Where Most Accidents Happen

I know it has been a week since my last post, but it has not been in vain. We’re in our fifth day of record-warm temperatures around here; it has been unusually spring-like, and we’ve been taking advantage of it to do some serious work at the parsonage. Remember the parsonage? Others and I have been rebuilding a rotten porch from the ground up, and I’ve not forgotten how so many of you made it possible. I will try to update more frequently this week, though. A lot is going to happen this year; the future is going to be interesting.

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128 responses to “Where Most Accidents Happen”

  1. Even people from the end of the world as we know it, Louisiana swamps, had heard of Luchows. Or one of us had but I knew who H. L. Mencken was too.

    Discovered I am drinking something I do not like that tastes awful. That sounds like addiction to me. Now to get off the stuff. Diet Coke.

  2. “…the future is going to be interesting.” — JJ

    And being the skeptic that I am when I delay breakfast, of course I first thought of the supposedly Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times!”

    I’d better go eat something now.

  3. We did not have record warm temperatures and we did not get that messy ice storm. We might get something today, but traffic is light due to the holiday, so I’m not going to sweat it. The weather this weekend was great for walking as there was very little wind. I got out about 10:00 AM on Sunday (went to church Saturday night) and was able to go 13.1 miles. I would like to try to walk 26.2 on April 1st as there is a race in West Lafayette, IN then. I guess that I will be April’s fool. 2 years ago the temperature was about 19° at the start and last year the temperature was 35-45°, but the wind gusted to 60 MPH and blew over the porta-potties. It takes me a LONG time to finish, but because it’s only a one mile loop, there are always other people on the course to encourage me, including my younger brother.

  4. Warmed up here. Still dealing with poor Trigger. It is not going to end well.

    Going through piles and piles, throwing away and cleaning. Paying lost bills lost in shuffle. Staying home awhile is beneficial.

    Going to buy right kinds of picture hooks and start hanging stuff in kitchen on walls.

  5. My garden pet helpers made chicken veggie pasta and a great salad. We all sat out on new stone patio and enjoyed lunch with 61 degree weather and sun. Watched birds and cats.

  6. Jimmy, I somehow missed the above strip the first time around. I just spent five minutes trying to imagine HOW a finger could be broken in a toilet seat…

  7. Smigz, the only speculation I have is that A & J don’t have the household rule about Arlo always putting the seat down after using the toilet. The habit of folding the seat down, combined with late night sleepiness and hurrying could cause a finger to get caught between the seat and the porcelain.

  8. Never broke finger that way but walked straight into wall in dark hallway and broke artificial nail and finger. Same reasons David gave.

    Have fallen into toilet more than once because someone didn’t put seat back down. Men could go back to peeing off the porch. Like their ancestors.

  9. Been lurking, just not talkative.

    “…the future is going to be interesting.” — JJ
    Be vigilant, the Queen of Hearts is lurking in the shadows.

  10. Jackie, that’s what I thought too. But Sand used lurking twice. Reading between too many lines, are the shadows real, staged, literary, or… electronic? Self-referential, Sand?

    Jimmy hope those two separate thoughts stay separated. Accidents in the home, and work on the parsonage, I mean. Glad you all found an opportunity. Hope progress is as you’ve envisioned.

    May your days worked safely count always increase.

    Steve, I realize you’re on a circuit, but my first read was, “well if you go 13.1, turn around and it’ll be a marathon when you get back.” That’s what a good friend had done training to prepare for Marine Corps. He had heard horror tales of diet privates, so would run suburban cross-country style 32 blocks, forcing him to do 4 miles total to get home, and rest.

  11. RIP, Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon.

    Doubly sad that he will likely one day be known as “the last American to walk on the moon”.

  12. Hello Ghost. My employee and good friend was married to the Air Force commander of their astronaut corps. I remember quite well their termination of that program and what it did to him. We all knew it was forever.

  13. I came to write, the AM radio station I mentioned still uses vinyl. Or has bad digital recordings. The DJ just ran the needle across Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

    Found your note, GR6, just ahead of the top of the hour news that gave his own voice on just that point.

    2017 may continue an established trend that has no sunset. We can focus on the celebration of a life well lived. And what it has made possible for lives yet to be lived.

    As the news goes on, I’m reminded to point out: the Rev. King speech I was thinking of yesterday was in Oslo, next day, in the Auditorium of the University of Oslo, 11 DEC 1964, titled The Quest for Peace and Justice. Still a good read.

  14. Jackie:
    Consider guying a low-milage previously owned truck;
    all the government fees have been paid. (I have been reading ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’.)
    The other option is buy Trigger from the Insurance Co. if it is at all driveable, or could be
    easily made driveable, and have a local “shadetree” “bodyman” put on a box from the
    salvage yard. Of course if the rear axle is bent or shifted that may not be feasible.
    I wish I had gotten a second opinion on my old truck that the body shop said was not worth
    fixing – I could/would have spent $10k to fix it, and would have been $5K ahead.
    And still had the truck I really liked.
    GM Debbe where ever you are.
    Prayers to all that need them.

  15. Back in the ‘Space Race’ days people were saying “we should give the money to the poor.”
    But without that race we would not have the advances in medicine and sciences and technology
    that we have – for better or worse (mostly better in my opinion).
    The poor would be no better off, nor the rest of society.

  16. He is aluminum. Shade trees don’t do. Trigger will be totalled at about $30,000. I have $20,000 in him paid out already. I owe $30,000.

    The $20,000 is gone I am afraid. It takes a lot of damage to total a truck that expensive. They found body damage.

  17. That is the reason I went with a 2014 Ford. I looked at the 15 and thought about the repair of that aluminum body along with a few other issues (like the Eco Boost engine that shuts off every time you stop at a light) made my decision. That and I don’t recommend buying the first year of anything. The 14 was the last of the run and hopefully they got most of the bugs out of it. I feel bad for you and all your problems with Trigger. May they at least find the idiot responsible and prosecute them. Getting hit by people with no insurance sucks and if you have Allstate you will be screwed. They are among the least honest companies out there. USAA is not much better.

  18. Old Bear, your playful parenthetical punctuation created an inline, spotted in the wild winky face ‘.)
    Very coy.

    Sand, I am intrigued. Need to go look up Yaroslavskiy railway. I have John le Carré shades skulking in my mind. Though I sense your reference may not be literary. If so, do the brass one’s clang when you run?

    Jackie, the aluminum does make it tricky and expensive. Sight unseen, I doubt it is worth it. But internet advice sucks. [mine not OB’s] I just would point out that AL welding is a skill in high demand. Your nearest trade school would love a real world project.

  19. Sand, it pleased me that I correctly recalled your reference location, if not actual incident.

    But the surprises of linkages in our small world abound.

    Zev Yaroslavskiy is a recently retired Los Angeles politician of note. Including involvement in the investigation of RFK’s assasination, discussed here at other times. Just one part of a long career.

  20. clipped from Patt Morrison in the Los Angeles Times, 4 SEP 2010, via Wikipedia:

    Explaining his arts advocacy, Yaroslavsky told the Los Angeles Times:

    “Even if you don’t like ballet or classical music or opera, it’s an economic engine, it puts people to work, and it pays well.”

    (source link supplied in article referenced)

    Fair point, sir. Wish more agreed.

  21. Morphy,

    Had never heard of Zev until your mention. Sounds like an interesting gentleman.
    My reference was to, en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Yaroslavskaya_railway_station
    , which I miss spelt. Never claimed my Russian was good, do think it improves with alcohol consumption.

  22. Sand, many things improve with vodka, some things get worse.

    Wiki didn’t blink at the spelling either. It was fixed in my next post where Patt had spelled it correctly. Not knowing the man, I’m hopping Patt spells his that way on purpose. Maybe to remind people that Morrison has two r’s. Wile the family emigrating from Russia is told, and much is made of his religion. I did not see if he had direct relation to the historical Soviet, who was not a friend to religion. Could be like Smith and Jones, or Lee and Kelly.

    Rick, interesting times are usually frightening. But we as a country, and a people, have weathered far more interesting times than this. All will be well. If we need assurances there are many other countries who can tell us of truly terrifying times for a bedtime story.

  23. Being sufficiently shamed by our resident soul I went 25 miles south to my wellness center tonight. Got down to find my membership had been cancelled on general assumption I might not be among the living. I had to rejoin but they were sweet and resigned me..

    So I did 30 minutes on elliptical machine and now having bottle of water and a kale chopped salad.

    Thank you Ghost.

  24. Tonight’s bra is no shapeless exercise mash down but a beautiful European sheer embroidered underline with lift, size 42FF. Color of a presumptuous dry red from a sunny slope in France, Merlot. Good nose and remains on palate.

    Worth working for. Like all good vintages.

    Feel good for exercising.

  25. Let’s just say everything remains in place where it is supposed to be so long as the support system remains. No bouncing or jiggling and no padding of payload. Honest packaging.

  26. Morphy:
    Don’t blame me for the ‘Winky’ face (it is too much trouble to so italics).
    Blame Lynn Truss – (A true dash not a hyphen) is her responsibility as well.
    Just because I am reading her book does not mean I will remember any of it next week.
    Lynn writes with humor so it helps some knowledge stick.

  27. Jackie:
    I did not consider tech school – but a good place to check.
    Another option is put a steel box on back from salvage yard.

    Good on you for getting back to exercise. You do know many insurance
    co.s will pay for memberships?

  28. Old Bear, the truck was more for looks than function except it did carry my luggage and boats in style. I have owned a pickup for many years and have never seen myself as a minivan person, despite owning a number of those too.

    My late husband quit with the Cadillac sedans finally when I dug my heels in. I owned big vans when they were not fashionable. I hated being categorized by vehicles. It has moved from minivans to SUVS for moms and old ladies it seems.

  29. Will check to see if insurance pays on wellness center. Mine is hospital owned and operated. Beautiful facility. Tons of classes but I like the pool and use machines because I should.

    Just don’t do it enough. No company. Few around here exercise. I was a charter member when dues for seniors were $35 a month. I tried to get neighbors to go for the company, I would drive them free. No one was interested.

  30. You know the dues are so reasonable, I think $45 a month now with unlimited use of facility, two pools, padded track, dozens of classes and trainers.

    Compared to costs of smoking, drinking, bad diet and the costs of the treatment of what results, that’s no cost at all.

  31. Not only will our January thaw occur in January this yr., looks like a week of highs above 32 coming up, with even two lows of 32F. Believe this is first yr. we’ve had such since we came in ’58. Had a crazy warm spell in ’73, but don’t think it last a whole wk.

    Lots of snow on ground now, more than I think will melt completely, but it w/b messy. Hope people drive wisely.


  32. Gene Cernan was a fellow Boilermaker. We were always proud that the first and last men on the moon were Purdue Graduates. I had meant to watch and finally did last night on Netflix “Last Man on the Moon” that was a documentary on Gene that he cooperated on. All my heroes are in their 80’s. BTW Old Bear, I have agreed with your comment for 50 years. The space program has helped us all.

    Dennis, historically you are correct about not buying a vehicle in its 1st year of production. We have done a much better job and many vehicles are seeing fewer issues. Better to buy a vehicle late in the model year when the glitches go away. Aluminum bodies and stop and go are there for better fuel economy. I was working on stop and go technology for at least 15 years with Ford. They meant to implement it back then but fuel stabilized and they were concerned about consumer acceptance. With the aggressive CAFÉ targets, they more common. I think that they have the bugs out on that one.

    As far as turning around after walking 13.1 miles, if it were that easy, I would have done it! LOL. Weather looks like 45° this weekend but rain. As long as it is not windy I should be out there. I can always go inside to the mall. My Doctor just says Keep Moving.

  33. Wow! I am ALMOST ashamed to give the weather we are having in Baton Rouge, LA. Yesterday, tied a record from 1980’s @ 81 F. Summer like weather for a couple of weeks now since the “big freeze” of 2017. Low got into the lower 20’s. Maybe it will be warm for Mardi Gras this year!

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  34. Damage to Trigger appears to be more to fender/bumper/right rear of cab than to box. Also to parts of exhaust system. So transplant of bed not likely to fix. If Ford shop has declared the truck unrepairable, well, they should know, as certified on that new body.

    Sorry for the loss Jackie. And especially for the insurance company who is supposed to protect you leaving you in the lurch like this. Good luck in being made as whole as possible.

  35. Once I got used to engine stopping, first time or two startled me, my driving adjusted to it. Hauling that boat cross country she went beautifully with never a pause. Drove beautifully.

    Repair shops don’t want to spend money to be certified or buy equipment, hoping they will fail and they won’t have to.

  36. Speaking of old country songs I looked up one of my mothers favorites for years. “Bimbo Where You gonna go?” Was written in either 48 or 49, put on record in 53, released in 54 by Jim Reeves. She always said it reminded her of me when I was young, around 2 years old, because I used to toddle over to the neighbors for an extra breakfast biscuit and orange juice almost every day. What power old songs have over our lives sometimes. For me it is the old, old, old hymns that get me, like “It Is Well” and “And Can It Be?”.

  37. Thanks, Jackie. That was truly a Band of Boobs. I’d love to see the casting call they put out for that video.

    I could reciprocate with Jimmy Buffett’s “A Love Song (From A Different Point Of View”…umm…perhaps not.

  38. My Internet friends are still laughing at me and the teal melons. They actually know me but since I seldom wear low cut tops they probably hadn’t realized I was same size as a ball cap.

    My housekeeper brings her toddler here to work and she said she looked around and Kay was wearing one of my bras on her head as a hat.

    I will look up Buffet song. I can’t post one I like but he is embarrassed by it often. How are you doing? I am on weigh to fitness center.

  39. Old Bear, the winky was a treat. Like finding a Hidden Mickey wondering around Disney Parks. The fact it was organic makes it fun. Lynn’s book is so good because of the humor. It is a rare twelve year old that actually cares about punctuation. And that is the last time many of us had any instruction. [My professors marked the paper, not the punctuation.] But make it funny, like Lynn does, and people will buy the book. I enjoy the humor, even if I can’t remember the rules correctly. Sounds like you are describing the same.

    All of Ford’s development professionalism, or conversely first year production glitches, had nothing to do with a criminal hit-and-run, Jackie’s valiant recovery technique, or Allstate’s shameful handling. A Hummer might have rolled if a sedan were pushing behind its balance point at highway speed.

    That Trigger was contacted in a more controllable place, and Jackie did well with it, was the best that could be expected. Being lightweight aluminium may have helped twice: less mass is less momentum, tearing and crinkling absorbs forces that would have caused more lateral movement. And that saves lives while looking really nasty.

    Nor should you feel any guilt over paying up front, that is the correct way to purchase. Pay for your new car not the banker’s car. This should have been settled in one business week. When it was not, it was due to after-incident actions by paper shufflers behind badges, coveralls, and smiles. The smiles was supposed to represent Allstate, I couldn’t come up with a metaphor for uniform of the job.

    Glad to read you are more active and feeling better, Jackie. Moving and sweating beats stewing. Unless you are actually stewing a wonderful new pot of goodness in the kitchen. Love that stuff.

  40. My helper cooked hamburgers and macaroni and cheese for everyone while I was on phone trying to straighten out why Direct TV cancelled my account rather than coming out to reinstall the dish. I hate customer service, took about an hour and talking to three reps who were Indian from India.

    I think I am making meatloaf with rest of ground beef. I have a lot of customer service calls! Dang!

  41. Domaucan1, glad to read good tidings. Blushingly admit, my first thought thought of a warmer than usual Mardi Gras, lead to a picture of a more scantily clad after-party. And when imagination starts, it branches.

    GR6, If temps rise, do pokies subside? Thought you may be qualified to ask. You may even have a percentage to report.

  42. Jackie, Dave Barry once said that dealing with Direct TV was like battling with Bruce the Death Squid.

    Morphy, there are two prominent (you saw what I did there, didn’t you?) causes of pokie enhancement. Ambient temperature is one of them and yes, pokie prominence is inversely proportional to increase in temperature. However, I have never done the math to determine the exact relationship. Of the temperature factor, that is.

  43. Oh, and I’ve had better days, Jackie, but I’ve certainly had worse. Glad you’re headed to your fitness center. Many say the big challenge is to make it to the gym the first day. I say the real challenge is go back the second day.

  44. But the death squid were so damn ably polite. Just repetitious on making you give them the info twice. And raised the installation and membership costs by $30 each and paid no attention to the “I did not cancel this, you did and this was rates I was given last phone call.”

    “Ah, no, you see this is the rate today and you are applying today.”

    Wait til I try to explain the dish is not on roof but lying in grass in back yard. They could not get it.

    Still in gym clothes and going.

    I find a man who quotes Dave Barry extremely attractive and sexy. Speaking Southern just makes it better.

    Temperature has risen here. I looked in mirror and they are still there.

  45. On the Dual-yes I see them-Response System, I’ve never thought plastic beads to be alluring enough to elicit an arousal response. Maybe I’m not doin’ it right after all.

  46. Ghost yours and mine ARE the same song by Jimmy Buffet. I have been listening to it as long as he has existed but I knew it by Why Don’t We Get Drunk? Not by your title A Love Song.

    I was too embarrassed as you apparently were too. At least we are exercising a little restraint I’d Jimmy ain’t.

    My birthday is February 7, a week before Valentine’s. I am assuming you are pre-booked elsewhere.

  47. GR6:
    Was it George Carlin that said “A near miss is a a hit”?

    “Well, it’s about time. It’s already almost two decades past when it was promised to us.”
    More like 5+ Decades.

    GM Debbe where-ever you are.
    Greetings Mizz Charlotte

    Prayers and hugs for those that need them.

  48. PS today is Ben Franklin’s Birthday

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.

  49. On things technology promised that finally delivered: flat-screen wall-mounted TVs. It took a while, but the final product is excellent. Unfortunately, the product it delivers has gotten far worse in the interim.

  50. “Temperature has risen here. I looked in mirror and they are still there.” The Other Cause, perhaps? 😉

    Have a recent update for The Indiana Orange String Bikini Babe™?

  51. By the way, when did they change the name? It is on my cds as the old name and on YouTube under old name with 1.4 million plays. But is there under new name too, just fewer listens.

    Political correctness?

    So, why not?

  52. Jackie, ParrotHeads will spread the wisdom under every title they can think of. Keeps things easy after Five O’clock Somewhere. It is a difficult regimen to keep. Just a few ounces at a time.

    Old Bear, I remember current, and read back issues, of Popular Mechanics promising neighborhood airstrips. There actually are two 1960’s era subdivisions in my area with airstrip markings and elevated windsocks. Not being licensed, I assume Piper Cub and equivalent traffic is handled by regional ATC, GR6?

    But when Airbus CEO declares it is the next logical step after underground rail 100yrs ago. I reply, when the subway breaks down or derails it stays underground. Poorly maintained private aircraft will not continue to float like some dirigible.

  53. My “Feeding Frenzy (Live)” CD has it as “A Love Song (From a Different Point of View)”. But I suppose that many, if not most, would remember in under that other title.

    I thought there was going to be an unscheduled road trip tomorrow with a 0530 ETD. But now it’s on hold until further notice.

  54. GR6, I read that info on Cirrus two ways. 146 lives saved, YAY! 146 incidents requiring deployment of a whole-plane parachute, EEK! Sort of a great when you need it, kind of wish I never needed it, sichiation.

    Your Trainer credentials made me recall another military themed comic, you may already know. A trainer, on his now third assignment now in Texas(?). Red haired wife. If I find title, I’ll post.

  55. As I feared, Allstate is simply screwing me over truck. I have paid out $20,000 and that is gone.

    I will be lucky if I don’t end up writing another check to Ford.

    Not upset with Ford but sure am at Allstate.

  56. Jackie, sorry to read that. Same options still apply. But I like that you are aiming in the right direction now. Seek recourse, or hand off to State of Oklahoma? Even if you just let it go, I hope you settle your mind soon. Churn it over through a couple more sweat sessions, then commit to a course. You will feel better putting this in a box rather than juggling it every day.

    More internet advice from someone not paying the bill. Sorry, can’t help it I guess.

  57. Morphy, I have Allstate offer. They will pay off Ford tomorrow. I drove my last Ford pickup 15 years and it was almost in new shape when I let employee have it. I intended to drive this one until I died.

    I own a Honda van which is paid for and has over 100,000 miles on it. I spent money to bring this one up to excellent condition to keep it rather than trade and probably drive til I died.

    Nothing works out evenly does it?

  58. Nah, it don’t.

    The Rolling Stones have a pretty good cut on, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

    The next line is what really sells it though.

    I read your words suggesting you are still on the fence with your decision. I cannot weigh the financial, I’m only commenting on the distress you have exhibited for far too long over this. Fence lines do not make good rocking chairs. Pick a direction, hop down, and start walking. read that on any metaphorical level you choose. I think any of them will lead to better health.

  59. A $20K loss on a practically new vehicle. That truly sucks, Jackie. And that kind of depreciation is why I only purchase 1 to 2 year-old gently-used vehicles in excellent condition and with low mileage. Consider that if you decide to replace Trigger. But of course, a well-kept Honda van with 100k miles on it is not exactly chopped liver if you decide to make do with it.

    But be shopping for another insurance carrier. It may prove in the long run to be no better than the Slippery Hands company, but why reward SH for their bad behavior by continuing to pay them premiums?

  60. In other news, The Australian Open, that’s tennis you pigskin freaks, is underway in Melbourne. Today, down under, is a risky day of elimination for the U.S. contingent. ESPN2 has coverage if you are not into roundball Ann Arbor style.

  61. You know what though. Payoff value of remaining loan seems like a fairly arbitrary way to come to a number on a totaled vehicle, unless that is the terms agreed in your policy. I mean, totaled is totaled right? Refer to chart listing value of 2015 Ford {model whatnot} 1st owner, and write check, no?

    Or is that just a coincidence? where damages assessed somehow equal that loan amount?

    If this is another underhand tool for disposing people thought to not know better, that’s pretty insulting. Here I go reversing direction again. I see why it has troubled for so long, Jackie.

  62. Y’all forget I sold luxury cars with $20,000 loss when the wheels left the lot. I knew.

    I am thinking about Mustang convertibles. And Honda pickups.
    There is an extensive baggage load in both the pickup and the van.

  63. But the sales deal is different than the insurance settlement. And I do not think you are dismissable. I fear they may be attempting to save money. J.K. Simmons may be looking for a raise.

    I did not forget your business sense. It is their’s I have no faith in. Short term gain for long term loss.

    If there are tennis fans, I know better now. The graphic I read earlier without the benefit of volume for commentary, showed a strong U.S. Men’s contingent going into the 2nd Round of play. Their pairings do not lead to much hope for our side.

    But today’s coverage is concentrating on the women’s bracket. Some criticize the play as slower, I see it as more time to consider strategy and tactics, less endless reaction shots responding to that cannon across the net. Two forms of entertainment from one set of rules.

  64. Jackie, I just ran across an Instagram photo from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, showing a table top display of like 16 new Spyderco knives. They are obviously not resting on their laurels.

  65. What is price of the red Mustang? I haven’t bought one since my daughters back in the 90s.

    Want to get pre-approved by Ford so I don’t have to go through that nonsense at a different dealer. My old Louisiana dealer would like my business again. He misses Mama.

  66. Yeah, I was a car salesman before computers so we built them in our brains and on paper then
    Seriously I came up with some at about that to $42,000.

    There is a maxed out 2016 black one with the brown leather interior at my downtown Eufaula Ford dealer. Look at it. He gives me employee pricing plus it is a year old model so he needs to get it off his inventory so there are incentives there. Not to mention he owes me for the idiot that “sold” me the truck.

    Thought I might end up looking like Bullets side kick in that one. Have only owned one black car in my life, a Cadillac. But black with brown leather is quite classy.

  67. To me, nothing looks as elegant was a black car, truck or SUV. I like the interior. The equipment list on the window sticker could have come off of Bullet’s. It’s got the inline 4 engine, but I’m guessing Today Jackie doesn’t drive quite as hell-for-leather as did Teen Jackie.

    With all those pluses from your local dealer, you may have found your ride.

  68. Yes but it won’t be any fun buying it by myself. I promised myself when I sold cars that I would buy myself a black Mark 8 with a brown leather interior someday. That never happened.

    But those were most beautiful cars Lincoln and Ford ever made.

    I love the brown roofs too.

  69. Have my exercise clothes out for tomorrow. I guess I can wear them down to car dealers to look at Mustang. I looked at it when I was there last I remember but just in passing.

    Who rode a jet black Horse? Zorro?

  70. Jackie, I don’t know quite how to tell you this, but…well, let me try it this way…what’s the statute of limitations in Oklahoma?

    Just kidding. Or am I? 🙂

    Say good night, Jackie.

  71. TIP BlogSpot:


    Strange. Them babies have wings, so are cherubim or such. Aside from Melcher’s take, what is going on here? Is it just poor drawing that makes Lancelot look like a kid in toy armor, or is there a legend that everybody [in Germany, maybe] knows about? BTW, it’s ‘oil on cardboard.’ Doesn’t specify what kind of cardboard.


  72. Those babies are like cupids the cherubim inspired little fat kid who causes people to fall in love. I just woke up but this is part of the Lancelot legend where he finds her out drying her wet hair under a tree in the forest.

    It is way too early for me to remember my Arthur and Knights legends.

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