‘Work with Arlo & Janis’

I’ll return to the classic A&J cartoons soon, but I want to announce, formally, that the oft-delayed Kickstarter campaign has launched. It went live yesterday about noon. I did post a short message about it late yesterday morning, and I want to thank those of you who already have responded. The campaign is a third of the way to its $10,000 goal already! Yes, fund raisers must set a goal within Kickstarter, and if that goal is not met no funds are collected. It’s as if nothing ever happened. However, this is the point where I should mention that the sky is the limit when it comes to exceeding the stated goal. Insert smiley face.

I’m new to all this myself. We have a lot to talk about. For one thing, exactly what is this big project for which I’m campaigning? And there’s much to talk about in the area of rewards, which will be the fun part. They’re fluid, by the way. Rewards can be changed or added during the course of the fund-raiser. Let’s do it this way: if you’re at all interested, go to my Kickstarter page; watch the silly little video over which I toiled for hours and hours; familiarize yourself with the project; check out the rewards. We’ll meet back here over the next few days, and I’ll try to cover all the questions. Whether you participate or not, I hope you enjoy the project. Go here: Work with Arlo & Janis


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  1. Today’s cartoon: When I was 10, I knew, though I had no idea why. Or maybe I did. It was about then that I asked Mom the meaning of a four letter word that even The New Yorker now prints regularly. She said ‘Talk with your father.’ Peace,

  2. Met Gary and family last night and went for a fun dinner involving Poutine barbque and Jack Daniel’s. Gary and entire family are funny, smart, knowledgeable, kind and loving people. What else would one expect from the Village?

  3. The parsonage restoration is obviously a labor of love. Great job on the video “pitch”. I laughed out loud….several times. Oh yeah, the restoration documentation was well done, too. And enticing rewards. “My stars!”, as Janis would say. I hope you meet your goal. Good luck!

    Thank you, Bonnie! You know, I’ll be in Massachusetts next month! — JJ

  4. Jimmy, would the “see-saw” artwork above happen to be that for either the “Thank You” card or the “Original Sketch”?

    I like it quite a bit, even if it might have benefited from Janis displaying a bit of cleavage. But hey, that’s just me. 🙂

  5. I’m already ticketed for ComicCon Boston on Saturday. Good thing I have my A&J t-shirt. Otherwise, I’d feel sooooo underdressed. If Jimmy wants to offer hints about a good time to pounce on him, I’d welcome them.

  6. Jackie, Lezlie, Dickens and Stella have made it into the US from Canada. (Stella’s the boat). However a trailer wheel bearing caught fire and they had to pull off into a parking lot. No damage to anything other than the wheel, and nobody hurt. But they are trying to figure out who can move and repair a trailer loaded with a boat.

    Here are Jackie, the boat’s builder Jonas, Stella the boat and the trailer : https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13654370_273047309737218_5967407923554861977_n.jpg?oh=8908b77e8b025d4dc78b598eabe3aa05&oe=57E8E60A

  7. Apparently, the existing axle on the trailer for Jackie’s new boat is rated at 3500… close, but under the weight of the boat and rigging. The trailer repair shop is recommending that they add a second axle to reduce the load on each axle and individual wheel. Luckily they have Dickens, the Adventure Dog because this apparently has become an adventure.

  8. Mark: Yep, ‘The Prodigal Son.! Also another one, ‘Dividing the inheritance,’ Dad pictured as not quite as old a man.

    TIP BlogSpot:


    Nikolay Losev was born in 1927 and died young in 1999, 72 or so, thus spending most of his life in the Soviet era, perhaps never read Luke 15. By now, he may have. Dad was not an old man, and did not meet the kid in front of the house. He ran out to meet the kid on the road, most undignified for a proper Jew, who would have had to life his robe to run, thus exposing his legs. Shameful!


  9. Sometimes, there is such a thing as too much adventure.

    Judging by the photos on the Boston Comic Con site, I’m guessing that prize-winning female cosplayers don’t have to have big boobs, but also that it doesn’t hurt their chances. Jean would know more about that than I. 🙂

    If someone cosplays Arlo or Janis, we will, of course, expect to see pictures.

  10. And I just found an Easter Egg on this site. If you click on the see-saw drawing above, it takes you to the Kickstarter project page Jimmy is working with.

  11. Mark: I suspect ignorance is more likely. Good draughtsman, though.

    Saw more phalaropes this afternoon at:

    http://expl ore.org/live-cams/player/orcalab-base

    [remember to close up expl ore before clicking] than I could count. Droves feeding in the currents N of Hanson I., in the strait N. of Vancouver I. Resolution was good enough to reveal they were Red-Necked Phalaropes. Map 236 in the big ‘Peterson Field Guide to the Birds of N. Amer.’ shows them not reaching that far S. on the Pacific coast, but they obviously do. They mostly overwinter off coastal S. and C. Amer. Also saw at least one Sea Otter, and maybe some Harbor Seals. Within the last half hour, saw what were probably surfacing Humpback Whales; very shallow surfacing, no spouting, but some tell-tail dorsal fins. Paix,

  12. As of a few minutes ago, the Kickstarter site shows pledges already total 57.9% of the goal. (I did the math.) I don’t know how many ways these projects are publicized, but at this point I don’t think it would be much off the mark to assume most of those originated in the Village.

  13. Had the same thought, Mark. Then I seemed to recall Janis saying Arlo would rather get a bikini wax than paint.

    And when Janis mentioned a bikini wax, I could help but wonder…well, you know.

  14. I want an original sketch, that would be the most special thing to pick for me, but that new book looks good too, it’s probably full of all the strips I personally saved in my A&J album, maybe I’ll just pledge again. …. Formerly John in Richmond TX, I got out of the big widowed house into a place maybe four miles from where I was born downtown (if you’re in the area, it’s the SE corner of Westpark and Edloe) So much stuff, to give to charity, give to friends, or trash, I’m gonna chill in this nice apartment for while with no yard and no repairs. I’m walking distance to shopping – I’ve never had urban living before, it rocks! My door to the ice cream freezer in Kroger is 400 steps.

  15. In the grand scheme of things, with all the senseless violence in the world, having a license plate stolen off your car on your driveway is merely troubling. And will cost $11 to replace. And I’ve been told not to drive it until I get new plates.

  16. eMb [& anyone else]: Exactly how does one close up the “expl ore” before clicking? I’ve tried what seems reasonable methods, but nothing happens.

  17. Good morning Villagers….

    That is one big boat….get a bigger trailer, Jackie. And yes, you look marvelous, darling.

    Inspector still have not shown up….watch them show up today. Still not ready, but hen house looks better.

    John in Houston….400 feet to the local food store freezer….well, be sure and get one of those insulated bags to carry your freezable items. Glad you made the move. Urban living can be hectic, but just pace yourself and let those Houstoners do their own thing.

    Dad is good, but does not well. Still don’t think he’s drinking enough though. Going back in this afternoon…run the vacuum. I believe Sister #4 comes home today.

    Woke up thinking it’s Saturday.

    Steve, that you for the uplift, beautiful song.

    A/C man came in got it running good, did some major cleaning on it, and added Freon.

    gotta go….

  18. Awake and dressing to go meet tow company for boat to go to repair shop. I need some more of that wine I washed down my medications with last night!

  19. c ex-p, copy the link and paste it into your browser window. delete the space in explore, and hit enter. It should take you to emb’s site then.

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