Whistle while you work

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The memory of beach vacations is indeed faint; it was 19 degrees here this morning, according to my weather app. I received a nice note from a reader from the northwest yesterday. Well, it was sort of a back-handed nice note, because while praising Beaucoup Arlo & Janis, the reader managed to mention that “most” of his favorite cartoons weren’t included in the new book. He suggested, perhaps, they would be available in a sequel. I should mention this was a real note, as through the mail (Can you imagine!?), so I couldn’t satisfy my curiosity by shooting back an email asking what he had in mind. Therefore, I thought I’d ask you, in general terms, what would you like the next book to include? I hasten to add, this isn’t a promise of an immediate Vol. II, and it isn’t a promise to incorporate all or any ideas. It just beats talking about the weather. And, yes, I know I said the next book will be a book based on Ludwig, and it will. I mean the next Big Book.