What Else?

November 10, 2003

Yes, the holidays are over, and we’re all having to deal with it. However, I’m something of a January man. (Yes, I know: the “January man” in the movie of that name was a serial killer!) Maybe it’s akin to being a morning person. I’m a sucker for the myth that we somehow are entitled do a do-over beginning on the otherwise unremarkable day of January 1. Believing is important, though. Can it be a bad thing if something, even a minor holiday superstition, makes me take stock and ask, “If not now, when?” I think not. Now, about those other 51 weeks…

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

17 thoughts on “What Else?”

  1. I am going to have a U – Haul behind my Hearse for all the stuff I am taking with.

    JJ – the problem with pushing buttons to see what happens is trying to remember which one to unpress.

  2. So I pressed the LIKE button. What happened? What did I like?

    I pressed the little balloon at top and it took me back to comments. How do you like a specific comment?

    Is there an edit feature?

    What does JJs response about buttons have to do with Old Bears hearse?

  3. Mr. Johnson, the strip on November 10th 2003 is brilliant, hilarious, and a little showcase in how to use the comic-strip rules and break them at the same time. Thank you.


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