“What Wet Cat?”

“What Wet Cat?”

When I drew this in 2006, I lived in an old house where such a scenario was all the more plausible, and with three cats the odds were treble. I have no doubt events would have played out much as depicted above. I live in a newer house today, but I still have three cats, and with the temperature today expected to hit 100, they might appreciate a good hosing. I hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. Boy, Jimmy, you’ve been peeking in our windows for a very long time now. Kathy and I would love to meet you and yours sometime. I think, at least for us, it would be like discovering long lost twins. All the best and thank you for your genius at sussing out the meaningful in the seemingly mundane.

  2. Our daughter and family visited this pat week, and 10 year old grandson said that sleeping on the guest bedroom mattress was like sleeping on a board. Then he said that a board might actually be preferable!

  3. We inherited one of Sealy’s best mattresses from my mom… apparently it was their firmest ever mattress… not one we could sleep on. We tried putting a Serta 4″ Pillow-Top and Memory Foam Mattress Topper on it to make it tolerable, but we might as well had put it on the floor. We don’t have a guest room, so it went to the local Goodwill store. Maybe someone has bought it by now?

  4. Re “Wet Cat”. We have a dog, but it’s true that in most doggie situations, I crack first. Except where a mess is also involved. Then my husband pounces to deal with that. I (and the pooch) are very fortunate in that respect. Until we figured out the canine dietary allergies/sensitivities – which took a very long time – there was a LOT of vomiting going on at night. Yuck!!

  5. We have 3 cats, but they are all indoors. We had one live to be 21 and he was SO totally awesome. We had another that lived to be 17. After he died, we got another rescue and she has really attached to me. We have two brothers that we have had since they were kittens. They don’t realize that most cats don’t get to live with their brothers. The one brother does a somersault on request in order to get his Fancy Feast. Who says you can’t teach an owner…I mean a cat tricks.

  6. Today has been bittersweet… the father of a 12 year-old who lost an 8 year battle with leukemia shared some jokes his son had come up with… the best was “What do you call a back rub given by a T-rex? Theropodic! The boy loved dinosaurs and knew and could say their proper names before he could form complete sentences.

  7. Dickens and I had a flea bath tonight. Should I have had any this probably got them. I hold his soapy pathetic wet self in my arms and Ghost sprays and rinses him off, then towels him.

    Dickens then plunged into our bed where he remained.

  8. My! There were only 4-5 there when I first checked. The pond is artificial. You either build your lodge near a stream and dam it, or pipe it in, as this one is.


  9. Good morning. Forecast for Tulsa has actual high of 99 degrees. No idea what the heat index is expected to be. I expect to stay indoors where the a/c is working!

  10. Same site where I saw the avocet above. Lots of spp. in/on shallow water & sandbars. Cam operator moves around, often going close-up. Good site to add to your library. Hen mallard filled the screen, cormorants, coot, Can. geese, sandhill cranes, pelicans [wh.], ring-billed and prob. other gulls, terns, occ. perched bald eagle patiently waiting for dead or injured afternoon tea, etc.


  11. Had a fabulous dinner tonight for a whopping $4 which is about what some would say pan fried chicken livers and beets were worth and I was owed some change back. They are Ghost’s most detested foods so I don’t cook at home.

    Our local diner (meat and two or three with roll) has always offered Senior Citizen nights but no one knew. I decided to change that using Facebook. So now we have to wait for a table and place is packed

    Ghost has to share table with liver surrounded with tables eating brussel sprouts but that is another story.

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