What’s old is new again


As I have mentioned recently, we’ve not talked about sports much this year. Given this, I hope the non-fans among you will indulge my annual football tantrum.

Even the non-fans know, New Year’s Day is when the marquee bowl games traditionally have been played. New Year’s Day, 2010, Auburn and Northwestern will play in the Outback Bowl. Of the four significant polls, neither team appears in the top 25. Now, Auburn University is my alma mater. The Tigers were better this year than last. Their win-loss record is miraculously good, and with chicanery and adrenaline they came within a minute of beating then-No. 2 Alabama. However, anyone who regularly watched this team play knows the polls have it right. This is not a sound Auburn team. I don’t know much about Northwestern, but here’s what gets me: the old men who run this circus will tell you there can’t be a major-college football playoff, because it will be detrimental to the existing bowl system when in reality their unworthy BCS championship scheme (Those still reading will need no explanation.) already has made the once-interesting bowl season meaningless.

There, now that I’ve said it, it doesn’t seem so important. Thanks for listening. Note the unusual two-panel format of this cartoon.