and that includes you. We had the same couple of batches several hours ago; no damage as far as I know.

  17. It is common in a lot of industries to close the first week in July or the first 2 weeks in July for vacation. I know that car manufacturers used to close for vacation and to retool.

    I am an accountant (basically I do bookkeeping and tax returns, not audits) and I therefore know that that the jewelry industry closes the first 2 weeks in July, including the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the jewelry display box companies. Fabric swatch card co’s close the first week. Lighting fixture manufacturers close the first 2 weeks also. My husband’s special ed agency/school would close for a week between the end of school (which is the end of June in these parts) and the start of the summer program.

    It was a tradition to close for July 4th vacation so the first 2 weeks in July used to be the biggest vacation time.

  18. Good morning Villagers….

    Wooo hoooo…….you go Loon 🙂

    Let’s see….how I spent my summer vacation…

    Alright, seriously now, I’m operating on about 3 hours sleep….went to sleep way too early, been up since 11ish.

    It was a hot, humid, hostile day yesterday….I think Angus has been hanging out in the hen house. The boys had to replace 1200 feet of steel auger in one of the 40 feeding troughs in a 90 degree building yesterday afternoon…..not an easy task. Male testosterone over flowed….

    Going in early, going to sweep the front deck while it’s cool…..they forgot to put the feeding shoot back in place…about a ton and a half of feed goes through these augers per feeding time….so there’s about a ton of feed in the pit. Here’s the eerie part….had a nightmare the night before about the pit overflowing and it had reached the first step into the hen house….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..I’m looking forward to Thursday, a high of 75 degrees.

  19. Oooh..kay. so GoComics is posting a “Our recommendation” link now, and sliding in a little advertisement……on every strip I read it’s there.

  20. Debbe 😉 I don’t see the “recommendation” ad thing you mentioned. I did however get a big full-color ad for Victoria’s Secret sports bras this morning. (Symply quit your Fargone laughing, SF.) Some of those danged things list for almost $55. Seems a lot of money for one of Arlo’s “Kevlar” jiggle-killers.

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