“Who are you calling ‘Fat Lady?’”

“Who are you calling ‘Fat Lady?'”

January 13, 2011

Today’s classic is from 10 years ago tomorrow. Well, 2021 arrived to much fanfare and relief. I’m trying to give it a chance, but I have to admit I’m somewhat underwhelmed so far. Even the weather has been awful. It has been less than two weeks, however, and there’s much on the event horizon. We should give Baby New Year a chance; perhaps expectations were impossibly high.

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  1. Re 1-12-21 retro cartoon: “Bed is the poor man’s opera” = Entertainment for which you don’t have to pay…or get dressed up.
    Of course, there’s nothing at all wrong with the way Janis is dressed, uh, down.

  2. Re 1-12-21 real-time cartoon: Arlo seems to have come to the conclusion that his watch cap/beanie/toboggan cap/toque/whatever makes him look dorky and stopped wearing it. Of course, I have three pretty nice ones, but I seldom wear them because I’ve come to the conclusion that they make me look dorky. I’ve also concluded that one must be a Navy SEAL to rock that look.

  3. My last post yesterday
    Try Underneath It All -www.underneathitall.com
    Their “Our Wish For You” pretty much says it. They are good.
    It may not be real but it keeps you from tilting to one side. ?
    877 – 937-9252 toll free.
    Nice people -Village worthy.
    And yes it is a plug- and no I get nothing.

  4. Ghost
    If you live where it is COLD you don’t care what you look like.
    just tried to repost (see last post 01/11) for Underneath It All – but it had Tel #
    so maybe will take a bit.
    Was in that sandwich shop named for NYC transportation. Girl in front of me had on Short Shorts (Almost did not
    appear below short coat) and flip-flops. It was warm though – about 32*. 😀

  5. I live in Madrid, in the sunny Spain. We rarely have temperatures below 0C (32F), and some years we do not see snow at all.
    We have hit -10C (14F), had the worst snowfall in over 60 years and have snow up to the hip. City is closed since Saturday and most people will not be able to go to work until next week, if the alien invasion and Godzilla do not prevent us from doing so…
    So, yay 2021!! Looking good!! How long until 2022?

      • No, I am Spanish, I have lived in Madrid my whole life!
        However, I work in electronics engineering and I have had my share of international projects (and bosses). For a while I worked for an Irish company with an office in Silicon Valley, which was bought by another one based in Pennsylvania, so at that time I traveled around the states quite a bit.
        I must say, however, that most of the conversational English that I speak, I learned from comic strip web pages… I have been following Arlo and Janis for over 25 years I think!
        English courses do not teach you about limericks and the like!!

    • I wish you could send some of your winter our way. In Northeastern Nebraska we’ve basically had no zero snow so far, and we need it or will have no grass/hay for livestock but instead have wildfires come summer. It hasn’t even been winter-level cold. It’s kind of terrifying.

      • I wish I could, we are really not prepared for this weather…
        Part of my family actually comes from a village in Almería (south-east of Spain), they are telling me that they hit 20 degrees today. That’s Celsius, around 65-70F. And they still complain about cold…

  6. My garden pots are full of lettuce, herbs and mustard greens. Our weather has been mild so far in mideastern Oklahoma and has not frozen. I keep begging Ghost to go harvest and eat. I saw it yesterday going past the pots enroute to the SUV enroute to trip to Tulsa.

    Maybe I can beg Ghost to extract me from bedroom and down to patio for sunlight and gardening! We made it to Tulsa successfully to see surgeon who says my leg looks good.

    • Glad the leg continues to mend!
      The way I prefer fresh greens is diabetic-safe, but not heart-healthy. A large paper sack filled with various coarsely chopped leaf lettuces, spinach and/or mustard, along with chopped scallions, salt, and pepper is delicious when dressed with a large dash of hot bacon grease, stirred well, then a sprinkle of balsamic or apple-cider vinegar. We called it “fried-lettuce salad” when I was growing up. It’s still my favorite (once a year) spring-time garden treat.

  7. JJ, today’s real time strip with the subtle request for tuna gave a full on guffaw, thank you for it. I cannot even decide which, or what combination of five different elements gave the punch to the line. The quiet, matter of fact response from below, the eyeball exchange between woman and feline, the downward whisker that I mistook for anticipatory drool, the unspoken revelation, and or the ear2ear grin of a well delivered jape. If I could pinpoint when my first snort exploded I would tell you which frame did it, but I can’t. A performer would call it a tight bit, one where all the parts and pieces came together so well. I might be an easy audience, but this is the stuff that elevates A&J above others in the competition for my giggles.

  8. David I will beg Ghost to make your salad. I love bacon wilted salads. Thursday is going to be in 60s here. I saw buds on trees in Tulsa yesterday!

    So enjoyed the Ludwig comments, so true and accurate. I completely agree! Jimmy is best cat cartoonist in existence, the only one who understands cat’s behaviour and actions.

    Spain, I loved your analysis of the rain in Spain. Please return again Spain.

  9. Re 1-13-21 real-time cartoon: I’m jealous of Arlo, but not because he has Janis. (OK, perhaps a little.) But because he can assume that position against the wall, apparently without pulling, staining, or breaking anything…and presumably get back to his feet.
    Perhaps I will be able to do that, also, if I can ever get back to my “personal trainer”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be able to spring to her feet from that position and right into a handstand. I am in awe of how many pull-ups she can do.
    And in a totally unrelated matter, I had tuna (or as we often say in the South, tunafish) salad for lunch today. I wonder how that happened.

  10. Tomorrow is to be warm sunny day in 60s here. I want to go outside in my wheelchair even if it is just to be outside. It has been 52 days since I broke my leg, my only outdoors were four transports to and from hospital and a few minutes to hug and kiss Dickens at hospital.

    Today has been long tedious day waiting for things to happen that eventually did. Ghost finally got his stew made which made last few hours even more difficult.

    • The stew was from a recipe I’d added to my collection but never before used. The result was, if not disappointing, at least uninspired. Its main sin was one of the deadly ones for food…blandness. I did save the leftovers, so I will attempt to salvage them tomorrow by adjusting the seasonings.

  11. I cheated, removed all the potatoes I cannot eat and sprinkled with a salt free seasoning I recycled from hospital trays. (They throw away all the things they put on trays) Still disappointing after smelling for hours.
    However I am not hungry, a concept I did learn in those 36 days. Just go ahead and eat it after you eliminate stuff.

  12. I wish I could send Dawn some of the snow, we are really not prepared for this weather…
    Part of my family actually comes from a village in Almería (south-east of Spain), they are telling me that they hit 20 degrees today. That’s Celsius, around 65-70F. And they still complain about cold…

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