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The Summer of Forgotten Sundays continues with a comic strip which before now has been seen once and only once, in 1991. I remember when I was a boy, my buddy Wayne and I found a rusted iron sphere about the size of a baseball in a wooded lot behind my parents’ house. We convinced ourselves it was a cannonball from the battle of Fort Tyler, a senseless engagement fought in our town of West Point, Georgia, a week after Lee’s 1865 surrender in Virginia. Fort Tyler literally was one of the last battles of the American Civil War. I’ve laughed about our “cannonball” in the years since, how we’d talked ourselves into believing what we wanted to be true, as Gene does in the above cartoon. It was, my adult brain told me, certainly a piece of ornamental fencing or something. Not long ago, I had occasion to talk with someone in my old hometown who has been instrumental in a recent effort to excavate and restore the old fort. I told him about our long-ago “find” and described the object and where we’d found it. He told me it probably was a cannonball. Anyway, that’s my only archaeology story. It may have given me the inspiration for this strip, but I can’t say for sure.