Woman Cave

Woman Cave

February 26, 2012

Wouldn’t this be great? I know if I were a woman, I’d want a “woman cave.” What man wouldn’t? The date below the comic strip is a link, as it often is these days. It will take you to the page on GoComics where the above strip first appeared, so, yes, you will see the same cartoon. However, if you so desire, you can “like” it or “share” it or mix it up with the rowdy GoComics commenters. If you so choose, you also can poke around in the archives. Just remember to keep coming back here!

9 responses to “Woman Cave”

  1. We don’t have the “person cave’s” but a looong & skinny house with 2 ’round-a-bouts’ at each end. We do the “where are you?” occasionally. Have a nice greeting when we find the other.

  2. Last time I was house-shopping, I saw a house with a bona fide secret door. It was in the bathroom and it looked like a set of shelves with towels on it, but it opened up to a very nice bedroom behind it! The town tax assessor didn’t even know it was there.

  3. New Explore site, in Nebraska. Wish our lakes were at this stage [but local frustrated ice fishermen don’t]. Resorts are having a bad year, and it may not get much better if well-meaning but short-sighted Beltrami-County-haters boycott us. The 3 County Council members [even more short-sighted] who voted for exclusion are economically secure. Many residents who may be idled are not, possibly including some SHB RNs and BSU faculty.
    Obviously, a river flows through it, but you can see how, in slower water, wind + thin ice could give rise to a circular, rotating, ice island. Expect we’ll see cranes here, maybe in March. Ludicrous courtship dancers, though cranes take them seriously. Have seen those live, in fields in NW MN.

  4. Another site, where I’ve seen single birds occasionally, but both at least once. That single egg is dead, left from last season. Other years, humans [I believe] have removed such eggs. Peregrines do little [more often NO] nest prep, so that clue is not available. Partner may be off for a starling for lunch. Think I’ll nuke a Zatarain’s reduced-salt jambalaya instead.



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