Wash Cycle

This A&J from 1997 caught my eye this morning. For me, offbeat strips such as this are fun to think up and draw. Of course, it isn’t profound. It isn’t even “about” Arlo and Janis, but it works. It’s a good feeling for a cartoonist to reach the 19th hole feeling as if he got a good shot off even if the lie was in the wrong fairway.

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  1. Well, bachelors do laundry, too. Unless they are lucky enough to a find a domestic-type significant other who will do it for them. I’ve never been that lucky. 🙂

    Of course, a perhaps not well-known fact is that barracks life in the military will make one a damned fine “domestic engineer”.

  2. I feel the same about dishes, pots, and the like. If I cook, I am perfectly fine with serving out of the pot so as to avoid using a serving bowl. Perchance I am just feeding myself, I’ll eat out of the plastic left-over container, hot or cold.

    Probably learned that in my graduate research lab – all used glassware had to be cleaned thoroughly lest some missed trace of acid or base catalyze an unwanted reaction during its next usage. Using fewer pieces meant less clean up.

    For those who ask whether I ate out of my lab glassware [as the above might be interpreted], you may be surprised to read that I did exactly that. After all, I knew what had been used therein, and I also knew that I had cleaned the glassware for more thoroughly than any sink washing at home could possibly have done. In fact, I kept a case of cream of mushroom soup under my desk for quick lunches….

    Same idea as was rumored 50 yrs. ago about a very large chemical company: The Ph.D. chemists it hired were allowed to smoke while working, but only INSIDE their individual labs – not in the hallways! Theory was that a given researcher would not know what may have escaped another lab and be wafting around in the halls, but that same researcher would know exactly what was in the air in his/her own lab, and could judge whether or not lighting up was safe or an explosive mistake.

  3. During college I worked as a med tech at one of Louisiana’state Charity Hospitals. Similar to a MASH unit.

    We were allowed to eat and drink in lab and yes we used lab containers but something I did made them stop the practice. I was testing big beaker of spinal fluid iced down and drinking a Sprite over ice.

    You know which one I picked up and drank don’t you?

  4. ‘Why is it that for many people the three hardest word to say is “I don’t know”?’ Or, as c x-p wrote, ‘Beats me.’ Good science [and other] profs learn to say it early on, and are generally well respected for it.


  5. Jackie, Hannibal Lecter would be proud of you. (Charity in NOLA?)

    And actually, I rather enjoy washing dishes by hand. What other simple, mindless activity can give you as much pleasure in a job well done, not to mention a strong sense of accomplishment? Besides sex, I mean.

  6. Want to come cook with me? Food, coffee, tea or me?

    Oh wait, that was stew request wasn’t it? Bet you got that one a lot!

    Charity in Monroe which was a smaller chaos site but still chaos. I’d be running down hallway besides the gurney trying to get a blood type while in motion. I mean, we’d be drawing blood in operating room because no time to do before. Worse conditions I have ever seen in America.

    Patients were treated as sub human usually, I got babies named Jackie for me simply because I was kind and smiled a lot. No one was even humane to these poor people.

  7. I was told that Trans World Airlines stews (and they were still called that back then) would ask “Soda, coffee, or some of our TWA tea?”

    My sister was once a lab tech at a state-owned charity hospital, although it was called a “State Hospital” and not a “Charity Hospital”. The physicians were foreign-imports, but good docs; the nurses were well-qualified and dedicated; there was very little staff turn-over; and the patients were well cared for.

    Sadly, as was probably the case in Monroe, a disproportionate number of their maternity patients were 13-15 year-olds. A veteran L&D RN once told my sister (not unkindly) that when they were in labor and begging God and Jesus to help them, it wasn’t time yet. “But when they start yelling for their mamas to help them, you’d better grab a doctor.”

  8. Remind me to tell you my gruesome story about the maternity patient who leapt from my hands with tourniquet still on, slinging hypodermic out.

  9. I got a bill from the IRS yesterday. Although I used a software package to calculate my return, something obviously went wrong. I haven’t had time to look at it yet, but with what I was going through at the time, I don’t doubt it was on my end.

    On the bright side, they aren’t asking me to pay my $167,000 share of the Federal deficit.

  10. Mary Chapin Carpenter was really good concert tonight in Tahlequah at University and my seats were good, in fourth row orchestra on aisle so good acoustics and visibility too.
    She did a lot of new music from her album she is touring for but a few old ones as well.

    This was my favorite of the older ones. So true, so true. I like her lyrics.


    Ghost sweetie, she’s playing your song.

  11. Good morning Villagers

    Jackie, thank you thinking of me. I am sure that hugging Mark was a Kodak moment. And yes, hugs are good for the soul.

    Speaking of souls, thank you domaucan for educating me. I thought they were the same. God bless you too.

    Watched my tax dollars at work yesterday at the court house. I almost went nuts waiting, waiting and more waiting. Met the probation officer and then community service of 24 hours.

    And the purging has begun.

  12. Running again. Question: Is Mary Chapin Carpenter any kin to Harry Chapin? Don’t know that I’ve ever heard. Harry had some good songs also.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  13. Have Symply done two loads of wash this past week after having done none in the past year I believe….The Fish in “Gut n Fish” was in NC visiting Asheville with a friend for a few days and the sheets got changed n Sunday and I had a full load, no idea how that Fargone happened, in the hamper I did…..did ask Ms. Fish if I should, she sometimes does not want her machine touched if you now what I mean….I figure it is OK as she doesn’t try to ride my bikes either.

    A comment for JJ on today’s strip….Ms. Fish did not get it, needed explanation. I think it her sense of humor does not see humor in this “implied” situation of saying there are “more” deliveries to be made. Have to remember jokes about suggested “other women” are not funny here in the dismembered piscis household.

  14. Good morning. Just got call from Freedom Ford that my Honda Odyssey is repaired and detailed and I can pick her up with ready money as we used to say in South. A large sack of money.

    But I can return rental to Enterprise down there as well, just down highway.

    Very nice dealership with good service, which is why I switched to them. Got a personal call from owner himself to ask how I was doing after accident and offer help with insurance or replacing Trigger. Have bought multiple Fords from dealer here in town and not sure I have ever met him.

    Which is one reason I switched. They screwed up Trigger badly and I almost walked on deal for pure incompetence but I loved the truck.

  15. This is owner of dealership I am using now. He owns two, Patriot in Oklahoma city and Freedom here. Looks like large truck inventory if I have to replace Trigger.

    Bad news is I will have to get repairs done in Mississippi if Trigger is not totalled. If he is repaired I have a $500 deductible but if totalled I do not have gap insurance.


  16. I was driving home last and was making a Michigan U-turn. The two cars ahead of me proceeded unto the road but obviously the second SUV did not see the little Ford Fiesta speeding by and t-boned it. As I made my turn I did a quick look at both drivers were out of the car with vehicle damage, but nothing harmed to themselves. I was a little shaky driving home.

    As I was stopped in traffic, I realized that the accident was very much like the one that took my Mom’s life 32 years ago, except she was going 60 MPH and the truck that hit her had built up quite a bit of momentum. The driver of the vehicle that hit my Mom was high, but there is not real drug test that gets these drivers off the road.

    Later on the drive home I saw 4 cars crunched like an accordion on the freeway, which made me VERY careful driving home. It seams like a lot of drivers are weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. Sure they’re wearing seat-belts and the vehicles have airbags, but fatalities are inching up each year.

  17. Just after I was hit the other night, same night in fact, one of my friends in Florida lost his 19 year old son and his two best friend to similar accident. High speeds, no seat belts, went off curve, over compensated and multiple rolls, ejected and hit trees. All killed. Kids weRe popular, hardo working, in college, athletes.

    Life isn’t fair.

  18. Trucker Ron: Good point. I kind of feel the same thing about video games and the NFL. I was reading a discussion online and some fans think that the NFL is trying to curb celebrations too much and I, and many others, are sick and tired of a guy making a tackle and then dancing to call attention to himself. Obviously the dangerous driving is far more worse than the Madden game. I can just turn off my TV, but I have to share the road with the idiots.

    My heart aches for your friend in Florida. Losing a child is awful.

  19. My friend is a Florida voting election official and this period is a nightmare in his job. Now he will also associate it with his sons death, just as I do Christmas.

    As a florist, I know that when a horrible death associates with a holiday or recurring occasion it doubles the depression each year and brings back loss all over again.

  20. Jackie, my Mom was killed the day after my second wedding anniversary and my Dad died on my son’s 19th and Niece’s 18th birthday. My Father-in-law died around Father’s day, so I know what you mean

    Sideburns: A Michigan U-turn is instead of turning left, you turn right onto the divided highway and then turn left. That way you avoid oncoming traffic. Many of the those turns are also regulated by a light, so if you are driving on the divided highway, you will have two lights back to back. They are timed, so unless it is very busy you rarely have to stop twice.

    With navigation systems, it will tell you to get into the right lane in order to turn left. Before, you could possibly be in the left lane and blow pass your turn. If you have two divided highways crossing each other, then it is possible to turn from either spot. Here is wikipeia with pictures.


  21. The Natchez Trace has a low speed but it has been raised. Locals are cutting through at high speeds that the road won’t support. So we almost got broad sided by a high speed old truck who was angry at us.

    I am tired of all this and want a real vacation with no driving. Driving is not pleasant any more.

  22. I just realized; of all the times I’ve been to or through Texas, I believe it’s always been by air. I can’t remember ever driving there. So it would be an adventure.

  23. I just finished watching a HD video of Yula Wang performing Ravel Piano Concert in G, which in her case, means I watched her bouncing around on the piano bench in front of a Steinway. It was Grand. During the 3rd Movement (Presto), the skirt of her minidress was barely doing its job. Or perhaps was doing its job quite well, depending on her intentions and one’s point of view.

    One thing I noticed (her dress made it impossible not to) was how well developed Ms. Wang’s shoulders are. I suppose that goes with being a concert pianist. Coincidentally, when I saw P&PHS recently, I told her, “When I see a woman with shoulders like yours, I assume she’s either a competitive swimmer or a hair stylist.”

    “I know!” she exclaimed. “I look like a linebacker, don’t I?” And then, of course she had to pull down the front of her t-shirt to show them to me. Her shoulders, I mean. (For the record, P&PHS looks nothing at all like a linebacker.)

    Pro tip for guys: I’ve found that if you compliment a woman for a physical feature which she may feel is underappreciated, she will often seem compelled to give you a better view of it. As an example, admiring tans has led to some interesting displays of tanlines.

  24. emb
    Encountered them on Tonnely Ave in NJ – There really was no room for a left turn lane
    (Not room for 2 lanes actually – power poles 6″ from curb) so turn right then cross when light changed – before that left turns you sat in fast lane waiting for gap with traffic bearing down.
    Lights were not staggered so at red you sat – then waited till the other side cleared –
    all the while horns were blaring.
    The over 55 driving course recommends you drive around block rather than make a left turn
    across traffic.

    UPS uses computer to minimize left hand turns.

  25. Driving in Texas is always an Adventure. How much do you want to see?

    If they have a water tower or a football team I have been there. Because that used to mean they had a florist and designed football mums.

    Probably know where most barbque joints are still and could find edible food. Still know routes not on interstates and good Mexican places. Might find chicken fried steaks.

    Have you driven New Mexico? I have covered every inhabited place there as well as a floral sales road rep. And hiked and rafted and camped as well.

    In case the revolution occurred about then.

  26. Jackie
    Unless you have “new car insurance” it will cost a lot more than
    $500 to replace Trigger.
    Will the next be Trigger II or
    Butter Cup

  27. At this point I have no idea if Allstate will repair or total. I thought about that naming too. I got the Trigger from a friend posting Happy Trails to You for me with Roy singing.

    If they repair he stays Trigger but maybe Redoux or Too?

  28. Ghost, I REALLY need to go to Puget Sound and Port Townsend to check on Stella and progress on repairing her. Could you check weapons laws for more western States? Besides, it is a really neat town with great food and people. And history.

  29. Jackie

    How about Trigger 1.1
    Trigger Jr.

    That first horse should have been
    Buttermilk = Dale Evans
    Scout = Tonto
    Topper = Hopalong Cassidy
    Tony = Tom Mix
    Champion = Gene Autry
    Horse = Dudley Do-Right
    Flicka = Ken McLaughlin (show & book My Friend Flicka)
    Koko = Rex Allen

  30. Traveler = Robert E Lee
    Cincinnati = U.S. Grant

    John Wayne’s = “Duke”, “Starlight”, “Banner”, “Steel”, “Alamo”, “Dollar”,
    “Beau” and “Cochise”.

  31. I love cars or trucks named for horses. My last F150 was red but it’s name was Old Blue for the horse Lee Marvin rode as gunfighter in Cat Ballou.

  32. Returned from travels to be delighted with a daily feature straight from our window, amazing.

    Very doubtful I will catch up on almost two weeks of postings; kisses and hugs to the Village as appropriate or needed.

  33. Yay, Cubs. Believe my older son is a fan; became one when he was at Garrett-Evangelical Theol. Sem. in Evanston, Il.

    So Arlo and Ludwig know Janis w/b out soon? Is that the only point?


  34. embarrassed, the point is that Arlo and Ludwig are behaving like slovenly males eating soup and crackers, sharing it, picking their teeth, crackers and them thrown into sofa. The dryer stops and their behavior changes, they clean up their act and straighten up and fly right.

    It is a commentary on the effect of women on men and wild beasts, who without us would still be living in caves gnawing on bison bones.

    Let it not be said I do not understand Jimmy and the deep meaning behind his humor. And I can analyze it, which makes me unlike TDS. Which is why I never go there.

  35. Jimmy, today’s real-time strip hit home, especially the crumbs on Arlo. I will never understand men’s ability to produce and wear crumbs—it must be their superpower.

    Jackie, you wrote “In case the revolution occurred about then.” If it does, my contribution is knitting. I figure once the the supply of socks in stores wears out, I can barter handknit socks (as long as I stay in a cool climate!). 😉

    Old Bear, my Dad’s favorite cowboy was Tom Mix (Dad born in ’27). Thanks for letting me know what his horse’s name was! (And for the Sky King blast from the past!)

    Welcome back, sandcastler!

    emb, they are eating messily in the living room, but are safe from detection by Janis as long as they hear her hairdryer.

  36. Good morning and welcome back sand. Big news on my front is that I got hit in Trigger by a DWI going 90 mph to my 70 mph at 12.30 a.m. on interstate who then did hit and run and left her car blocking both lanes of interstate and most of my trucks rear gone. I kept truck straight and never lost control, broke a nail.

    Had I had my gun in cab I would have made a citizens arrest. Is there such a thing?

    Was driving Mark to his mom’s funeral as he does not have car. His nephew wrecked Mark’s suv after he gave it to brother who had moved mother to live with him.

  37. Point score Ghost. I ALWAYS gnaw on pork chop bones unless I am in a five star restaurant where either that finishing school kicks in or the pork is usually boneless for rest of world who didn’t learn how to eat fried chicken with knife and fork.

    Lewis Grizzard always said he didn’t eat anywhere fancier than Waffle House where he could gnaw on the bones.

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