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Water is tricky to draw. First, you turn on both the hot water and the cold and then stick your hand under it. When it feels just right, you plug the drain. When enough water has run into the tub, you sit down, and inevitably you’ll feel like you’re being boiled alive. Water is also tricky to depict. I was getting better at it when this cartoon ran in 1995. The wave in the first panel doesn’t look very convincing, but the foam in the last three panels looks about right. When drawing water (with a pen), less is more. Water is about negative space, what you don’t draw. That’s the way it is for me, anyway.

248 responses to “Wavering”

  1. Less is more. Drawing water literally can take a long time and may not advance the story. Fortunately you have 4 panels to make your point.

    Hitchcock and many of the directors of his error would not show the guts and gore, but would cut away just before, then show the reaction shot of the victim or someone observing. This created more fear and suspense as the imagination is a powerful tool.

    Today’s real time strip with the anvil is a good example.

  2. Negative space is what all forms of art are about. I learned this when I took up art form floral designing and competition design, which is based on “If you can sell it for an FTD arrangement, it isn’t art.” It was what you did with the negative space where you put nothing that the judges paid attention to.

    I think you are a good minimalist cartoonist but not to the point of it not being art, JJ.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Trapper Jean, this is in reply to your pink flamingos and VW Beetle. We lived in one of those Texas subdivisions with real homeowners and associations with rods up their rear axis. I had a fabulous front yard because I like to garden but we also had a sinkhole marsh in back yard discovered when the pool people refused to put in pool or decks.

    Husband said if I won Yard of the Mouth he was going to put a ripped up hammock between two pine trees, lay in it in a holey t-shirt and unshaven and throw beer cans into the nasturtiums.

    Maybe we should trade husbands (gasp) but I have moved over to your side and think a VW covered in morning glories would make a marvelous planter. I was going to use one of my husbands 23 foot boats for same purpose but he decided he’d just burn it up finally.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  4. Thanks for the tune, Jean dear. I’ve always liked Reba…and not just since she wore “that dress” to the awards ceremony. 😉

  5. Well Steve. in some neighborhoods I lived in “Yard of the Mouth” might fit it better.

    Last Houston subdivision the yard of the month kept being won by our resident drug dealers who must have been pretty high up based on cars and lovely home and yard.

    Darn, I am a nervous wreck! Keep waiting to hear from daughter on husband. Called mom in for breakfast several times, set her bacon and grease on fire and burned my fingers on left hand trying to deal with it.

    Mistyping is least of problems!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  6. I fell in tub like that last summer up on Mackinaw Island in antique hotel. Skinny tub, no hand rails. I am no longer skinny and got caught in bottom of tub. My daughter would not call security, drained water out and then dragged me out about how Janis is coming out.

    Last night I was thinking about old friends, stuff you do when you are too nervous to sleep.
    I really need to tell you about one of our past best friends who drowned his wife in a hotel bathroom, ending in a murder trial about as famous as OJ Simpson’s and has had several books written about it, a made for television movie and been the subject of American Justice and a lot of magazines and newspapers.

    Isn’t it funny what you think of lying in the dark? And Ghost, don’t you dare say anything about choice of friends! He and wife were most prominent socially and professionally in New Orleans. He killed her at a realtor’s convention in St. Louis.

    In fact, all the murderers and victims I think I have know (well maybe most) were socially prominent and they were crimes of financial gain for money or passion?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Re kinetic weapons yesterday—in Robert Heinlein’s “the Moon Is a Harsh Mistress,” the Moon colonist rebels fight against Earth by catapulting rocks down at it.

  8. Lily, “not my favorite…but like it fine” is a good description of my feelings about it too. I couldn’t get over having Mike the computer “die” at the end. I was a lot happier when he turned up again in that late novel when EVERYONE turned up. I only like happy endings. So sue me.

  9. I think I remember I asked a long time about how Mr. JJ draws water—a good answer (beginning got me too—what a kidder) at last! Danke! Negative space, eh—

  10. In reference to The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, one of the best lines is after Mike has been chucking rocks at the earth a while he asks if he should continue to target Chyenne Mt. When asked why, he says to the effect, ” Because it is no longer there”.

  11. So, thinking about wives being murdered while drowned in tub by husbands who make it look like a “slip and fall” accidental drowning sure looked on topic for Janis in the tub today.

    We had a homicidal circle of friends/acquaintances who seemed to consider insuring their wife a good business investment.

    By the way, I was surprised no one had mentioned Liberty Meadows yet.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. Cheyene Mt contains Norad command center and bunker in Colorado. Grew up during Cold War. Nuke proof supposedly, not rock proof appearently.

  13. Some of the beachscape scenes JJ drew during the “Gene and Mary Lou” reconnect arc (back when she was a scared, pregnant teenage girl) were downright beautiful. Although A&J tends to be more minimalist when it comes to background, JJ shows that we can draw with the best of them when need be.

    Frank Cho may draw purty women, but they are so objectified I find it a turn-off. Believe it or not, when he first started drawing “Liberty Meadows”, Brandy was much more reasonably proportioned. Now it seems every woman he draws is a refuge from the Playboy Mansion.

  14. I used to draw Vargas type women but in more of a cartoon style than he did. His were more like fine art, mine looked more like Jessica Rabbit. Since I was using these for window displays often, cartooning and exaggerated works better than real art. Mine were done on sheets of Foamboard, which is about the size of sheet rock or plywood, so they were a little bigger than real people. And curvier, plumper butts, etc. Then they were cut out like giant paper dolls.

    I did once produce a window of Japanese courtesans taking a floral design class and those were closer to being art. We took a antique print and replicated the backgrounds, furniture, rugs, everything including the clothing but in a mix of flat dimension and 3-D.

    This turned out to be quite sensational and a customer came to see it in middle of night, someone had forgotten to turn on spot lites, she got a flashlight out to use and our live cat who was sleeping on the mats got up and stretched.

    She said she was expecting the women to move next. I love cartooning and always have!

  15. Sounds great, Jackie. Wish I could have seen it.

    Blinky, it’s supposed to be funny, y’know. If you look at some of the drawing Frank displays in his blog, they aren’t Barbies at all

  16. Lily, I wish fairies had been popular then, I would have loved making them with all the wings and glitter. We used mixed mediums of fabrics, paint, actual objects to make them look real. We did a circus once with trapeze artists, tight rope walkers, wild animals, clowns.

    My favorite all time window display in the world was one I saw up in Tulsa after I moved here. The mannequins were rising from the masses of fall leaves as fairies or elfin folk and were totally “earth people” paved’ in leaves and mosses, just unbelievable!

    Window display is an art form and often uses cartooning to catch people’s attention. I admit to doing a lot of Betty Boop and Garfield but that was what people wanted to tie in to gift items for sale. Also Beatrix Potter characters.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  17. Lily, I’m pretty sure To sail beyond the Sunset is what I’m thinking of. We are just over the Colorado line from NM on our way to Loveland, so I can’t check. Both husband and I love RAH, own all of them, and re-read periodically. We too love Oscar. That’s a great ending where he’s waiting (in Paris I think) and Rufous finally turns up so they can go adventuring again. Do you have a favorite RAH?

  18. I used to do award winning display windows for some of the showrooms in the Dallas Market wholesale showrooms. I also had my own showroom in Houston for awhile, also did trade show displays and taught window display for awhile. Yes, window display people are very creative as are showroom display creations because that is what sells the products to the retail stores. Then the retail stores have to display it to sell it to the public consumer.

    And THAT is how I got offered a job at Mickey Mouse Land and the Walt Disney Parks in Orlando. And there is a definite connection to cartooning and the comics in all that!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. Jackie, I am learning to paint. The Boss Of My Life paints and draws, though not what I consider cartoons. The thing I love about her work (besides the ones she paints and draws of me!) is how creative her ideas are. Me, I am still copying things out of books and magazines.

  20. Lily, copying anything is how anyone learns an art form. I always say you need to be able to do the same things over and over and then you can start being creative and free form when you can produce something the same consistently.

    Think about Arlo and Janis. We wouldn’t like it if they looked different all the time.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. Happy 90th birthday (today) to President George Herbert Walker Bush…even if he did celebrate it by jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. 🙂

  22. Thanks, Lily. And I assume you are the one in the blue blouse showing off your belly button and not the one in the scarlet uniform showing off your medals. 😉

  23. I have always loved that Ludwig cartoon. I had a couple as friends who had an unneutered male Siamese who he swore he was NOT neutering until he yowled all night and the next and the next at some female. A yowling Siamese is some bad yowling.

    So he overcame his objections to neutering (which all men take seriously, I know) and asked me if I would drive them to my vets’ to be operated on (the cat) All the way there he told the cat he was going for an appendectomy, over and over and over!

    Same cat I was cat sitting when it ate one of my poinsettias and I had to get a bottle of milk of magnesia down to get him to throw up the poison from the plant. Did you know that a cat can spit medicine back at you, straight up in air like a fountain? We went through about quart and we STILL didn’t have it down him.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  24. By the way, when I posed for that portrait five years ago…crud, has it really been that long, I was only 23! But I was still shy of showing my tummy. Heck, I still am! Anyway, I didn’t pose with my short open like that, though we had been out four-wheeling and I was pretty disheveled. But The Boss Of My Life insisted on doing it that way – artistic license, she says – and that is the one thing almost everybody that sees that comments on. Weird!

  25. Good evening Villagers….

    Ya know, I clicked backed on the A%J link above and was about to ‘paste’ it and realized GR beat me to it. 🙂

    It was a great strip….

    Wanna hear a funny true story?

    Today at work, the three amigos (Ian, Andrew and 15 year old Dakota) came in from the hen house. We’ve had two augers go out in the past 36 hours…..

    Anywho, Ian hollers at me while I’m packing and says “Mom, what’s that on the floor beside you/” I looked…and it’s a dang earthworm, then he diverts my attention and says “there’s another one behind you, and look there’s one on the egg tray!!” I started to panic…where and what were they doing inside the packing room. I asked where did they come from…they started grinning…and I said “Ian…where did they come from?” “And if you don’t tell me soon, I’m going to call the Boss man and tell him we’ve got worms!”

    Then I realized what I said and what an opened ended question it left me in….I quickly added…ready?…I know we have worms because I saw Dakota dragging his butt across the concrete floor…..”

    OK…guess you had to be there. Seems Dakota had been fishing the night before and stashed his can of worms in the cooler….it was a good laugh…took the anxiety down a few notches……

    But this is the best part….they decided to feed the worms to Cogburn and Junior….and they ate them……ah, the simple things in life to a simple creature.

    Sleep tight tonight…..

  26. Trucker Ron….I do remember that Bug’s cartoon….Hanzel and Gretal…..and didn’t she laugh like the wicked witch of the East at the end of Bug’s comment?

  27. Lily, I don’t know why, but female belly buttons are sexy. Usually.

    And unless TBIYL took further artistic license with your belly button, it appears yours is an “innie” as opposed to an “outie”.

  28. Debbe: Wicked Witch of the East’s laugh? We never get to hear her laugh, since she’s dead when we first encounter her because Dorothy’s windblown house had landed on her. [One thing that the ding-dong movie got right in the story.] As a 10 year old or so, I was disappointed at the liberties taken by the creators of the movie [as I was decades later at the Broadway version of G&S’s The Pirates of Penzance].

  29. Debbe, That is a great funny story about the three amigos and the earthworms! One of my daughters has four hens, who lay lovely eggs (she gives me some too) and she gives the hens worms … they love them. In the winter she has actually bought freeze-dried worms for her hens, and apparently they do go for them!

    e m b, I don’t remember if I was bothered by the changes in the Oz story; I never saw the movie until I was grown up. But I have really hated what Hollywood and TV have done to some of my favorite books! And I remember seeing a TV production of The Gondoliers (a favorite of mine) that was just awful.

    I noticed that you recently said you had been compared to Eeyore in the Pooh books; that had been in my mind too! Eeyore is a lovable character in spite of his grumpiness.

  30. Ghost: No way: My daddy spent a ton of $$$ to get my abdominal scar and belly button to just like it is today, and I am *never* getting anything pierced besides my two ears that have been pierced since I was 14!

  31. I’m of the “Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate” generation. That was printed on machine-readable cards issued by schools, businesses, and government agencies which we were required to fill out by filling in spots with a #2 pencil.

  32. Good morning Villagers…

    RE: today’s strip…and the suspense keeps building, and you, GR 😉 telling him to hold out for a bottle of Petite Sirah. 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

    It’s PAYDAY!!!!

  33. Emb…I don’t recall her (Wicked Witch of the East) laughing, but I do recall her cackling or something to that effect (I’ll get you my pretty and your dog too)….and Eeyore is my favorite out of the Pooh stories 🙂

  34. Galliglo and Bill: Thanks for Walt Kelly strips.

    Debbe: That was the Wicked Witch of the West [the yellow land of the Winkies], at least in the book. In the book, we also get to meet the kindly, plump Good Witch of the North, and later Glinda, the beautiful Good Witch of the South. The dumb movie conflated the two, and also got the color of the slippers wrong. Fie!

    I just got back from a stimulating 4-day Summer Theology Workshop, and have been listening in the Prius to CDs of Bart Ehrman’s lectures on conflicts in the church in the first few centuries CE, from the Great Courses outfit. Good stuff.

    Peace, emb

  35. Gal, it may not shock you to know that “Highlight-the-more-interesting-parts” is one of those cartoons that is included in my personal collection. It’s also one of those I still can’t believe that Jimmy got past the editors. Well, at least Arlo said “interesting parts” and not “naughty bits.” 🙂

  36. GR6, I knew a long legged blonde who drove a white Corvette. Her vanity plate read, “ALL TAN.” 🙂 I knew another who owned a beige Corvette and had pale naughty bits. 🙂

  37. Never cared for the term “naughty bits”, especially as it is usually applied to breasts. Never saw them as “naughty”, I guess…

  38. In our family we consider the 13th a lucky day, as we got married on Friday the 13th, one daughter and two grandchildren born then, one daughter who was an individualist refusing to be born on the 13th and arriving a few minutes past midnight on the 14th.

    I just reread a long list of posts here and based on the diverse occupations that I know of, the personal quirks I can see, how the heck does anyone expect us to concur on a topic and stay on it? Even if we all agree we love A and J and JJ, which I think we do.

    Am personally enjoying this little thread/arc in strip. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  39. To be truthful, except the one I “own” my boating blogs have gotten boring, they are staying on topic too rigidly and never lose their sense of directions and drift to unknown lands. A friend of mine says that is because the “quirkiness” was often me and my 88 year old webmaster/friend (X-Air Force and FAA retired) and a few other “quirks” who are aging or health retired.

    Unique people and subjects interests me. I don’t have to agree, just be interested.

    By the way, I love “Monty” also and Fleshy, the cat. Who is now playing Chupacabra to the rich weird little kid and the butler. Another classic twist on plots.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  40. Daughter who refused to be born on the 13th and held out for 14th just pointed out her dad had his lung removed on 13th and that my second grandchild was actually due on 13th but chose to arrive early, so both my children and all three of my grandchildren were supposed to have arrived on the 13th.

    So, lucky 13th.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. Daughter who is almost 40 grew up on CCWR and knows every song because mom is a R and R nutcase (me) She told me that there is a phenomenal full moon tonight that won’t happen for another 49 years and none of us will be here for that one. So, go outside and see it!

    When Mike my husband was stuck in the Everglades, it was the Super Moon that returned the water that had all been blown out of Florida Bay by the winds. So, moons are magical in many ways.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  42. Forgot the ULTIMATE female ancestor’s’ name I found yesterday, America Louisiana_______Born in 1850’s. I had never heard this one and I knew there was a Louisiana. This may be one and same?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. Awwwwww. For me, Lily? Thanks. I’m not entirely in love with all the women portrayed, but I certainly can’t fault their midriffs and/or belly buttons. All of which are examples of the types I find sexy.

    Scar or no scar, I’m sure yours is too. 🙂

  44. Jackie, I don’t have time to look it up, but I believe I heard the deal on tonight’s full moon is it’s the last one to fall on a Friday the 13th until 2049. And speak for yourself…I plan on being around to see it.

    Perhaps Lily will use one of her Social Security checks to buy me a drink. 🙂

  45. Dear Lilyblack, please do click on the link that Bill in Paducah sent, for half a dozen Pogo comic strips that will amuse you and give you an idea of why Pogo is so likeable. It’s on this page, earlier in the day (days?)

    Bill in Paducah, thank you ever so much for posting this link. I am so fond of Pogo, and these are nice samples.

    Dear Jackie Monies, your ancestor’s name is truly remarkable. I wonder how long she lived? And I wonder if she had a nickname? This popped into my mind: Ammy Lou. You think maybe?

  46. There was an “Aunt Lou” and her real name was Louisiana. The only America was the baby in the Billy Lett’s novel that was born in the Walmart that got made into movie.

    I had an uncle John George who story was that he got named by the U.S. Census taker because he had no name other than “baby”.

    I will see if I can find more on the America Louisiana one tonight.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  47. eMb – If memory serves, they tried to film silver slippers, but they gave too much glare for the cameras of the day. (The clash of red shoes and blue gingham has ALWAYS bugged me.) If anyone makes it that way, go to Liberal, Kansas and visit the “unofficial official” home to the Wizard of Oz film. There is an annual “Oz-fest” and most of the Munchkin actors made it there at one point or another. An elderly couple used found items to recreate scenes from the film. Before they retired, it took several semi trailers to move everything. It is now on permanent display in Liberal, along with the miniature house prop that spun in the twister in the film. Fun stuff. The day I stopped, “Uncle Henry” gave the tour as “Dorothy” was still in school. 🙂

  48. Don’t forget to display your US flag tomorrow for Flag Day. What’s that you say? You don’t have a flag to display. Well, get one and display it, for crying out loud.

  49. Ghost – I’ve never had a proper way of displaying a real flag; however, I have a flag window decal that I’ve had since elementy school that I have faithfully transported and have hung in every place I have ever lived. When the day finally comes when I can display a “official” flag, I fully intend to keep my decal.

    Which brings up a point of severe debate amongst my friends and I: are all those flag printed shirts and “4th of July” merchandise in violation of the flag code or not? I say yes, and refuse to buy any of it.

    (i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkin or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.

  50. As a matter of fact…I have red, white and blue, stars and strips flags and stars garland hanging on an entrance door and my pass through, which I have placed on it a white, milk glass ‘vase’…my flag,,

  51. Lady Mindy, I totally agree with you on the flag issue. But I think displaying red, white and blue colors in a tasteful way is fine.

  52. Ghost – I have no problem with displays of red, white, and blue. I just get annoyed with the image of the flag being used like a logo. Old Navy is probably the worst offender.

  53. Flag code – an easy way to set off a rant at my house. (Not me, my husband.) Those giant flags that get carried by a crowd at NASCAR races and other events really get to him because the flag is supposed to be higher than its surroundings (or something like that).

    Besides displaying our flags tomorrow, we’re all supposed to go outside and sing the national anthem at 4 pm EDT in celebration of its 200th anniversary. Better start warming up now! http://anthemforamerica.smithsonian.com/

  54. Yeah, Lady Mindy; I got that and agree.

    But the way I sing would be neither a worthy salute to the US Flag nor an honor to our National Anthem, I’m afraid. 🙂

  55. Ghost Rider 6, but like the way I sing in church, it’s the honor and respect i show by singing. It’s not about me.

    By the way, with the discussion of comic strip women over the last couple of days, have any of you ever read The Spirit by Will Eisner? He was very good at drawing sexy women and made many of them strong characters who drove the action in the comic.

  56. Ghost: “Yeah, men are such little boys, aren’t they?”

    In Act II of G&S’s “H.M.S. Pinafore” [an acronym], Mrs. Cripps [= Little Buttercup, a Portsmouth bumboat woman] informs us that “Men are grownup catchy-catches” in a duet with Captain Corcoran.

  57. Jackie, you can find one “America Louisiana” on Ancestry.com. If you are not a member, your local library might have a general subscription for the use of the taxpayers (mine does). The same person – apparently – is mentioned in 3 family trees.

    The [free] LDS site has no such person as far as I now.

  58. Yeah, well, what I mostly got out of that article is that it’s not the same time everywhere on Earth at the same time. I kinda already knew that. 🙂

  59. Good morning Villagers…..

    A new blog topic? I don’t think so.

    And JJ left me in suspense…twice, once with the bottle of wine yesterday, and then today’s real time strip. TDS is trying to decipher the letters…..I’ve no idea. The one comment about Jersey Shore was pretty funny.

    And the practical jokes just didn’t end with the earthworms….our septic system is backed up at work, nothing and I mean nothing can go down the drain. So, for my convenience I’ve a five gallon bucket with water for a latrine….went to the ‘bathroom’ before I left work, and the little 15 year old put a garter snake in the bucket……I hate snakes.

    He made up for it though, and placed the commode seat on top of the bucket……I know, I know, we blue collar workers can be crude, rude and socially unacceptable at times 🙂

    Happy Caterday

    So, we’re supposed to sing the Anthem at 4…..would that be Debbe Standard Time? And all this time I thought we were all on the same time and the world was flat 🙂

    GR 😉 the Yardbirds….the ultimate

    Llee….did you read some of the comments below in your link?

  60. Wearing red, white, and blue “flag-like design” clothing doesn’t bother me, nor does a small flag patch on a jacket. What DOES irk the dickens out of me are the people who put flag patches on the seats of their worn out blue jeans.

    On the topic of cropped tops (also known as belly shirts) and such, I wish my stomach were taut enough that I could entertain thoughts of navel rings, short shirts, and low riders. Unfortunately, after three children-and at my age-that isn’t going to happen. Not that I would get a navel ring anyway, but it would be nice to be able to. 🙂

  61. Regarding yesterday’s strip, and the apparent non-resolution. Weren’t we just talking about Orson Welles and how much more effective the suspense (and horror) was when it was left to the imagination?

  62. Jean dear, not to be crude, but there are several other bodily locations where you could get a ring installed other than your navel. Not all of them as socially acceptable to display as one in your belly button, however. 😉

    Sure wish I were going to be in the area, sand.

  63. I have a good friend that is nicknamed “Captain America” as he runs races and even training runs in flag patterned shorts, bandanas and even his lyrca tights will incorporate the design. He is a veteran and has many family members that served.

    I know a few people who thing that he is just drawing attention to himself and others who think that he is desecrating the flag. He told me that he loves what the flag represents (freedom) and that is what he is calling attention to. I guess one man’s desecration is another man’s way of showing his love for his country.

  64. Trucker: Bad Astronomy is a good site, in my Favorites, but I didn’t think to check there. I will fwd the link to a couple of my blind copy groups. Peace, emb

  65. Ghost, as someone who has had to read medical charts for those who got the piercings in “other areas” I would recommend against them. Most of those are bad places to get an infection from the open area left when piercing. Stay natural!

  66. David in Austin – Maybe so, but I’m still holding out for Wiley making a surprise appearance, or at least a cloud of Roadrunner dust and a very confused Alro. Girl can dream right?

  67. Good morning, Villagers! Myself, I don’t have any jewelery that isn’t at least 10K gold, and no white gold. I hae a dark tan this time of year and gold just goes with it. Other times of the year I have a airbrush tan, courtesy of my stylist, who is the only person I will get nekkid in front of. Don’t care for gems, either..

  68. No, not advocating piercings. As I said yesterday, I don’t care for piercings, other than for earrings. And I know even those can sometimes cause problems. As I’ve often told female friends, I don’t see why one would want to punch a hole in a perfectly good (insert intimate body part of your choice).

    I’ve been trying to call the NSA to see if their code-breakers have deciphered “RJS TBW PLSG TCEV, OYL”, but for some reason I’m having problems getting a phone number for them. Information keeps telling me something about there being no such agency.

  69. Really Just Silly To Begin With Pickles Love Sugared Greens Tomato Catsup Extra Vegetables, On Your Left

    Well, I guess I still need the decoder ring….. 15 boxtops? Hmmm. Would someone take me to the store, please? 🙂

  70. But Lily, I LIKE the “NA word”. 😉

    Might ruin your underwear, but then you’d have a “tan” that would, as Arlo put it, serve to highlight the more interesting parts. You know, I’ve been wondering, when you get spray tanned….uh, never mind.

  71. I don’t wanna highlight anything. 😛 I just want to look good in my clothes. This time of year, if I’m not tan, I just look yellow-brown-orange, which is just gross. All those girls that get orange in tanning beds are suckers IMO

  72. I know tanning beds will give women the skin texture of an orange peel, but I didn’t realize it would actually turn them orange in color.

  73. Ghost, six years ago, almost to the day, I had a huge fight with my mother and moved out of the parental domicile and ended up on the door-stoop of The Boss Of My Life with two suitcases, a pillowcase full of bathroom junk, and my dog. I would love to have a pic of what she saw when she answered the door.

  74. Our take on Janis’ text is she is butt-texting. That is the non experts weighing in. Loon is out walking off Englands loss to Italy.

  75. Lily: Awwwwwww.

    My guess is that if Janis’s butt texted something to Arlo, it would be a lot more interesting than “RJS TBW PLSG TCEV, OYL”. No matter what that stands for.

  76. Interesting: icash.illinois.gov is the IL state site for recovering “lost” assets held for you in IL.

    If you live in IL, work(ed) in IL, or know some IL people, you may want to check it out. I have found some stuff for acquaintances of mine. I suppose every state has a parallel site, but I stick with my birth state of NY (found a few hundred $ for a friend and also for her sister) and IL.

    Yup, a totally new topic for today…no piercings or spray tans involved.

  77. We haven’t heard anything from Jackie Monies for many hours. I am worrying that things aren’t going well; hope I am wrong about this.

  78. I’ve had the same thought about Jackie.

    c e-p, you should put in for a finder’s fee…10% feels about right. And yes, I believe most states have something similar.

    Debbe 😉 BR-549

  79. A more general site for “lost” assets – covering many states & provinces – is this one:


    Note: not all states are covered. You need to enter a name & state (even a fake name) and see what turns up. On that new page, in the top rectangle, is a drop-down listing of which states/provinces are covered along with boxes for a new search.

    I have no idea how often the site is updated, but my impression is that such occurs infrequently.

  80. Sandcastler, that wumo site has some really funny stuff! I couldn’t leave it until I had seen all the stuff listed except whatever they have from the arrows “see more”.

  81. Good morning Villagers…

    Miss Charlotte, I hope you are wrong too…..Jackie has not posted anything since Friday afternoon.

    Watched the movie “The Misfits” last night and then the news, and finally saw “Zero Dark Thirty”, not much difference between the news and “Zero Dark Thirty”.

    Really liked the movie “The Misfits”….but did Marilyn Monroe always talk in that whispy voice?

    Did ya’ll check out that site on the flag….I was telling someone about it yesterday that it weighed 78 pounds!

    Gotta go….got to sew a belt together before we start the packer…..

    GR 😉 thanks for the earworm….over and over

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  82. Ghost dear, I know all about the other piercing sites. NOT going there!

    Once, some years ago, we were camping with some friends and Husband had to go back home early one morning to get something, and I ended up going a couple pf tents over to have coffee with everyone else. Our genial host was something of a naturist, and his one concession to the coolish Autumn air was a flannel shirt worn open. He had things pierced that should never have been, and trying to drink my coffee with all that on display was almost more than I could deal with. (To stare or not to stare?)

  83. Wife and I were good about admiration of hunks and dolls*, respectively, and even appropriate hugs. Complete trustworthiness is a great gift.

    *Two chauvinist terms, but it’s ok if they are properly paired.

  84. Earlier on, I goofed. ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ is not an acronym. FEMA and NASA are, if sounded as words. ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ is an anagram; Gilbert was an expert at word play of various sorts.

  85. Lily: I’ll tell, but later. First let’s see if anybody can work it out; maybe someone else in the Village already knows. I’d been an avid Savoyard for > six decades before somebody brought it to my attn.

  86. I know, but I’ll let Lily guess. Hint: It’s very obvious…once you know it.

    I believe I previously mentioned that HMS Pinafore and HMS Bloomers were once engaged in a sea battle by the French frigate Bustier.

    Something for your history forum, Lily. 🙂

  87. “. . . my history forum is about facts.” c x-p got it right, and it is historical fact that Wm. S. Gilbert, the most noted British playwright of his day, was casting about for a name for a fictitious ship. I don’t know if we have any record of the chain of events in his coming up with the anagram.

  88. Lily:

    Maybe. I suspect Gilbert was dealing with something which was ‘business as usual’ in British politics, and doubt he was particularly steamed. To my knowledge, Gilbert never published essays that directly revealed his political leanings. If an ideological theme runs through the Savoy operas, it is that neither nobility nor wealth is man at his best, but rather individual creativity, i.e., men like himself, Sullivan, maybe other artists, and maybe scientists, engineers, and such. He was a racist and probably male chauvinist [that ‘man’ and ‘his best’ are intentional], perhaps a religious skeptic [he makes fun of both Catholics, at length, and Methodists, briefly], that is to say a normal literate, probably nominally Anglican, Victorian Brit.

    Queen Victoria knighted Sullivan, but Sir Joseph Porter, Major General Stanley, and Gilbert’s take on the House of Peers, were perhaps a little much for her. Her son, King Edward VII, knighted Gilbert.

  89. Darn it Indy Mindy…thought we could get into a little bit of a Hoosier tag with Mellencamp….don’t work hard….or late…be safe….

  90. Look but don’t touch has long been the motto in our family for the both of us, and has worked quite well, and you are right, eMb, trustworthiness is a great gift.

  91. Debbe, I looked at the site for the big flags, and was very impressed. They must look wonderful flying in a good breeze.
    Today’s Sunday A and J comic strip, I cannot figure out for the life of me. People on the Dark Side have offered solutions (very politely) but none of them seems just right. Who is Janis talking to and looking at in the last panel, and don’t tell me she is eating ice cream out of the package with that big serving spoon. Looks like she is now getting ready to put some in a bowl, but is it for herself, for Arlo, or for the cat?
    And who put Ludwig’s food in the dish — Janis herself, or Arlo? An intelligent bunch like you folks can find an explanation that fits.

  92. Charlotte, what I get is that Janis is talking to Ludwig. The “deal” was that they would not eat between meals. Ludwig broke the deal, thereby causing Janis to also fall off the wagon; serve herself up some ice cream; and blame Ludwig for her lapse.

    Voilà. Six panels explained in three sentences. 🙂

  93. Dear Ghost, your explanation is very plausible, and I bet you are right. Although, Janis seldom “communicates” with Ludwig the way that Arlo does; it seems part of her “persona” that she never talks to the cat; does she? I don’t remember her doing so before, but I could easily have forgotten.

    Mark in TTown, your question is a good one and probably lots of people are wondering too. However, I predict that we are never going to see that anvil again.
    Mark, thanks ever so much for taking the trouble to find that link to the bookseller … I was interested in the strips, but am not such a devoted Steve Canyon fan; another of the villagers was more interested, I forget who! But I do intend to check out that link and just browse around, tomorrow, or when I have more time, soon.

  94. Good morning Villagers….

    Somebody spoke, and I went into a dream…….good morning Jerry 🙂

    Miss Charlotte, and indeed, it is an awesome sight to see our flag, that big, big, flag; waving against a blue sky. We still haven’t heard from Jackie. And I am getting concerned.

    Yup, the Sunday strip was a good one…I love Luddie….T-shirts with the A&J logo with a pic of Luddie….there’s where I’d put my money.

    GR 😉 I have sat on a dock of a bay, only watching the sun rise.


  95. Good morning! Now it is my turn to be baffled. I don’t get the 2014/01/15 comic strip. Janis comments on Ludwig’s coat. I don’t know anything about cat food, canned or uncanned. “Won’t you please, please help me?”—since some are quoting Beatles songs.

  96. I see by the old calendar on the wall that it’s time for me to make another (at least nominally) “on-topic” comment. So ref today’s (6-16-14) A&J cartoon…

    My first thought was that Janis was exaggerating, but if she weighs 120 pounds, that would mean she had sweated off about two and one-half pounds (or two and one-half pints) of fluid, which is possible, given a long walk on a hot day. But if so, shouldn’t she look more like a wet T-shirt contestant? (Most of you know what I mean.)

    Lily? 😉

  97. emb, “Three Women Dancing” was on Melcher’s gocomics site on 6-10-14. Someone (not I) suggested the caption “Charlie’s Angels on Spring Break”.

  98. OK, I think I get it. DJJG needs help, and other Villagers have been quoting Beatles’ songs, so DJJG asks, “Won’t you please, please help me?”, which I assume is from a Beatles’ song. Lily and I, of course, have been quoting Wm. S. Gilbert, from Iolanthe, by G&S.

    GR6: I wondered if I’d seen that one before [not that I mind seeing it again]. Thanks. emb

  99. P.S. We are leaving ourselves open to the charge that men have one track minds, to which Arlo once responded, ‘Guilty!’

  100. I don’t have a one track mind. It’s just that all the tracks end up at the same destination.

    Quiet day. Well, emb and I have done our parts.

  101. Sorry Debbe – First shift, swing to looong thirds for the weekend, then swinging back to first has put a damper on my trouble-making abilities. (Quick [insert favorite search site here] search of Kokomo will show plenty of others got into trouble for me.)

    Several people now have said I look like an older Shirley Temple. I guess I get the idea, but this morning after leaving work (13 hours later), I picked up my new glasses. As I had my contacts in, I couldn’t see what I looked like in them – OMG! – I look like my mother.

    Fingers crossed for Jackie.

  102. Clearly those tracks lead not to Grand Central Station. Likely the Round House. Most probably the end of the line. And, from looks of the wrapped rails it was not much of a ride. 😉

  103. Made it back about 11 p.m. last night home. Mike went from oncology floor to ICU to oncology yesterday. He has been very critical and one kidney is blocked, they did emergency procedure to stop sepsis, have to get him better to operate on kidney. He will have to have procedure on esophagus too apparently. My daughter said she had never seen so many people in an ICU room, four doing arterial draws and four doing vein draws all at once.

    Because I am sick all the time anyway, no one wants me in room with a compromised cancer patient but I did get to see him for a few minutes a day.

    My daughters and grandkids managed to lose the keys to my van they have been driving on a Sunday so I ended up driving about 500 miles round trip yesterday with replacement.

    No, I am not doing well!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  104. Jackie–

    So sorry that things are not going well. Many here missed you over the weekend and expressed their concern about you. Others of us missed you, but didn’t say anything. As both Winston Churchill and Rodney Atkins say, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”


  105. Thanks for the prayer and good wishes. My favorite aunt who traveled with us for thousands of miles (and I mean thousands) just died at lunch today. It hit me so hard that I would never hear her voice again. And her voice kept echoing in my mind.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  106. Jackie, so sorry to hear about all of the medical problems. I have another surgery this week but should be fine as long as I start being more careful and stop falling.

  107. Jerry in Fl quoted from “A Day in the Life,” for one (from the Sgt. Pepper album). Yes, I was quoting from John Lennon’s “Help!”

  108. Thoughts and prayers.

    ‘It hit me so hard that I would never hear her voice again.’ My kids [all three > 50 years] have suggested that I put a new msg. on our answering machine. I considered that, but then realized it’s probably the only permanent record anyone has of their mother’s voice. It even preserves that glitch, where she misspoke and had to punt. It stays.

  109. Jerry in Fl quoted from “A Day in the Life,” for one (from the Sgt. Pepper album). Yes, I was quoting from John Lennon’s “Help!”

  110. About Ludwig strip, I thought the deal with Luddie and Janis was that they wouldn’t eat ice cream. I thought he was also having ice cream. He was in front of freezer/refrig yowling?

    When we took our two cats to Hawaii they had to be quarantined for six months. We went to visit almost daily and took them ice cream bars and popsicles for treats, which they loved to lick off the sticks. It was pretty hot because the kennels were open air.

    Funny part is they had each cat in a HUGE cage, big enough for tigers and wouldn’t let them be together but I got them to put them next to each other so they could touch through wires.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  111. I forgot to mention but on my own group everyone knows when I disappear it is usually for something “bad” like death or illness, often mine. Well, the illness anyway.

    So they put a posting up like Waldo, “Where are the Monies?”

    When I do genealogy searches and look for “Monies” I get all the wills and inheritances.

    Daughter said her dad is showing improvement slowly and she is on her way here. Grandson thinks he lives here now, so he’s accepted the changes.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  112. Jackie – I thought that was the deal too. And my bit about the looking like my mom? I first looked at myself with the glasses on, the resemblance was so strong, I literally jumped and darted from my bathroom – it was just too much. I hear her voice in my head contantly – usually singing along to whatever I’m listening to.

    eMb – My high school best friend lost her dad a few years ago. He was a huge influence on my life as well; I practically lived at their house. He died a few days after his wedding anniversary. A year later, I called my friend’s mom to let her know I was thinking of her. She was out, and her late husband’s voice came over the phone. I had totally forgotten about the answering machine. Once the tears subsided, I called back and recorded the message. I’ve brought him with me every phone since.

  113. Jerry, I have to tell you that I fall a LOT. I usually say I am amazed that I never break anything much when I fall (not counting torn rotator cuffs) My cardiologist said “there is something to be said for obesity”. Meaning the padding was protecting me!

    Good luck with surgery!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  114. Mindy/Indy: ‘my bit about the looking like my mom’. Reminds me of an incident a few decades back. Wife [and our daughter] had danced at a locally owned dance studio since about ’80. Wife’s father, daughter’s grandpa, Paul, a splendid gentleman who wore a moustache, had died in ’85, her mother ten years earlier.

    Same family owns a boutique in the same building. To drum up holiday trade, they suggest that the women and girls [and perhaps some of the few males who go there] dress up in any role they choose, and do dances and help at the store for one day maybe two weeks before Christmas. In about ’90, after daughter had moved away, wife decided to go as Charlie Chaplin and went upstairs to get ready. I was reading in the living room; the stairs were on the other side of a wall. She came down, and I gasped, ‘Paul!’ All it took was the moustache. Paul and her mother were both reasonably good looking, and wife was no slouch. But it sure confirmed Paul was her father.

  115. Before we leave forever the subject of “drawing water” vs. “drawing water” I thought I would explain why I instantly thought of our old friend who drowned his wife in the tub at a hotel in St. Louis, MO. Part of the incriminating evidence was his allegation that he had “drawn her bath for her” and then gone for his morning jog. She had then slipped getting into tub and he found her drowned when he returned from running.

    The investigative detective started asking himself “How many men draw their wife’s bath daily?”

    Three murder trials later our ex-friend is serving life without parole and his trials set precedents I have read changed the American justice system. The book I read was called “Drowning In Lies”, although that may have been the t.v. movie? You can google Ed and Julie Post case.

    Ghost, Ed was such a close friend he handled sale of our house in New Orleans and would not accept any fees. He was a member of The Second Sunday Claret Club which was a small group of wine aficionados made up of New Orleans most devoted wine drinkers.
    I have been told the books, movies, etc. all mentioned his fondness for fine wines out of his price range as a motive.

    Enough for a ghost story! Even my dog sitter says I need to write a book.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  116. eMb and Indy Mindy, my Dad died 28 years ago, and I would love to have a recording of his voice. Hold onto those recordings!

    Jackie, hugs and good thoughts!

    Ghost, 🙂

  117. Ghost, how soaked with sweat Janis would be depends on the humidity. If it’s hot and humid, I’d agree with you, but not if it’s hot and dry, because the sweat would evaporate, helping cool her.

  118. I know that we don’t know exactly where Arlo and Janis live, but wherever it is, I somehow don’t think it’s often both hot and dry there at the same time.

    Jackie, a friend told me about a friend of hers whose husband came home and caught her taking a shower with a man who, obviously, was not her husband. Since this was in the Houston area, you won’t be surprised to learn that gunfire ensued. A lot of gunfire. My friend advised against becoming deceased that way, as it made for really horrific crime scene photos.

    And yes, get to work on that book.

  119. Jean dear, several years ago, just before Christmas, I arrived home one evening to discover a recording on my answering machine of my Mom singing, “Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. Please drop a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a half penny will do. If you haven’t got a half penny, then God bless you!” I could plainly hear my Dad in the background, laughing at her.

    My Mom is now getting up in years, and my Dad has been deceased for almost 10 years. Needless to say, I have made several copies of that message and keep them in safe places.

  120. Good morning Villagers….

    It’ good to have you back and Mike is improving….you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Well, it feels like the dog days of summer are here…90 high and the humidity in Southern Indiana is thick. Poor hens.

    Stay cool….

    ….ya’l have a blessed day

    GR 😉

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