Without a Hitch

What th’ heck! Let’s have a Halloween cartoon on the first full day of summer. This one has run on this site before, but it was handy, and I am away from my desk today and tomorrow. If it makes you feel any better, I’m on cartoon business. I am not being coy with you, but we will turn back to The Project and Kickstarter toward the end of the week. Behind the scenes, work continues in that direction, and I think things will go live before the week is out. And I did say earlier, “Next week,” didn’t I?

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86 responses to “Without a Hitch”

  1. I am late as always. Missed my hair last night, missed it this morning, not my regular stylist. They are annoyed and making me wait. I am an extraordinary tipper. Do I take it out on them?

    Now waiting to see if can get nails done fast. I am so vain.

    What I really wish I had was a shower and tub partner but that needs completion of the new garden bath and it hasn’t begun yet, just demolished carport. Of course we seldom get what we wish for on life, even garden baths.

  2. Debbe, when my mom did that we thought insurance company would step in. She took out wall at the bank. They didn’t. But you can have his doctors call in state troopers or insurance company can too and they will take away his license.

    I can say that as a car salesman we were not allowed to sell cars to impaired drivers because liability extends if they kill someone. My own mother almost got me, she went to hit brakes and hit accelerator, backing up like a bullet.

  3. Today’s cartoon revisits a frequent A&J nocturnal theme. Janis’ flimsy see-thru nighty and Arlo being Arlo. He’s still got game. Gotta love it.

  4. Re 21 June ’16 A&J: I hadn’t noticed that it was sheer. But the length is delightful. Hers that length didn’t have panties. Once, for Mothers’ Day or her birthday [in July], I bought her a thing [not sheer] from the Sears catalog called a ‘dormitory shirt.’ About that length, and it unbuttoned down the front. Peace,

  5. Trying to decide if I want to stay in a retro Route 66 restored motel when I go see Llee tonight or a restored la Quinta from the Joplin tornado. I FINALLY am going to take off in a while after,I run truck through car wash and go home and get clothes and dog. If it were an emergency I would leave with a dirty truck and no clothes but not without dog.

  6. JAckie, Joplin would mean backtracking. True, not a long way but stilll…. Local Motel 6 (8?) takes pets. Boots probably does- they’re working hard to woo customers with the remodel and are doing great (I hear). And you could stay with me, Dickens is welcome. Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Llee, LaQ doesn’t charge her a pet rate, so they are her motel of choice. Dickens is a very cute, well-behaved little dog. I think they ought to stay with you. But since I’m not on this trip, I don’t get a vote.

  8. Hi, yes, I get fantastic rates, pay a senior citizen best available single rate and usually get suites. Dickens is a LQ dog, very sophisticated about elevators, luggage carts, all the things that go with hotels. He has spent his entire six years in them traveling, when it gets to be check in time he starts acting ready for bed and climbs onto my arm disgruntled.

    Thanks Mark for saying how sweet he is. The really weird thing is that portrait of Emily Dickenson holding two IDENTICAL Dickens wearing golden bell collars. Twilight Zone?

  9. Llee, she just got to the motel about 7pm. And you are welcome.

    And so are you, emb. The Telegraph periodically has links to live opera and other theater on their website. Maybe some of the American papers and opera companies ought to try it. It might improve audience levels for both.

  10. Dickens is settled on sofa and I am thinking I will pickup a salad from restaurant and eat in room later. Go exercise or soak in pool. This property has an on site chef doing breakfast. Not common at LQ but they have a full restaurant that unfortunately doesn’t deliver. Pooh!

    I used to like coming to Joplin before the tornado but have not been here much recently. Most evidence of storm seems gone as far as I have been.

    Going to see Lora in morning

  11. GM Debbe

    You will have to put a hitch on that first cart and run it like they do in Europe-
    Truck and Trailer – Canada too.

    Just keep it under the legal load length.

  12. Dickens and I are enjoying a spinach salad with lemon vinaigrette. He is enjoying the chicken, I the rest. They left off my ciabatta garlic bread and extra avocado. That is OK, I don’t need it. The walk wasn’t far enough to burn off the calories!

    There is an AJ Foyt racing team supply truck outside my window. I know nothing about racing. Us it full of cars or car parts,

  13. For the last several weeks, Gully has been rubbing at his face and scratching, and it’s gotten to the point that there are scabs and bald patches. I got some pictures and sent them to The Cat Doctor (That’s the name of the clinic Gully goes to.) and set up an appointment to have him looked at. Naturally, he hid under a bed and by the time we got him out by using a broom and got him to the clinic, he was an hour late. It may or may not be allergies, but he got an antibiotic in case any of the scratches were infected and I have to give him medicine every night for two weeks. Alas, he’s down to about 8.5 pounds, and if he doesn’t stop, they’ll need to check his thyroid.

    I mention this because when I emailed them to confirm the appointment, I included a link of the A&J strip with Luddie getting his flea treatment and they were Very Amused.

  14. Burns, not only are you a good pet owner, but your post is about the only one I understood all day. And apparently nobody else can see the last block of the above oldie strip either.

  15. Good morning. Where’s Debbe? I am getting ready to jump in shower and head for Carthage to see Llee. It is a balmy 78 degrees outside right now. Dickens has gone back to bed in despair of being walked.

    You all, Missi Charlotte is AWOL on here and Facebook. I miss you all and hope things are going well for all.

    By the way, I am going to start nagging everyone to get their bodies in motion, even if it is five minutes an hour walking around your house inside. Moving is moving. It doesn’t have to be a gym or a two mile walk. Just move.

  16. I should do that with my vet. Or maybe I could take him a tee shirt with Ludwig on it. Since he restores classic sports cars as a hobby I suspect he’d like the Shelby.

  17. Wearing totally respectable leggings and tunic to visit Llee but dear Ghostly one I thought of you yesterday when I made a cardiovascular stop along road and ran into a branch of a favorite department store. Full of sheer clothes and almost see through cute things you’d like.

    Bought a crocheted lace skirt, one in black. One in white. They were sold out of my size in top that matched so now I have to hit a few more locations to look. Shopping is my cardio but with Dickens along I must be fast.

  18. Jackie, any garment which may be described as transparent, translucent, filmy, gauzy gossamer, diaphanous, or see-through would generally be a garment that I like.

  19. Jackie, I think Ghost will agree that watching attractive women in the kind of clothing you and he are describing qualifies as a cardio workout for the watcher.

  20. My resting heart rate is around 50, but the proper female in the proper (or should I say “improper”) outfit might get me to the lower range of my Target HR for cardio benefit.

  21. Along with many others, we’re sweating out possible tornadoes, derechos, and/or big hail for the next 6 hours.
    Add all of us to your prayer list, kindly.

  22. It is hotter than Hades in Missouri. I have my new but unpainted boat in tow, sitting out in front of motel while I wait for my spinach salad to go. I am hoping take out moves along. Who goes to a sports bar for a salad?

    Had a wonderful afternoon with Lora or Llee who is the sweetest person. I loved her, Dickens loved her. We went to a real vintage diner where I had healthy vegetarian ciabatta with a cup of soup. Then we went to the awesome gallery where she shows her work. I could have hung anything there and loved it. Ended up with a big pair of ducks for my kitchen bathroom. I needed a new painting for the larger space and I love this one.

    Basically I had a great day and loved Carthage.

  23. Sending hopeful wishes to c x-p and people who are sweating out stormy weather! May you escape any bad stuff. Jackie, loved reading about your visit to Missouri. Great that you got a nice painting and got to meet Llee. Have a safe trip home.

  24. Ghost, a half bath, adjacent to the kitchen. My grandmother’s old house had a den/dining room added to it, and she had a half bath put next to the dining area. Pink tile walls, pink counter top, pink toilet seat. The height of early 1960’s fashion. Jackie’s is much better decorated.

  25. If that is the full description thereof, we had a kitchen bathroom in the duplex we rented somewhat more than 30 years ago. It was, then, a fairly recent structure – not an antique.

    My area has escaped the nasty weather until something more blows up, but there are still millions under the gun more to the south & east. Thanks, Charlotte.

  26. My kitchen bathroom sits behind the built in fridge, I suspect because there was water. You have to realize the house began in about 1960 as an Okie fishing camp and grew progressively, especially after I got after it with crow bar, sledge hammer and wrecking tools.

    Hopefully we are going to put an outdoor bathroom out in yard for use from decks and patios, garden. It will have sink, shower, toilet for really dirty or outdoor use. I actually have it purchased, just need it built.

  27. The need for a new duck painting centers around fact I sort of collect duck decoys and the sort of duck art usually given to men who own shot guns, black labs and belong to Ducks Unlimited. During this past two years a lot of damage happened to things I own and I am about ready to either hang new stuff or shut up about where is it? Or both.

    I especially like wood ducks.

  28. TruckerRon, wonder if there is a law enforcement crowd control device in there somewhere?

    So what you’re saying Jackie, is you have the fixtures, now you need the structure to mount them in?

  29. Don’t tell the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires about the Really Big Nerf Gun.

    Jackie, you really don’t want to know what image your words “outdoor bathroom” and “use from decks” conjured up for me. But then, I’ve been to some house parties like that.

  30. Yes, I have fixtures, I have lumber to build structure, I have tile blocks to build the floor, I need metal roof and an on demand water heater. No, not outhouse Ghost. More like a pool bath or a garden bath to not have to run to house.

    Conjure up cedar siding, white metal roof, concrete block flooring set in crushed granite powder, concrete dyed to look like cobblestone.

  31. Jackie
    Real indoor outdoor plumbing or is that outdoor indoor plumbing.

    GM Debbe
    Wife pulled out some of FIL paperwork from early 80s to shred.
    Will pass along some stuff when I review stuff she thought you might find interesting.
    Egg prices – pullet cost – etc.
    Did say loans were running 14-15% – hard times for farmers.

  32. You don’t have to call me darling, darling, you never even called me by my name.

    The perfect country and western song. I was drunk the day my MA got out of prison.

    Why don’t you ever call me by my name?

    I like to have women I’ve never had. I’m into basics and don’t like fads and I like to have women I’ve never had.

    Sorry Jerry. You’ve got to kiss an angel each morning and love her like the devil when you get back home.

  33. Hope the Indiana contingent, including fowl, escaped tonight’s storms. Galliglo, looks as if you were in it, too. Many of our relatives in OH likely endured the same relationship to this storm as do various petrous formations with regard to female bovines….

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    Still here, just not feeling well. When I get home, I just collapse…this heat isn’t going to give up until sometime next week. So tired, I’ve not even been into town to see Dad…but I have called him.

    Learned yesterday we are going to be inspected, not by the Corporation….the Corporation’s consumers….that’s just great. Will be sometime between July 1st and the 10th. Looks as though we’ll be going in early to get things repaired and whipped into shape. Poor Ian, he is keeping up with the blowing out the hen house and the fan shutters. Straps that blower on his back..and a full frontal respirator….he’s drenched by the time he gets done.

    And the Boss is leaving tomorrow for a two week vacation in Canada…yup, it’s that time of year. Keep thinking of what his ex son-in-law said once….don’t let him tell you he’s poor, a poor man can’t even take a one week vacation let alone a two week vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

    Right now it’s 77 degrees outside on my front porch.

    Old Bear thanks….the egg man was in to weigh eggs Tuesday…we started discussing the market price of eggs…..61 cents a dozen….seems the market is flooded with eggs right now.

    Jackie, so glad you enjoyed your visit with Llee. And yes, I too have heard of kitchen bathrooms.

    need to go in early


  35. It is 6:30 EDT. We did not have the big storms overnight as we were warned, but it is now raining and thunder rumbling. We shall see what the day brings…

    I was awake at 5:30, which is VERY different for me. Had to visit the bathroom (which is not different! LOL) but then I could not go back to sleep. I kept thinking about a couple of things that need to be done this week at work. Guess that is my subconscious telling me I had better get going and get ‘er done! I should be able to get by on 6 hrs. of sleep.

    A little stressful at work this week… several key people are on vacation… my right-hand gal has been sick… and unexpected report that had to be done NOW…
    Hmmmm… perhaps the worst is over.

    Prayers for all who are in the paths of various storms and wildfires…

  36. Not that I’m lobbying for thunderstorms-though I do love them-but some rain would be really welcome here. Yesterday the high was around 92, and with the humidity added in it was pretty miserable. I had to be out running a few errands and by the time I got home I had to put on dry clothes because I was soaked just walking from my truck to the stores and back again. And I have to be out in it again today, as I have a doctors appointment for her to see how the meds she prescribed are treating me. So far, so good, I suppose, so we’ll see what she says.

  37. Good morning. Dickenson and I never make breakfast buffets, even those with a real cook doing fresh omelets unless they have a brunch buffet or room service. I love room service honestly and men who cook breakfast.

    Just got great invitation from Lora to stay another day and go to art walk with her. L love art walks. Did I mention I love art and artists and galleries and art?

    Poor Dickens likes them too. When we were in Port Townsend last year they were dog friendly but it was in 70s and it is almost 100 here so he may end up at Lora in the living room and not with us.

    Need to get out of bed and into shower. I think I picked a great tunic and leggings for today. Vibrant colors and patterns that look like some of the art I saw yesterday. Maybe someone will make an offer for me!

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