Verse to Verser

Verse to Verser

February 18, 2000

I had to go and start this limerick contest. Predictably, I’m in a bind now. I gave an extra day to those of you who wanted to take a shot at it, and I must say there were some good efforts, some from familiar regulars. Good job, guys. And I’m going to give myself another 24 hours to come up with some weasel words to announce the “Arlo & Janis Poet Laureate for a Day.” Meanwhile, the contest remains open, and multiple entries are allowed. The above verse is perhaps my favorite A&J limerick, not so much for its poetic quality but for its sentiment. However, 20 years down the road, I’m not sure the sentiment is unassailable.

(Cartoonist’s note: I’m proud of our community here. I’m delighted so many visitors think of one another as friends. However, I don’t engage in a lot of personal discussion, because it seems to me there would be no end to it, and I would inevitably slight someone. Having said that, I want to wish our very special member Jackie best wishes as she recovers from surgery and struggles with myriad health issues. And thank you, Jackie, for your friendship over the years.)

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  1. Having just gotten home after 45 days hospitalization myself (back surgery with multiple complications), I feel for you Jackie; get better quick, OK?

    (And sorry if that sounds like a one-up attempt; I assure it is meant that way.)

  2. I’ll be honest…the moral support we have gotten from others, especially here, is one of the things that has kept us going. Thank you, Jimmy. Thank you all.

  3. The morning clock makes quite the clatter
    But stirs me not, it is no matter
    Soon I must cleave
    From my sheets to relieve
    The pressure in my swoll’n blatter

  4. I am not going to attempt the limerick challenge, but that strip reminds me of one of the That’s Jake strips from years back. Jake sits up in bed, bleary-eyed, and says something to the effect that the snooze button is the worst invention ever. ” I once slept 8 hours, 10 minutes at a time.”, is the punch line.

  5. Jimmy Johnson thank you. I still want to meet you in person you know! Your art and humor have truly supported me daily during these last seven often tough years.

    I know I am not alone, the Village has many others who love you for the same reasons. Much love.

  6. I don’t mean to throw hot water on Limericks, but I have never been a fan. It may have been the teacher that I had in High School, as she loved to push kids buttons. I was never any good at writing them. The only one that I came up with was “There once was a girl from Nantucket….” I don’t remember the rest!

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