Wave Rogue

Wave Rogue

September 15, 2002

Or being a cartoonist. Sometimes, this is what happens when I am on deadline and have to turn out a Sunday cartoon with no ideas. I simply begin doodling a drawing that interests me, and if I get lucky I keep doodling to the end and, voilà! I’m left with a usable comic strip. I know what you’re going to say. This method can produce a better result than many of my comics that begin with a fully formed idea. I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. I never saw this one either, Jimmy. It is a good one, and the little zinger that you have to look closely for really makes it. Thank you. And if you don’t get back here before next week, have a great weekend.

  2. I have been on the beach in Hawaii for the big waves and championship competition. Your art is phenomenal for accuracy all the way to end

    I love Ludwig expressing shock in last panel!

  3. Slightly off topic… over on Facebook, there are two schools of thought on why Mary Lou is suddenly blonde. One group says JJ does his own coloring and elected to have a new look for her. The other says the strip is colored by a third party that made an error, but one over which JJ has no control. Which is the definitive answer? Without such guidance, these things tens to spiral out of control on the internet…

    • From the blog in January 2018: There have been some interesting comments and questions about this colorization business. They’ve caused me to mull over the subject, and I realize I could write an essay. Maybe I will, but for now let me address a few points. I am, of course, referring to my bit of recent news that I am assuming the duties of coloring the daily A&J strips, something heretofore done by a third party provided by Andrews & McMeel Syndication. First, this really is no big deal. Most cartoonists already perform this task for themselves, indeed, would have it no other way. It is something I should have been doing all along. No one at the syndicate or elsewhere is making me do this. And I am not disgruntled with the colorization done on my behalf by others. I know there has been some colorful weirdness on occasion and perhaps a day-to-day sameness—think Arlo’s red shirt. However, let me emphasize: this all was on me. I hardly ever communicated instructions to a colorist, and I am a notorious deadline pusher. Rarely has there been much time for a colorist to exercise his chops. In fact, I appreciate all that has been done on my behalf by a long parade of anonymous toilers. Coloring the daily strips simply is something I’ve needed to take on for a long time, and now I have. I’ll talk more about color and its role in a general sense.

      • Thanks, Mark! Now, I can die a happy man. Of course, if JJ wants to weigh in on his decision to have Mary Lou go blonde, that would be interesting… especially given that the color appeared in the panel after Janis has told Gene not to do anything rash, and Gene is on the beach with a semi-topless blonde whose face cannot be seen.
        Yes, I realize this is fiction. The NSEA-Protector is just 3 1/2 inches long. Superman is attached to wires. But a peek into an artist’s mind is a rare thing, as when JJ toyed with ditching Janis’ ‘saucepan’ hairdo. And I do have a real life!

  4. Re 10-15-21 real-time cartoon: Is it National Tie Up Loose Ends Month? If so, let’s not forget Mary Lou’s sister. And Gus’s second wife. And Janis’s sister. And the Yorkie that barked at Arlo. And oh yeah, the schooner.

    • About Janis’s sister: I was looking at old strips recently and saw a mention of Janis’s sister. So I did some backtracking. Evidently the sister and her husband were breaking up and she asked if she could come live with Arlo & Janis, After Janis got the guestroom all ready, she realized that she had not heard anything further, So she called, Seems like the sister got back with the jerk of a husband and “had been meaning to call Janis” – !!! Janis was understandably royally ticked off! And sister said a few snarky things.

      Didn’t do any further research. They must still be bad at each other!

  5. This is a great comic. And I had to read the comments to get the last bit about Arlo losing his trunks. Now I’d love to see a similar comic, but with Janis – what would her bit of fun be? Or was that already covered with the “Torch Singer” series of strips?

  6. As Jackie mentioned earlier, she had a PET scan done this morning. We just received a report of the findings…no evidence of reoccurrence of her breast cancer and no evidence of metastatic disease.
    That’s no real surprise to me, as her all her blood test results have been consistency clean, including for cancer antigen 15-3. But it’s still good to have confirming evidence from a different diagnostic method.

  7. Odd.

    I posted a comment about the comic two days, and it appeared in the chain immediately. Now, it’s gone.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  8. Ghost, I copied your note above about Jackie and posted it to her Facebook page, which is still active. I also put it on the Arlo and Janis fan site so her FB friends can know how she is doing.

  9. Thank you JJ for letting me back into the Village.
    I would ask the Village to keep my friend Ron & his family in
    your thoughts, as he is now in Hospice Care.
    5 years ago he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.
    He has been going to Mayo Rochester and it was in remission.
    Many complicated thoughts right now-we have been best friends for over 56 years.

  10. Ghost and I cleaned and organized in kitchen tbis afternoon. Improving.

    My assignment tomorrow are the plastic containers and lids. The dreaded no lids to match curse.

    No matter how many you. Buy identical, no matter how much you pay $$……

    Where is there a lid that fits..??

  11. Jackie
    Many years ago hosted at a party (as a game) threw a bunch of
    mismatched containers in the middle of the floor – the winner was
    the person that could match up the most containers & lids.
    A good time was had by all. 🙂 🙂

  12. Well, I found the pricey lids but the plastic containers were missing!!!

    This is so annoying. I never throw away a lid or a container! Who is doing this?

    Ghost said I found far more than he expected but so many annoyed me.

  13. You are too hard on yourself. I, and everyone here appreciates your dedication to your creation. Always striving to be better. And there is much to be said for humility. I think a lot of people stick around here (your blog, and the strip) because you are humble, and authentic. Your writing and strip are excellent, whether it’s pre-planned or spur of the moment due to writer’s block.

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