‘What hath got wrought?’ *

‘What hath got wrought?’ *

Ah, turn-of-the-century Paris. I remember doing this. I would sit at my cathode-ray monitor which was attached to a suitcase-sized CPU and link to Parisian jazz stations on the Internet. Familiar American jazz standards would play, interspersed with mesmerizing but, to me, indecipherable comments by French announcers. I felt like Arlo above, so continental. Looking back, I was more like this. I still sit at my desktop rig, because it’s part of my work station. I now have a big high-def monitor and an absurdly more powerful CPU than I had then. And those Parisian jazz stations probably are still out there, if you can tease them out of the thousands of similar offerings. It just isn’t the same anymore.

*Albert the Alligator

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  1. Always good to see a Pogo reference!

    My tagline on one of the fora I frequent is a quote from Mr. Possum hisself: “Don’t take life so serious; it ain’t no ways permanent.”

  2. I’m sitting in a Marriott (the Flora)
    bar in Rome Italy overhearing a conversation about the Auburn-Alabama game. The news travels far!

  3. Newspaper, magazines, radio, music and of course retail have all been affected by the digital revolution. A lot of great things that we have grown accustomed to have died and of course we don’t like the transformation. There has be a few good things, like this blog, so we have to learn to adapt and look for the positive.

  4. As type this, I am listening (or trying to listen) to a Christmas music on-line playlist here in the boutique, which is breaking up badly at times. (The music, not the boutique.) Infrastructure is not what it could be here in our fair-but-little city.
    Also from France: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  5. Yesterday was hand therapy again. Torquemada I was back after a week’s absence…for carpel tunnel surgery. Bahahahahaha! Actually, she was doing rather well for just having had surgery performed last Monday, although I could tell she was lacking in strength in her right thumb. Not that I was complaining about that when she was using it to bend my fingers.
    I asked if she was going to require therapy on her hand, and she said “probably not”. Dang, I was going to offer to manipulate her fingers like she does mine. Her surgeon is the same one I’m seeing for my wrist, so I observed her stitches with interest when she showed me her incision site. One can tell a lot about a surgeon’s skills from his suture work. His were near cosmetic-surgery quality.

  6. Re 12-4-19 real-time cartoon: Back in the day, when I watched TV (which admittedly has been a couple or three years), a thirty-minute show ran 22 minutes. The other eight minutes were…you guessed it…”commercial announcements”. The ratio may be worse now, for all I know.
    Well, even “free TV” has to pay the bills. What aggravated me was that the ones you paid to watch (on cable) were still loaded with commercials.

  7. My Cilla girl had her right eye removed. The stitches have been removed and she is permanently winking at me. I do miss her soulful stare with both eyes into mine, but she has been handling the situation very well and is happy to have that plastic cone off of her head. They are indeed our children. I just heard from my youngest for the first time in months. Supposedly he will be here friday probably for less than an hour.

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