Why clowns?


Think about it. There was a time when inflatable punching bags were ubiquitous, and most of them carried the image of a clown. A clown? Why were we, as children, all encouraged to punch the living daylights out of a clown? OK, don’t think about it.

This Web thing isn’t working very well,  is it? I believe part of the problem is my somewhat lax resolve to post “first thing every morning.” Well, by the time I’m caffeine-charged and distracted by this and that, it’s “too late” to update. I think I’m going to try updating later in the day. I’m not sure when exactly, but I’ll give it a try and see how that goes. So, stay tuned!

 I’m very sorry I missed Thanksgiving week. As some of you may remember, I like Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good one.