Wallpaper and Cat Logic

I’m posting a two-fer today as a way of apologizing for being so irregular with posts lately. The first I chose because of the current A&J in newspapers and on GoComics. Yes, the technology has changed. The iPhone did exist when the above cartoon was drawn in 2008, but barely. The other is a cat cartoon, also from 2008, and one doesn’t need an excuse to run a cat cartoon, does one? Speaking of modern phones, my own recent migration from a flip phone as depicted above to a smart phone is well along. I’ve always made fun of people who sat around and fiddled with their phones, but I may have been unfair: they probably are still adjusting the settings! I’m doing all right, tough. Actually, my new Galaxy phone isn’t the first smart phone I have owned. Five years ago, I went to an iPhone. That did not end well. Today, I am much more resigned to the idea that the phone is the master, and I am its slave. We’re going to get along fine.

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  1. Life in Baton Rouge is slowly returning to normal after the Flood of 2016. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words. God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  2. Jimmy, hope you didn’t get the Galaxy Note. Like both rerun strips today. The first one kind of fits with today’s current strip too.

    I got the Galaxy 5. Yes, it’s two generations old, but it has a good track record and all the features I will need for a long time. And was much cheaper! — JJ

  3. I’m with JJ- we are never early adapters; we upgrade our phone whenever our plan allows it and we always choose the free offer- its usually a generation or two behind the current offering but it has proven, solid technology.

  4. I, personally, wouldn’t mind a cat cartoon every day! 🙂 I just ordered my second Ludwig T-Shirt. Completely wore the old one out! Should be here any day now. Now, when will we see the “coffee house cool” T-Shirt? I have a hole in my closet just crying out for one!

    I am one of those who fiddles with my phone all the time. My husband calls it my secondary brain because I wouldn’t be able to function without it. LOL

  5. Sideburns, Arlo said don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I just assumed Ludwig went to the hand that doesn’t provide the food.

    I hear you all on phones. I have had my current one going on 3 years now. Still works fine for both phone and reading books away from home. Good for GPS too. Go LG.

    Every now and then something happens that makes me think of what’s good about the internet. Like last night when Jackie had gotten her checkout dates wrong and had to leave without knowing where she would be staying next. She called me while driving and I was able to find a dog-friendly hotel very near where she was. Gave her the name and address, she put into GPS, and made it just before the desk clerk closed for the night.

  6. I’m doing good if I can remember to charge my phone, or even pick it up as I go out the door. My brothers and sisters have quit trying to call me on it. Don’t even think about sending me a text, I barely can read them, let alone answer them. Learning my cell phone just hasn’t been high on my priority list of things to do. Not a technophobe, I use skype for all outgoing calls at home, and magic jack for all incoming calls. Just don’t use the cell phone when I go out, and only cell service at home is off of my WiFi.

  7. I fought getting a smart phone for the longest time. There’s not really anything a smart phone does beyond phone calls and txting that I wouldn’t want to hold off on until I get to a real computer with a screen larger than 5 inches.

  8. Smartphone note.
    Euro hipsters are starting to go retro with smart flip phones or is that flip phones that are smart. Damn hard to be trendy when one is not a hipster.

    Cat note.
    Cats rule, so give them top billing.

  9. “Five years ago, I went to an iPhone.”

    Must have been an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 4, depending on the time of year you got it. It was about that time I acquired my first iPhone, a 4. I still have it, without wireless service, and basically use it as an iPod and a call-911-emgency-device. That was when several of us managers got what we called our “paranoia phones” because we got concerned that the company was “looking over our shoulders” when we used our then company-issued Blackberry phones to communicate with each other. (The BBs were indeed “enterprised” through a company server, for security purposes. Blow your logon three times, wipe your phone. And not “like with a cloth”.)

    I’ve told that story, but not the specific thing that launched our paranoia. One manager was in the IT director’s office one day when he had to step away from his desk for a few minutes. She casually glanced at the monitor on his desk and quickly realized he had it set up to alert him every time an email or text with his name in it (anywhere in it, not just in a header) came across the system. Hello, privately owned iPhone. (And this email is going out on a privately owned laptop using a mobile hot spot I carry in my computer bag.)

  10. I too get a few generations from new when I buy a phone. I bought the S3 when the S5 came out. I now have the S5. I have picked up an iPhone and hated it instantly. Of course it helped it was from the evil fruit. My S5 does every thing I need it t do as well as somethings I will never use. And if I have my way they will pry Windows 7 out of my cold dead hands.

  11. Ray, mine has replaced the paperback books I took everywhere to read when I was alone. Lighter, easier to handle one-handed (no holding pages open) and able to hold multiple books at one time. I had bought a B&N Nook e-reader first in the larger size, and find it too inconvenient except for reading at home.

  12. I use a Kindle Fire 7 inch that my spouse bought for me as a Christmas present in 2013. It has done rather well as a reader, emergency tablet, and music for the Salvation Army Corps I attend. It has been a long learning curve. Now if I can just get it to quit scrambling and dumping my music to my cloud storage. I almost have that problem whupped. Yes it is clunky compared to a smart phone, but the phone is harder to read and has less reading aid tricks than the Kindle. Still can’t beat paper books for some purposes.

  13. My boat is being left in hands of a true Luddie luddite with a land line with a cord, no cell phone, no texting, no technology. He does however understand traditional wooden boats and sail, rigging and hardware. Into simplicity. Sails without a motor. Steam bent all the beautiful wood on his boat and if I remember rightly it is recycled.

    Boat and wood are probably both recycled. This town is strange mix of technophobes and people who run CAD.

    Reason town oversold is film festival and the mill changeover which happens at same time. I need to leave, it is truly sold out now.

  14. Mark,
    I’ve been a hard core tablet user the last six years. This year I am find myself drifting back to tree books, just feels more natural. Several news articles imply this is a general trend amongst readers. Now if only someone would bring back good bookstores, miss the browsing.

  15. That is another thing this town is full of, books. Lots of used book stores and even new book shops, one with a writers group not comprised of housewives wanting to write romance novels. Sorry Steve, I know your wife is a real writer and published author so not personal poke.

    Walking out of marina I noticed a tiny free exchange library with a sign to take one, leave one. Not terribly high quality reading I noticed but real books, mostly paperbacks. I tell you the people here would fit right into Village and we here.

    Motel I stayed in last night had a sign “Beware of Gray Cat.” I asked housekeeper why? She said it was law, you had to warn if a dog or cat was on property. I am going back for a photo!

  16. Another reason I like using phone/e-reader is the adjustable font size. And I have yet to see a tree book that you can do that with. The older I get the more I appreciate large text. Most of what I read is not available in large print in the local library and I don’t want to pay big money for books I may read one time.

    I miss real book stores too, but it wasn’t electronic media that killed them off. It was a lack of readers combined with sky-high prices for new books. I don’t think there is a single independent book store in Tuscaloosa anymore. There is one paperback swap store that is hanging on by its fingernails and one B&N.

  17. I get a company phone and the IT guy does not like Eye-Phones and frankly neither do I. I like the fact that my daughter and wife can face-time, but my wife and I use Facebook video messenger when I’m gone for a few days or if there is something we need to share that requires a visual.

    I notice that my wife is always dumping photos to Google + and I have only dumped a few videos . I have SO many pictures of my grandson. The camera on it has 21 MP, so the quality is pretty good. I literally can count on one hand how many pictures that my parents took of me before I turned five years old. Even though I was out of work for much of the first year of my son’s life, we still have several books of pictures from that first year. I was the fifth of seven kids, but money was very tight back then. I’m still not sure how I could afford to take pictures of my son, but I am so glad that we did.

  18. I fully agree with Ray on phones. I have a “dumb’ phone, no wifi, nothing except calls and texts. I buy 60 minutes every 3 months and get 180, (very cheaply) which is plenty for me until I can get to my computer. I have enough texts to last the century and I don’t use data(?). I use my phone to call my son to fix my car, but don’t need it now after the accident that totaled my old car. I had a 1998 and opted for a 2015. My daughter-in-law’s daddy is head of fleet sales for a local car company and he finds me one, brings it to my house and I sign the papers on the kitchen table. Real no hassle car buying. I’ve done it twice in 20 years!

    Pax vobiscum.

  19. Taking off. Mixed emotions. Time to leave and say goodbye. Kyle says Oklahoma is under heat advisories and temperatures in 90s to 100.

    I am wearing a black sweater and white jeans here.

  20. Culling, just ran across this, which I had not opened, but should remember from the paper Pioneer.

    mycomicspage My Comics Page 01/25/2015

    JJ gets away with a lot. Brooke did the same thing in 9CL once. After a hug in WWII, gran [the singing spy] said, ‘I recognized your salute.’


  21. I have managed to do it again, drive over the highest and worse pass on I-90 in middle of night and some rain.. I need someone like my late husband to take my hands off the wheel. I am too irresponsibly impossible.

    Actually he didn’t let me drive if he was in car with me.

    No real idea where the heck I am except on East side of the mountains in Washington state. Guess I will find out in morning.

  22. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, now you have me worrying about you….please stay safe.

    GM, Old Bear…love your zen wisdoms 🙂

    Mark, thanks for thinking of me. Read the article too. Maybe this fox in the hen house should meet up with the Chicken King. Pray your ‘hump day’ goes well.

    I am cell phoneless and plan on staying that way. Got tired of dropped calls and the expense. Husband wants me to look into the Jitterbug….I don’t think so.

    Going in early, one unit (8 six hundred feet of belts of eggs) just stopped….gears are worn out, but we can still run it maybe for a day…got about 130 feet of eggs to bring in on top of today’s production. My Miss Prissies are still laying about 186 cases a day, and that’s a lot of yolk, folks.

    Happy Hump Day

  23. Sandy, if you like cat cartoons everyday, check out Breaking Cat News on Go Comics…you’ll love it. And they are real cats in Georgia Dunn’s life.

    Thank you for letting me share that with you….

  24. Debbe, last I heard from Jackie she had made it over the Snoqualmish Pass and was in a little town named Cle Elum, WA. Hope she found a nice place to recover from that trip since she said that pass was the worst she had to cross on her route.

  25. Many folks don’t know: an old cell phone can be used to call 911, even if you do not have a wireless company. Just keep it charged and put it where you might need it—in car, bottom of purse or briefcase, etc. My Mom kept one in a small pouch on her walker. Most people either have an old cell phone in a drawer or know someone who does, and many communities even collect and distribute them free to help keep their residents safe.

  26. The good news: an old cell phone can be used to call 911, even without a wireless plan.
    The bad news: you’ll have to tell the 911 where you are because their system is probably not yet set up to use the phone’s GPS info, even if you’re using the latest and greatest. Just saw a story on this. Most 911 systems won’t have that capability for at least another year.

  27. Jackie is fine physically more or less. Dickens and I ended up in the next town down the road as believe it or not all the over priced lower quality motels in first town sold out by 8 p m. Traveling with Dickens can be a challenge. I love the little Dickens and he is devoted to me.

    I am over the Cascades and spent night in a Motel 6 that takes dogs. I am not proud, I used to stay in Motel 6 and Motel 8 when that is what they cost! This is fourth one on trip to and from Canada to here and back. They all accept dogs so I know Dickens gets in.

    Have never slept on a futon but I suspect these beds are comparable to one.

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