Today’s classic Arlo & Janis comic strip is from Veterans Day, 2009, 10 years ago. For the record, Frank Buckles died in February, 2011. He was 110 years old. Now, we are living in a different era. There are many World War II veterans still living, but a 16-year-old who enlisted in 1945 would be 90 years old this year. My Uncle Kermit, my father’s youngest brother, died not long ago. He was the last of three brothers to pass away and a veteran of World War II and of the Korean War. Uncle Kermit was not a career man. He re-enlisted for Korea, and he once told me that my father, who possessed five battle stars from the European theater, threatened to kill him at the time. As it happened, Uncle Kermit survived both wars and my father’s displeasure to live a long and good life. For his funeral, the family requested a military detail, as was the old veteran’s due. After the service, my cousins and I thanked the young men who were there to represent the services, and we chatted with them briefly, but they were hurrying to their next appointment. Funerals such as my uncle’s were their regular assignment, and they told us they stayed very busy.