Why There’ll Never Be a ‘Cat Star’

Why There’ll Never Be a ‘Cat Star’

This old A&J, which you probably have seen if you’ve been coming here a while, is one of my all-time favorite cat strips. I often mention how much the appearance of my characters has evolved over the life of the strip, but it also could be argued that they have not, at least since the turn of the century. Yes, you know which “turn of the century” I mean. (Why do I always feel obligated to point that out!?) Aside from Janis’ shape-shifting hair, the characters look today as they did in 2001, when the above was drawn. I can draw a little better than I could then, and when I’m on my game that is evident, but after things settled down in the 1990s, the appearance of the strip really has not changed that much. Why does that surprise me?



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  1. I have a strip from the Kickstarter campaign (very glad to hear the book is still coming!), snagged one in this go-round, and got out-bid in an earlier auction. Would love more opportunities to add to my collection (is two a collection?) of A&J art. Any chance this could become a regular event? Not to get too sappy, but your strip is one of the good things in life, and holding a piece of that is pretty cool.

  2. Ruven: Maybe you’ve visited the Village before; if so, I missed it. Welcome. By way of introduction, emb stands for emeritus Minnesota biologist. Another, somewhat younger retired science prof calls himself “curmudgeonly.”
    David: It’s ok to be “sappy here.” After all, this blog has brought together at least one loving mature couple, and several of the widowed among us continually allude to dear departed spice. Despite rare flareups, the Village is a pretty supportive place.

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