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Wow! That’s what I call interesting! Scientists and historians have positively identified the body of Richard III, a well-remembered if not well-loved king of England from the 15th century. The body was exhumed a few months ago from beneath a modern-day parking lot—excuse me, “car park”—in Leicester, England. DNA samples have connected the remains with two living relatives of King Richard. I have never been one to keep up with the tabloid comings and goings of the modern royal family. The only possible interest I’d have in their scandals, genuine or invented, would be prurient, and I choose not to be pandered to in that manner. This King Richard business is different, however. It isn’t every day you find a significant character from history buried under a parking lot! I’ll leave it to you to Google the details of Richard’s infamous reign if you wish, but I’d remind you that Richard III was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s play of the same name, to whom was given the immortal line, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” Also, Shakespeare’s Richard III was a lamentable role landed by the character Elliot Garfield, an aspiring actor played by Richard Dreyfuss in Neil Simon’s 1977 movie “The Goodbye Girl.”