“What gives me away?”

I’m running a little late this morning. I have some things I’m doing and some things I should be doing, but I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately, with two consecutive posts. So, I thought I’d drop by another old A&J strip from 10 years ago. By the way, over at the Universal Uclick Web site Gocomics, A&J just surpassed 60,000 subscribers. That’s not bad! Thanks to all.

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  1. I always wondered about that “subscriber” stat. Is that the number of people who have The Daily A&J sent to them via email?

    I think so. I’m not absolutely certain, myself. — JJ

  2. Impressive numbers. Where are you appearing for your comics book tee shirt promotions so some of us groupies can show up? I promise to be fully and conservatively dressed and won’t ask for an autograph in any place than a comic strip or tee shirt.

  3. 10 years ago seemed SO long ago when I was growing up. Today 15 years ago seems like yesterday. However with cell phones and the internet, things have changed dramatically in the last 15 to 20 years.

    Oh yeah and I see A&J online and never buy a newspaper anymore.

  4. Would it help if we subscribed to Gocomics? Couldn’t hurt, the page here goes down once in awhile.

    Oh yes, got my beautiful new caps installed. They are gorgeous, like the kind movie stars used to have when movie stars were beautiful people. Makes me think of that Jimmy Buffet song, “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”

    Think that’s what I am remembering?

  5. Since A&J on gocomics is just a single click from here, and since I only regularly follow a couple of others, I’ve never bothered to set up comics-in-my-in-box or whatever the feature is. But I’d be willing to do so if it makes Jimmy look good on paper (no pun intended). Heck, I’ve got burner email account to, well, burn.

  6. Still there. Since only 1 foot and some feathers are visible, cannot tell if it’s a pigeon or a peregrine. I’d guess peregrine / toe size. Pigeons are not very bright. Peace, emb

  7. That was an amazing story Ghost. I realized my own father would have been 93 had he survived, as my mom did. He got his first pilot’s license in high school at about 14 I think so had been flying for seven years at his death at 21. Flew for Canada, England and then America. They did believe I am certain.

  8. So here’s where I admit to guessing totally wrong on LuAnns plot, I went back and read the old strips. Only LuAnn could be that boring on a big reveal like that . Ghaygh they can drag a plot element out almost as long as Apt. 3G and 9 CL did-do. Which is why I have given up everyone else. I like JJS quick time jokes, told fast and to the point. And they have points. Not just pokies.

  9. This is an interesting read. That was a weekday, and someone brought a TV from Physics into the BSU science faculty lounge. One of my daughters-in-law was watching the launch w/ a class of 5th [or so] graders in Cambridge or Isanti MN: “What happened to them?”

    She said, “I guess they burned up.” I didn’t envy her.

    Didn’t know [or don’t remember] about Ebeling et al., but believe Feynman mentions Thiokol [not gubmint] and NASA [gubmint] in a book that we used in Honors 100. Book was partly an ego trip [not re the Challenger], but contains a lot worth thinking about.


    Peace, emb

  10. Gary, I will get someone to take a photo of my dazzling smile, I am not able to take self-esteem but maybe I need one of those cameras on a stick things?

    These are so pretty I wish I’d had them all my life. Now if I could get the body back to half a life ago?

  11. I found this info from About GoComics.com: “There are two membership options (Free and Pro), both providing e-mail subscription and personalized online access to new and classic comics.” However, I find nothing about how to set up such an “e-mail subscription”.

  12. I had a comment about dental work, but the blog keeps kicking it out. Perhaps it thinks I have a tooth fetish.

    I don’t even know what that would be.

  13. I noticed the aforementioned “Luann” cartoon has over 109,000 “subscribers”. Also, that daily comments seem to run 200-300 and up. (The “Lesbian Thespian” one got 470 the other day.) My impression from scanning some of the comments is that they are generally a collegial group, but they seem to be more easily engaged and entertained than the Village. NTTAWWT, of course.

  14. I subscribe to gocomics.com. This includes the whole long list, A&J too. Costs about $12 a year. They don’t come by Email, you just read them on the usual site. Look around, there is something to click on to subscribe. Comics Kingdom I subscribe to also and they send it every day by Email, except when they forget once in a while. You select your Favorites and they only send those; you can click on any others you want to.

  15. My dentist is a woman and her staff is (are?) three more women. My partial denture had to go to the lab, and they agreed to call me when it came back — I need it to chew tough stuff. The secretary — receptionist — assistant phoned today, it was back, I wanted to go for it right away but couldn’t as I was waiting for the electrician to come. So dear Cassie volunteered to bring it over! Their office isn’t far, up the street, and it was warm today, so she walked to my house. What a nice person she is, and I feel privileged to have such kind hearted people in my life.

  16. The GoComics.com “Pro Membership” costs $11.88 per year. Among the other benefits listed is “Personalized daily e-mail with your favorite comics”. So I’m guessing if you have a Pro Membership with “favorite comics” emailed to you, each of those comics gains a “Subscriber” tally. Therefore, all us who go there daily without a Pro Membership and look at individual comics (or I suppose even those with a Pro Membership who don’t receive e-mails) apparently don’t count for anything.

  17. I will offend all the fans of strips like LuAnn but they are beyond sophomoric and when A and J began I lumped Jimmy right in there with the family strips with the parents and snarky kid, like LuAnn was snarky and has barely outgrown it, if she has, while Gene turned into a great young man and A and J matured into a great strip.

    Too tired to be coherent. Good night. Dentist switched my caps without anesthesia and I am appreciative of that. He said aren’t those broken ones hurting? No. Well let’s do this without shots. Let’s I said, so we did.

    Ghost, thank you so much for Fat Bottom Girls. You know I loved Freddie but how did you know how much I love Pooh? I do and always have. I have Poohs house in my back yard where he lived under the name of Smith. Actually it’s my garden house but it’s an adorable cottage. Are you absolutely sure we don’t know each other somewhere else?

  18. Well, my hair is shoulder length and I am more than 50 pounds lighter which improves the smile a great deal. That is sans-makeup but then I am anyway. So the tee shirt is true. That photo is from early last summer but I will try for a new one.

    Maybe I can get a minion to take a photo tomorrow. I must have an appropriate tee shirt?

  19. He got me!

    Debbe – “They’re coming to take me away” by Napoleon XIV Don’t know about work, haven’t been back yet. 😉 Took the week off as I thought I would be coming back for a funeral – really, REALLY glad that didn’t happen.
    Y’all is singular.
    All y’all is plural
    Y’all’s is singular possessive.
    All y’alls’ is plural possessive.

    Now, to read today’s entry. -)

  20. Good morning Villagers…..

    Indy Mindy, thanks…..vacation? What’s a vacation? After last evening, I need one……from this house.

    Jerry, the madness is plural…too many in-laws living here right now.

    Work is my escape….

    All y’all have a blessed day….

  21. GR6:

    Thanks for the info.

    Now, the big question is this: Does Jimmy receive any of that fee?

    If so, it will be worth subscribing.

  22. Miss Charlotte, do you know why you have kind hearted people in your life? It is because you also are a very kind hearted person…your postings have proved that. Stay warm today, lady.

  23. I am so bloody old that the Nevilles used to play parties I went to! But so did everyone else, they took any gigs they could get in those days. Fats Domino, Jerry Lee, even Ray Charles. I was listening to Sirius driving yesterday and Jimmy Reed came on with that wailing harmonica of his and the sister or wife singing harmony. I loved the blues singers, they weren’t really rock and roll exactly, more Delta or New Orleans sound.

  24. In addition to other peculiarities, I’m a drawing geek [though have never done cartooning, just realistic studies of objects and such]. JJ does this all the time, but how minor changes in line cause Pru’s expression to change from the penultimate to ultimate panels. Lovely.


    Peace, emb

  25. Whoops! ‘but note how minor changes …’ Hard to copy edit your own stuff, though of course we didn’t proof most of each other’s emails. Peace, emb

  26. Follow up on Mom’s condition. Slight improvement at first, but increasing pain and color changing again in foot. Vascular doc told her he could do nothing else and recommended amputation below knee, with eventual fitting of prosthesis. He feels she will heal well and could get around on prosthesis with walker. I wish the news was better, but this is it.

  27. Ref today’s cartoon, if one were smart, one would also invest twenty bucks or so in a carbon monoxide detector.

    One day while having lunch and awaiting my passengers to finish their business, I read in the city’s local newspaper about a young couple that borrowed a friend’s apartment on a cold winter’s night, turned on a gas space heater, had sex, and died.

  28. I nuked two pieces of bacon this morning to have with my breakfast, the first I’ve had in some time. It made my kitchen smell wonderful. I would so buy bacon-scented room freshener, if they made such a thing. Also, bacon should have been a vitamin.

    I know a former poster here would disagree with that. Also, she seems to have disappeared from TDS (not that I pay much attention to doings there) since I pointed out she must also be a t-shirt model.

  29. Jackie,

    You just awakened an old memory. In ’54, I was privileged to have attended the Junior/Senior prom of Baton Rouge High School. The band was none other than Fats Domino! The date I had just died a few weeks ago and I was too broken up to attend her wake. I still have Sicilian blood in my veins and am very emotional for a man. I cry for things that most people consider foolish. I’m not ashamed of crying. Thanks for the memory. (The tears are flowing now!)

    God bless us every one.

  30. Thanks, Mark. Last time I was in Wally World, I saw adhesive bandages that look like strips of fried bacon, so I guess that’s not too far-fetched.

  31. domaucan1:

    I read your post in a hurry and I thought that your date had died a couple weeks before the prom and you missed Fats. My bad. Sorry to hear of your loss. It sucks getting old, but always be thankful for the good times.

    In Michigan, my friends tell me about Bob Seger or Glenn Frey playing at their school dance or their garages.

  32. In ’49-’50, Vaughan Monroe


    and his band played at a Cornell U. formal that Elaine and I went to. By well into the dance, he was drunk as a lord. He wasn’t as young then as in the photo at the above site. I don’t remember the Moonmaids’ being there.

    Fellow BSU faculty member Bob Baker had a big band radio program on the BSU station. Used to play Monroe singing ‘Tangerine’ just to get my goat.


  33. Since the above was based on my observations and the observations of my date and others, rather than on a forensic exam of the band leader who had been publicized to be V.M., best I substitute the following paragraphs:

    “In ’49-’50, Vaughan Monroe and his band played at a Cornell U. formal that a date and I went to. I was a teetotaler at the time. By well into the dance, I could no longer understand what the band leader said or sang, though I could understand the conversation of my date and others. Some suggested he was drunk. I was so innocent that it had not occurred to me. He wasn’t as young then as in the photo at the above site.”

    “In the ’70s-’80s, fellow BSU faculty member Bob Baker had a big band radio program on the BSU station. Used to play Monroe singing ‘Tangerine’ just to get my goat.”

  34. Ok, the one group that played for a college dance you all would love was the Supreme but most didn’t dance, they hung out under stages edge and drooled. Males did anyway.

    Got my heat on today for bargain price of $210 instead of new unit for $5000. If this doesn’t work next repair is probably $500 but still fraction of new unit. I am going to go get in tub and soak in bubbles and salts and oils.

    With help from my deputys girlfriend I got first three beds cleaned, filled with more composted cotton by lroducts, fertilized, potashed and fabric pinned down for weed barrier. Tonight I soak sugar snap peas and inoculate and plant tomorrow with onions, potatoes, and all the cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, collards, mustard, lettuce and some other cool weather plants. Then an inch or two of cypress mulch on it all.

    I know, I am a living replica of Janis.

  35. Forgot to say Gary there is a photo of my beautiful teeth and a nice smile on my Facebook page. Not sure if it is smile or garden they like? Now I am getting friend requests from strange men who aren’t interested in sailing apparently. Hope they aren’t incarcerated somewhere. I am used to sailors, they just talk about boats.

    Tomorrow I will take photos of prepared beds, garden that is. They are so clean and neat.

  36. Rock stars, authors, artists, politicians…I suppose most of us have had “brushes with greatness” at one time of another. One of my personal favorite “brushes” was the time at an event I met and was photographed with what was possibly the hottest-looking runner-up (and Swimsuit Winner, back before two-piece suits but also before skin-and-bones competitors) to Miss America, ever. An area of my upper right chest still occasionally tingles where she pressed her left boob against it when I put my arm around her for the photo. 😉

  37. Kenny Rogers played in our cafeteria. Mark, I’m sorry to hear the news. My mother says she’s going to the grave with all of her original parts although she’s lost a few already.

  38. So what is opinion on the voluptuous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model with all her body parts and a few extra? I thought the older SI model who said your waist should be less than 36 according to Dr. Phil was being a catty nit picker and should have said Go Girl but she let her personal feelings show. I do look skinny in comparison both now and when I could have worn next to nothing. In fact, I didn’t notice a suit on that one girl? But I think she is pretty and not fat, just a lot of what they are promoting.

  39. Maybe I shouldn’t smile? The men asking to be my friends on Facebook appear normal, older guys like most of my boaters are but these are texting me and calling me, I am not answering. It’s not that boaters having been writing me for years, they do but I have not been attracting sudden interest in unconnected men who call me Sunshine, sweetheart, dear, etc.

    Weirdly, I write doctors in India, car mechanics in Australia, boaters in Greece, England and think nothing of it. No one has ever said an improper thing. But this makes me nervous.

  40. Jackie, I hope I’m not being overly cynical, but three words…Millionaire Widow Lady.

    Believe me, not every man would have the same non-mercenary outlook I did. In fact, far from it.

  41. All I had heard was single snarky remark about the “SI Fat Chick Swimsuit Cover”, so I had to look it up. Cheryl Tiegs, the former SI cover model who criticized the magazine for putting Ashley Graham on its cover, was apparently making the point that Ms. Graham’s weight was unhealthy. Wikipedia gives Ms. Graham’s height as five nine and a half, and her measurements as 38D – 29.5 – 45. (Although I don’t have any way of knowing how recent or how accurate those measurements are, I don’t doubt the first one.) So if Ms. Teigs was basing her opinion on the fact that a female waist should measure “less than 35 inches”, she may be a bit off the beam.

    But applying Ms. Graham’s stated height and what I think is a reasonable estimate of her weight to the BMI calculator (and yes, I know there are some problems with that calculator, but I’m using what Weight Watchers goes by), she is very likely on the high end of “Overweight” but still below “Obese”.

    What’s not in doubt is that she is lovely.

  42. Bustier than my ideal [MTAHIW], and naughty [she’s pulling the panty[?] lower than its ‘resting’ locale, but otherwise, so what? If the photo brightens men’s day, fine. emb

  43. I was trying to watch something on tv last night and there appeared an ad for an online dating service for curvy women. The times, they are a-changing. For the better as long as its not a dangerous weight. I have dated women of differing body types and heights and the thing I always found most attractive was intelligence and a good sense of humor.

    Jackie, change your phone number and don’t list it on FB in the information that anybody can see. And keep in mind how easy it is to find location data on the net for those who know how. Don’t show pics of what is in your house, etc, because thieves FB too.

  44. I am going to say the busty beauty is way more than a 38 D because she is way bustier than I and a 38DDD is smallest size I can wear, maybe a 38DD and no way can I compare to that top or bottom. I believe a 45 inch bottom. She’s is pretty and not flabby, very proportioned and scaled well. When I was young and tiny I was 34-18-32 and starved myself to stay at that. I measured a skirt the other day that I wore at age 50 when I moved to Oklahoma, a whopping 22 inches and still 34 hips in skirt. That takes starving and exercise when you are not naturally body set for those meadurements.

  45. Good morning Villagers…

    Mark, I prayed it would be better news. Not sure what GR meant by BTK. Prayers that she’ll make the right decision.

    Domaucon1, there is nothing wrong with a grown man crying….it shows compassion.

    ….have a happy Caterday everyone

  46. Had not seen that one Debbe but 17 million had. Bowie was so beautiful and so calm compared to Freddie. Beautiful.

    Yes, Ghost. You are right. I need an altruistic nonmonetarily driven man who is intelligent and challenging and funny, can cook and likes to travel and garden and do all the things I do. Shame I can’t find one of those.

    The sudden influx of men scares me a little, Lord knows what would happen if I signed up for a dating service. No way that will ever happen, I am still dealing with women writing my late husband.

  47. Read Today’s strip and within seconds I heard my wife say “Really?”. Apparently the molding broke off a wall. So much of the house was redone very well, but they used a cheap molding on that wall.. Not as good of a Saturday as Arlo.

    Vegetable beds? My beds just got dumped on by snow and possibly more this week. I had so many wild animals at our old place, that growing vegetables was difficult. Maybe I can try some Roma Tomatoes? 2 months from planting though.

  48. My SIL would know that as a designer of prosthetics but even I did not know that one. Yes, it makes a big difference in complexity and mobility if below knee unless knees don’t work well. He always tells me he’d design me legs that worked better than originals.

    So how’d you know amputation terms, Ghost?

  49. Re: Saturday’s strip.
    I have notice as I have grown older, the things either jump out of my hands, or jump off the table as I put them down. Funny how gravity age affects gravity.

  50. Yes, Jackie and Debbe, Ghost has it right. Either way, they don’t like to end at the knee itself. Better to get the joint out of the way and have the prosthesis attached to the non-moving part of the leg. Less complications.

    Thank you for the prayers Debbe. I believe they are not always answered to our specifications, but when they are answered positively they are for the best.

    Jackie, my wife had one of those men. Too bad for her that she wasn’t the right person.

  51. ‘What is surprising is they weigh less that an average cat.’

    Birds are like that. Further, a Great Gray Owl [Strix nebulosa] takes up more space than a GHO [Bubo virginianus], but weighs less. We get a few grays this far south, but have lots of their smaller cousins, Barred Owls [Strix varia, same genus, as is the threatened western Spotted Owl, S. occidentalis]. I believe S. nebulosa is circumboreal, whereas the others are all New World only. Speelczech is learning new words. Off to the web to bone up.


  52. Did some homework. The Eurasian Eagle Owl [B. bubo] is significantly larger than our B. virginianus. The circumboreal Snowy Owl, formerly Nyctea scandiaca, is now Bubo scandiacus. There is still controversy over the classification of many large, Bubo-like owls worldwide, and no, this does not mean that the theory of evolution is in trouble. People of faith have more important things to concern themselves about. Back to the web to check some spelling. Peace,

  53. “So how’d you know amputation terms, Ghost?”

    General knowledge base; first aid/trauma training; hanging around medical folks; dating nurses and a nurse practitioner.

  54. ‘How do they eat bunny rabbits and kitty cats by catching them if they weigh less? How do they fly off with their prey?’

    Relatively easily. Eagles and large owls of various spp., have enough wing-loading capacity to carry off jackrabbits, cats and small dogs, lambs, kids, maybe even western marmots.

    There was a cartoon decades ago: Reader is looking through the iconic figure 8 field of a pair of binoculars, at a huge glaring eagle on its nest, from which hang binocs and other bird-watching gear. An exaggeration, but these guys [and especially the larger gals] are nothing to fool with.

    Spelling above was fine. Peace,

  55. ‘How do they eat bunny rabbits and kitty cats by catching them if they weigh less? How do they fly off with their prey?’

    Relatively easily. Eagles and large owls have enough wing-loading capacity to carry off jackrabbits, cats and small dogs, lambs, kids, and maybe even western marmots. An osprey flying with a large fish [head into the wind] is likely lighter than the fish.

    Ancient cartoon: reader is looking the iconic figure 8 field of a pair of binoculars at a huge and ferocious glaring eagle on its nest, from which are hanging binocs and other gear. An exaggeration, but these guys [and the larger gals] are nothing to fool with. Peace

  56. Yes, raptors stalk my cats and have caught some, my old housekeepers dog too. Small one. I worry about Dickens.

    Lots of medical exposure, huh, Ghost? I just did work men’s comp but bought legs after the fact, mostly traumatic crushing injuries.

  57. Here’s a question. I was just listening to Green Eyed Lady on radio. How many of us here have green eyes? Only 2% of population has green eyes and many are Aquarians like me. I do and we are supposed to have unique, creative and often weird personalities by statistics.

    Song made me think of that question.

  58. I have both green eyes and a birthday in February. Sometimes my train of thought takes the scenic route on its way to an answer. And sometimes it ends up standing at the station when I get sidetracked by something else entirely.

  59. So Mark a d I fall into the smallest percentile of all? Miss Charlotte, how about you or the other Villagers we have been wishing zhappy Birthday? The song made me start thinking about that. Would it be strange if the Village had green eyed Aquarians in high percentage and it was among reasons we are here?

    Another friend had posted an interesting thought on Facebook about being unique and I believe she has green eyes and February birthday too. Maybe it’s like me sitting at table with ten florists and four of us having same birthday?

  60. I have green eyes but am an end of April Taurus. Ghost, the Law Dog story was FUNNY. For us to read, not for him at the time. I loved the title too—“Well, that was festive.” My kind of humor.

  61. Nancy Kirk, about humor. Ever read James Thurber’s “The night the bed fell on father”? I read that when I was under 12 and still think it’s one of the funniest stories ever.

  62. EMB & Mark,

    My favorite Far Side cartoon, as a pathologist, is the one where there is a buzzard flying around yelling, “Anthrax! Anthrax! Dead cows laying in the hot sun!” Louisiana had one of the three largest Anthrax outbreaks in US history in 1971. We had a lot of work then and almost 1000 dead cows and other animals.

    God bless us every one.

  63. GR,

    I really liked the Law Dog story. I know the feeling. I once had a 15 foot alligator after me at Rockefeller Refuge during feeding time and was headed for a tree myself. A colleague took a picture and I have it framed. Side light: In alligators, the distance from the nostrils in inches is equal to the gator’s length in feet. This was discovered at Rockefeller.

    Thanks to everyone about my emotional nature. I’m really not ashamed of it.

    God bless us every one.

  64. A couple of days ago, one of the conversation threads was about the English language here in the States.

    To back a few centuries and hear the language pretty much as it was spoken then, I suggest seeing “The Witch.”

    We saw it this afternoon – great movie.

    I liked both the language and the historical depictions.

  65. The law dog story brought back memories too, like having a pickup truck battered and tossed at midnight down in swamps below Lafayette, truck smashed and escaping back to plantation house being chased and nearly gored in what I had worn to a dance. The dress ended in shreds and my shoes in the mud. We were climbing barbed wire and posts and small trees that were too small.

    Doumaican will understand, these were brahmas being raised as rodeo stock and fierce and wilder than you want to think about. They totalled my date’s truck and his grandparents were nicer than they had to be, given fact we shouldn’t have been back there at any hour. I think alcohol was behind idea to go see these monsters. And Cajun veterinary major in ag school.

  66. Yes, Jackie, I’ve had a couple of scrapes with bulls and horses too. They can be unpredictable at times. I guess that’s why I wound in pathology. My patients were dead. Of course, field necropsies can be a little hard on the smeller, especially in the Summer in Louisiana, but that eventually goes away. I did have to chase alligators away a few times in the field. (Ah, the good old days!)

    God bless us every one.

  67. Jackie, you’re probably thinking of one of the multitude of other fêtes the entertainment industry holds to honor itself.

    Dave’s Laws: “The importance of a profession to society is inversely related to the number of award shows it throws for itself.” – David Burge

  68. RE: various above topics, I guess, for a guy, I get pretty emotional sometimes. I’m 14 months out from my wife’s cancer death and I get all blubbery when I listen to Ed Ames “My Cup Runneth Over”. I’m never going to grow old with her. I have green eyes and am Aries (birthday is income tax day) I don’t know how much of a natural born leader I am, like an Aries is supposed to be, but when I lead the 4th graders around the science museum Hall of Texas Wildlife, they sometimes tell me “I’m funny”. Sometimes I wonder if my wife would like the women I go with, not trying to be weird, just something that can’t help but cross my mind, I suppose that as they weren’t born here but “got to Texas as soon as they could” and they are conservative or “right” enough for me, she’d be happy.

  69. John, my worst question I keep asking myself is would Mike have liked me now if he were alive? Probably not or I’d have gone back to who I am now sooner. Your questions are more normal. I have a friend whose late wife made a list for him of her friends to date before she died. He married one.

    You all are proving just what I suspected. We are high percentage of green eyed people here in the Village. Only 2% of the population have green eyes and look how many of us have responded as green already. We are supposed to be “special” in many ways according to whomever studies these things. I suspect we are.

    Not saying I am interested in dating you John but I have felt great empathy for you throughout the loss of your wife. I always wished I could meet you and tell you so. I think you are handling things very well and if your wife felt otherwise, she’d let you know.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  70. After rereading past post, I discovered that an important few words were left out,i.e.,
    “The distance, in inches, from the nostrils to the eyes of an alligator, is their length in feet…” Sorry for the omission.

    Interesting story about alligator’s ability to climb. They can also jump out of the water!

    God bless us every one.

  71. Jackie,

    Sorry, but my eyes are dark brown, as was my hair many years ago. My father, though born in Sicily, had blue eyes.

    God bless us every one.

  72. Well, I was once in love with a “brown eyed handsome man.” Remember that song?

    Forgot to say that Mindy from Indy posted a wonderful article about the Disney Ducks, Donald, Uncle Scrooge and the nephews on her Facebook page. I read every word and found it fascinating. It was about five things the Ducks had invented or discovered that changed the world, long before scientists or others actually did, including an unknown element. Four of the five were from cartoons by the great Disney Duck writer that Mark loves so. And yes, the guy was genius cartoonist and writer.

    Someone, Mindy, Mark should link article here. I also enjoyed a similar one about non PC cartoons when they didn’t seem concerned with offending anyone.

  73. Back in the saddle, body and mind have not yet adjusted to the time changes. Lovely bride to a detour and is at a team meetup in Florida.

    Not read any posting for like ever, so no idea what has transpired the Village. Eye color? Are we splitting up along eye color? Been hearing tales of how the USA is a failed nation, just not yet aware of the breakup. Guessing eye color would work, at least my bride and I would belong to the same clan.

  74. No, Sand, it is my theory that while green eyes are quite rare, the Village has a high number of them which might explain our more uniqueness, like we get along and don’t polarize.

    Yes, I hear some of same from both my American friends and international ones. But you know what, most of my American friends are writing about the constitution, the importance of voting and not about anti this or anti that, just not to sit it out but exercise our right to vote, no matter who. Isn’t that refreshing?

  75. A cute story from a friend in Oz:

    The other night I was invited out for a night with “the girls.” I told my husband that I would be home by midnight. “I promise!”

    Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3 a.m., a bit blitzed, I headed home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hall started up and cuckooed three times.

    Quickly realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another nine times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, even after drinking so much.

    The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, and I told him midnight. He didn’t seem disturbed at all. Whew! I Got away with that one! Then he said, “We need a new cuckoo clock.” When I asked him why, he said, “Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said, “Oh, crap,” cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another 3 times, giggled, cuckooed twice more, and then tripped over the cat”.

  76. That is too funny. Trucker I love your stories.

    I have a bird clock that daughter gave me that makes inappropriate avian noises when hands land on bird. They seem to not be synced to type of bird. We used to refer to them as “six o’clock bird”.

    Bless her, my mom for 20 years would give a tremendous start and same exact same thing, “What’s THAT noise?” Every hour she heard it for 20 years. Clock is lying by my elbow ticking.

  77. Finally, here’s a story that illustrates the differences between the sexes:

    Husband For Sale

    A store that sells new husbands opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. At the entrance is a sign explaining how the store operates:

    You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!

    So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads:

    Floor 1 – These men Have Jobs.
    She is intrigued, but continues to the second floor, where the sign reads:

    Floor 2 – These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.
    ‘That’s nice,’ she thinks, ‘but I want more.’ so she continues upward. The third floor sign reads:

    Floor 3 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking.
    ‘Wow,’ she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads:

    Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and help with Housework.
    ‘Oh, mercy me!’ she exclaims, ‘I can hardly stand it!’ Still, she goes to the fifth floor and the sign reads:

    Floor 5 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, Help with Housework, and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.
    She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor, where the sign reads:

    Floor 6 – You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please. Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.


    To avoid gender bias charges, the store’s owner opened a New Wives store just across the street.

    The first floor has wives that love sex.

    The second floor has wives that love sex, have money and like beer.

    The third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors have never been visited!!!!

  78. Here’s the article Jackie was talking about: http://www.cracked.com/article_19021_5-amazing-things-invented-by-donald-duck-seriously.html

    The first couple of stories illustrated were written and drawn by Don Rosa, the rest by Carl Barks. Neither created the character of Donald Duck, but did create many other characters within the Disney comic universe. Barks went from working as a story man for the Donald Duck cartoons to writing and drawing the adventures of Donald and his family. He retired in 1966.

    Don Rosa took up writing and drawing the Duck family after retiring from his family’s stone business in Kentucky. He was active in this from the 1980’s till a couple of years ago. Most of the long-time fans, like me, think he was the best overall artist on these comics since Barks.

  79. I loved the ping pong ball to raise yacht story and discovering an unknown element but they were all fascinating especially the movie directors acknowledging they stole from the Ducks.

    My favorite line was the writer saying adding dogs to any movie Dicaprio was in would improve it. I tolerated him in Catch Me if You Can but I am no fan.

  80. Jackie, Barks himself was a fan of the Prince Valiant comic. So when he did those adventure stories for Donald and Uncle Scrooge he would often use those large panels with panoramic views. Like the one in the story above about the idol. Look at the one that runs about 3 panels deep by one wide with the rock bouncing off pillars and the cave walls.

    Or this scene from “Lost in the Andes”: http://images.tcj.com/2012/01/Barks_Andes_PlainAwful-650×471.jpg

  81. Debbe, this comic artist was also a chicken farmer in between art jobs. Some of his funniest comics involve chickens, eggs or both together.

  82. Help me out, maybe I am still out of it.
    TV is all a flutter about some guy named Oscar, who is giving away golden gods in his likeness.
    Appears Tuesday is going to be a great weather day, forecasts are for a Super Tuesday.
    I have heard of Ziki, but now there is talk of March Madness invading our offices.

  83. I am still thinking of putting a chicken house out in yard. I could put chickens in the really good dog fence to keep them safe. Inot addition to cats we have raccoons, possoms, skunks and large rats in neighborhood, loose dogs and snakes. Am I just going to feed them live meals?

  84. Anonymous Jackie:

    As usual, I’m late to the party.

    How about that? I may not be part of the 1%, but I’m part of the 2%.

    I’m green eyed, born May 14.

    My wife swears that, for once, an astrological personality type is spot on, especially in regard to my being stubborn.

    I’ll deny that to the day I pass.

  85. See, I suspected this, that a lot of us shared the green eyes. And yes, my astrological reading is more spot on than any psychological analysis ever done including some that cost a ton to do. A person who didn’t have benefit of hours and hours of testing and interviews did the astrology one, right too.

  86. I just read the funnies in the Sunday Bemidji Pioneer. Arlo and Janis are heading out, and he has her jacket to help her on with it [gentlemen used to do that]. Then they play a finger-matching game that I know exists but know nothing else about. He wins, and in the final panel . . .. Whoops; I hadn’t psyched out panel 2. They noticed there that their tops were the same color. The game was to decide who had to change. He won, she changed to a red top. JJ is subtle, or emb is naïve.

    [Nice the way this program changes that i to an ï. It also wanted to change that i to an I.] Fun.

  87. Are you suggesting I remember their ancestors Ghost? I am thinking of the Ducks for out on the patio with the ponds and fountains, for pets.

    I had pet ducks when I was little girl, a log truck ran over flock, then later as a tween and last time in my showroom in the design Center in Houston. We’d let them swim in fountains but they got too big and we had to put them out in pond and cars hit them, they weren’t street smart.

    I know, how makes pets of fowl?

  88. If I remember my HS Latin teacher correctly, geese were used very effectively as alarm-givers in ancient Rome and for who knows how long before that time. Apparently, they do not like strangers and really raise a rumpus if one appears. It would not surprise me to hear that they attack, as well.

  89. Good morning Villagers…..

    And yes I did go MIA yesterday GR 😉 ……deep into my recliner.

    I see Sandcastler is back….welcome back Sand.

    Mark, thanks for that tidbit of info….I always loved Donald Duck, especially the escapades with the chipmunks. I’d like to find that video of the Christmas where the chipmunks are stealing from Donald, and he gets hit in the head….it was the first time I’d ever seen teeth on Donald, I remember laughing so hard at that scene. Oh, the simple things that can make one laugh.

    Taxes are ready to be picked up…..and I am livid. We owe!! Why? The Obumacare subsidy on the health insurance is taxed as an income!!! I keep thinking about what Pelosi said “we have to pass this so we can know what’s in it”! The irony in this whole health insurance plan, I think I’m going to call The Market Place and give them a piece of my mind.

    Looking forward to going back to “the best little hen house in Indiana”. Husband says when I retire he is going to convert the white shack into a hen house for me so I can have chickens. We’ll see, may not want that, as I plan to continue working for a few more years.

    Ya’ll have a peaceful extra day in February.

  90. Today is my late grandmother-in-law’s birthday. She was born in 1896 and did not have a “real” birthday until 1904. She passed in 1999.

  91. Happy Leap Day, 2016.

    Other than above, I haven’t heard any comments in recent years about people born on February 29th (but perhaps that’s just because I don’t get out much anymore). When I was in grade school, a real knee-slapper was to have a 12-year-old happily proclaim on the 29th that it was his or her third birthday. (Obviously, we simple country folk were easily amused.)

    So, any “teenage” Villagers celebrating a birthday today?

  92. GHO nest in Savannah. Funny, she doesn’t look Southern. Anyway, it’s the female, because in GHOs, she does all the incubating and brooding, he gets all the food. Obviously has a Norway rat and something else now. Owlets have already hatched, got a peek at one when the wind blew mom’s feathers aside. Looks like a cozy, safe haven.


    Reminds me: Yes, c x-p, Canadas [and probably other geese, incl. barnyard] do attack. Fortunately, I backed off in time. Peace,

  93. Now that is weird! I clicked above by the tee shirts and got to read my A and J for last five days. Thank you emb.

    I clicked on the one to left and it says site is being remodeled, how about playing a game on their sister site. So, I have an infected link on the small print to left? Believe me, I don’t play games.

    Read mix of chicken information, cartoon anthologies and fell asleep but did a lot of leg stretches. Not nearly as much pain today. Something helped.

  94. Oh, OK. You are scrolling down to click on the small script that reads “Today’s A&J” instead of staying at the top and clicking on the large box that reads “Click to read Today’s A&J”. Never bothered to do that, but I just did and it took me right to A&J on GoComics, just like the large box always does. No idea why it would send you elsewhere.

  95. GR6 – had a friend in HS who was born on Leap Day. He’ll be celebrating birthday #15 today. w/r/t today’s A&J – wonderful grilling weather in western PA yesterday (tough it’ll be somewhat colder today). The steaks were very tasty.

  96. I just read that Abe Vigoda’s name was not mentioned during the Oscar award show’s “In Memoriam” segment last night. I can just hear him joking, “They must have thought I died years ago.”

  97. After several warm [= above 32F] days, it’s winter here again, and windy. About 1″ new snow last night, + wind. Minus two digits tonight. Minor drifts + some sculpting of earlier snow. Rather pretty. I’d be happy w/ no more snow ’til next fall. But I’d not wager a nickel on that. Nap time. Peace,

  98. Ok, mine is still doing it and must be a cyber virus?

    Decided someone has put me on a list or registered me for a date rich older women who will support you and are lonely. I am not!


    all the profiles are formatted identically and they seem to take for granted I will respond. Not! This is some twisted person’s idea of a joke and not funny.

  99. Sounds like time to run your antivirus, jackie, for the A&J thing. When I click there it takes me to today’s GoComics strip. As for the other, almost sounds like those ads that follow you from site to site. Might be time to clean out your cookies.

  100. The Dictionary.com Word of the Day is “bissextus”.

    Even though that may sound like sexy text messages exchanged by bisexuals, it is actually “the extra day added to the Julian calendar every fourth year (except those evenly divisible by 400) to compensate for the approximately six hours a year by which the common year of 365 days falls short of the solar year.”

    In other ways, today. So, Happy Bissextus.

  101. Just so I won’t forget, tomorrow, 1 March, is St. David’s Day. He is the patron saint of Wales, and I know a professional Welshman who expects me to let everybody know. Supposedly, there are Welshmen named David Evans Thomas, or Evan Thomas Jones, about as Welsh as you can get. To my knowledge, St. D. is not responsible for all the good Welsh tunes in the UMC hymnal. Peace,

  102. St. David is the patron saint of doves, as well as of Wales. One of the miracles credited to him was surviving eating poisoned bread fed to him by the monks of his own monastery, who were apparently more than a bit peeved by having to live the austere lives of monks. Showing, I suppose, that problems with disgruntled employees go back at least 1500 years.

  103. A few weeks ago (months?), Janis called herself the “crazy walking woman.”

    I was reminded of that this evening when I hear an interview on NPR this evening with Sarah Marquis, authoress of “Wild by Nature.”

    The interview focused upon her walk from Siberia to Australia.

    Evidently, she has walked about 27,000 miles.

    Here’s the link to the NPR piece: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2016/02/29/sarah-marquis-hiking-wild-australia

  104. I just posted this question/request for assistance on Facebook, but I suspect there are some in this Village with more expertise than my friends there.

    I’ve been having issues lately and don’t know if it’s me, FB, my tablet, or Windows 10 or some combination. These things happen on the website, not the app, and not all the time (but far too often) and not necessarily all at the same time. A couple of examples:

    After I’ve scrolled down a ways and clicked (tapped) to see comments, I’m kicked back up to the top; when I scroll back down, the comments are there.

    If I try to make a comment (especially if I try to reply to a comment), the cursor jumps to in front of the first letter I type; after I work around that and get to the end of what I’m saying and hit Enter, either nothing happens or my comment posts with no spaces between the words.

    I’m tired of having to create my comments in Word and then cut and paste. Any suggestions?

  105. I am acquainted with a couple who will celebrate their 75th WA tomorrow; the next day, a different acquaintance turns 102. That’s a nice parlay. Blessings be upon all 3 of them.

  106. Joe Patroni has left the hanger. Actor George Kennedy, who seemed to be in every disaster movie made in the ’70s, died yesterday at age 91. RIP, Cool Hand Luke’s buddy.

  107. For any who don’t know, Joe Patroni was the airline maintenance supervisor who freed an airliner from the mud and moved it at the last minute from where it was blocking the only runway that could be used by the bomb-damaged airliner carrying the injured pregnant stewardess returning to the airport to land in a blizzard. Now that’s what I call a disaster movie.

  108. Mark – I held off switching until recently when Flash would no longer update properly; there were also some 8.1 updates that would not go through. Still getting used to 10 but haven’t encountered any real problems, except with FB. I suspect it’s the combination thing, although my sister-in-law has had similar issues on her older model iPad.

  109. Even I saw that movie. Of course I saw so many movie plane disaster movies it is a miracle I ever flew again. When Helen Hayes or actors got on real planes with us we all groaned and went OH NO!


  110. Ghost:
    Spell checker got you. Airplanes can be found in a hangar and there are many types of hangers in an airplane. George Kennedy was a great character actor.
    Sorry, but there are some very crazy and mean people out there, thankfully not in the Village.

  111. Nope, John II, just a good old fashion typo. (Gautier MS, I assume.)

    Sorry, Jackie, wish I could offer some helpful suggestions, but I use a pretty well locked-down PC with layered security for all my InterWebNet activity, and other than a pesky browser highjacker I encountered a few years ago, and cured pretty quickly, I’ve had very little in the way of problems.

    I hope your problems are just due to a random Trojan and not the result of being targeted due to having a rather high-profile InterWebNet presence. There’s something to be said for anonymity.

  112. Yes, the Village is full of the people you wish lived in a real village where we had town hall meetings, walked on sidewalks past porches they sat out on and had block parties where we brought food to share and grill, sat in park and listened to music, walked our cats and shopped at the farmer’s market with.

    I’d even go to church and stay for the ladies lunches. But not geflitte fish.

  113. Jackie
    How about Lutefisk?

    That G.K movie was made at Mpls/Sp airport – that year there was no snow -yet-
    so they hat to make it (It was cold enough)
    emb – in the picture of the wind blown Tortie (looks like our Lily) there was a
    “Tiny House”in the background.

  114. part II

    Mythbusters proved you could raise a boat with ping pong balls – and it took nearly
    2 scows worth – they used a water injection system.

    Met a couple of people with one blue eye & one green – both (people) were female.
    (I suppose their eyeballs were also) Is there a bias for gender?

  115. part III

    Last Sat. on Ask This Old House Tommy & Kevin built a backyard chicken house & enclosure.
    with cover so there was no attack from above. What they did not show (or do?)
    was put chicken wire one foot out horizontally on ground so critters would not dig under
    the vertical wire.

    B’ugs = big hugs

  116. Good morning Villagers…

    …and it’s coming our way, rain, thunderstorms and wind. Glad I did my running yesterday. Went to $ General and spent Boss’s money on cleaning supplies. And I saved the best for last….picked up tax papers…. arrrgghhhhh!!!!!

    You guys have to read the first 4 post on TDS….they’re pretty funny.

    emb, almost posted that lol pic, but there’s something about that red dot that drives cats wild.

    Been trying to open my email now for three days…it takes forever to download. My email is through my ISP. I now call it my ‘snail email’.

    The Corp is coming in today. They are going to start weighing eggs again.

    And if March comes in like a lion, will it go out like a lamb? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    Loved the movie “Cool Hand Luke”…..’I’m shaking it boss, I’m shaking it’ And yes, George Kennedy was good.

    be safe today…..

  117. Debbe, that is the universal spot. One can tell the cat people on any crowd, they know the spot.

    The daily offering is our house, just in reverse.

  118. Storms ended here. I hope the rest of you are safe today. I hate that our tornado season has begun so early.

    Have a plan if you are under warnings today and let us know you are safe so we don’t worry and wonder. Love.

  119. Just read that today is Saint David Day. Davy is the patron saint of Wales, where they party down with the symbolic veggie, the leek. Today would be an excellent chance to fix leek soup, bake bread, and hold your own Davy Day celebration.

  120. Unless Walmart has some leeks in the produce department I am in trouble. I was thinking of cooking asparagus quinoa chicken soup with garlic lemon broth but leeks would be a good addition to that.
    No recipe anyway, I make it up as I go.

    Is there a patron saint of asparagus?

  121. You just don’t like slimy asparagus Mark. You would like mine which is crunchy, crisp and undercooked, like most of vegs I cook. I was expecting a green gargoyle covered in green molds!

  122. Saint Fiacre of Breuil is the patron of those who grow vegetables and medicinal plants, and of gardening in general. That’s probably as close to a patron saint of asparagus as you’ll get.

    Interesting (if less appetizing) factoid: St Fiacre was also known for healing hemorrhoids and is the patron of venereal disease sufferers.

  123. Ghost, I am ALWAYS amazed at your broad knowledge (that is an unintentional pun) when is St. Fiacres saint day? I will pray for my vegetable crops and order a statue for the garden. I have a Saint Francis right now.

    Saint Joachim (Jackquline ) was his helper and is shown with a lamb usually. I could get one of each.

    Mark I almost said the Jolly Green Giant is a green incarnation of the devil himself according to many of my “green” and organic friends. To them he represents evil agriculture. I bit my tongue there.

    There is a DNA controlled aversion to brocolli and other crops from same family, so Our president really DIDN’T like brocolli. I wonder how many here dislike certain vegetables and won’t eat?

    Opin ions on aversion to vegs much more interesting than politics right now!

  124. St. Fiacre has a shovel and a basket if herbs. Sometimes a bird or a rabbit. Interesting. Easily ordered too, lots of choices. I could put him in a big pot of herbs. He’d like that.

  125. “I will pray for my vegetable crops and order a statue for the garden. I have a Saint Francis right now.”

    Or, you could just rename the statue you have. / various citations in the Hebrew Bible, it shouldn’t make any difference.

    I have some Jewish friends who, I think, buried a statue of St. Joseph [] upside down in the yard of the house they wanted to sell [or maybe they just thought of doing it]. The house sold. Don’t know how the real estate gods knew it was a statue of the real St. Joseph [and expect the house would have sold anyway]. Works about as well as the astrology of a few days ago. In the Hebrew Bible, casting a horoscope was a capital offense. Peace,

  126. Yes, my Catholic daughter and SIL buried St. Joseph upside down to sell.their house. I think the discomfort is supposed to make him notice your supplications faster? If house sells you have to go unsure him and get him cleaned up and display him to show gratitude. They had to sneak back to old house after it finally sold to dig him up when new owners were gone.

    Of course they ended up being upside down as well.

  127. The Feast Day for St. Fiacre is September 1st.

    My only vegetable aversion is to beets. I have heard them described as having an “earthy” flavor, which seems about right, as to me they taste the way dirt smells.

  128. Thank goodness, I am very fond of broccoli. My only disliked veggie is cilantro — I just detest it and won’t eat it; or cumin either. Could they be related biologically? I may look it up (Lord knows I have lots of books about plants) and there’s always the Internet.

  129. Oh, I meant to say, none of our seven children share my dislike of cilantro, but I ought to ask them to make sure. Because of the genetic factor.

  130. Broccoli, I would honestly starve first.

    About St. Joseph: Many years ago, there was a bit in Reader’s Digest about a family attempting the “bury the saint for a sale” routine, but couldn’t find the definitive orientation for him. After trying every way they could think of, they shipped the defective saint to the landfill. The landfill sold shortly thereafter. 🙂

    Someone please remind me why I like my job. This is worse than the December fiasco. Despite finding $433.00 in shortages, I am STILL -$247(and change) for the month!!! There is foul play afoot, and I am saddened to say I actually thought the culprit was an decent person. Curses.

  131. Looks like he’s wearing his younger brother’s suit, doesn’t he? Or it shrank in the wash. And is that a phony set of military ribbons or a fancy hanky in his pocket?

  132. Mindy, I agree about the broccoli. And I hope you don’t have to make up the shortage yourself. I once worked for a company that forced me to work from 6am to midnight because the person scheduled to relieve me didn’t show and the office staff who should have come out flatly refused. I then took some unscheduled and unpaid time off and sent them a nice letter outlining what they would need to do for me to continue in my job. They didn’t answer, and when payday came the check for the last days I had worked didn’t show either, although I had turned in all the company equipment I had been issued. When I called to ask why, they were trying to stiff me for the cost of the expensive walkie-talkie one of their other top-notch employees lost while I was sitting at home. Finally had to threaten them with a lawyer to get paid. Don’t work as a security guard.

  133. Cilantro (coriander) leaves and ground cumin seeds are both used in Mexican and TexMex dishes. Cilantro is an ingredient in salsa, which I love, and cumin is what gives refried beans their distinct flavor.

  134. BTW, I didn’t quit over that single incident. It was just the final straw in a long list of broken promises and incompetent management and co-workers.

  135. Fancy hankie, I think. Didn’t read the description but wouldn’t be surprised to learn the suit was from the Peewee Herman Spring Collection.

  136. Lady Mindy, I never figured out why till dippers think they can away with it. That’s usually a pretty easy scam to detect and trace.

  137. Mark – Not my shortage. I was +$18(and change) when I left.

    Oh, and that check for mileage and expenses I’ll be getting? Goes towards my new water pump, timing belt, and interim rental. I didn’t want some extra money in the bank anyway. 🙁

  138. Ghost – The REALLY good ones are really clever. Cross-ringing, short-ringing, fake refunds, “extra” lottery payouts – all fun stuff. My regional manager told a story today about an employee sitting on a milk crate and playing in his phone all night. He would only get up IF someone brought something up to the counter. Otherwise, it was help-yourself. A $10,000+ loss in ONE MONTH.

  139. Actually, I believe cilantro and coriander are same plant (coriandrum sativum), “cilantro” simply being the Spanish name for the coriander leaves.

    Cumin is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native from the east Mediterranean to India.

  140. Broccoli is actually quite good, if not boiled until it’s a slimy green mess. Steamed and left slightly crisp, it’s great, either lightly seasoned or topped with a cheese sauce or hollandaise sauce. I learned from Asian cuisine that the texture of food is as important as its taste and appearance.

    I love me some stir fry Broccoli Beef as well. The ginger/garlic/soy sauce trinity seems to work very well with it.

  141. Also over the transom comes an InterWebNet ad from a company specializing in outdoor and expedition wear. The most provocative things their female models are normally pictured wearing are shapeless parkas and snowmobile suits. However, I now see that they also offer swimsuits, including some rather, ah, fetching bikinis. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a reversal bikini bottom, print on one side and flesh-colored (although they call it “Pebble”) on the other. Interesting.

  142. Broccoli is ok, except some stems are too fibrous. Prefer cauliflower. Not crazy / lima beans nor parsnips. Cilantro, used w/ restraint is fine. Beets are ok, but beet greens are better. ‘Harvard beets’ are awful. Had my most common steam veggie mélange [Thanks, moderator, for the accent ague] at supper: onion, cauliflower, sweet pepper, zucchini, canned diced tomatoes [these w/ ‘Italian’ spices], canned mushrooms. This makes 2 portions, other half to reheat Th. evening.

    Cumin is a common ingredient in curry powder. Peace,

  143. I like Tex-Mex food too. Wondered what gave the fresh salsa the different flavor and found it was the cilantro they put in it. All good. But can’t stand licorice or anise either. Being Southern, I love me some cooked greens. Best I ever had was at a company Christmas dinner. Home-baked ham, various greens, and all sorts of goodies. And that is where I found out that a little dab of red pepper sauce really made the greens good.

    You’re welcome Rick. I forget who on here made the discovery that more than one link in a post would make it disappear, but I did remember that it would happen.

    Hope everybody has a safe night as we are having another active weather event here. Thunder and lightning with heavy showers earlier.

  144. Sorry, I was thinking or not thinking out in parking lot about herbs and spices.

    The real trick to scrumptious greens is flash Sauté in olive oil and a small slice of unsalted butter with some coarse red pepper flakes tossed in to a green stir fry. Take out as soon as they wilt.
    You can add some aged vinegar like balsamic too.

  145. Remember some years ago when the foodies were putting balsamic vinegar in everything? I swear it was like liquid crack for yuppies. It is good in and with certain foods, though. (I may possibly have three or four bottles in my pantry.)

    I need to make another pot of marinara sauce for the freezer. And chili. And pumpkin bisque.

  146. My family all being aged Southern cooks started boiling the greens right after breakfast for dinner, threw in a giant half to cup of aged bacon grease out of coffee or lard can by stove along with large amounts of salt from the blue can with the little girl and whatever black pepper was in a square tin.

    This was finished off on the plate with large amount of pepper sauce from garden peppers of unknown ethnicity drowned in Apple cider vinegar that never knew refrigeration. But did grow mold which they simply removed with a fork or spoon. And ate the peppers sometimes.

    No one ever accused my ancestors of being foodies.

  147. Good ideas here, lots of them! When things slow down in the Village, just mention food and messages come thick and fast. I looked carefully on Wikipedia, as you guys did, and the two plants in question are umbellifirous (this refers to the flower resembling Queen Anne’s Lace, or Wild Carrot.) They do appear to be closely related, but not exactly the same.

  148. Dickens the Adventure Dog is a foodie however and prefers his aged cheddar to have no orange dies, be aged in a foreign country but will tolerate some American uncolored cheddars. He prefers dill havarti but is addicted to good brie and will chew into one enroute home from Walmart with the speed of light.

    He is teaching the cats.

    He will not touch a cheap hamburger with orange cheese from McDonalds. I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea with lemon and it’s an easy source. He expects something too but only seems to like their new grilled chicken, chef designed. He will not touch a chicken nugget.

  149. To paraphrase a line from an old cartoon: “That’s a right smart little ol’ dog, y’all.”

    If you ever find an imported wedge of cheese called “five counties” or something like that, try it. It is an English creation where they layer 5 different cheeses and then slice it so you get some of all 5. Delicious.


  150. Oh, Jackie, my grandfather liked that kind of pepper sauce too. Kept the bottle sitting on the table filled with whole green peppers covered in vinegar. When the vinegar got low, he’d just add more. I don’t know how often he changed the peppers but I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

  151. I wouldn’t touch the jars on my mama or grandmother’s tables either or the mayo, mustard, peanut butter, jellies, jams, pickles, catsup, syrup and other assorted condiments that never saw the inside of a fridge. They would grow molds and they’d scoop them off and go right on eating them.

    It was often a challenge to find a space to put a plate amidst the chaos.

    I bought a copy of the white trash cookbook for my depressed uncle to give him a chuckle and realized the recipes and photos were right out of my family scrapbooks.

    By the way I bought a cookbook Ghost might consider giving for all appropriate occasions called The Breast Health Cookbook.

  152. The best way to healthy breasts is to exercise them…or have them exercised for you. 😉

    With greens (turnip, collard, mustard, etc.) I have to have that “pepper sauce”. I make my own, fresh cayenne peppers and a clove of garlic in the bottle, cover with heated-almost-to-boiling white vinegar, put a drop of olive oil on top, let cool, and cap.

  153. I will be expelled from the South but not only have I never made pepper sauce, I have never tasted it. What exactly does it do for said greens? Do you use a special jar with a small neck opening and do you refrigerate sauce?

    Balsamic vinegar on sautéed greens is good and I forgot a key ingredient, a couple of cloves of smashed whole garlic cloves.

  154. Mark
    Have had the “5 Counties” – good stuff.
    Found Tillamook Aged White Cheddar has the right bite and crumble.

    Don’t know if there is any veg I would not eat – well maybe Kim chi.

    Try beets pickled and not old – then they are like wood.

    Parsnips have to freeze in the ground – then they are like sugar.

    Halve baby Brussels Sprouts (cut off the woody part)
    Sliver parsnip (about 3 – 1 ratio)
    Sprinkle on Walnut pieces
    Oil cookie sheet with Walnut Oil
    spread veggies
    drizzle on Walnut Oil
    roast in oven at 350 for 15-20 min
    serve hot

    I like mine unsalted – with course ground Black Pepper.


  155. Those Brussel sprouts and roasted parsnips sound fabulous I like roasted anything including beets, carrots, parnips, turnips all together.

    I am trying to see if there is a vegetarian I don’t like and I think not.

    Found leeks at Walmart and they are good with melage of roasted vegs. Love Jerusalem artichokes which were once widely sold but no longer. Love rutabaga too. Sugar beets. Weird fondness for things like kohlrabi.

    I woke up and first thing that came into mind is how do you exercise breasts? I know exercises which involve weights and arm movements to strengthen underlying muscles but hardly exercising of breast 7itself. Massage?

  156. Good morning Villagers…..

    …or should it be Food Morning Villagers 🙂

    I love Brussel sprouts, but they have to be steamed and with a slight crunch to them.

    My Mom made the best wilted lettuce. She’d gather the greens out of the garden, fry the bacon, add the sweetened vinegar solution and red onions and pour over the lettuce. I would make myself sick by eating too much of it, heck I’d even slurp the juice!

    Another favorite was fresh green beans, corn, new potatoes and some ham…all slow cooked to perfection…Mom loved to cook…then there was new peas and new potatoes with some sauce she would make to pour over them…..I miss her cooking.

    Had a dream about her last night….wish I could recall it.

    Husband is making beef barley soup today…..yum!

    Hey, what day is it?

    Happy Hump Day to ya’ll

    Indy Mindy….don’t take any prisoners, shoot ’em.

  157. Anon Jackie:

    I’ll be surprised if GR6 doesn’t jump on the fact that you are trying to see if there is a vegetarian you don’t like. Ha. I am not a vegetarian; I’m a meat and potatoes guy.

    Also, in his garden my dad grew kohlrabi like mad (bushels of the stuff), but I never saw him fix it any way except raw in a salad.

  158. Kohlrabi is similar to a turnip when cooked. I know that because the Southerners in the oil camps grew and cooked them as a turnip substitute. Their small leaves are good in mesclun and larger leaves are good cooked.

    Sam, I just reread that comment. I was wondering about the breast exercises and then saw the vegetarian comment of mine.

    We already know Ghost is an expert on finding lumps. He saved his friends life doing that.

  159. Debbe 😉 My grandmother used to make a wilted lettuce salad just like that. Wish she was still here to make me one today.

    Jackie: To me, the heat/acidity of the pepper sauce accents the flavor of cooked greens perfectly. A lot of folks in the South seem to agree. I use an empty soy sauce bottle; the plastic strainer at the top keeps the peppers in the bottle. And no, I don’t refrigerate it; being kept at room temp improves the flavor, and the vinegar preserves the peppers for a long time. I just keep replacing the vinegar until the peppers start to get a bit mushy looking.

    Here’s a quiz question for you: Do vegan cannibals eat only vegetarians?

    I didn’t want to disappoint Sam. 🙂

  160. Jackie, the pepper sauce I like on greens is the Louisiana-style red pepper sauce, not the vinegar soaked green pepper type. You know the type I mean, like Tabasco(tm) sauce.

  161. In that case you would probably like my yuppyized stir fried greens with olive oil, red pepper flakes st hir fried because they have a kick to them. Mine aren’t the boiled for hours versions.

    We used to joke that unless you drank the pot likker you would miss all the nutrients in my mama’s greens.

    Help has arrived according to pets who have been trying to get me up since dawn. I am getting dressed to go garden. It is supposed to rain again tonight.

  162. As a child I started out putting lemon juice on spinach (my family didn’t do much of the other greens for some reason) but moved up to pepper vinegar. I think my introduction to pepper sauce was putting it on lima beans, following my dad’s example. (The new varieties with chipotle are especially good on beans.)

    It’s interesting how much our tastes have changed. I remember someone, Norm Crosby maybe, joking that he had been married so long they were on their second bottle of Tabasco. Now every grocery store has whole shelves devoted to variations of pepper sauces.

  163. Y’all would not like the new Jackie I suspect since I gave up cooking my way to a man’s heart as I did all my life. As one of my very southern friends said, “Jackie your food photos look fantastic but sound horrible.”

    On a positive note the assistant manager at my local grocery who used to see me almost daily did not recognize me yesterday until I spoke to him. Then he asked me if I had gotten this thin on purpose?

  164. Re: hot sauces. Make my own out of canned chipotle peppers. Also make a facsimile of the spicy vinegar sauce you get at “Mothers” in New Orleans.

  165. Great homemade nacho dip: 1 can refried beans in deep dish pie plate, 1 pound cooked hamburger drained and then layered over the refried beans. Salsa, as much and whatever you like best over the hamburger. Heat the works in a microwave till hot through, Cover with shredded cheese and heat till cheese melts. Get out your chips and go for it. Tastes even better the next day.

  166. I can do broccoli but not cauliflower. I never would have thought I’d love something called “Joan’s Broccoli Madness” at Sweet Tomatoes (called Souplantation in California) it’s in this sweet syrupy sauce with other stuff in it that probably negates any health benefits. Also, for really good eating, there are many books about Elvis’s diet, I recommend The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley

  167. My sister is very fond of the green Tabasco sauce, especially on rice. It’s not as hot as the red, but has a good flavor of its own. Be warned, though: if you add it while you’re cooking, you’ve wasted it as you won’t be able to taste it when the food’s done. It’s strictly a last-second addition.

  168. The Herdez bottled salsas (both red and green) are very good for “store-bought”. I haven’t seen their “fresh” version in stores, but I’ll bet it’s good.

    John, I’ll also bet you’d like the “Cauliflower Fried in Butter” I fixed back in the day before I got smarter about my eating. And that Elvis would have liked it, too.

  169. A Recipe from Ghost’s Kitchen

    Black Bean Soup

    2 15.5-ounce cans black beans, drained
    1½ cups low-sodium chicken broth
    1 cup Herdez Green Salsa (or less, to taste)
    1½ tsp. ground cumin
    Garnishes: ¼ cup crumbled tortilla chips and ¼ cup sour cream

    Puree all ingredients except garnishes in a blender until smooth. Pour into a large sauce pan or Dutch oven, and bring to a summer. Simmer, partially covered and stirring frequently, to blend flavors, 5 to 7 minutes. Serve, garnishing each portion with 1 tablespoon of tortilla chips and 1 tablespoon of sour cream.

  170. Not to stop the food discussions but we just had a snake crisis. My male young helper and I had beenough plowing through weeding the back 40 which is actually a lot of feet of raised 4 x 40 foot raised beds and he got snake bite by a baby rattle snake on his finger. I had been cleaning this bed full of greens and taking some inside to cook tonight.

    See, it is connected to Subject matter?

    Snake hung ond n to his finger, Jesse slung it off then caught it aND put in bucket, I got jar, we took Jesse and snake to hospital. First emergency clinic a patient said deadly poisonous piggy rattler. We rush to hospital where much debate goes on because if piggy rattler it involved life flight to hospital with anti venominated antidote.

    Finally they decide to keep him for observation but no anti venom, that regular baby rattler who didn’t inject much venom. Did you know babies are much more poisonous?

    I went and bought more glovves and weeds choppers, skinny rakes, leaf and weed pickup tools, snake repellant dust. I have owned all this or I’d have been bitten long ago. Going out to chop more leAves and weeds.

  171. Not to stop the food discussions but we just had a snake crisis. My male young helper and I had beenough plowing through weeding the back 40 which is actually a lot of feet of raised 4 x 40 foot raised beds and he got snake bite by a baby rattle snake on his finger. I had been cleaning this bed full of greens and taking some inside to cook tonight.

    See, it is connected to Subject matter?

    Snake hung ond n to his finger, Jesse slung it off then caught it aND put in bucket, I got jar, we took Jesse and snake to hospital. First emergency clinic a patient said deadly poisonous piggy rattler. We rush to hospital where much debate goes on because if piggy rattler it involved life flight to hospital with anti venominated antidote.

    Finally they decide to keep him for observation but no anti venom, that regular baby rattler who didn’t inject much venom. Did you know babies are much more poisonous?

    I went and bought more glovves and weeds choppers, skinny rakes, leaf and weed pickup tools, snake repellant dust. I have owned all this or I’d have been bitten long ago. Going out to chop more leAves and weeds.

  172. Ghost – I loved most of that house (don’t think I could call it a home!) except… the hot pink, red and orange! That part of it reminds of a stereotypical bordello. No thanks…

  173. I am still gasping from entire place. I don’t think I could walk through it and not fsint.

    They decided it was a baby rattler but not a pygmy or he’d have been on a helicopter as only Tulsa and OKC had the antidotes. I can’t believe we put a live snake in a jar. A brand new screw top apothecary one I had bought for garden seeds. I didn’t want it loose in truck. It was really mad.

  174. You must really be having unseasonable weather out there. I wouldn’t think they would normally be hatching this early in the year. Wear long pants and boots when doing your weeding. Be very careful as those things hatch in multiples and you don’t know whether the nest was on your property or this little guy just thought he had the perfect hiding place.

  175. Some of the comments below the story about the house were pretty clever, including references to characters in the movies Goodfellas and Casino. My favorite was the one that said it was like being inside the machine that makes Froot Loops.

  176. GR6, selling grannies house online?

    Mark, not sure what the weather is up near Jackie. I came home to daytime highs in upper 70’s to lower 80’s. The forty to fifty degree change has me shedding. Plenty of lizards out scurring about.

  177. Wiki says pygmy rattler bites contain too little venom to kill an adult human but would be dangerous to little kids. One of many nice things / MN is that we have rattlers, 2 spp., one in extreme SE MN, the other in extreme SW. I suppose if it gets warmer, they may expand ranges northward. Be a while before they reach 47 N. We have one constrictor, easily tamed usually, the Bull Snake or Pine Snake, Pituophis catenifer, if that’s still the name. Around here, it’s mostly garter snakes, Thamnophis something. Herps get scarcer as one goes poleward. Four new words. Peace, emb

  178. Remember…officially two and a half more weeks of winter. And I have seen snow accumulation in my corner of the Deep South in late March. Just sayin’.

  179. Enough recipes and hazardous snakes! I think it’s time for a very non-PC joke from a fellow trucker:

    An old, blind cowboy wanders into an all-girl biker bar by mistake…

    He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a shot of Jack Daniels.

    After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, ‘Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?’…

    The bar immediately falls absolutely silent.

    In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, ‘Before you tell that joke, Cowboy, I think it is only fair, given that you are blind, that you should know five things:

    1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat.

    2. The bouncer is a blonde girl with a ‘Billy-Club’.

    3. I’m a 6-foot tall, 175-pound blonde woman with a black belt in karate.

    4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weight lifter.

    5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler.

    ‘Now, think about it seriously, Cowboy … do you still wanna tell that blonde joke?’

    The blind cowboy thinks for a second, shakes his head and mutters, ‘No … not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times…”

  180. Good morning Villagers…..

    Well, the beef barley soup turned into beef barley veggies soup….didn’t have enough barley, and we use only frozen veggies….still yummy on a cold afternoon.

    I don’t do any hot sauce, when I dip into salsa, it has to be mild or there will be consequences 🙂

    I thought it was about time you jumped in here, Jerry.

    Love the joke, TR….and this blond only had to read it once 🙂

    “I hate snakes” ..quick, what movie?

    Going to talk to my sisters and see if they can remember Mom’s wilted lettuce recipe….I have a ‘hankering’ for it now. Unless, Steve, you can remember…….the aroma of bacon and vinegar…..sigh~

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  181. The last two days of A&J have hit a little too close to home. Today is one of those where I am constantly looking in the dishwasher for my utensils. Granted, I could pull out another one, but I think I remember the days of washing the dishes and never wanting to clean four spoons when I only had to clean one.

    Bacon and vinegar is a good smell. Those pesky onions are not. But aromas are strong reminders of our loved ones. When I smell those things I thank God for having them in my life.

  182. Sand the Janis joke is part of a series about compulsive cleaners and dishwashers who take away what you are eating or cooking with and wash it before you are done with it or if you turn your back or take your hand off it.

  183. I have to go back to dentist today. My autoimmune diseases cause decay of my teeth, even with constant maintenance so my checkups are bumped to every 90 days now. I have a car its now under one of my older caps in back and an old filling to replace.

    You didn’t think I did all this dental work out of pure vanity did you?

  184. Have to share this one a friend just sent:

    Bob got a text from his next door neighbor Joe, “I am riddled with guilt and I cannot live with myself any more without confessing and begging your forgiveness. I have been sharing and enjoying your wife whenever you’re away and not home, in fact more than you. I know it’s no excuse but I don’t get it at home and I have really enjoyed it. Please forgive me.”

    Bob feeling enraged and abused grabbed his gun and went into bedroom and shot his wife without a word.

    Then a second text arrived. “I really should proofread my Spellchecks, that was supposed to be wifi.”

  185. We’ve gone well beyond 300 posts, at least in the past. What it probably won’t let us do is go any posts beyond 10:34 AM CST today.

    Round up the orphans.

  186. Just in case we are adrift on a lonely atoll, I love you all very much and wish some of us hold outs were on Facebook so we knew we were all still around. And glad I posted that Hal joke my friend sent me about my phone Spellcheck changes!

    Doing leg stretches on right leg. I am going to be lopsided, I quit efore I get left side equally exercised.

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