Winner, Winner…

Winner, Winner…

February 26, 1998

We seem to be back! The timing is awkward, however. I don’t have any spare time this morning for a longer post. I will post over the weekend, to make up for all the recent unpleasantness.

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  1. in my desktop browser, Chrome, the new post shows on the same page as the old post, just down below. When I click on Leave a comment, it shows on its own page, separate from the previous day’s post. Back to ‘Chewing the Fat’ is the only navigation option. From that page, the numbered pages are available.

    • I suspect the WordPress settings were scrambled somewhat during the recovery. I’ll get in there and straighten things out today or tomorrow. This morning, I simply don’t have time. Thanks for your input, David!

      • Constantly, Ghost! I may run and maintain a large website, but I sure don’t do it gracefully. If anyone else was my boss I’d have been fired long ago. As it is, I am doing it for my own self. So instead I get to occasionally whine about the crappy webmaster we have. 🙂

  2. The MBH and I just got our first vaccine appointments (for Feb. 22). It was very slow in coming, trying site after site before getting to the successful one. I rather hope they have the Pfizer vaccine rated at 95% and not some lower-rated stuff. Being over 80, diabetic, and not slim by any means, the more protection, the better. Yet, I will certainly accept whatever the vaccine du jour turns out to be….
    She is in better shape, not diabetic, not rotund, albeit a year older than I. We’ll be there together in consecutive time slots.

  3. I am glad to hear you and your wife are on the schedule for the vaccine, c ex-p. I’ve been waiting for the VA to set up a time for me to get it, and thought it was happening this week. What it turns out is that somebody higher up in the VA organizational chart decided to use an automated text system to arrange the schedules, And it was not up to the task. In my case it offered me a time on Saturday morning and when I accepted, it gave me a “working” reply, then said there were no appointments at that time. It then offered one a t 430 Saturday afternoon. Again I accepted and again came the “working” reply. To soon be followed by “there are no more appointments available.”. All this took about 15 minutes when I should have been working. Then for the next 15 minutes the fool thing kept sending me new texts, interrupting what I was doing and just telling me the same thing over and over about there being no appointments. So I called the appointment line by phone yesterday and got a nice woman who explained that everyone contacted by that text system was having the same results and she had been talking to a lot of angry people. According to her, the human schedulers hadn’t even known this was being done till they started getting the angry phone calls. Now with the blizzard conditions, everyone who was giving the vaccine has cancelled until the weather clears, which won’t be till Friday of next week probably.

    And I notice this comment section won’t save my information from one post to the next, so we will probably have a lot of anonymous posters.

  4. My current diabetic problem is running on low blood sugar most of the time now. I have stabbed my right hand fingers so much ( as did hospital for a month) they are too scarred to give up the blood!

    Now that I am testing at right time, eating at right time, injecting insulin in right amounts at right time, my blood sugar is staying consistently low and stable.

    Since I can’t get into kitchen to get food, Ghost prepares my meals and brings to the bedroom. Just like the hospital, I have to eat good food, no junk.

  5. Re 2-14-21 real-time cartoon: One would probably not need to be a rocket surgeon to surmise that the “one gift” Janis opened first was the bottle of champagne. Bubbly seems to make her even more fun to be around than usual. And remember the time she made rum cake?

  6. I’ve decided that, in addition to a digital jukebox, my ancient iPad (along with a cheap wireless keyboard I also picked up years ago) makes a dandy Arlo & Janis Blog Posting Device…much easier than using my so-called smartphone, and I don’t have to interrupt anything I’m doing on my big laptop.

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