Victory Lap

We might as well stick with the cat cartoons for another day or so; this one is from 2004. I saw a short BBC documentary on Netflix the other night, about cats. It was called, “The Lion in Your Living Room.” Some of the things it told me about cats I already knew, and some I did not. At any rate, it was almost an hour-long video of beautiful cats and cute kittens and their weird behavior. The documentary did not say so directly, but it made clear that cats are not big fans of team sports. Speaking of, I have gone this far this year without mentioning college football here. Well, the rivalry season is upon us, and either that means something to you or it does not. As for me, I have my lucky shirt and my lucky cats (two of them!) lined up and ready to go.
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  1. I always seem to have a cat. I now own a ball cap that says Meow but no cat picture, just Meow and cat magic slippers with eyes, nose and whiskers. Cap and shoes black. With a touch of white.

  2. Speaking of black and white cats, went out in yard and Little Ghost was scooting up a cypress tree. A large cypress tree.

    Big Ghost, I hope you are enjoying your vacation and come back in a good mood. I noticed you scheduled it conveniently with election week should chaos break out. Are you deep in the woods in a bunker or just a nice B and B?

    Ashes has moved back into house, indicative of winter approaching. He’s my long haired blue.

    Figured it was time for more cat photos, videos and anecdotes. Antidotes and antidepressants. Keep posting Ludwig Jimmy.

  3. For the last few months, Gully has been feeling poorly, and his weight has dropped. At one point he was down to 5.94 pounds, but he’s come up to 6.2. His energy level has gone down to the point that when he goes out, all he wants to do is find a place to bask, and he’ll lie there until I pick him up and take him in. He doesn’t like being picked up, but he barely protests. Today, I put down a fresh can of food and he just took about four licks of it, so I called the vet. We’ll be seeing him later this morning, and I just hope that we’ll both be coming home.

  4. Me too. I had more than one cat develop fatty liver disease and waste away. We saved a couple with squirting a slush of pure meat baby food down constantly, meaning every hour or so I think with big hyper dermis sringe.

    One we put with feeding tube in his side and we kept him alive awhile but one made it to 18. The one that made to 18 seemed a goner but I just kept feeding and water.

    Will pray for the two of you Sideburns. Love.

  5. I saw that same documentary last night. Like you, it was stuff I already knew, but it was fun watching the kitties! 🙂

    My cats, one male and one female, came from the same litter. We thought it would be good for them to have a friend. Turns out, when they grow up, female cats want nothing to do with their male litter mates. I suspect it has something to do with the instinct to avoid inbreeding. Next time we’ll make sure both cats are the same sex or are, at the very least, from different litters.

    Sideburns, I hope your Gully is going to be okay.

  6. And sometimes they just knock the heck out of the ones they don’t like. I had one that bounced kittens off walls. I kept telling her they’d grow up bigger than her.

  7. Alas, I could tell Gully was in a bad way when he didn’t even try to fight when I put him in his carrier. His weight was down to 4.25 pounds, and he didn’t even move around on the scale. As I feared, it was time to say goodbye, and his last minutes were spent wrapped in a blanket on my lap, with both me and the vet petting him.

  8. Sideburns you have my sympathy. For years and years, no matter what, we never had to put a pet down. Now it has been 3 in a row, it is always difficult to do that, they are such good companions and we love them so. May the pain lessen with time, and nothing but good memories remain.

  9. Sideburns, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I have had several that had to go that route and some that went naturally. Whenever possible I have held and petted them during those last minutes. It never gets easier. Goodbye, Gully. I am sure you were a fine companion.

  10. Oh Sideburns, I am so sorry for you. Most of the time I actually love pets more than people. They love you without question or doubts. Much love and sympathy.

  11. Am I the only depressed poorly functioning Villager today?
    I missed both my medical appointments and found myself driving down the highway with knots in my stomach and crying from pure depression listening to Mark Knopler and Emy Lou Harris.over. I am not listening to news casts or commentary, I have avoided it to date, just reality hitting.

    Wish I had someone to talk to in truth.

  12. Jackie, if you are serious, call the local hospital for references to those skilled in listening and advising. Pronto.

    Sideburns, sorry to hear that news. I imagine more of us have seen similar things than have not, so many of us empathize – including me. Worst for me was a cat we had from kittenhood for about 17 years. She was a sweetie but did not survive severe kidney problems. 1-2 months afterwards, our other cat – inherited from my late FIL – went the same route.

    Presently, daughter has two of them aged 18, and one keeps alive only by hydration via hypodermic every day or two. They helped her over a severe life-hump, and she feels she is repaying them. The third one already died about a year ago; it had also been a helper.

  13. As I’ve told the despondent Democrats and any others who swallowed all the negative things attributed to “the Donald”:

    Don’t be so scared. The man is only the President-elect, not a king, dictator, or emperor. If he does anything too scary, all the Democrats and many of the Republicans in Congress are anxious to impeach him.

    President Obama was elected with Democratic majorities in both houses; we survived his forays into leftist schemes. We will survive Trump with Republican majorities in both houses.

  14. Guys, I have a psychiatrist physician, and yes, I am serious. One reason I empatize easily, I’ve been in everyone’s shoes before. Just took an antidepressant and got more flowers on clearance, even laughed with the clerk and manager who are friends.

    Fight this 24 hours a day seven days a week, just seldom admit it. Takes some kind of trauma usually to set it off, not unlike post traumatic stress syndrome. Guess the unthinkable did it. We survived Reagan and Carater and they were admired.

  15. Sideburns,
    My sympathy. The main reason I have no dogs is that I had to hold the last three, beautiful Labs, which died within five months time a couple of years ago. I’ve been there also.
    I hope you have your lucky cat and hat for Auburn’s very important game with Georgia Saturday.
    But, win or lose,It’s always great to be an Auburn Tiger! War Eagle!
    Take care of yourself. We all need you.
    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  16. Impeachment is easy to say but hard to do. As noted, the man hasn’t taken office yet, so we don’t need to rush to judgement. Besides, there was time enough for that before yesterday.

    Personally, I don’t think he will be able to keep the promises he made, but I do expect him to try. Perhaps he’ll surprise me.

  17. Lying on bed with diligent small dog licking foot and three cats hiding from each other. Sinks’ full of dirty dishes and kitchen table full of groceries not put away. Fridge requires cleaning, along with freezer so that can happen.

    Heck of a time to go broke! Markets looking bad.

    Just as I almost convinced myself to keep the old knee it suddenly went out on me tonight. Having trouble standing and almost went head first into empty tub. Back to plan A, have the surgery.

    Good night all. Love you all. By the way, Ghost Kitty is most outrageous of the pack, juvenile delinquent kitty but so adorable and loveable.

  18. Good morning Villagers…..

    Well, I did it…..applied for Social Security. I can still do some part time work, and the way it looks at the hen house, we’re only going to get in about to fifiteen hours a week due t the weather being cold. Talk about a life changing style here. Oh, well. Need to do some serious house cleaning anyway.

    Jackie, just what are you going to do with all that food???? Want come for supper 🙂

    Speaking of groceries…need to pick up a few things…need sugar to go with my coffee.

    My oven quit….looks like the crock post for beans….does a microwave cook cornbread? What so depressing, we’re semi comfortabel $ wise with the land and the homestead….but no cash flow.

    Now were is that box that I am to put all my trouble and worries into and turn it over to God?

    God bless us all.

  19. Jimmy, PBS had a great two-part program called “The Story of Cats.” Part two was broadcast last night. Covered evolution, migration, traits, skills, social habits, and domestication. Gets my Triple W Award: well worth watching.

    Sideburns, I’m so sorry you lost Gully. It is so hard to let them go.

    Jackie, I think many of us are feeling dazed and confused right now. We are just need to keep on keepin’ on. Please know that there is goodness and hope in every person you see today. And reschedule those appointments, girl!

    Thank youLost in A**2, for sharing your good, hopeful thoughts!

    Bless you, Debbe. You have the strength and sense of Eleanor Roosevelt.

  20. Jean: Thanks. After considering the recipe + one gulp notion, I’ll settle for a Taddy Porter, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, or Summit Pale Ale, not gulped, but savored with supper. Peace,

  21. Thanks Mark, encouraging. And my friends who do not support the shocking views of our new leader are pointing out that neither did popular vote and we are still the moral majority with ethics, kindness, manners, principles and faith so we must continue in that manner. That includes all the Villagers I feel.

    Unfortunately I live in a state where 65% of t he population feel differently. But I have always known that. I always feel like an episode of Green Acres minus the pig.

    Bless us and give us roast pork and squashfor lunch if I get the kitchen cleaned. Hot water corn bread and corn cakes can cook on top of stove in skillet, Debbe.

  22. Debbe I do believe that cornbread can be done in a nuker, but it is difficult to do right. For a better no oven baked treat get a bread machine. We have one that I have no idea where it came from and occasionally use when I get to craving for home made bread. Easy, no fuss, easy clean up, wonderful bread. We can eat a whole loaf, if I make a small one, in three days time. Ours is called The Bread Machine, made by Welbuilt.

  23. I have something sitting on counter I use every day which has oven, grill, convection all in one and bakes fantastic cornbread or anything else. Have not turned on stoves oven in three years. My daughter bought it with my money so it may not be cheap?

    If trying to utilize something you own, cornbread can be cooked in electric skillet with lid on. I have owned many microwaves since 1971 and have had no success baking or seriously cooking in one. Ditto bread machines. Corn bread cannot be made in one.

    If desperate and you own a cast iron dutch oven dig a hole in yard, burn down to coals, put oven with lid on it and pile coals on top lid. You can bake cornbread, biscuits, cobblers, some cakes and chicken and dumplings.

    In case of camping or loss of electricity and extension cords I am a good person to have along. I can even skin a deer and cut the meat, catch a fish and clean and cook it. Your situation hasn’t reached that yet however. Our ancestors never owned an oven. I recommend fried cornbread, better than baked but look up recipe, not same.

  24. Oh the skyline of Toronto
    Is somethin’ you’ll get onto
    But they say you’ve got to live there for a while
    ~Gordon Lightfoot

    Just trying to settle in. Feels awkward as hell being an exile.

  25. Anyone wanting a laugh, taking a soaking bubble and salts bath, got ready to get out and couldn’t. Pulled andr tugged and twisted almost an hour before I got out. Just like Janis all I could think of.

  26. Good grief, Jackie, that’s awful! You could hurt yourself trying so hard to get out! Better stick to showers until you get the knee replacement. I gave up the tub years ago — it was too hard to get out — have a sore knee; overweight but only 20 pounds or so, then. Less now

    You are a good sport to laugh about it. I’d probably be crying.

  27. I kept telling Dickens to go get someone, tell them Timmy had fallen down the well and go bark at window until someone noticed hint. He stayed faithfully at Mt side

  28. Sideburns – I have a senior kitty too. She drives me crazy, but I will hate the day I have to make the decision you did. Many hugs.

    And how many clocks did I change? One. I keep my phone and tablet (my alarms) on a 24 hour clock so I never confuse AM and PM. Noticed the car also had this option, and when I made the switch, discovered it was set wrong. I never set any of my electronics’ clocks, and the sole genuine alarm clock is in my office and only gets reset after an outage. (When it annoys me enough to reset it.) Battery operated clocks I have a plenty (including the drawer full of watches I never wear) are all stopped and have been for years. Yes, I am weird.

    Work still sucks.
    Peace for all

  29. Have two cheap [Timex and Amitron] watches. One is set / CDT, other CST. Have lost both directions; one has 3 buttons, other 4. When battery dies, take watch to jeweler, buy replacement batt., and have it installed and watch reset. Never travel far, so am well suited. Prius clock is on CDT always.


  30. Just left the Dwight Yokum concert, one of hardest working acts touring. He works harder than the Stones or Tina Turner, both hard acase. Kong of rockabilly and more rock than country

    My clothes reek of cigarette smoke but the show was fantastic.

  31. Yes, I came back. Who can remain silent at a time like this. Yes we survived tricky Dick, clumsy Ford, Bedtime for Bonzo, King Geprge the first and King George II, although when he was elected (his second term, having been appointed for his first term, I predicted that it would be impossible for the country to recover in eight years if ever. Well, remember that a compromise is a solution that makes no one happy and, as Rush said, the Red’s job was to make President Obama’s administration a failure. They did a great job. George Will’s column today blamed Hillary for everything that happened since 2001 including the destruction of Iraq, the alienation of millions of Muslims and the current Asian civil war where even a program can’t tell you who is fighting who or how many different factions are involved. He was no Trump fan prior to the election but, as today’s column shows, he was able to line up for the spoils within 24 hours. For those who say the Democrats are crybabies, read comments on Yahoo, but bring a bottle of glass cleaner.
    Sideburns, the picture was heartbreaking. I know that my little ones are not just cats, but my kids with intelligence, personalities and emotions.
    Jackie, I will try to send you my email address tomorrow. We need to talk.

  32. So I was wrong once again. I bet you can bake pies, cakes and Cookies too. Not first time I have been wrong!

    Do love my vegs steamed in microwave e.

  33. Since the Ghost isn’t here I will contribute a song Dwight played tonight, always a favorite of mine. It is hard to believe he is 60 years old. The hair is gray now but he looks as good as ever and rocks out like he was half that age. One of my favorite guitar men.

  34. Good morning Villager….

    Thank you Sandcastler for you service.

    And to all Veterans, I sincerely thank you for your service to our country….so that we can have the right to vote, the liberty to speak our thoughts, the right to bear arms, and the right to life….and the most important, the pursuit to happiness. Thank you for your dedicated service to this great country……Amen

    Hello, Jerry..been missing you!

    I’d forgot about deep frying cornbread….and yes, I do have a bread machine made by Regal. Need to dig it out. Forgot to pick up beans yesterday.

    SIDEBURNS, I am so sorry about Gully. Didn’t do much reading here yesterday. It hurts, I know, been there personally more than once. Many hugs my friend.

    Need to get ready for knocking some chicken poop off….great anger management 🙂

    Miss GR

    Love to all

    AND…SMIGZ, thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  35. emb
    on 11/10 at 10:11
    I’ll settle for a Taddy Porter, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, or Summit Pale Ale, not gulped, but savored with supper. Peace,

    I would add “Voyageur” Palisade Porter They are out of Grand Marais, MN.
    IMHO better than Guinness.

  36. sand, you are welcome. Next June will be 40 years since I got out of the Navy. Was one of the early all-volunteer companies at the Orlando NTC.

  37. I won’t bore you with the details, but I finally managed to escape 1955 and return back to the future.

    Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?

  38. Notes from WAY back
    Geezer – Geezher
    Curmudgeon Can be male or female?

    I use “Guys” indiscriminately especially mixed company.

    Debbe the worst speeders on the gravel road seem to be the
    delivery drivers – most drivers don’t realize they are driving on the same as marbles
    when driving on gravel.

    emb -I m still with Brooke – He writes”Illustrated Novels” not funny strips
    leaning towards Soap Opera

  39. More notes

    Jackie – I built a cat house with 4″ insulation all around.
    Port hole windows and 6″ round door –
    18 X 30 inside, counted 12 cats coming out –
    was warm at more than 30 below

    emb –
    Mn’ almost capital is St Peter – a lot of shenanigans were attached to that.
    Albany, NY was chosen because it was safe from attack by sea.

    Mantra – don’t put ANYTHING down. That doesn’t always work either-
    Spent time searching for a paper that ended up in my left hand.
    In my defense there were other things there at the time.

  40. GR6
    Try your Ruben w/ horseradish and Blue-cheese Dressing instead of Thousand Island
    Disappearing words

    Barn Burner = something fast or something “hot” meaning “cool”

    Popskull may be as high as NY or further.

    emd – love Log Drivers waltz – also Black Fly
    Also The Cat Came Back

    Trucker Ron – Studies prove you are correct about artificial sweeteners interfearing with good bacteria – you are more likely to loose weight using real cane sugar.

  41. GR6 I quit pipe smoking (less than a pack of ciggs in my life) after dropping corncob in chicken manure 2x in one day. Again habit not addiction.
    I like Phlash Phelps on 06 60’s SiriusXM Like Phlash Phelps on SiriusXM Channel 6 All 60s music.
    He’s been “every where”. Like his “City of The Day”. Place name relevant to news of the day,
    people call in to guess.

    Re Speeding
    Johnathan Winters did skit Officer “where’s the fire”
    Driver – “In your eyes officer, in your eyes”

  42. Political comment of the day:

    When my toddler grandsons throw a tantrum because I’m leaving their house, it’s cute. When college students and other young adults throw a tantrum because their political party’s leaving the White House, it’s pathetic.

  43. Just had family monuments cleaned (why did it take 60years the first time and 15 this time?)
    Added sons names and start date – expiration date later, maybe someone will appreciate it some day.

    GR6 08/16 is also our wedding anniversary
    I remember ads for sundress under $3.00 (that is correct)but then that was a days wage.

  44. emb
    On pronunciation don’t forget Mankato (Man Kay toe) heard Man kah too accent on the Man
    on national radio once.
    And Winona is Win o na not Why no na.
    Worcester ma has also been mangled.
    GR6 If stew or soup is too salty add Potato.
    Old trick, potato absorbs salt.

  45. To all my brother and sister veterans thank you for signing the blank check. While we are at it say a prayer of thanks for what the Merchant Marine did during WWII, a forgotten, hard job.

  46. Welcome back Ghost. Hope you had fun on your vacation. I know I would have. That is an adorabless flying pig out in my butterfly garden. Someday I expect to see him doing belly rolls and diving in the zinnias with the butterflies.

    Now Little Ghost, he is another character, the most outrageous kitty of them all.

  47. Isn’t “aptly yclept” redundant?

    Yep, add my thanks to those who served either willingly or via the draft. In particular, to those who went to ‘Nam, thanks to LBJ.

  48. Having brunch, good Southern girl food, grits, sugar free pecan pie and a Diet Coke. Wait did I refer to myself as a good girl? Probably am, the rest is an over active imagination and remote memories.

    Butterflies everywhere out there. It was the pigs who were dive bombing my office windows when I joined Facebook. I always said when pigs fly.

  49. I am reminded of the years my father was MIA. my earliest years until I was seven when his remains were found and he was officially declared dead. My grandmother never gave up hope, she would try to locate any Jack Hodgson she heard about in a newspaper. My whole life.
    My father is still in Italy in the military cemetery there.

    That is why I had to vote, for all who died that we and others remain able to do so. That and all the long lines who registered on the day I did, standing behind ropes, protected by Marshall’s and deputies armed with shotguns. I stood behind no ropes nor lines or paid a price to be able to vote.

    Thank you all for paying for me. Freedom isn’t free.

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