What about all those whales?

What about all those whales?

I thought you might enjoy a warm-weather cartoon from 2011, although it isn’t an installment of A&J that begs a lot of commentary. I will say I have had a life-long love for the shore, which has always shown up in the comic strip. I still love the beach, although I no longer expose myself to hours of ultraviolet damage, anesthetized by snow cones and, later, malted beverages. When I do visit the beach now, it usually is with like-minded friends who are content to wander about the sand like cattle (sometimes even barefoot!) and marvel at how pretty it is. After maybe an hour, we’ll load up and head back to town to beat the dinner crowd.

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  1. My most significant change is that I do no feel compelled to swim anymore. I very happy to sit, walk, sit, walk, lie about, put my ankles in the water and splash a little water on my arms and legs, sit, walk, sit.

  2. EMB, posted this as a reply to your message on the previous post:

    EMB, on the main page there are links to previous pages as numbers on the bottom left. From there you can choose the comments. On each comment page there is link below the post, but above the comments, that give you the option to go back (or forward if you are already back).

  3. Jimmy: Heading back to beat the dinner crowd, eh? Well, as long as you don’t start wearing velour track suits, you’re still safe from going to a retirement community.

    I won’t talk about my own age and dining hour. But the sweats are really comfortable.

  4. Arlo is definitely an environmentalist. He eliminates the energy-sapping collection and cleaning process, and he recycles directly.

  5. Santa Rosa Beach in Pensacola, FL didn’t have bath houses when I was there in 1973, just the porta-potties lined up near the parking lot. I learned to always lock the door when I was in one, by seeing some poor guy who had the door blow open trying to close it without turning around to face it. It was broad daylight, but I saw the full moon over the beach that day.

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