Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me..

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Good Monday! Daylight saving time and springlike weather arrived here this weekend, and I welcomed them both. I think we’re all tired of Wednesday’s post, so let’s move on.

It isn’t my intent to turn this into a diet and nutrition blog. Heaven knows, there are enough of those out there already. I should know. However, when I ran across this old cartoon from 2004, I couldn’t resist showing it to you. Janis and Arlo obviously are discussing the “Atkins Diet,” which must’ve been attracting some kind of publicity about the time I drew this. The punchline, Arlo’s reaction in the last panel, simply was meant as an ironic observation, a humorist’s wry comment. I’m no proponent of the Atkins Diet or most any “diet” that appears on a bookshelf, but there’s a growing suspicion among laymen and professionals alike that Arlo is factually spot-on. There is much chatter about the possibility that the conventional dietary wisdom handed out in the past generation might not be so wise after all. I, myself, think there’s something to this. You will remember, about five years ago our modest little blog was out front on the dangers of transfat. I am predicting today that much of what we’ve taken for granted about what we should and shouldn’t eat will be openly debated and probably revised in the near future. And you will meet a tall dark stranger.

BTW, to give credit where credit is due, the anonymous colorist did a good job on the A&J comic strip appearing in newspapers today.