“When I say, ‘awesome’…”


Karen in Madison is looking out for me. She’s alerted us all that The Wisconsin State Journal has notified readers that Arlo and Janis is one of several comic strips that the paper might discontinue. The editors have invited comment.

I appreciate Karen’s interest, and I certainly hope the editors in Madison don’t drop me. However, I’ve never encouraged a general stuffing of the ballot box in these situations, mainly for selfish reasons. Such campaigns have a way of being transparent, and, newspaper editors being the contrary cusses that they are, the campaigns actually might backfire. Also, (blush) A&J has a way of coming out OK in fair competition.

I do know that some readers here have encouraged friends and family in the Madison area to speak up on behalf of A&J. I suppose that’s all right, if they want to do it. Ken from Framingham sent me a copy of an email he sent to the Madison editors. In it, he openly stated he wasn’t from Madison, but he went on to describe why he likes A&J. I appreciate that. He was aboveboard, and, hey, if he wants to write the paper in Madison, it’s a free country.

Don’t get me wrong; I always want all the help I can get. I’m just suggesting some guidelines. I don’t want to think of my Web readers as a sychophantic mob, waiting to be unleashed on the next newspaper editor to step out of line. Just, be cool. And, Karen: Thanks!