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Bryan had an interesting comment on the sketches I posted earlier this week. He suggested the characters be developed into a Sunday-only serial strip. This intrigued me, because it brought back a memory from when I’d read the comics as a kid. In The Atlanta Journal, we’d see “Buz Sawyer” in the funnies Monday through Saturday. Buz had been a Navy pilot during the war years, but he was a civilian adventurer and corporate mercenary by the time I came along. His was a swashbuckling serial strip, expertly produced by Roy Crane, and I loved it. However, on Sunday, in the large color format, the strip was about the man who’d flown with him as a gunner in the Pacific; his name was Roscoe Sweeney, a bellicose sidekick who’d been providing comic relief since their flying days. By the 50s, Roscoe lived on his orange grove in north Florida, with his younger sister. The Sunday strip was titled “Buz Sawyer, Featuring His Pal Roscoe Sweeney,” but each week would be a self-contained comic happening within the Sweeney household. It was a sit-com premise that might seem a tame life for such an old war horse, but combat veterans like him literally were everywhere in those days. Domesticity and normalcy were in big demand, and I suppose this was Crane’s version. Anyway, I always enjoyed Roscoe Sweeney, and I’m happy to be reminded of him.

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  1. Posted this early today but it was put in yesterday’s group:

    07 Aug 2015 at 7:39 am #

    To our fearless leader, JJ,

    A belated “Thanks” for the kind treatment of a fellow veterinarian in your daily strip. Surely he must be a graduate of the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. There are many of us old retired large animal vets out in the world and we all thank you.

    Blessings and prayers for all who need them and we all need them,sometime.

  2. The TIP BlogSpot posted on “Next” is called “Carrying the Urn.” The lady in black is carrying it. Beats me. Somebody’s ashes? Peace, emb

  3. One of my all-female staff keeps a container of the above product in the office. Although she uses it as a hand cream, it has, as you might imagine, been the source of much office mirth.

    She is also the one who suggested we get a large block of Valium for the office, so that when things get hectic, we could just take a lick of it as we pass by. And yes, she and her husband do farm part-time.

  4. I remember Roscoe Sweeney too. One of my favorites involved him trying to find the source of a noise in his car trunk. He climbed into the trunk while his wife drove the car. For several panels you could see him clamber around in the trunk with various parts of himself sticking out under the lid. Finally his wife got pulled over by a policeman who wanted to see the “body in the trunk”.

  5. Roscoe Sweeney! What a GREAT character, and what a great face he had. Being just a grade schooler when I encountered him, and knowing nothing of his past history with Buz, he struck me as sort of hapless, silly, harmless fellow. Then some hints got dropped, that he was Fleet Boxing Champion and such like that. Apparently Roscoe could bring the hurt, but you would never know it while he was hanging out with “Baby Sister” in the Sunday funnies.

    Roy Crane’s artwork was, like our Humble Author’s, very simple in its appearance but LOADED with personality… especially the faces. Roscoe and our Good Samaritan Veterinarian both have fairly simple faces that are so fully of expression and character.

    I also remember Buz going on a mission with a new group called the “Seals” in the dailies about 50 years ago. Quite a few NVA got to die for their country as a result. Some things have remained constant to this day. God bless Buz, Roscoe, Roy and all the vets!

  6. “Had” to google Roscoe Sweeney. As soon as I saw his image, I felt as though I was seeing an old friend. In reading about Roscoe, I found some other old friends: Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, also created by Roy Crane. I can see right now that I will be delving into the comic strips of yore and renewing old acquaintances. Oh happy day!

  7. As usual, Jimmy’s taste in comics is excellent, and Crane is a true master. His Christie Sawyer is a brunette babe on the scale of Jimmy’s Janis. There were three fairly recent reprints of Buz Sawyer dailies done in hard cover, and they are worth tracking down. But as far as I know, there are no books of the Roscoe Sweeney Sunday strips.

  8. Buz Sawyer was a favorite strip of mine growing up. (Hey, it had airplanes in it.) I had forgotten about Roscoe, but of course I remembered him (and the way he looked) immediately when I saw his name this morning. Good times.

  9. So nice to read all the friendly and enjoyable comments. I agree, Galliglo — often my fingers start to feel for the LIKE button here, then I remember where I am, and there isn’t any!

  10. Good morning Villagers….

    No time for ranting this morning…..

    Emb…why would you feel you would be competing against me? Peace

    Good song GR 😉

    Gal 🙂

    Happy Caturday

  11. Debbe:

    1. You are our major source of animal humor [felids, as in Cheezburger] and I posted a funny picture of a sad canid.

    2. I was kidding.

    Speelczech doesn’t recognize ‘canid.’ Speelczech is biased against dogs! Let’s try hominid. Recognizes that. Others: ursid, mustelid, murid, cervid, didelphid, geomyid, equid, corvid . . . all unrecognized. But bovid and sciurid are ok. What’s so special about cattle and squirrels? It also recognizes ‘speelczech.’ I don’t think it did when first used here.

    Florid, humid, torpid, etc. don’t count.

    Peace, emb

  12. I’m glad to have inspired a pleasant flashback, Jimmy. I have only the vaguest of memories of Buzz and Roscoe as they weren’t regulars in any of the papers I read regularly as a kid. They were in the paper my grandparents took and, lucky for me, my grandma reused newspapers. When I’d visit I would go through her paper stash, pulling out all of the comics. I would spread them out on the living room floor and catch up on all the ones I didn’t get at home.

    But why I came in this morning is actually to say a big ‘Thank you’ for this week’s strip. I loved the storyline, Doc’s artwork is fantastic, and then to conclude with a quote from one of the best protest era singer/songwriters was perfect.

    Again, thank you!

  13. emb, I believe this has been mentioned here and/or you already know it…correct but unrecognized spellings of words can be added to Speelczech. Of course, I’m not sure why we should have to do someone else’s work for them.

    One of my grandmothers saved many years of Reader’s Digest issues. That’s how I learned much of what I know about WWII-era history.

  14. One of the pleasant memories of childhood is being sick in bed with the measles. Hold on. An elderly neighbor (probably the age I am now) loaned a collection of the Saturday Evening Post going back to the ’20’s or ’30’s. I don’t remember now, but you can bet that I would love to have it now. Does anyone have any idea where they came up with the strange name of the magazine? Also, I had the (brief) pleasure of visiting the Norman Rockwell museum several years ago. I say brief because I arrived 15 minutes before closing time. I was also able to see his house from a distance.

  15. While growing up, no one in my immediate family had served in WWII, so I learned what I know from books and movies of that era. My FIL served then, but as a cartographer, and so saw no combat. The few WWII and Korean War veterans I met never talked about combat, nor my friends who returned from Viet Nam. None of them saw “Saving Private Ryan” because their friends who had seen it convinced them it was a flashback inducer nonpareil.

  16. Jerry:

    “Does anyone have any idea where they came up with the strange name of the magazine?”

    My guess is it was a weekly that arrived on the newsstands Sat. pm, or perhaps was mailed to subscribers by then. Back in the ’30s, mail came [in cities, at least] 2x / day. The SEP is older than the ’30s.

    Peace, emb

  17. I thought that there was some connection with Ben Franklin. This is what the Post said in 2011:

    “Our first issue appeared on August 4, 1821, making us the oldest magazine in the United States. (Because our publication was interrupted in 1969, we are not the oldest continually published magazine, however; that honor is held by Scientific American.)

    The Post began life as a weekly newspaper, printed on the same equipment Ben Franklin used to publish The Pennsylvania Gazette. The Post‘s four pages were crowded with dense columns of small type; there were no illustrations besides a few crude pictures of hats and boots in advertisements.”

    But there was no mention of WHY it was called The Saturday Evening Post except that it was a weekly.

  18. Gal, that reminds me of the story of how the Boston Whaler got its name…it wasn’t built in Boston, and it was never used for whaling. Sometimes a name is just a name. 🙂

  19. An aspiring author had written a book but was stuck for a name for it it. He consulted a friend who was a published author and explained his problem. The friend thought for a moment and asked, “Does it have anything about trumpets in it?”

    “Why, no.”

    “How about drums. Anything about drums it in it?”

    “No; it’s not that kind of book at all.”

    “Then call it ‘No Trumpets, No Drums’.”

  20. You know, looking at the retro “flower bed” cartoon makes me wonder how Janis morphed from (based on my recollections of A&J) a spirited teenager, sassy co-ed, and adventurous newly-wed into a young matron with what appeared to be serious self-esteem issues, as evidenced by her spates of sexual jealously, her feelings of worthlessness, and her demonstrations of serious personal insecurity.

    Have any of you known people like that? Not to put too fine a point on it, but my experience has been that most people (including me) evolve in the opposite direction.

  21. Like many here, I had to take a look at ol’ Rosco online. (All of the old strips I saw did not have the “e” at the end of his name.) Buz, as a pilot, would have been an officer, and it appears that his plane was an SBD Dauntless dive bomber, and Rosco was his backseat radioman/gunner, and was an enlisted man. Apparently this was the norm. Buz seemed to fraternize with Rosco a great deal; whether that was normal or not, I could not say. I found an article in which 3 such radioman/gunners were interviewed a few years ago, and all 3 indicated that they received ZERO formal training on how to fire their machine guns (the SBD Dauntless had one or two .30’s that could fire to the rear.) All were enlisted men and two were wounded in action. It was a dangerous job.

    Sweeney’s face was every bit as expressive as I had remembered it to be, and it was very simply rendered with a few lines. His nose is simply amazing, as are his eyes. Roy Crane’s artwork on the planes, ships and combat sequences was extremely detailed, however… almost photographic in his depiction of smoke and flames. Crane drew other, more detailed faces that certainly took more effort than Rosco’s, but none were ever as stunningly expressive to me. Rosco’s sister had a feminine version of his face, and it was also fascinating to observe.

    I also remember having tremendous sympathy for Rosco, because when his face looked sad, it conveyed such emotion. Such a simple face, and drawn so simply, but it affected me a great deal. Hmmmmmm, I know another artist like that…

  22. Life, Look and the SEP. Mail and the newspaper were delivered twice a day. Milk, prescription drugs and dry cleaning were also delivered. Our mothers didn’t worry if they didn’t see us for hours. They knew that we were on our bicycle somewhere in the neighborhood and we knew every person that lived in every house on our street. Technology has improved some areas of life, but not all.

  23. Janis seems far too young to feel “spent” or “useless”. I’d guess she can still do all the things she used to do at, say, 20 years of age. Note how young Gene is, to get an age reference.

  24. Good morning Villagers…..

    I’m ok with that explanation, Emb…..I enjoy posting those LOLS, but they’re posting too many videos and it takes a while for my girl here (Old Dell) to down load the page….perseverance, I say.

    Uneventful day yesterday at work, thank the Good Lord. Took awhile though to get the teens get down in the pit to scrape beams though. They prefer to do it that way. After work, Evan took me for a ride in his 2004 Mazda 3, he had just put a PA speaker on his dash board….I could tell he was having too much fun shifting, and playing music….he even played “Chug-a-lug” by Roger Miller. Too funny.

    And I didn’t know yesterday was National Cat Day, but I think every day should be National Cat day.

    Love today’s real time….and the first comment “Janis knows were she is”.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  25. What has become of all the Villagers? It is 5:30 here in NH, no one has posted anything since Ghost at 9:38 am (that is, afternoon here, forgot to say). Last night I couldn’t get on the site — did anyone else find it impossible — could that have caused the nobody-is-around problem?

  26. Wondered the same thing Charlotte, it has been empty streets in Village all day, and no, I had no trouble getting on at any time myself. I was just lurking and catching up on reading both the comics and the contents.

    So that I contribute something, I enjoyed the veterinarian arc a lot and the makeup one as well, and I can relate to Janis’ angst in the flower patch, despite what Ghost said. I think many women do feel that way, even those of us trying to water the wilted blossoms and perk them up and get a little more life out of them!

    For what it is worth, I managed to lose eleven more pounds in last six weeks without much effort and without starvation. At this rate, I see the possibility of reaching my goal weight sometime in this life time! Restocked pantry and fridge with a plethora of fresh vegs and fruits, freezer with a lot of shrimp and fish, chicken, no excuse for eating anything I shouldn’t, so long as I cook it.

    Had a mesquite grilled pork chop and steamed sugar snap peas, corn on cob and grilled peppers for lunch. Of course I had slept through breakfast and missed it entirely! Temps here in Oklahoma are in upper 100’s, like 105-109 actual temperatures. Gardening only possible if I get up at day light and maybe in the dark? There are cucumbers and tomatoes out there, so I think I will entertain myself sorting seeds for a fall garden. In the air conditioning!

    Love Jackie

  27. Wonderful to hear from you, Jackie! (Looks like you and I are the only ones in the Village right now. Strange!) Congratulations on losing that much weight — you are doing splendidly. So you made it back home at last. I have been wondering if you were doing your Sail Oklahoma event, and it appears you are. Good wishes for your plans. Are you going to get a Chinese translator so that no communication problems happen with the Chinese restaurant people?

    I have to say, I have never felt “spent” or “useless” so I am indeed a very fortunate woman. My life has been happy and rewarding.

    Welcome back, Jackie.
    Love, Charlotte

  28. I suppose that it’s the last vacation weekend for many people although I’ve been under the impression that not many of us have school kids. BTW, Frank Gifford died.

  29. Checking in. My best friend’s aunt passed away earlier this week, and I’ve been with my “adopted” family when not at work. Home now, and woefully neglected kitty is in my lap, catching up on snuggles and sleep. Been a frustrating and emotionally draining few weeks. Night all.

  30. Have spent most of the day resting. VERY busy week and now I am paying for it with an almost-migraine. Anticipating being full of vim and vigor tomorrow.

  31. My former colleagues go back to work tomorrow and school starts for the kids a week later. I’ve been looking forward to sleeping late on those days and gloating a little but guess I’m suffering a little karma for that – have to get up early tomorrow for jury duty.

    I’ve noticed a lack of comments during the day for the past few weekends. Maybe the gang is getting out and enjoying non-electronic activities.

  32. I’ve been involved with electronic activities rather than not: installed Windows 10 this afternoon under the guidance of my son. There’s no way I’d’ve tried that without backup, lest I got to a point at which I was told to do thus-and-so, only for me to find that I had no idea what thus-and so was!

    It did take about 75 minutes overall, as expected. So, I began it before we ate and let it do its thing while we were doing our collective thing of eating. Good idea to plan another activity for the time if/when you get Windows 10.

    I am getting messages that Norton needs to be reinstalled, and I cannot get to my comcast email, for whatever reason. It is possible to get onto their site and check in, but the email page just never pops up. Those are the only glitches noticed, although it may take a longer-than-usual time for any given page to load, for the first several times one goes there…so says my son.

  33. I’ve been working my “you know what” off this weekend. Yesterday, my son and I finished the trim work in the family room for the laminated floors. It looks pretty good. Then today I bought bushes and mulch for the front of the house. That meant weeding, laying down the barrier and putting down the mulch. I ended up with 18 bags, so that meant two trips to the store. It was not as hot as it has been but I still sweated up a bunch.

    Just sitting here relaxing waiting to head to bed…

  34. Charlotte: We were all at church, of course. Well, some of us. BUMC starts at 1030, on the dot [says emb as he walks down the aisle to his front pew while pastor* is giving instructions for a Sun. 30 Aug baptism]. After church, out w/ friends to an eatery emb has avoided as pretentious + mediocre for over 5 yrs. Assured by others that it is better, I went. No change, to my mind.

    Then, 3+ hr. nap, and fix supper. Freezer soup, July ’15 version, scrumptious. Now doing evening cptr. routine. Not much to report: memorial gathering at funeral home noon yesterday. No ceremony. Friend’s husband’s uncle. Friend, a few other hospital employees and volunteers, a few others I knew, but most = relatives + others from the next co. east. The more pleasant, architecturally, of the two local mortuaries.

    *New guy is great, most of us seem to think, incl. his lay sidekick, a good friend. We’ve had significant turnover troubles past several yrs.

    Peace, emb

  35. Debbe 😉 Surprised your husband and BIL have not discovered “Bikinis and Boardwalks” on The Travel Channel. The average bikini there covers 50-75% less than the pixilated areas on “Pixilated and Afraid” (I did the math), and every one I’ve seen is worn by a lady with a body that does it justice. Lots of justice.

    Hi, Jackie. Never know where you are these days. Eleven pounds in six weeks is a near perfect rate of loss…keeps up the good work. In a related matter, I unexpectedly encountered a full length mirror yesterday and instantly had two thoughts…”OMG, who’s that!?” and “And why is he wearing clown pants?” Gonna hafta break down and buy some new cargo pants for the weekends.

    Illegitimi non carborundum, Lady Mindy.

  36. Hi Ghost, I almost never know where I am either. That makes several of us! No, I am home, spent yesterday and today going through a multi-foot high desktop and chair full of mail, most of it ended in trash, the stack to do something about is small. Then unpacked and put away my suitcases of clothes, something I never do either in a timely way. Next trip I am down to the bikini bottom, tee shirt and toothbrush and purse in one hand.

    I miss hearing what people are cooking! I had half a grilled chicken breast, sauteed garlic, red peppers, yellow squash, baby portobello mushrooms, green onions and spinach, saved half for another meal. Having honeydew for dessert with lime squeezed. I think color and pretty as well as taste affects your success. Duh! Imagine, what they tell you to do is true!

    All that fantastic produce up in Olympic Peninsula made me want to cook and no where to do so.
    Fabulous, organic and produced mainly by old hippies. That is where old hippies and old VW buses go to die. I enriched the co-op daily. And it was really good stuff. They had five kinds of figs in the produce, a dozen types of plucots, all kinds of berries and the deli people could really cook, whole grain breads, healthy soups daily, just amazing.

    Tomorrow is expensive dental work day with a root canal, post and replacement tooth to start with. Need to be able to eat to stay healthy and teeth are essential.

    Love, Jackie

  37. Ghost, on a related subject, I have started noticing the sizes of other, smaller people and asking how much they weigh? The issue is they are heavier than I was before I began gaining all the weight and I CANNOT imagine what I will look like if I make it back to that size? I think, Wow, what a tiny, skinny person and then I realize I must have been even tinier and skinnier and I just cannot believe it.

    When do you ever begin to believe? When you walk by the mirror and see the clown pants?

    Love, Jackie

  38. Dearest Ghost, in this hot weather, aren’t you wearing shorts? (There are cargo shorts, aren’t there?) Guys I know look good in them.

    My lovely daughter Alice came down from Vermont to visit Friday and Saturday; it was so nice having her here. It was sunny and not overly hot; she did a lot of pruning and trimming in the back yard, and pulled out LOTS of Woodbine, or Virginia Creeper, from the shrubbery. I got to watch and only say what I wanted to go or to stay. We were treated to many bird songs. Nancy will stop in and pick up the heaps of trimmings to give to her goats. Alice says she enjoys battling the unwanted plants.

  39. I bet Ghost would look fabulous in shorts, cargo or plain. Jackie, I love hearing about what people are eating, too. What you’ve been getting up in the Olympic Peninsula makes me swoon with envy. I went to a small local restaurant with some of the family on Saturday; I very seldom go out to eat, so it’s a treat. Liver and onions was my choice and it was very good.

  40. Charlotte, I wore shorts (and pretty short ones) when I was doing aerobics (and looked damn good in them, too 🙂 ), but for some reason I’ve never been partial to them, even when I was growing up.

    Jackie, coincidentally, our topic in WW yesterday was body image, and how it can both hurt and help you in your quest to lose weight. Many in the class admitted that they never saw themselves as gaining weight when they were, and conversely their weight losses take a good while to register with them visually. But yes, you do reach a point when it dawns on you that, “Hey, I don’t look half bad.” My “clown pants” moment is a good example of that, as was the time during my aerobics days when our boss took us on a Florida trip in their motor home, and another guy and I rode our Goldwings. One of the office girls took a picture of me, semi-profile, as I stood beside my bike at a fuel stop, and showed it to me later. Denim stretch jeans, polo shirt, flat belly, muscular arms and legs…looked at it and thought, “Damn, you look good, Ghost.” That’s the image I’m working toward now. So pick an image of yourself from a time when you were pleased with the way you looked (and it doesn’t to be a bikini…or less…body image) and strive for that.

    Fixed lunch for my Mom today…grilled beef patties with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce; diced fresh squash, zucchini and sweet onion, sautéed in EVOO with sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, and dried basil; and homemade potato salad made with Yukon Gold potatoes. I’ve been making lots of stops at my neighborhood veggie stand lately.

  41. Oooooh, your mother’s lunch sounds good. She is a fortunate woman, dearest Ghost!

    Even in your hot, humid climate you wear long pants? Isn’t it uncomfortable?

  42. Gal, I’ve noticed in WW classes that many women will say what they weighed when they started, but what they weight now, not so much. 🙂 I heard one young school teacher say, rather wistfully, in class yesterday, “I used to be adorable; here I was at 19,” as she showed a phone pic to the lady next to her.

    As we were leaving, I smiled at her and said, “You’re still adorable.” I think I made a new friend.

    Not really, Charlotte. I’ve just always worm long pants and am used to them. Of course, I admit to being slightly OCD about my attire. For instance, I’ll only wear a long-sleeved dress shirt with a tie, never a short-sleeved one.

  43. Gal, being shy and not forward has never been my style. Yes, I do ask women that but the ones I am asking are darned small and skinny and I have a pretty good idea anyway, but I ask. The reason is that I have a terrible body image, even when I am so skinny my chest bones stick out.

    So, what I am doing is kind of reassuring myself “Hey, you don’t have to weigh 110 pounds because that skinny emaciated girl you are looking at and thinking she looks too thin actually weighs 117 pounds.” Interestingly, some of the ones I think look skinny or emaciated actually weigh more than the goal weight my doctors and I have set. So, it is reverse psychology on myself, I am not trying to do that again but settle for a healthier weight and body shape I think?

    Ghost, I have reached the point I don’t think I look too bad (as long as I have clothes on!) but still aren’t at the liking myself naked point! But the skinny jeans and tee shirts aren’t bad now.

    Glamorous life, not! I am doing laundry and have to go yank some out of dryer and fold it.

    Love, Jackie

  44. Good morning Villagers……

    Ian ‘dropped’ in for a little bit yesterday. I think he has an interview with a construction company. I asked him if he knew what next Sunday was….he gave me this blank look, then it hit him. Said he’ be back next Sunday and would spend more time with me. He looked happy.

    Jerry, I really do get u[ around 4ish in the morning, do some reading on BCN, read the comics and come here and read all about it. (I save the best for last.) By the time I post, it will show 4ish, but it really is 5ish…so I don’t know what time I’m on…slow time, fast time, need time. By the way, that was brilliant, wasn’t it. hahahahahaha

    Called my sister Brenda yesterday as I knew she and her husband were on their way home from Davenport, Iowa. They took their ‘baby’ to live their as she got a job at a high school as an athletic sports trainer…..she is cute and stand only 5ft 2in. So she lost her baby too, only mine is just an hour away.

    Skittles worked hard on making me laugh yesterday…everything from showing me a castrating rubber thingy jingy to (this caught me off guard as I was cleaning up an egg mess on my mylar belt), I heard the front door close, and so nonchalantly he said “this is what I use to eat my meals with”. I turned around and there was this big, three prong fork…I laughed so hard, just was not expecting to see that.

    Glad to see you’re back home Jackie.

    Hugs Mindy…….

    Happy Monday to all

  45. Paine. BUMC had a so-named pastor maybe 3 decades back. Good preacher and probably our most intellectual theolog, but let the kids/youth program go to zilch.

    Peace, emb

  46. Debbe 😉 “Squirrely Shirley”. Thanks, hon. I know someone named Shirley, and that nickname fits her to a T. She’s nuttier than a bag full of squirrel poop.

  47. I spent yesterday at my club’s monthly open house. We have a BBQ, but it’s BYOB: Bring Your Own Burnables. I’d found a shoulder lamb chop weighing .67 pounds and seasoned it with salt, dark mustard seeds (the ones used for deli mustard) and coarse-ground Grains of Paradise. With it, I had a zucchini that had been sitting in a little EVOO with salt and fresh thyme, from a plant I’d recently bought. Yummo!

  48. By the way, as to Buz Sawyer, the Comics Kingdom has the WWII era dailies if you subscribe to the site. This is the same site that carries the current Prince Valiant comic.

  49. Well, they’ve said for years that hitchhiking was dangerous. Guess even robots aren’t safe. Should have equipped it with a camera to relay pictures of whoever handled it, to relay to its controller in real-time. When people are willing to try to steal copper wire from live electric lines, why wouldn’t they steal components from a defenseless robot?

  50. I may have discovered the true reason for my recent weight loss…it’s so frickin’ hot that every time I walk outside, some fat melts and runs out of my pores. This may also explain why Debbe 😉 may very well be the leanest and fittest of the Villagers.

    Charlotte, I saw something earlier today that reminded me of the problem I have with cargo shorts in particular…a bald, rotund man who looked like a gigantic toddler wearing them. 🙂

  51. I love shorts, start wearing them as early and as late as I can stand the temperature. About half of my 6’5″ is leg, so it doesn’t make sense to me to cover that much of my heat radiation system. Although I might be blinding some folks with sun reflection since they don’t tan!

  52. Jerry, if I’m thinking ‘clear’ (after a day of chicken poop and Shirley) you are an hour behind me and I am hour ahead of you…where’d it go??!!

    Going back to the recliner…took me too long to type this and it’s only 6:38 here

    Good night…sleep tight…and close…

    GR ;)…lean and mean at times, as far as fittest….it’s not my mind 🙂

  53. A.Word.A.Day: Today’s word is Saturnalia [we’re doing astronomy this week], and there’s a painting by Antoine Callet (1741-1823). Enlarged, crowd seems pretty squiffed, but everyone seems fully clad. What fun is that?

    Peace, emb

  54. Dearest Ghost, I bow to your sincere dislike of short pants — that phrase, now that I’ve written it down, could explain some of your feeling about them!

  55. Living in Florida we have to live in shorts at least half of the year. I have no idea how many pair that I have but I know that velcro doesn’t always work as well as it’s supposed to. Spellchzech doesn’t know velcro. Stupid computers!

  56. Here’s an email I sent two of my ‘kids.’ If there are guests, always have various non-alcoholic beverages available.
    Let’s see if this line copies from a data file:

    summit frost line rye 5.8% strong summit bwg. co. USA rye.b 72

    I think this was my one bottle, from a make-your-own 6-pack. Dark, strong, full flavored. Only rye beer I’ve tasted, I think. Rating 72; Taddy Porter = 85, my highest rated beer. 72 is about in the top 10%. I’m a bit squiffed, but nobody has to drive me home; I’m here. Went well w/ sardines on toast. SHB family waiting job Tue. Bed soon.
    Peace, emb

  57. sand, I read the press release about Alphabet. In addition to giving me a headache, it made me wonder, instead of googling things now, will be have to alphabet them?

  58. Jerry, I’ve had Speelczech mark proper names if I didn’t capitalize them. That may have been its problem with Velcro, since it’s a brand name. I get the same thing with Jello and a few others.

  59. GR6, you can continue to Google, just don’t Bing.

    Nancy, Velcro is a ®™; to protect against nasty lawyer letters just call it “hook and loop fasteners.”

  60. Good morning Villagers…

    Have any of you ever wondered what happened to who from way back when? Yesterday I received a sympathy card (rerouted from the funeral home) from an old friend who I went to Lockyear College with….we’re talking 1973 here. I had not heard from her in all these years. She said the kindest words, that she remembered my mom’s hospitality when she came to my house. I rode with her on weekends to and from E’ville. She drove a Volkswagen, and I hated that little car. But I loved her friendship. Will be getting in touch with her…soon.

    Picked up Shirley, lectured her on hanging around her ‘friends’ who are not a positive influence. As I’ve said before, she is a victim of her own demise. My husband and BIl say I will be fighting a losing battle if I think I can rehab her…..if she’s going to work with me, she will have to.

    Eggs were filthy yesterday…told The Boss about them and that I did not want to experience A Close Encounter of the Alex kind…again. (He was on his way back from N. Carolina with two of his sisters….they are trying to get the rest of their mother’s ‘suff’ and put her house up for sale. His mother is back in town….) anyhoo, he said he would stop by and talk to me personally…..he knows I am a very fragile person right now.

    And it’s only Tuesday……

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Jerry…..Velcro shorts??????

  61. GR 😉 ….”The Big Chill”!!! And I didn’t cheat either. I couldn’t remember the name of the movie and could only think of one actor’s name (Jeff Goldblum), so I googled his name to get the title of the movie…hey, the old synapses don’t fire like they use to.

    So, what do I win 🙂 , but do keep playing that playlist…some good songs from that movie .

    Let me throw you a little magic today…………..


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