Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

I’m afraid there’s more truth in this 2009 A&J Sunday strip than I’d like to admit. By the way, did you know the comic panel Family Circus will celebrate its 15th anniversary next February? What’s that? You could have sworn Family Circus has been around longer than 15 years? You’re right. It has. The world’s most widely syndicated comic panel began publication Feb. 29, 1960, a “leap day,” hence it is coming up on its 15th “birthday.” It originally was named “Family Circle” because of the distinctive circular format, but the Women’s magazine Family Circle objected and the name was changed.

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  1. Re 9-4-19 retro cartoon: In the bottom center panel, Arlo should have checked on Janis rather than just waving at her, as she had apparently fallen onto her left side while hanging up clothes.
    OK, been up since Oh Dark-Thirty, sitting in a waiting room in Tulsa, no breakfast in solidarity with Jackie…that’s the best I could do. 🙂

  2. Once, my uncle came out of a cafe’s men’s room chuckling. I looked at him questioningly, and he told me someone had written on the wall next to the vending machine “Don’t buy this chewing guum; it tastes like rubber.”
    Yep, a nap it is.

  3. I love comic strip history tidbits and tributes. BTW, I highly recommend “Cartoon County” by Cullen Murphy. The son of Prince Valiant’s John Cullen Murphy tells about growing up in a Connecticut cartoonist enclave in the 1950s and ’60s. Fascinating.

  4. My late grandmother-in-law was born on Leap Day in 1896. Because turns of the century have no leap day, she did not have a true birthday until Leap Day 1904.

    She passed in 1999.

      • Correct. I didn’t mention it because she passed too early.

        I don’t remember the entire explanation, but I recall that the thousands need a 29th to keep the calendar synched with Earth’s orbit around Sol.

  5. In the G&S operetta “The Pirates of Penzance,” first produced in 1880, 21-yr old Fredric was apprenticed as a kid to the pirates until his 21st birthday, which he would reach [if Gilbert counted right] on 29 Feb. 1940. Not their best work but good; sometime in recent decades, someone did a Broadway version, which good Savoyards consider a disaster.

  6. Eating gluten lactose free plus low sugar low fat low carbs leaving out almost all fruits like peaches. Plums, apples, pears. Etc. Creates an interesting eating challenge. Not on any weird diet, just trying to eleminate all stuff that affects my gut.

    Naturally this is hard to shop locally like none. We usually make a once weekly stop for me in Tulsa at Sprouts but today I was too nauseated from my early morning test.

    Have not gotten Ghost into Trader Joe’s yet or Whole Foods. He does not like reading labels we have determined. Or browsing. I have to admit these type stores are overwhelming if it isn’t your style cooking or eating.

    • I don’t buy much in Whole Foods, but they have a smoked cheddar which beats Kraft and Sargento sliced cheese all hollow. They also have a shredded Italian cheese blend which is much better than that powdery stuff that passes for Parmesan. Good luck with your diet, Jackie. I told Ghost of something I have started using for my lunch while working. It is a meal replacement called Soylent which the Walmarts are selling here. It is 400 calories per bottle, vegetarian, no milk so it wouldn’t trip your lactose intolerance. The only varieties the Walmarts carry are Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Cafe (with caffeine). There are other flavors which you can buy direct or through Amazon.

  7. The video store strips remind me of a scene in The Holiday where Jack Black takes Kate Winslet to a Blockbuster and picks up various movies to explain the scores that were used. After her picks up The Graduate, the camera turns to Dustin Hoffman, who says ” I can’t go anywhere”.

    Returned to Jury Duty. Pace picked up then ground to a halt. They used video testimony which turned into some unplanned humor. One of the witnesses seemed to com out of the set of Duck Dynasty.

    Still waiting for Joe Pesci to march into the courtroom and quickly end this thing. I’d settle for Marisa Tomei at this point!

  8. Thanks Trucker. I am following Fodmap or trying to. I have followed it (or tried to) several times in past. It is even thought to be applicable to those with autoimmune diseases! I first heard of it from gastroenterologist, rheumatologist and endocrinologist but this time I put myself on it. Oncologist had never heard of it.

    Cancer and chemotherapy does a number on your digestive system!

  9. Mark is that Soylent drink like the Soylent Green potato chips Lays introduced?

    Fodmap includes so MANY vegetables and fruits offlimits because of their fermentation in your gut that most processed foods are off limits.

  10. Wish I knew how to copy and paste, i could join the club. I never click on stuff in Facebook Messenger and I seldom click on anything here. Maybe some do?

    • See if I have this: 1) highlight the address to be copied
      2) press ctrl and x
      3) go to new screen in which you want to paste the address noted
      4) on that new screen, at the desired place with the cursor, press ctrl and v

      Clearly, have the new screen available beforehand – different tab.

  11. eMb, I thought the same about F&E; it was a lot deeper than usual.

    Re: above comment: how can on get this place to allow indentations?

  12. If the 9CL baby’s parents remain that randy throughout the pregnancy, the little sprog will likely be delivered thinking it’s spent the previous nine months on a carnival ride.

  13. Brooke’s lead characters are always at it, his art is the sexiest around, but he never shows as much as a dot on a blouse. In the most explicit current panel, the reader’s view is from above Amos and Edda’s bed. All you see is the bottom of their sheet, with their bare feet sticking out, Edda’s outside, toes up, and Amos’s inside, toes down.
    Peace [piece?]

  14. It is so miserably hot in Oklahoma I am hiding in house until fall arrives. The fact I am miserable due to chemo and medication side effects is coincidental but it does allow me to be miserable in a/c.

  15. Staying in the AC here in Texas, too. Dawn is the only time that the temperature outside is tolerable– but as soon as the soon pops up, the temperature pops up, too. Lot’s of projects that I would like to work on a little bit, but too hot to do anything. :/

  16. Caption on t-shirt seen on InterWebNet today: If You Wear Cowboy Clothes Are You Ranch Dressing?

    In my case, no. I’ve adopted a more “Western style” of clothing since arriving in Oklahoma, although not from wanting to be “stylish”. At least to hear Jackie tell it, I look fairly good in Western jeans, but more importantly to me, I find jeans to be very comfortable trousers that can be anything from super casual to quite dressy, depending on what they are paired with. And no one was more surprised than I that I’ve found Western boots to be both nice looking and comfortable. This summer I’ve been wearing jeans and boots with short-sleeve sports shirts and ball caps. As the weather cools (if it every does around here), I’ll be keeping the jeans and boots and transitioning to long-sleeve dress shirts or Western shirts with sports coats or blazers. (I’m still thinking on a Western hat.) So no, no one is likely to confuse me with a real cowboy, notwithstanding the six-year-old boy I once encountered in Wally World here who exclaimed, “Look! A cowboy.” (I of course replied, “Howdy.”)

  17. 1) Ghost looks REALLY good in tight jeans. He has long legs and a really tight butt.

    2) it is still miserable in Oklahoma and so am I

    3) Staggered into kitchen and put pork roast in oven before we starve to death.

    4) If I WANTED to read/view 9Chickweed Lane I would do so I don’t and surely there is a discussion group somewhere else to “discuss* it and find those who do.

    5) This group is called Arlo and Janis for a reason.

    6) i am grouchy, irritable and downright irascible but right.

  18. Jackie, you have every reason to feel miserable and grouchy. I don’t read Chickweed Lane either, it’s annoying. Wishing you a good nights sleep and hope for a cooler day tomorrow. Sending love from NH. You can still write very expressively in spite of your discomfort; I can’t imagine how you manage to.

  19. I have had to be at jury duty at 9:30-10:00, so Friday I decided to attend Mass before going to the courthouse. As I entered, I walked to the font to bless myself with holy water when a parishioner stopped me. Apparently a bat had fallen into the don’t and was flopping around it. By the time Mass ended someone had somehow removed the poor creature.

  20. @curmudgeonly ex-professor : Small correction to your Friday post on copy & paste techniques:
    2) press ctrl and c (think of “c” standing for copy; when you press ctrl and x it cuts)

    • Judy/C – Thanks, but I admit I don’t understand what “cuts” means. I’ve been using “x”. Have I messed up the whole interwebnetcommune by doing so?

      • If your goal is to share something like a web address, the difference between “copy” and “cut” doesn’t really matter. It would matter if you were working from a document of your own creation. “Copy” does exactly that, leaving in place the copied text. “Cut” does copy the text so that you can “paste” it elsewhere but deletes it from the original location.

  21. How low can the bar go? Clean sheets. Shower and wash.my hair, go back to bed “nekkid” for a four hour nap. Clean pajama shorts and tee. Go ecplore kitchen for food in order to take opioids that dull pain but agitate gut causing different pain.

    Talk about walking in circles of boredom and apathy!

  22. c-ep
    Think of X as scissors – I try not to use it as if by error
    you copy twice before pasting the first copy is gone.
    I need a machine that can make multiple copies before pasting.

    • Look for a program that gives you a clipboard, holds the last several things you’ve copied or cut and lets you pick the one to use. I have one called Clipman that holds the last ten, plus the most recent image. It’s a Linux program, but if there’s not a Windows version, I’m sure you can find something similar.

  23. You all realize I have not touched anything but a phone in over 2 years? I own a brand new never used Apple expensive computer and five other new never used thing-ees like laptops and tablets?

    Traveling out to laundry room to wash something and search for pasta sauce to fake an eggplant parmesan. And I do mean fake! No garlic or onions on Fodmap or mushrooms. Tomato soup over Vietnamese rice noodles?

    Just read most fascinating article about Sir Jack Drummond who saved England from starvation during WWII, discovered and named Vitamins A, B, C and D, and was gruesomely murdered in France.

    Off to search for food that Ghost might eat that involves vegetables. He is not a vegan candidate!

  24. OB: I take it “the girls” are housecats who bring prey home. Cannot recall where you live. There may be a “Mammals of [state or region]” book that contains dichotomous keys to resident mammals. If no book is available for your state, one for an adjacent state would do. There are nation-wide field guides that may do the same. Also [and I’ve not checked] there may be similar keys available online. Are these long tailed critters with relatively large ear, or chunky ones with shorter tails and small ears? Lemme know what you find.


  25. Re 9-9-19 real-time cartoon: Yes, Janis, you are indeed a good little witch!
    This used to be the point at which Arlo would turn on the TV. Something must have changed. 🙂

  26. So we finally delivered the verdict yesterday morning. Had a fascinating discussion with the Judge in the case as to how we arrived at it. She thought that we did a great job and while they will probably appeal, our verdict was certainly fair. We did have a paralegal and she kind of led things. It was a breach of contract and it was obvious that both were in breach, but she kept claiming that we only had to be concerned with the first breach. I should have asked for the Judge’s opinion during deliberations but after the verdict she told us that we could have ruled that both breached and entitled to damages.

    So as soon as I could I went to the internet to learn the story behind the story and that made me feel better as the party that we asked to pay damages were running a pretty shady business. The judge did a good job of making that part inadmissible, because had we known that, we really would not have awarded them any damages.

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