Word Association

Hardly anyone has “employees” anymore, especially huge corporate retailers. I’m sure management would expain “associate” as an upgrade, making workers more of an “equal” than an “underling.” In reality, I suspect it implies “temporary” and “detached,” more of a “disassociate” really. Have you noticed we talk about a lot of things here? Some of it is related to the craft of cartooning, and often it is not related to my profession at all. I talk around it, to be sure, but in truth I am not at all comfortable talking about the creative process. In fact, I am not going to talk about it now. Next time, maybe.

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  1. I Symply know about the helper/assistant/associate/ thingy…doesn’t matter what you Fargone call them, some work better than others…have good day Villagers, my creative powers are waning with this wet weather here in the Northeast….stay dry.

  2. That’s the sign of a good comic strip (or a good TV show or a good movie…): When it raises discussion about something other than “Boy that was funny!” Granted, in the arts, the first order of business is to entertain, but nothing says we can’t discuss it, too. The best humor has thought behind it.
    During the recent series when Arlo and Janis were discussing a possible move, my wife and I (getting up there in years) discussed the same. We started with A&J’s decision, then moved to our own. Not exactly deep philosophy, but then, it doesn’t need to be.

  3. I don’t know if your creative process involves dreams with witches, magic mushrooms, sitting on the toilet, walking through the woods, or a combination, or something else or none of the above. What matters is I love what you create.

  4. I think “associate” supposedly refers to real ownership of the company, like give an employee half a share’s worth of a stock option or something lame, – they are now owners of the company

  5. We sometimes get questions here in Village or maybe the A and J Facebook page about why we don’t limit ourselves to discussing the merits of A and J and the art.

    Well, duh. Jimmy is using us as his blind group, not the Dark Side, precisely because we are more a reflection of his mind. His strips often address subjects we discuss here. Comic artists don’t get out much due to those big drawing boards.

    We are Jimmy’s eyes and ears on the world. And yes, Ghost is a lot like Arlo and I like Janis.

    Go figure.

  6. A&J is a strip about real life, slightly exaggerated. And the Village is a pretty wide cross-section of people. Not all of us comment often, but when we do, oh boy! And the folks here tend to mirror the strip’s characters, to a greater or lesser degree.

  7. We discuss things other than the cartoon on this blog? Well, yeah. Picture a large, diverse group of intelligent people meeting in a large hall…and discussing only one subject, year after year. Can you say, “Dull as dishwater?”

  8. Steve, back in the days of Dymo nametapes, I had seen unfortunate abbreviations used when assoc. just wouldn’t fit. Not a good word for an employee that only warranted disposable nametags.

  9. Debbe 😉 Coordinate her lingerie? Like you do? What’s your color of the day? 😉

    Don’t quote me, but I may have had an unofficial policy that my all-female staff wear matching bras and panties every day. And they may have taken it a step further and decided what the color for each day would be and all worn the same color bras and panties.

    Of course, with different color bras and panties, I get two peeks instead of just one.

  10. Black is my color today because I have on black lace shorts and a black summer sweater. That will probably change because I will to go walk at gym.

  11. Some times nekkid is fun. Right now it a black tank and girl boxer shorts for tonight but those are fun too.

    I totally love lingerie and own way too much. I probably own more clothes than any certified genuine nudist in America!

    Yesterday has been “go through my closet and pack up” day, as has today. Since I have many closets I wiped my self out exhausted. But I have almost one closet with dresses and exercise pants, short sleeve tees and lace tops finished. I can get dressed easier!

    Ghost has worked on pantries, freezers, refrigerator, dishes. Kitchen and pantries much improved. I did towels and began linens. Getting ready to put in a Ghost sized bed and new furniture in bedroom.

    Lord, we do sound domestic don’t We? He really does all this while wearing defensive weapons which I find sweet and appealing. Never kissed an armed man before.

  12. Investigating creativity a little too deeply strikes me as being similar to vivisecting a lab specimen.

    My understanding of the specimen might be increased a little, but the subject dies in the process.

    (By the way, I stole part of that from somebody, and I cannot recall the person. The original line dealt with vivisecting a frog. I cannot recall the rest of the comparison. And I think this post speaks volumes about the expanses of my creativity.)

  13. I’m late in the day posting this, but if you’re ever near Bedford, Virginia, the D-Day Memorial there is well worth your time. Somewhere on their website – http://www.dday.org/ – you should find the story of the “Bedford boys”; if not, you should look it up.

  14. I got bad news today from my brother. Seems my brother-in-law had a serious stroke a couple of weeks back that left his left side paralyzed. Tonight I spoke to my sister and found out he is getting movement back in his left leg, but the arm isn’t responding yet. Fortunately, he has both short term and long term disability and is getting good rehab.

  15. Mark I hope you will stay in touch with your sister. She will need support through this. Send her my wishes for his recovery. I am sorry to hear this.

  16. Terrie my Associate Assistant Helper fed me breakfast this morning. (At the diner where she works; get your mind out of the gutter.) So she reported for work here this afternoon wearing her non-revealing outfit of jeans and t-shirt. But as I say, Ghost is not easily deterred…black and black, which should make Debbe happy. 😉

  17. Mark:

    I know what you’re going through, and I will keep both your brother and you in my prayers.

    My grandfather lived for eleven years with the results of a catastrophic stroke, I lost my dad to a stroke in 2007, and I lost my younger brother – my only sibling – to a stroke in 2009.

    I am now doing all that I can to forestall what I imagine to be inevitable.

  18. Rick, I understand about forestalling the inevitable. My mother died at 49 and my oldest sister died at 51– both with the same kidney disease as I have. I never expected to make it to 56 years old, yet here I am. We do what we can to change the expected future, when we can.

    Mark, thinking good thoughts toward your brother-in-law. There is a lot of benefit to hard work and a positive attitude in rehab. I just had a FB reminder of some of my first “walking” steps in PT after my knees were rebuilt. Three years later and a good bit of effort and my knees are essentially normal. Hopefully your BIL will be able to continue to regain function and strength.

  19. Good morning all. I’m awake, there’s a Ghost still in bed. My physical therapist hasn’t called yet so I have few minutes.

    I am a prime example that things are not inevitable. I was told that I might not make it to twenty one and continued with the bomb over my head that an opportunistic virus or bacteria would take me out early. A lot tried, my life has been a round of them and auto immune diseases that mimicked even worse ones.

    Yet here I am at 73 still coughing along . I said chugging and Hal got it right!!

    Point, never accept the inevitable. Do not believe it is inevitable. But do what you can to combat and prevent it.

  20. Good morning Villagers…

    Mark, sending a prayer your way………Amen. And be there for your sister, it is times like these that family matters….speaking from first hand knowledge here.

    Thank goodness no appts. today…so it’s cleaning time (rearranging the fur balls on the floor 🙂 ). Love my swiffer…and I don’t mess with those expensive sheets, I use old socks for swiffing and mopping.

    Laura, how are you and the new kitteh getting along?

    GR 😉 black or beige, but they always match…call me anal 🙂

    Miss Charlotte, good morning to you.

    …and Old Bear…..a GM and B’ugs at you.

  21. @Mark from TTown,

    Sending Symply the best vibes(the sort Oddball of “Kelly’s Heroes” would send) and hope for long lasting and Fargone good results for your b-in-law…strength to your sister.

  22. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. I was quite surprised to hear about this as I would not have expected him to have this. Doesn’t smoke, drink, overeat, not overweight and as far as I know his family doesn’t have history of stroke either.

    Let’s face it, only inevitable thing in life is that no one gets out alive. All in between is variable, and we can affect what happens for good or bad.

    Symply, thanks for the reminder of Oddball. Just watched that movie a couple of weeks ago, as I found a copy for sale cheap in a Goodwill store. I like Donald Sutherland anyway.

  23. Mark, it’s oddly true that many people doing the right things still have health problems, while many doing the wrong things have no apparent problems. Prayers for your family and the whole Village in this inscrutable world.

    Jimmy, I agree with Chris’s comment yesterday. Whatever it is, it works wondrously and I love the result!

  24. Debbe 😉 Two excellent color choices, if I may say so. 😉

    In my early-50s, I was hit with two serious health diagnosis in just over two years. Thanks to having spent so much time running around with cute, scantily-clad twenty-something gals (in aerobics class; get your mind out of the gutter), I was in perhaps the best physical condition of my life. Both my docs credit that with me making full and complete recoveries.

    One does what one can…or certainly should.

  25. Mark, I’m sending my prayers and best wishes for your brother-in-law. I hope your sister is holding up well. It’s her journey too.
    Debbe, my new kitten has reminded me of what it’s like to have one around. My hands and arms are covered in little scratches where she has pounced me.

  26. emb

    If you are not watching – “The Eagles of Dacorah” is on right now on Lakeland Public TV.

    Also “Super Humming Birds” follows on Nature.

  27. emb

    I an sure they will have it on again because they are “Fund Raising”

    Watched some – of Eagles.

    The Raptor Center is the vision of the late Bob Anderson.
    They are putting monitors on fledglings. One (the first) flew all the way to
    Hudson’s Bay above the Arctic Circle and back.

  28. Trucker
    About 35+ YA saw 2 big rigs ride side by side during a slowdown on the PA
    Turnpike. They rode real close to the shoulder and even the shoulder riders were not stupid enough to go between them.

    This had to be before I80 – Remember when Buckhorn was the only Truck Stop? And that was
    a mobile home.

  29. Ghost fed me BLT on whole wheat with low calorie bacon for dinner, key lime Greek yogurt and fresh dates for dessert. I am feeling so good and healthy, thanks to his care.

    My therapist said I am at 113 degrees on knee and extension is perfect. He says my recovery has been amazing for any age.

    Tomorrow is Best Friend Day. La Madeleine French Bakery is giving their loyal supporters like me two sampler platters of their salades as thanks and for your BFF. I am taking Ghost to Tulsa and we will dine among hopefully some of Tulsa’s better looking “girl friends.”

    Not the kind of restaurant that attracts the all you can eat crowd. http://lamadeleine.com/

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    Another Dr. appt taday at 9:15…..then PT tomorrow at 10:00. No rest for the ‘wicked’ or is it weary?

    A Puppy??!! She wouldn’t by chance be a peroxide blonde? Dickens is not going to be happy about this new intruder…out of curiosity….what breed?

    gotta go…later….

  31. Laura…glad to hear your kitteh is being a kitteh….maybe you should wear some gloves.

    Can any one explain what the print is on the book page…..I know the cat is a tortus, but I don’t understand the joke.

  32. What book page? I don’t get the question?

    Ghost is out on front porch walking the puppy. Yes, Ghost is a dog lover and she is a manly dog for a manly man. Yes, she is blonde.

    Last night I noted I could now get up and down on my leg to go to bathroom alone. But Ghost is still having to walk his bitch to pee.

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