Weird Wednesday

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"Welcome to what I’m calling “Weird Wednesday,” for lack of anything better. Today, just for fun, I’ve taken a recent cartoon and changed the ending to something… weird. Drawing a reality-based comic strip, even one based loosely on reality such as Arlo & Janis, can be confining. Well, to heck with all that! This being the Internet, where nobody will see it anyway, I thought I’d goof around a bit. To refresh your memory, and to drive up my traffic there, here is the original strip as it appeared on the GoComics Web site January 8.

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  1. Jimmy, laughing out loud here. So funny. And you think this group is not weird? Right! On my way to rescue some cats I hope. Love you, Jackie

    Good luck with the cats! — JJ

  2. I totally didn’t understand this comic until I saw the explanation. Because ‘non-weird’ Janis would never think of putting THAT in a sandwich, so I never considered it. Once I understood it, I was glad I wasn’t taking a drink – that was definite spit-take material there. I laughed.

    Looking forward to more weirdness!

  3. JJ, there is a whole book in this weirdness. First we see an “Original”, then its “Weird” ending cousin. This lets you share A&J to us in a new view without offending the syndicate.

  4. Now that’s what I call a coincidence! I went outside this morning to find that one of the outside cats had left a mouse on the front porch, neatly beheaded and ready to be skinned, fileted, and lightly sauteed!

    “Love to eat them mousies,
    Mousies what I love to eat;
    Bite they tiny heads off,
    Nibble on they tiny feet!”
    Kliban’s Kats

  5. JJ: Delightful.

    Now that I’ve read Trapper Jean’s post, I’m reminded that, when wife and I lived in the old house, cat left a small sandpiper [spp. collectively known as ‘peep’] on the north stoop. Had to have nailed it down by a lake two blocks and up hill to get home. No head or anything else missing. I did decide which sp. from Peterson’s, but have no record now. Bird may be in the college collection.

    Peace, emb

  6. Weird is the default mode in the Village.

    Good to hear from you, Jean dear. I was beginning to be concerned that something had gone Tango Uniform.

    My sister had a cat that was a snake killer extraordinaire. It would leave it kills, sans heads, on the kitchen door stoop. I don’t know if it expected my sister to keep score or was just showing off.

  7. when I was young our Dachshund ran up and down the chain link fence in the backyard snatching up and gobbling down all the lizards she could catch, occasionally hacking up one that was a bit too big

  8. So glad to hear from you Trapper. When Trapper left the 4077th I was devastated and was hoping you were with us yet. I love Kliban and Shel Silverstein singing “Mousies”. It was Shel, right?

    Cats usually bring me mice, rats, snakes. The nest of headless baby bunnies were not cool.

    How bad is rain on Gulf Coast right now? Am I driving into it? Need to look somewhere better than Whether Channel.

    Wonder how long the wait is at Lulu’s and is it worth it? Going back in couple of weeks anyway.

    Ghost, any other single or widowed friends out in Village or just people I have met along the way here, I am setting out on adventure and seizing the day. Have no idea what will come of it. I have had a lot of invitations already so let’s just say I like museums, art, music, nature, gardens, live stage performance, boats, cars, airplanes, bikes, books and life in general. I may not know it yet but I will probably like it.

    But anyone out there who’d like to meet one of the weirdest women out there, who got four queenly offers of tour guides this morning, I will be traveling. My email and phone # is on the web. I will be writing about this for Duckworks, Messing About in Boats, and possibly others, including a book. Do not call if you don’t want to be included!

    Sorry Jimmy. You’re on my want to meet list but I understand you are a shy and private guy.

    Love, Jackie

  9. That Jan 8 cartoon should be a Feb 14.


    My son is arms instructor -and will talk to you when you are up NH way.
    Just have to make contact.

    2? snow yesterday 10* now

  10. Old Bear, I will see you guys in NH when I go up to Maine. I plan to be in Boothbay Harbour for the July 4 boat parades and the July 3 Schooner Races. I want to meet any Yankee friends too!

  11. Jackie, see if you can download the “My Radar” live weather radar app to your smartphone. Like carrying your own weather radar with you when you want to know where the rain is.

  12. GR6, weird mode? Speak for yourself. I rather think like Mark Manson, “Life is messy, and we’re all a little screwed up in our own special snowflake kind of way.”

    Trapper Jean, welcome back down, good to see you in the Village. Were you touched by the eternal light of spiritual enlightenment during your extended mountain top retreat?

  13. Brother Jimmy, is this a mashup of previous A&J strips, or did you draw the 4th panel specially for today? Or just sorta doctor a previous panel for #4?

    I ask because of what appears to be a tail poking out of the top of Janis’s sandwich…

    In any event, Ludwig was trying to pull his weight while also acknowledging that Janis avoids carbs. His offering is pretty Adkins-friendly if you ask me.

    Anyway, regarding the title of today’s offering consider me officially “Weirded Out.” 😀

  14. Weird Wednesday! I’ve been ‘selected’ to fine tune a presentation on a proposed product line offering; which until today I wasn’t aware existed. Trying to learn a new idea and sell it upstream in one gulp. Just waiting for the webconference to begin; WWAD?

  15. David, your from Oshkosh where they do that weird fly in thing, so you get a free pass.

    “Lousy weather + mediocre blow. emb” For future reference, you may want to rethink scanty posts. 😉

  16. Jackie, I sent you a picture of Elvis when he was only one year old. If you would like to share it, that’s fine. As we know I have ten thumbs and they don’t work very well. Thanks.

  17. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I managed to toddle through the village and, lo and behold, the topic o’the day is one I am well versed in: weirdness.
    I like the castlery one’s idea of a book of “twisted A&J”.

  18. Castlery one?

    emb, it just sounds off. Like something you might hear in a ski lodge bar. A guy dropped $$$$$ to ski only to find the slopes closed. Then his afternoon diversion $$$ left him feeling less than satisfied. Now over his evening Scotch $$ he says to a friend, “Lousy weather + mediocre blow.”

  19. My post, “Lousy weather + mediocre blow.” followed shortly after one alerting folks to an ongoing eruption, and obviously referred back to that eruption for anyone scrolling. Terse post, but clear. Seems appropriate to me; no reason to infer anything else from it.

    Peace, emb

  20. About 9CL: This is a wild guess. We’ve been treated to a drawn out sequence [though its real time might be only a few wks. toward the end of WWII]. I cannot remember exactly how it started, but Bill has a head wound which may have joggled his mind some, and he’s with Martine. They’ve had a fantastic, and sometimes erotic, trek across rural country, their source of sustenance often unclear, their clothes remaining in topnotch condition, and Martine has done fantastic things with a Luger: e.g., shooting into a German soldier’s telescopic sight, downing a fighter plane. She also has done Batman-like stunts; e.g., upending a naked German out a convenient window. Bill, long since fully[?] recovered, who supposedly has had some basic military training, pulls the completely asinine stunt of vigorously distracting her from drilling her last Nazi, so she gets wounded and should have bled to death by now. He’s gotten her sewed up, and is carrying her off with no blood on his clothing.

    What is the chance that Brooke McEldowney is taking us for a ride, that’s it’s all a dream and Bill is just recovering from the original head wound? The “all a dream” bit is a cheap trick, legitimate in Alice in Wonderland but rarely anywhere else. As a kid of 10 or so, and a fan of The Wizard of Oz and subsequent L.F. Baum books, I was enraged that the film adaptation had it turn out to be just a dream at the end. Grand Rapids*, MN, has a Judy Garland Museum, but I’ve managed to avoid it. It also has a splendid coffee house, “Brewed Awakenings.” I think I’ve mentioned that before. *Judy’s home town.

    Peace, emb

  21. Sandcastler — I loved the story about the frugal man who left millions to his Vermont hometown. It made me feel good, too. And when I saw the headline, I hoped that it was Bennington, because that’s where my son Bill lives. Well, it’s not; it’s Brattleboro, but that’s a worthy town too.

  22. If I had been following Chickweed Lane I’d have commented, but it’s just gotten so far-fetched that I can’t stand it any more (I’ve peeked when it was mentioned here, but all the killing has really put me off.) I used to follow it faithfully and enjoyed it when it was more believable. I’m glad to have your analysis on the latest happenings, eMb.

  23. Good morning Villagers….

    …and there goes Jackie, fearless Jackie. How does one get to your website, Jackie? And I hope there is a traveling companion. How many cats? Good Luck.

    GR 😉 so, you’ve used that line before, heh? Who’d of thunk. 🙂 And yes, people do get crazy when beer is good.

    Jean…glad you’re back and posting, and Miss Charlotte too.

    Old Bear, just love you tidbits of inspirations.

    And guess what, the old flashlight on the hens works….just like the deer. Sometimes I scare myself when I get to thinking.

    Yes, it snowed, but it was fast and furious….sort of like a wam, bam, thank you ma’am. Just a coating. I love the fact that tells you that’s it’s 20 degrees colder than when it was this time yesterday…..duh.

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

    today’s grin:

  24. Car’s warming up.

    Re: today’s real time…that’s me, like last night…husband said it’s snowing, so I come in here, log on…pull up the National Weather Service radar….yup, it was snowing.

  25. Debbe 😉 Glad you got a quickie last night…snowstorm, that is.

    The real-time cartoon is not, to me, the eye-roller someone on TDS seemed to think. My dwelling is rather soundproof, and unless there is thunder involved or heavy rain blowing against a nearby window, I can’t tell for sure if it’s raining. So, rather than getting up to look outside, I often make a quick check of My Radar on my smartphone. Lazy? No, just taking advantage of modern technology. 🙂

  26. Good morning all, gave up on ###### computer and am in business room. Turned cold during night but A/C ran all night! Did ok until I hit the Cajun food and I had crab bisque, fried oysters and sweet potato fries at a favorite restaurant. Resisted bread pudding. It is fun going with someone who has never done any of this stuff, sort of nice to have a wide eyed tourist along who moves my luggage and walks my dog. Minions! Should have found that before.

    Missed you guys all day and wondered what was happening here. Ghost, I want someone who can program computers a little and set up Smart phones. I was sitting in parking lot trying to get my hotel ap to work, could see the hotel across highway and just phoned the %%%% hotel on my flip phone! Minion can’t use a GPS, computer or cell phone, much younger than me. And funny.

    Not visiting any of my Johns on this trip probably as I have a deadline but might on way home, since I need some mahogany from one. That is a long standing joke among my friends, that I have so many Johns we must use a last name and country to keep them straight.

    Love you all. Jackie

  27. Thanks all, and it’s good to be back in the Village! Not TU yet, just a cold, with accompanying scratchy throat and cough. I’ve worked my way through two boxes of kleenex and half a bottle of NyQuil, and am finally getting back to what passes for normal.

    On, whoever said DayQuil was non-drowsy lied! That stuff puts me out just as fast as the night time stuff.

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